You Can’t Beat The Makers


The other day, I received an Email from a Longtime and Knowledgeable Reader of, who ”said” to me, that she’s simply Exhausted by the BS & LIES Constantly Conveyed through the Media – TO WHICH I HAVE TO CONCUR . . . “ME TOO”.


For Decades Now, the Media throughout North America, have been MARCHING AWAY from Honesty, Accuracy & Integrity, EFFECTIVELY ABANDONING THE 5 W’S, and in No Particular Order, since all of them are equally important . . . Who, What, Where, When, & Why, To The Point, Where The Media Can No Longer Be Trusted.

SO I’M TIRED TOO . . . I’m Tired of the Drama for Ratings, which used to be about Real News, which has now become all about Entertainment, and how Titillating and Sexy the Producers can make their Show Hosts, and the Contrived On-Air Pitched Battles between the LEFT & THE RIGHT seem, which don’t amount to a Hill of Beans, because in all Reality . . . It’s Nothing More Than Part Of The Show.


I’M AS SICK & TIRED . . . of the same CRAPOLA REGURGITATED Ad Nauseam as Breaking News . . . or as News Alerts . . . AS YOU ARE, as the Media VIE for our Attention, in order to Gain Rating’s Points, with which to Sell Advertising.

I’m More Fed-Up Than Somewhat With Being A Media Ratings Selling Point.


Here’s Some Real News . . .

In Canada, as the American Government is FREEING Industry, and Liberating the People from the Chains of Suffocating Regulations, Penalizing & Paralyzing Taxes & Communist Era Entitlements . . . Canada Is Doing Just The Opposite.

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2018 . . . The Minimum Wage in the Province of Ontario, which is on a Downward Spiral Towards Fiscal & Social Catastrophe, RAISED MINIMUM WAGES TO $14 PER HOUR.

WHY’D THEY DO IT? . . . To Get Votes, even though this Minimum Wage RAISE HIKE will Only Achieve Misery, because the MAKERS ARE NOT IN BUSINESS TO LOSE MONEY.

AS SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS . . . For More than 40-Years, of our soon to be 45th Wedding Anniversary (May 1, 1973), Anne and I have Owned & Operated our Advertising & Media Agency Together. And from 12-Years Old, I ran my own Entrepreneurial Enterprises, so I know a Thing or Two about Business, Innovation & Risk-Taking.

AND AS LONG AS THE GOVERNMENT . . . Stayed out of the Way, Anne & I did well, at least well enough to Expand our Businesses, Hire more People with every Expansion, and Pay our Taxes.

And Knowing The Value Of Good Employees – We Paid More Than Minimum Wage.

But Over The Years . . . The Government Didn’t Stay Out Of The Way, and Added Debilitating Regulations, Obligations & Higher Taxes, to the Point where we could no longer AFFORD to Employ the Number of People who worked for us . . . So Instead Of Reducing Salaries . . . We Reduced Staff.

And as MORE Government Rules Regulations & Expenses were IMPOSED upon us, we turned to Computers to do the Jobs some of our Staff were doing. And when that wasn’t enough, we SUBCONTRACTED our Work to others, who needed More Business for them to Cope with the same Insane Rules, Regulations & Costs IMPOSED on us by the Government, which didn’t encourage the Subcontractors to Hire more, but rather helped them to Stay Even.

IN THE SPACE OF 40-YEARS . . . Anne & I went from being a Company, which had a Robust Amount of Employees, all of whom were paid WELL ABOVE MINIMUM WAGE, to just one Assistant for Anne, as we relied upon Subcontractors and the Internet to Help in our Business Operations.

And When Anne & I Decided To Pack It-In . . . There Was No One Left But Us.


On January 1, 2019 . . . Minimum Wage In Ontario Will Rise To $15 Per Hour.

On The Surface . . . $11.60 To $14 Per Hour Seems To Be An INCREASE of 21% – But in all Reality, which the Government Keeps Quiet . . . Because of MANDATED Deductions Paid by the Employer at Source, which Includes 4% Vacation Pay, Matching Pension Funds, Workman’s Compensation – ETC . . .

The Increase Is Much Closer to 30% PLUS.

THERE’S NO QUESTION WHATSOEVER . . . That Businesses like Most Family Owned Restaurants, which are already on the Earnings Margin, WON’T SURVIVE, since even now, at the Current Minimum Wage, Restaurants have to CHARGE MORE for their Products than MOST PEOPLE CAN AFFORD. And if they can’t charge MORE, they put LESS on the Plate, and not as GOOD a Product as they used to.

Even MacDonald’s Has Become Expensive For A Family of Four.

But Unlike MacDonald’s, where in Canada and the United States, MacDonald’s are relying on Computerized Ordering Systems, smaller Family Owned Restaurants don’t have that wherewithal, which doesn’t mean that some GEEK ENTREPRENEUR won’t come up with a Computerized Ordering System Soon, which will more or less give the Family Owned Restaurateur the same Opportunity to do away with Servers as MacDonald’s.

Every Time Government Screws The Entrepreneur . . . The Worker Gets Screwed.


Because Canada is Heading in a Totally Opposite Direction from the United States & President Trump’s PUSH TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN . . . There is a Plethora of things in Canada, which are becoming Unaffordable . . . from Housing, Insurances, Taxes, Products, Services, Light, Heat & Electricity . . . ALL THE WAY TO THE FOOD WE PURCHASE FROM THE GROCERY STORES.


Retailers Are Closing & Massive Numbers Of People Are Losing Their Jobs.


A Purchaser Walks into an Independent Retail Establishment, which sells Products or Services & Asks . . . How Much For This Or That? – AND HOW MUCH IF I PAY CASH & I DON’T NEED A BILL?

Enough Said!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am reminded of the TV series, “Homeland” and as Joseph Wagy stated, “Manchurian Candidate”. But those were fiction, created for our entertainment, simply because they focused on the implausible. While I believe today’s editorial, I’m left wondering what are the hidden motives of Obama and his strongest supporters (Jarrett, Biden, Holder, Axelrod, MSNBC, etc.) A rhetorical question: Do they truly believe; humanity would be better off as a Sharia-driven caliphate?

  2. Well we get the government we (not me) vote for! Seems to that the majority of voters love the big spenders. And when they come from Quebec they really, really know how to spend!

  3. Canada is heading in the same direction which America was LEAD TO during HUSSEIN OBAMA’S 8 presidential years! There must be some way in which you and yours can move to the U.S.??? At this stage of your lives, you really don’t need to FACE all the UPCOMING CHANGES which are about to OCCUR in Canada! You are correct in that Canada’s UNDERGROUND ECONOMY SOON WILL BE ON STEROID, which WILL DESTROY Canada! Americans MUST SUPPORT Pres. Trump, especially its RINOS! GO TRUMP & GOD BLESS AMERICA! AMEN!

  4. For a restaurant or a small convenience store with, let’s say 10 full time employee, you are looking currently at a saving of around 50K$ if you establish your business in Gatineau VS Ottawa.

    It used to be the other way around that businesses were moving from Quebec to Ontario but some of them might start to contemplate the idea of moving from Ontario to Qc.

  5. AS per Marshall McLuhan proved: “the media is the message”. The only message comes from the Blogs.

  6. As overtaxed conservatives Monique and I intend to request refugee status in the United States as members of a persecuted minority. Prince Effeminate Selfie is making war on his own people by taxing and regulating them to death. There is a name for this sort of politician: FASCIST.

  7. As the minimum wage goes up, the restaurants raise menu prices; fewer people can afford to eat at said restaurant; the owner lays off employees and more people are unemployed and in some cases the restaurants close their doors. Yet, that simple cycle of is too difficult for politicians to understand.

  8. I go out for lunch, just about every Thursday (ROMEO) Retired old men eating out. The joint we go to, has cut staff by two, due to the minimum wage increase towards $15.00 here in Alberta. Many have gone out of business. These are from
    high end to even the lower end.

  9. Howard, I am with you all the way about the tax burden in Canada. When I had my company years ago, the property tax went from $ 600.0 a year to a whopping $ 3600.00/ when I called and complained, I was told, first pay and then send your objection. A year later I closed shop and a number of employees lost their jobs. We need a Ronald Ragen as Prime Minister.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  10. We here in the USA, can DEFINITELY take lessons from our CANADIAN FRIENDS! B. H. OBAMA, definitely was leading us down the SAME rotten, & REGULATED PATH!! Thank God for Pres. Trump…..HE SEES THE WRITING ON THE WALL!!! You Canadians seem to have crossed the POINT-OF-NO-RETURN, unfortunately, thanks to your government, & PM’s. BIG GOVERNMENT CARES LESS ABOUT WE THE PEOPLE! I JUST HOPE & PRAY WE HERE IN THE USA, CAN LEARN FROM WHAT IS GOING ON IN CANADA!! AMEN-AMEN!!!

  11. Right again Howard. It mystifies me that you and I think so much alike. The minimum wage regulation has convinced me that it should be entirely eliminated and allow the need for employees determine the wage. I am 87 years old and have never been directly effected by the minimum wage. However I feel the results in everything indirectly. When wages for unskilled workers increase, inflation proliferates.

  12. by 2019 minimum wages go up to $15. I did the math. A small business of 10 employees working 8 hours a week each will see a cost increase of around $100,000/year for JUST wages. That’s an extra $1 Million every 10 years… gone or passed on to increase cost of living leading to BAD INFLATION(Prices increase from gov’t interference) Not good inflation from real Economic growth. On the Media … Wikileaks PROVED the media was colluding with the Left.. it didn’t stop. Fox should show that every day

  13. The same thing that is happening in South America and when the people relies that they have to hide their $$$$$$ from the government to force it to use THEIR $$$ and the voters that are on handouts get less and less wake up it just might be to late!
    I hope it is sooner so it MIGHT be corrected befor the Government raids the banks and steels the $$$$$$$$$$!

  14. All True , the answer has already been provided by our PM for Life , J. Trudeau . Dope for all June 2018 or sooner . I was in a Dr’s Office the other day bitching about the cost of the meds. he was prescribing . The response : Canada will soon have guaranteed min. income for all , 30K / yr. I suggested he rethink that one as a solution : The 2 patients ahead of me , me , and the next 3 patients waiting are all retired or unemployed and he is the only guy with a taxable income 🙂 Blank Stare

  15. Truthful editorial, but very depressive. We are seeing nations fail, all over the world. Where did this mindset come from, that everyone needs to be taken care of, by the government??? Socialism has been proven to be deadly in “killing” nations, as well as it’s citizens. It simply does NOT work!!! The Dems made Obummer their “Messiah” & he has been proven to be anything but that! He was/is just another “Antichrist” that has been prophesied, for eons. Canada didn’t listen or learn. A real shame.

  16. The Brick & Mortar Stores are disappearing because many do NOT shop in the stores they now shop on line. When you don’t have the bodies going into the stores they will close. I must be one of a few because I do NOT shop on line. The unemployment due to these closings is unreal. When there is only internet shopping I will be out of the LOOP and will make due with what I already have! Amen.

  17. Interesting enough, something that has been glossed over, is that all those who now get $14/hr., have now been bumped up several tax brackets. Another tax windfall for Aunt Kathy and her crew, at least temporarily until the layoffs begin.

  18. It’s just so simple….when someone takes your money from you, you quit working.
    Communism is forcing me to work anyway.
    Always fails.

  19. As I read your comments, I could not stop seeing a parallel between what the Canadian government is doing now and what the US government did to start and maintain the Great Depression. I greatly fear that the same fools that voted for Roosevelt who turned a recession into a depression. I pray it will not be the same for Canada.

  20. Shalom Howard
    The situation you so heartrendingly describe is rampant the world over. Here is Israel businesses that have been a flagship for national industry are closing rapidly, small shops and family businesses are going bankrupt while huge malls are going up, manned by couldn’t care less minimum pay workers, thousands are out of work and yet the media crows on and on about how life has never been better. We have become a start-up nation, an overgrown tree with dying roots.

  21. Baby Doc Trudeau, the Fool on Parliament Hill, cane in with 39% of the vote and a $7.5 billion surplus. He took that and created a $30+ billion deficit within a year. In 2 years he has given away $6 billion BORROWED dollars to dictatorships and “global warming”, UN, and $10+ million to multiple terrorists who’s feeling have been hurt. Everything now has a “carbon tax” that does nothing but put $$ into gov. coffers to pay for pet projects. We taxpayers get nothing for our money but more taxes.

  22. I lived with and took care of my grandparents for a time in the early 80’s. They were from a generation of zero income tax and freedom off the charts. Sex was only acceptable in marriage. They were very religious people. When divorce was becoming acceptable, they believed it was the end of our society as we know it. When welfare was socially acceptable, they looked at is as the theft of the hard working Americans. I scoffed at their old fashioned ways. I was WRONG!

  23. Don’t think the politicians don’t know what this is all about. The long-term purpose of incr min wage = higher inflation is to make more & more people dependent on gov’t until all nations are total slavery to gov’t. That is communism personified-from each according to his yield, to each according to his need. The state gets all the benefits (& those few at the top running it all). This was set in motion long ago. Skewed educ system has pushed ever-growing mindset/belief in their favor.

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