Golden Globe Awards BS


I don’t watch Awards Events like the Golden Globe Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, or the Academy Awards, since they are Absolutely Nothing More than a GAGGLE of Wealthy “ONE PERCENTER” Elitist Liberals, Gathered to Impress each other & Score some Deals.

SO FOR MY INFORMATION . . . About the Respective Awards, Speeches & Highlights, I turn to Fake News and FOX News Updates, which TELL ME all that I need to know.

FOR EXAMPLE . . . I now know that NBC is Promoting OPRA WINFREY to be President in 2020. I know that all but Two Actresses Showed Up Dressed in Black.

And I know that several of the Divas gave Impassioned Speeches in Defense of Women who’ve been Sexually Abused, which includes everything from a Man’s Stare, to a Sexually Tinged Comment, to an Invitation for a Night’s Romp Between the Sheets, to actual Uninvited Touching & Kissing . . . All The Way To Rape.

BUT WHAT I DIDN’T HEAR, SEE, OR READ . . . Was that Hollywood, the Movies, Television, Music, RAP, Sports & MORE . . . ARE ESSENTIALLY NOTHING LESS THAN A COMPENDIUM OF SEX, SEX, SEX.


HOW IS IT . . . That all these Hollywood, Entertainment & Media Schmucks KNOW EVERYTHING SCANDALOUS TO KNOW ABOUT DONALD TRUMP – But Somehow, all these SANCTIMONIOUS GENIUSES Didn’t Know A Damned Thing About Harvey Weinstein & Others?


Where’s the Indictment for the Women who POSE OR POSED BUCK NAKED in Salacious Girly-Magazines like Playboy & Penthouse?

How many of these Big Name Movie Actresses Screwed their Way to the Big or Little Screen? They’ll Never Say. But I’ll Bet You that the Long Line Forms at the Foot of the Casting Couch.

How many of these HOLIER-THAN-THOU Actresses have Intimate Scenes on Camera, some of them just short of Pornography, but many of them not short of Pornography at all?

AND HOW MUCH MONEY . . . Do these “Not So Prim & Proper” Women Spend on Stylists, to make them look as Sexy as Possible, Showing all the LEG & BOOBS they can get away with on Prime Time?


If I wasn’t SEXUALLY ATTRACTED to Anne more than 45-Years Ago, we wouldn’t soon be Celebrating our 45th Wedding Anniversary.

LIFE IS ALL ABOUT SEX . . . It’s About Procreation – The Birds & the Bees do it, So-Should-We Too. But we don’t have to be Savages about it.


If a Woman Doesn’t Want to be Objectified, then she Shouldn’t Dress like that’s what she wants to be. If an Actress wants to be known for her Acting Skills, don’t get Naked and have Camera-Sex, because that’s what She’d be remembered for.

DO YOU REMEMBER SHARON STONE’S MOST FAMOUS SCENE . . . “Basic Instinct” . . . When Sharon Stone Crossed her Legs for the Camera, in order for all the World to see a Full Shot Of Her NAKED BUSINESS?

And Sharon Stone Didn’t Want To Be Objectified & Wanted To Be Respected?


If these Self-Righteous Actresses want to set a GOOD EXAMPLE for girls and young women, than set a good example . . . Rather than the BS they Shell-Out Non Stop on the Silver Screen.

NOT TO BRAG . . . But like all Young Men, my Hormones were Plenty Active & so was I. And a Night Out always held the Hope of “SCORING” . . . But that said, when I first Laid Eyes on Anne, that was it for me.


I Didn’t Know Anything About Anne. I didn’t know what she liked and didn’t like. I didn’t even know if she was nice or not nice. ALL I KNEW WAS THAT I WAS ATTRACTED TO ANNE LIKE NO-ONE BEFORE.

ANNE WAS REALLY GOOD LOOKING (Hot . . . Still-Is). She was well Dressed, Wore Tantalizing Perfume, had an Infectious Smile & Laugh (Still Does) . . . AND I KNEW SHE WAS THE ONE.

From the Day I Laid Eyes on Anne, she has been the ONLY WOMAN I have shared all of my Life with, WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.

I WON’T GO INTO TOO MUCH . . . Since Anne Edits these Editorials, but I will TELL YOU THIS – That After More Than 45-Years . . . I Hit-The-Jackpot Because I Was Initially Attracted To Anne Because Of Her Sexual Appeal.


ALL OF THAT SAID . . . Neither of us are Prudes. We Don’t Sit in Judgment of the Lifestyles of other People. And without Planning, we Personally Live an Extremely Value Orientated, Modest & Conservative Lifestyle, which doesn’t mean Anne Dresses to look like a FRUMP.

As A Matter Of Fact . . . I Love When Anne Looks Sexy . . . Even In Our Late 60’s.

Being Socially Value Orientated . . . doesn’t mean that Anne and I don’t Socialize and have a Drink every now and then. It doesn’t mean that I don’t from time to time use “COLORFUL” Language (In English & French), which my Friends can attest to.

IT MEANS THAT WE ARE NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS . . . Who live a Non-Hypocritical LIFESTYLE we have chosen for Ourselves.


They can’t Play Sexual Roulette and Hope the Gun Never Goes Off . . . Because it will. They can’t Dress like FLOOZIES, and then complain that they’re being Objectified. They can’t have On-Camera Sex, Contrived or Real, and then Complain that men See them as easy Marks, or don’t see their Real Selves.

Women can’t Screw Themselves into Stardom, and then all of a Sudden Become Chaste. IT’S CALLED BEING A HYPOCRITE.

Musicians . . . Especially Rappers, who are PREDOMINANTLY Black, can’t Write & Produce “Songs”, which Glorify Rape, Violence Against Women & Misogyny in General, which Win Awards & Sell Millions of Records, Pack Thousands of People into Concert Venues, and then have the Entertainment Industry Complain about the Indignities, which Women Face on the Street and in the Workplace.


When I see a Pretty, Well Dressed & Nicely Made-Up Woman, especially a Friend or a Wife of a Friend, I very often Compliment her on how she looks, which in Today’s World . . . seems to be a Crime. BUT WHO DOESN’T WANT TO BE TOLD THEY LOOK GOOD?


IF YOU WANT TO SEE AN ABUSE OF WOMEN & VALUES . . . Go Online. Whether its on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer – Just Google Free Porn & EXACTLY what you want to see in ANY VARIATION – And It’s All Out There.

NOT ONLY IS IT ALL OUT THERE . . . But there are Porn-Type Academy Awards & Porn Conventions, where you can Meet & Greet Your Favorite Porn Star, who has I’m sure Aspirations to make it on the Big Silver Screen.

So What Are The Contrived Values From The LEFT Really Worth?

I saw a Snippet on FOX News this morning, of one of the Male Presenters or Winners at the Globe Awards last night, who before walking off the stage, said . . . to Paraphrase:

2018 Is Going To Be A Great Year . . .

. . . Sexual Abuse of Women is Out.

. . . And Marijuana Is In”.


I Rest My Case:

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Near the end of Obama’s term there will be rioting in the streets, numerous Muslim terrorist attacks, and Obama will declare Martial Law, exactly like MARCOS did in the Philippines. He will then become a total dictator the same as MARCOS. The DHS is his private army, that he said he would build in a speech only a few years ago. Then all the Judenrats will wonder what happened as they are led to their deaths.

    James Hines, Arvada, Colorado, United States

  2. Headline: Jewish leading ladies steal the show at Golden Globes

    Big deal. If being Jewish meant anything to them, ONE of them may have taken 4 seconds to thank the President for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They are descended from Jews. Now just irreligious apostates who worship the dogma of immorality and leftism, push to disarm the innocent of their means of self-defense, and whose holy grail is the right to kill unborn babies. By any meaningful measure, they are NOT Jews

  3. When i met my wife Louise. 56 years ago come the 14th of January, she was 19 and i was 26; we married 3 weeks after we met! I sill think she beautiful and sexy. We had 3 sons and 1 daughter. I believe we are more in love now then when we first met. Our relation really improved when we both met Yeshua / Jesus 45 years ago.
    I understand exactly what your sating about your relationship with your wife, keep it up it get better.

  4. Boy, you’re dead on with this article,Howard, I couldn’t have said it any better! I agree with you 100%

  5. If I did not know about how old you are Howard, using a term like “FLOOZIES” certainly would indicate your generation . Good one . Summed up perfectly : who cares what these shmucks have to say … My take away from CNN reporting was Oprah for President , the left can hardly wait for the opportunity to replace Trump. Another Anti many things for President .

  6. As usual, agree 100%, Howard! I don’t watch anything that allows liberals an unfetted “bully pulpit” or a self-admiration event.

    Oprah may be an entertainment mogul but presidential…uh, hardly! Margaret Thatcher was presidential. Oprah? Not hardly. All this buzz about her running for prez is just hype. Trying to discredit Trump and his many accomplishments right in front of the State of the Union address later this month.

  7. GOOD JOB! HOLLYWOOD has PROVEN how HYPOCRITICAL it IS and has been, esp. regarding SEX. All of a sudden the women regard & accuse their promoters of all sorts of SEXUAL INNUENDOS only because these PREDATORS have been EXPOSED! Many actresses dress like SLUTS with their dresses CUT DOWN to their navel. SEX is no longer RESPECTED and we’re ALL suffering its REPERCUSSIONS! The actresses, dressed in BLACK, should have PROMOTED the importance of SEXUAL RESPECT to the CHILDREN vs. GETTING EVEN! AMEN!

  8. Hey Howard, I think Ann is indeed fortunate to hav lit your fire those many years ago. No disrespect, you got number two.

  9. All very true words. You summed it up perfectly. And I too thought my wife was hot when we met, and still do. I always tell her so.

  10. Every single one of these “flozzies” slept there way to being a “b” rated actress. AND there parents served them up on a platter. Why else would they wait till the’re ready to drop out of the business before coming forward. Plus they have degraded the women who have actually been raped and molested with false “look at me” bs.

  11. Watched GG Awards! (Halle Berry’s outfit: “hooker attire”!) Thanks for Oprah info (maybe why she stays with Steadman)? Streisand needs make-up (Brolin still finds her “sexy”- married 20 years this year)! “Well-dressed sheeple” (mostly “liberals”) who assume they can “change minds” (or history) via their “acting ability”! Are these the “idols” we now “worship” (pay money to see in movies or watch on TV)? Perhaps they are all simply “patting each other’s butts” since they are in same business?

  12. “. . . And Marijuana Is In”

    Actually it’s government sold pot and that should be enough for a reason not to buy it nor consume it. As if we needed anymore reason not to do it.


  13. You NAILED IT! ALSO … they said the awards had the highest SECURITY they ever had in years. Hmmmm…. Aren’t these the same Hollywood elites who are criticizing Trump for wanting to SECURE the US Borders with a wall???? Security is GOOD for the Rich and Famous. For the Rest of Americans …. Good Luck! Total Hypocrisy!

  14. Howard, I could not have said it any better – AWESOME editorial. ALL of the entertainment “awards” are as phony as all get out. Actors/Actresses are basically living in a complete fake world, that they all promote & glorify. They love living others lives through their acting. I have my favorite Actors/Actresses but they were famous during the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s when movies were a lot cleaner, family friendly & musicals. Today’s Hollywood crowd are the biggest hypocrites ever!!!

  15. met my wife in the 4th grade we are 6 days apart. graduated from the same grade and high school in Phx. went our separate ways . At the 40th reunion (we were both 57) she was beautiful and I was out of my 3rd marriage. We went to gether and now are 84 and she is still great looking and we have the same values and married 22 years. The marriage counselor said I was a bad bet. She could make friends with a wall and is very caring and loving. and I really love her to death Aaron.

  16. What can we truly expect from people who spend their working years being other people, the more convincingly the more they get paid. They live a fantasy their whole career and then try to tell others what is real? Even their ‘real’ life is based on the fantasy they portray in being someone other than themselves. Thought-twister of sorts, huh? But that’s their reality. Wouldn’t vote for Oprah either.

  17. opra winfrey is no more qualified to be president than i am in fact i am more experienced in domestic and world affairs.then opra is. I can see her interviewing um of drnk. and asking him to stop his missile program.

  18. My wife and are in our 70s and agree with you fully. My wife can still turn heads in the mall.
    Great editorial!

  19. Read in one of the networks that the awards meet served to expose Hollywood’s folk dirty laundry. That’s not much of a surprise. I would have liked to see some clean laundry from there but of that they not much to show. mmmm

  20. 99% of all movie Stars whether female or male are what I call mafia wife’s. They KNOW precisely what they are getting into, they like the money (Weinstein’s money). It’s once again ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!! OPRAH doesn’t have a hope in h*ll in becoming the next US President. Besides if she took her makeup off she would scarce the h*ll out of everyone. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HOWARD AND ANN!!

  21. Howard, you could have compiled this from my comments in the past several years. I saw some of the Golden globes but did not listen to any of them except the MC. He did pretty well. I just watched to see how far the actresses would go in exposing flesh. Some did …

  22. I asked a lawyer friend years ago when all this sexual harrassment started, “How do you distinguish what is and is not sexual harrassment?”. He replied, “Depends on whether the woman likes the man, or not”. Case closed. I guess you can also add, “Depends on what the woman has to get out of a relationship with this man”. Of course “a woman scorned” is still a vicious creature. BEWARE men.

  23. On my first date with John I was toast. I just had to let him chase me til I caught him. LOLOL

  24. Besides the sex in everything these days, these pretenders who memorize lines written by someone else, play a part in a movie and then claim to be an authority on whatever the movie is about. Many years ago I was listening to a radio news report about a whale watching event in Monterey Bay that was being hosted by Patrick Stewart. The “INFO BABE” reporting said, ” it will be a great experience having him on board as he knows a lot about whales because he played Captain Ahab on Moby Dick.” LOL

  25. Hollywood pretends to be the social justice warriors yet most if not all at some point has been in sex filled, over the top profanity and excessive violent guns bombs killing movies so at the end of the day they sell their souls to the devil to make a fortune, yet want to tell others how wrong it is. Miss the golden age of movies when you could take your family to it and not see any of that. So much of American shows and movies are excessive with special effects it pains me to watch any more.

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