We’re Listening To The Wrong People


The “CELEBS” Have To Stop Spewing Their Garbage As If It’s The Word Of GOD.

Not that the Word of Celebrities amounts to the Value of a Pinch of Dung. But what they do Say, unfortunately carries an INORDINATE amount of False Credibility to those who are Soft Of Brain.

To continue somewhat with Yesterday’s Theme about the Entertainment Industry’s Hypocrisy on the Women’s Issue & More . . . IT’S NOT JUST ENTERTAINMENT & ATHLETES.

I Almost Shed A Tear Watching President Trump Sing The National Anthem:

I CANNOT remember seeing either of the Presidents Bush Singing the National Anthem. Nor Clinton. Nor Obama. So here I was . . . Writing, Reading, or Doing Whatever for the BLOG, when all of a sudden, I saw through the Corner of my Eye, President Trump on my Muted Television, Marching out onto the Grid Iron.


I immediately took the Television off MUTE, and Heard the Screaming & Cheering Crowd WELCOMING THEIR PRESIDENT. And then there was the Anthem, being Sung by the President of the United States of America, who Belted out the Words with Pride & Joy – with a HUGE SMILE on his Face . . . As He Held His Hand Over His Heart.

What More Can You Ask Of A President Who Has So Much Love Of Country?


I am as an ASTUTE CONSUMER of Socio/Political History & Facts as anyone I know. And I’m Smart Enough to Plow through the Overwhelming Volume of Information Thrown at all of us . . . TO BE ABLE SEPARATE TRUTH FROM FICTION & FACTS FROM PROPAGANDA.

So Please Believe Me When I Write . . . The Ides Of March Are Upon The Left.


WE HAVE ALL BEEN LIVING WITH SO MUCH “BS” OVER THE YEARS . . . from all Political Parties, Bureaucrats, Entertainers (Actors, Singers & Athletes), Academics, Faux Scientists (Global Warming/Climate Change), Big Business, Big Banks, Big Investment Firms, Big Pharma, Big Energy, Big Labor . . . AND BIG MEDIA, that wherever we turn for the TRUTH, we’re constantly met with Silence, Lies & Distortions – BUT . . .

HERE’S THE REALITY . . . “BS” will only go so far, until it runs its Course, and the People start making THEIR OWN TRUTH, which is happening today.

IT’S NOT A SECRET . . . NFL Ratings are Plummeting, far Fewer People are Going to the Movies, Newspapers are Tanking, Television Network Shows are being Replaced with Providers like Netflix.

AND IT ISN’T IMAGINARY . . . That People are Turning to BLOGS like Galganov.com & Different Flavors of Social Media – and even at that, Social Media is also being Held to a Higher Standard for how they Disseminate the News & Information.


BUT . . . When Religious Leaders get into the Political Fray, Stating their Opinions as part of their Perceived Word & Understanding Of God, whether they are Ultra Religious Rabbis, LEFTIST Reform Rabbis, Pastors, Imams or Priests . . . THIS IS NOT GOOD.

Staying Away from Attacking Religion is No Longer an Option . . . Not for me, Not for Laypeople & Not for Virtually All My Religious Friends, who really care about TRUTH & FREEDOM.


When the Pope LEAVES the Sanctuary of the Pulpit, to STIR the World, by Making IN HIS MIND . . . Factual Statements Promoting the Virtues in the Belief of Communism, Global Warming, the PRO-PALESTINATION of Israel & More . . . THIS BECOMES INTERNATIONAL FAKE NEWS ON STEROIDS.

The Framers of the US Constitution UNDERSTOOD Better Than Anyone . . . of the Importance of ENSHRINING THE RIGHT TO BELIEVE as the First Amendment; HOWEVER, the Framers Also Included an Incredibly Important Caveat to this Freedom, which is Spelled out in Five Simple Words . . . SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE.

The Reason Being . . . Even though the US Bill Of Rights Declares that the People are Endowed By Their “Creator” With Certain Unalienable Rights . . . IT DOES NOT SPECIFY WHO THE CREATOR IS, Nor does it Appoint any Specific Religion to Claim Dominion over the People of the Religiosity of the United States of America . . . To This Extent – GOD Is Not Mentioned Even Once In The US Constitution.

I’m Not Interested In A Religious Debate . . . So Look It Up For Yourself:

WHAT THIS SIMPLY MEANS . . . is that Every American has the Right to Believe in Whatever He or She Wishes to Believe, OR NOT BELIEVE, and Pray However He or She chooses to Pray, WITH AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF LATITUDE, to the Degree . . . that even CULTS have a Right to Believe in what they choose, which places an enormous Level of Trust in the People of the United States of America, to Decide for Themselves upon which Path They Will Choose To Follow.

SO . . . When A Man With An Unbelievable Following (Catholics) – OF MORE THAN 1-BILLION ADHERENTS . . . Issues a Decree IN THE NAME OF GOD, Promoting Communism, Global Warming & the Political Rights of a Non Existent Nationality (Palestinians), over a National Identity of More than 3,000-Years (Jews In Israel), where does that make this Man any Different from the Hollywooders, Athletes, Academics & Media, the likes of  . . . CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post . . . ETC?


NOW THAT I‘VE GOTTEN THE PRECEDING OUT OF THE WAY . . . Let me REITERATE with the Following . . . We are all Victims of FAKE NEWS from every Venue we can Imagine – But with Every Passing Day, and with EVERY FAILED ATTEMPT to Substantiate their Veracity, Claims and Positions, it is getting Harder & Harder for the LEFT to Perpetuate & Defend their Big Lies Without Looking as Ridiculous as they ALREADY HAVE BECOME.


All of a Sudden, we’re Hearing from UBER LIBERALS, the likes of Attorney Alan Dershowitz, for whom I hold ZERO Regard & Respect, who are now saying that The FAR LEFT ARE EQUIVALENT TO THE FAR RIGHT, which is as UNTRUE as everything else the LEFT Makes Claim To.

PEOPLE LIKE ALAN DERSHOWITZ “ARE” THE FAR LEFT . . . As a Matter of FACT, in My World, ANYONE who Supported, Financed, Campaigned and or Voted for Barack Hussein Obama and then Crooked Hillary . . . IS THE FAR LEFT.

ANYONE WHO “DIDN’T” RAIL AGAINST . . . Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter & ANTIFA IS THE FAR LEFT.

ANYONE WHO “DOESN’T” CONDEMN . . . Inaccurate, Incomplete, Slanted & Purposely Unreported News IS THE FAR LEFT.


AND ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS . . . The Anti-American SHENANIGANS of the Incompetent US Congress IS THE FAR LEFT.


. . . Is not only an Incredible Insult to Decent Hard Working People, who want Honesty, Integrity, Competence & Loyalty from their Politicians, is nothing more than an UNBELIEVABLE LIE . . . Comparable to the LIES generated by Nazi Propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

THERE IS INDEED A VERY SMALL FACTION . . . Of Neo Nazis and KKK Scum in America who are indeed the epitome of the FAR RIGHT, but their Numbers are so Small, as to be near Inconsequential, WHICH CANNOT BE SAID ABOUT THE LEFT.


That All They Want Is To Cling To Their Guns & Religion, he said all that had to be said about the LEFT.

When Crooked Hillary IGNORED FLYOVER COUNTRY in the 2016 Presidential Election, not only did she also say all that needed to be said about the LEFT, but Paid the Price for it.

WELL HERE WE ARE . . . Just Shy from a Full FIRST-TRUMP-TERM, and the LEFT are Rapidly Running Out of their own “BS” – and any Imaginable way to Defend the Indefensible, while President Trump has already SURPASSED EVERY EXPECTATION one can Imagine of a President . . . First Term Or Otherwise.


Know The Truth . . . & The Truth Shall Set You Free.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s called “normalcy bias”. Difficult to believe after all the glaring proof over the past six years, but people are still suffering from it. At this point there can be no question that The Despot is a Trojan Horse. If the Republicans don’t stand up to obama (caps not intended) we are done for. Since the Republicans consist mostly of blustering cowards, start preparing for WWIII. Canada, hold on to your seats. Your socialism is about to explode if Trudeau wins.

  2. Compare Pope Benedict to John Paul II. JP stood up to Political Communism. The REAL Evil. Millions of Catholics are dismayed at Benedict . Even some liberal Catholics that I’ve heard. NFL- I, a Canadian, chose to turn off the NFL all year (my favorite TV Sport), to stand with America’s President! I won’t watch the super bowl this year. A first for me because supporting Trump is that important! I wish it were that important with Millions of More Americans!fyi-Cable companies know what you turn on

  3. Great editorial as usual Howard. Correction though: the Nazi propaganda minister was Joseph Goebbels, not Herman

  4. I hesitate to bring this up because I know you know better. There is no “separation between church and state.” It does not exist. This phrase is always brought by those who don’t know the Constitution. The intent of the Founding Fathers statement about church is this: they did not want any state-sponsored/established church. Research shows that by the year 1702, all 13 American colonies had some form of state-supported religion. That is what Amendment #1 was about.

  5. Harold, I do not have a TV so I didn’t get to see President Donald Trump singing the National Anthem.
    Is there any way YOU could get a copy of that tape and post it on your blog?
    Strange I never say it mentioned in the newspapers, I thought THAT would be REAL news!
    I would dearly love to see it, and pass it on to all my friends, especially the no-believers
    Ted Walker, Oakville, Canada

  6. Thank you and God bless you Howard. Your resolve stiffens our backbone.

  7. I have not watched any of these self-inflated, elitist Hollywood awards shows for a long time. I’ve bailed from most MSM, late night talk shows and some sporting events. They’ve all become nothing but self pandering, self important, lefty, degenerate entertainment. I prefer to get my news and entertainment from intelligent, uncorrupted and unagendized sources. I don’t need sexual predators, elitist snobs, political dimwits, social children and free-for-alls telling me how to think and act

  8. Howard, thank you so much for your editorials, which I wait to read daily. You always hit he nail on the head! I firmly believe in My President, Donald Trump and will never waiver as he is the only one that can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
    I’m in my eighty-seventh year and hope and pray that I live to see the day!
    Just as the gentleman from Oakville, Ont asked, I ask you too, if you can show the clip of my President singing the National Anthem. This should have made the front page of all the ne

  9. The reason for people coming here from Europe was to avoid persecution because they were Christians. So, the main “religion” of this country when the Founding Fathers, wrote the Declaration was Christianity. PERIOD. Then, it is obvious who the Creator is, the God of the Bible. Over the Reformation period, denominators were formed under the umbrella of Christianity. And the First Amendment stated that the gov’t wasn’t going to establish State denomination. The Constitution is the gov’t manual.

  10. I will be 89 next month and have never been more optimistic about our country. I have seen and monitored nuclear detonations (Upshot Knothole) as a Radiological Safety Officer. I know Anticholinesterases, Sarin, Tabun, VX. etc.. and could easily synsethize any of these. I also did fundamental research: Phosaphates Division, Organic Research.

  11. Many, if not most of us Catholics, are appalled by Pope Benedict. It’s unbelievable to me that he is supporting the Palestenians, the killing of the Kurds, the persecution of the Christians, etc.

  12. The Pope from Argentina is Francis. Benedict resigned, forced I believe.

  13. I don’t watch NOR attend football games any longer, I do NOT watch Academy Awards, Golden Globes, etc. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. However; I still go to church, but I am NOT happy with Benedict. He is NOT God. Just a man with POOR leanings. MYPOV

  14. One issue: We have to be constant and words matter greatly. The KKK and Neo Nazis occupy the far left of the political spectrum, not the far right. The essential difference beween left and right in political parlance is the coercion used to impose an ideological agenda. Whereas the left promotes the intrusive fist of Big Government, the right promotes individual liberty, unalienable rights and the free marketplace of ideas. The difference is black and white; shades of gray obfuscate and confuse.

  15. “Propaganda” is designed to intentionally “confuse” people (especially those not intelligent enough to decipher truth from lies”)! POTUS Trump sang part of the “National Anthem” (don’t think singing is one of his talents). “National Championship” football game was “classic lesson” in: game isn’t “over” until it is “over” (don’t “give up” if there is still time left)! Things aren’t “over” for USA yet, but “millions” must realize that there is still time to “win” because there’s so much to lose!

  16. ANOTHER AWESOME “blog”, Howard! I ALSO enjoyed the comments by the “followers”, as well!! Pope Francis is a misguided NUTCASE, & I’m so thankful I never crossed into “HIS” world!!! But it’s only HIS VIEWS, & many of my Catholic friends are disgusted with him, as well. We definitely need to PRAY FOR HIM! Israel is leading in a “heroic way”. I really loved, what our friend Mollie H., in TX said…..game isn’t “over” until its “over”…HANG IN THERE, USA! Pres. TRUMP, will DEFINITELY, MAGA!!

  17. No term “separation of church and state” in the Constitution.Describes critical statements actually written,the first frequently cited,second ignored.It is Pope Francis,not Benedict.The Pope has not issued any religious “decree” or declaration of Church doctrine.He is free to give his opinions&guidance.I frequently disagree.He is a liberation theologian from South America,scene of great disparity in wealth,power,living conditions.Anti-Catholic bias.Dershowitz supports Trump in the Russia matter.

  18. Now the “news” is saying that Trump forgot the words to the national anthem. Its at the level that if he goes to the bathroom the press will claim that “someone” leaked (no pun intended) that he misses the urinal. What will it take for fake news sources to grow up and do their real job of dispassionately reporting the news? Maybe if Trump would walk on water and fly on his own they may shut up… ah, no they won’t. Oprah in 2020? God help the world!

  19. Being a Catholic, I am very disappointed with this Pope; he’s too Liberal for me! Also don’t agree with his POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT! The FAR LEFT is so DESPERATE to find a LEADER that HOLLYWOOD & its various AWARD GROUPS have become their main SOURCES to do so! Instead of FACING THE TRUTH, they CHOOSE to believe in all the BS that these GROUPS offer them! Pres. Trump has more than accomplished the many things he said he would. He’s a DOER, not just a TALKER! GO TRUMP GO! GOD BLESS AMERICA! AMEN!

  20. 2 Points: Pope is a hypocrite (sorry Catholics) and government should stay out of wage determinations i.e. min wage. Market should determine. Oprah 4 Pres, good for Trump, vote splits down colour lines, white for T, black for O, white wins. Restaurant, Ottawa yesterday, chicken sandwich for two & FF, one coffee, $40; Sorry, no tip this time. HG you are right, bottom line min wage increases cost to businesses thks to Wynne, more like 30%

  21. I like your letter today but for one error-the Framers Also Included an Incredibly Important Caveat to this Freedom, which is Spelled out in Five Simple Words . . . SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE. This is not in the Constitution. You well know that The Government has along record of disregaurding the Constitution as a result stepping on first and second amendments. Jefferson wrote in a letter those simple five words and they are not true. But the left lean on them as gospel.

  22. And those five words…Separation of Church and State have been used to shut up Christians. IF the church does not pay taxes they say WE cannot say one word in our pulpits about a candidate or the government. So guess who has abided by this…the conservative churches. The liberal churches…scream politics to high heaven. I’ve watched it ALL my life. Enough!

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