This NEW BOOK of Salacious, Personal & Seemingly Unfounded Attacks on the Trump Family is great for the GOSSIP MILL, and gives some Raw Meat for the Pathetic LEFTIST Media and Chattering Class to Chew On – BUT THAT’S ABOUT IT, even if some of it is True & Accurate – WHO CARES, since show me a Family which isn’t Dysfunctional to some extent?

The ONLY PERSON who comes out of this Book Damaged, which to me is a BIG LOSS, is Steve Bannon, who I really believe has made a Significant & Positive Difference for the Conservative side . . . OF US VERSUS THE LEFT.

And Now Bannon’s Voice . . . Because of Bannon – Has Lost Its Relevance.


Besides giving a Speech Here & There . . . Now & Then . . . but only Occasionally, and while at it, Crapping just Somewhat on the Sidelines about President Donald Trump . . . WHERE’S HUSSEIN OBAMA’S ANTI-TRUMP WAR ROOM?

Whatever Happened . . . To The Not So Great & Non-Existent Resistance?

AS I SEE IT . . . Obama’s ENTIRE 8-YEAR History at the American “Throne”, has all but been SHREDDED by President Trump IN LESS THAN 1-YEAR, like Bad Pages being Shredded one after another, from what amounts to be nothing more than a Really Bad Book.

I WON’T EVEN BEGIN TO LIST . . . The Absolute Destruction of everything Hussein Obama Stood For, since it’s all but gone, leaving Obama with a Legacy of a Presidential BAD DREAM, where in this Dream, the American People were LULLED into believing that Somehow America was BAD, while the rest of a FAILED World was GOOD.


As much as I would have LOVED to have seen President Trump LUNGE for the Throat of Crooked Hillary and her Cadre of DESPICABLES, the Moment after he took the Oath of Office, seeing it Unfold now, in such a Timely Manner, is even more Gratifying than what I had hoped for.

I WROTE IN A RECENT EDITORIAL . . . that if you’re going to try to TAKE DOWN THE KING – YOU BETTER NOT LOSE, because after you’ve Taken your Best Shot, all HELL & DAMNATION will be your Punishment for Failure, because there’s No Second Chance.


I DON’T KNOW . . . If Crooked Hillary & Oversexed Bill will Actually Face the Judgment they REALLY Deserve. I don’t know if Bad Actors like Huma Abedin & Sheryl Mills will also Pay the Price they Deserve to be Forced to Pay, for how they and so many other Clinton/Obama Acolytes ABUSED THE TRUST & TREASURE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

BUT WHAT I DO KNOW . . . is that if I was them, I wouldn’t be Sleeping all that Comfortably at Night, knowing that they might also be in the Cross-Hairs of Patriot PAYBACK, because, while the LEFT is making FAKE Claims to Winning the Senate & House in 2018 . . . President Trump Is Already Making Plans For 2020.


MANY YEARS AGO . . . When Casinos were beginning to POP-UP in Cities throughout North America (Canada and the USA) outside of Nevada, particularly Las Vegas, Steve Wynn, who is one of the BIGGEST Casino Owner/Operators, gave a Detailed Interview on a Sunday Morning News Report, which I paid Great Attention to.

What Steve Wynn Effectively Said . . . was that People come to Las Vegas for the WHOLE SHOW, which could NEVER be duplicated in a City Casino, which means the ONLY reason for City Casinos is for the City to make Fast & Cheap Money opposed to Taxation.

WYNN ALSO SAID . . . That there will be so many Casinos Opening Everywhere, that the only People each City will Attract to Gamble, will be the People who live in that City. And eventually, these Casinos will attract the Wrong People, such as Loan Sharks, Prostitutes & Pimps.

Also Eventually . . . These Casinos Will Stop Making Money For The Cities.

Steve Wynn Was Right . . . and if you visit so many of these City Casinos, where it’s ONLY about Gambling & Third Rate Entertainment, if you can even call it that, the People at and around the Casinos are Victims of Cities doing whatever they can through ABYSMAL Polices, to Squeeze as much Money as they can from their own People, who can very often Afford it the Least.


I’ve Heard All The Arguments . . . Smoking Dope Is No Different Than Having A Drink; So Let Me End This BIG LIE RIGHT AWAY.

1 – You can have a Bottle of Beer to Cool Down on a Hot Day.

2 – You can have a Beer or Wine to Enhance a Meal.

3 – You can have a Beer, Glass of Wine, or a Shot of Hard Liquor at a Social Event.


All of that said . . . THE ONLY REASON to take “Recreational” Drugs, no matter what the Drug is, IS TO GET STONED – PERIOD!

I Don’t HANG AROUND With Stoners. I won’t HIRE a Stoner & I would FIRE a Stoner once I knew, just as I won’t Hang Around with Drunks, Hire Drunks, and would Fire a Drunk once I knew.

AND NOW WE HAVE TWO NATIONS . . . Canada & Most of the USA, PROMOTING A NATION OF STONERS, only because our HORRIBLE Politicians have EXHAUSTED the Means to Raise Money with which to Pay Themselves, their Civil Service, Bureaucracy and Bureaucratic Entitlements at Large, through Legitimate, if not already EXCESSIVE Taxes.

Mark These Words – Nothing Good Will Come Out Of A Nation Of Dopers.

If our Countries have to Depend upon Gambling & Dope . . . to Finance our Bloated Cost of National Management – What Does That Say About Our Countries?

It’s Time We Return To Real Values . . . Hopefully with President Trump at the White House we will. ‘Cause if NOT, we will Destroy ourselves without any help from the Islamo Terrorists, Chinese Communists or Russians.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Many things you say are true Mr. Galganove. But if you are looking to make Peace you have to start somewhere. I am not American, or Jewish, nor Moslem. I am a Canadian. And I like to hear more about Making Peace. And like many others, I am very tired about war, death and destruction. I hope Mr. Obama has some success with his efforts. IMO…What he did not achieve in the classroom he can make up with his everyday life experiences and decisions. Have a nice day.

  2. Boy, Howard, you’re right on the money with this article!!! I agree 100% Marlene Leavey

  3. Thank you for the comments about drugs. I never looked at liquor vs “recreational” drugs quite like that. Your thoughts on this takes the wind out of the sails of morons thinking stoned is good. I like what you said about Bannon too. I read your e-mails faithfully. Always makes me say Hmm. Good stuff Keep writing.

  4. Bannon has shot his wad. What a disappointment he has been. And Trump’s right. He looks sloppy.

  5. I’ve never Suffered 2nd hand Smoke from the guy drinking a Beer next to me. A beer drinker only effects himself. A pot smoker effects everyone else in the room. You wouldn’t swim in a pool where the deep end is the PEEING Section and the Shallow End is No Peeing. Bannon was a hero to many UNTIL he Betrayed the Trust given to him. Trust is sacred. Bannon should have known better. He Knows Trump won’t take crap FROM ANYONE! That toughness is what got him elected! Always the News Reporter I guess.

  6. I’m beginning to think the media/entertainment industry has been running this country for the past several years. It goes back to Bernays whose theories about group manipulation/mob psychology influenced Goebbels. As the North American media began to flex their muscles post WWII, they corporately grew stronger. Today, they play mind games! We need to wake up because the alternative to a manipulating media/entertainment industry is loss of freedom of the press. But, how?

  7. Regardless of what is said about Bannon, he’s been right on on most things. BUT you cannot ever make bad about someone’s children and not suffer for it, especially if the children of a powerful person. I agreed with what he said about Pres Trump’s daughter and son-in-law (who think more highly of themselves & their abilities/power than they ought or deserve), who really had no business given the positions they were. Hope they return to NY. Not aware of Bannon comments about Jr., so no opinion.

  8. Regarding the dope epidemic…..so many of America’s young, intelligent populations are loosing their lives to the drug of their choice. A nations that is loosing one of it’s natural resources: America’s youth! A huge void.

  9. Bannan is one of Trumps back picks and he has had a few more. W e can say the Donald is not perfect but almost.

  10. Many years ago China had opium dens maybe they still do. Like you said get them stoned and then take it away. Mayhem erupts. It’s all about control of the masses. Governments are good at that.

  11. Isn’t it amazing, the amount of anti Trump Press coming out of MSM. It seams you can not turn your head in any direction without encountering a negative article. Where are the articles that show what Trump has done and accomplished? Where are any feel good articles on Trump in the MSM? Why the scarcity and who is paying to encourage continued trashing of Trump and why? There is a War on for our minds, values, lifestyles, expectations and future. This is worse than 1984.

  12. People must start leading more responsible lives by not abusing alcohol or drugs! (This is all about getting our youth “hooked” on much more than just marijuana!) Middle school kids and pregnant women are smoking pot, which remains in the body longer than alcohol, effecting thinking ability! BTW, Obama smoked pot (Clintons too)! Anybody who abuses drugs/alcohol or smokes should not be able to receive Government benefits or free food! We are tired of having to pay for the “sins” of other people!

  13. Do not wast time being concerned about stoners. When the revolution comes, they’ll be easy targets. I am at a loss as to what Bannon was up to with that stupid interview with the Wolf guy. Perhaps he was tired of being made the scapegoat for the loss in Alabama, which should truly be laid at the feet of Mitch McConnell and the RNC. Who knows. I hate that he did it though.

  14. Great editorial Howard! PM Sock Puppet is a STONER…along with being with the Ismaili Muslims which Aga Khan is one…now we see the connection between the Ismaili Muslims that PM Sock Puppet visits in their place of worship. Too bad BANNON took the step he did…WHAT WAS HE THINKING!! Marijuana could end up with the escalating TAX that is going be on liquor, beer and wine…so the gov’ts can stick it to the HARD WORKING people of our country…GOD BLESS CANADA!! GO TRUMP GO!!

  15. This dufus Obama spent his youth smoking pot. A recent Harvard study (if one believes anything coming out of the ivy league colleges) found long term brain impairment from youngsters using pot. Need I say more.

  16. As usual, Howard, you “hit the ball out of the park”! I have a problem with the “stoners”…..bathhouse Barry was/is one, & look where he/that took us; also killerly & Bill smoked the stuff, as well!! As for Bannon, with his interview, with this Wolff guy…..just chock that up to poor/clouded & bad judgment for him. It will ALL COME OUT IN THE “WASH”, & is part of “draining the swamp”! May God continue to bless Pres. Trump, & don’t forget to stay tuned for the NEXT ADVENTURE!!

  17. BHO’s War Room is in the basement of his undeserved Mansion. The individual in charge is Valerie Jarrett as she always has been. People give the “empty suit” too much credit for his actions, he is paid and instructed as to what to do. Followed his marching orders to a T.

  18. The weirdest stuff from Trudeau’s government is that they are legalizing pot this summer 2018 however, they are launching a campaign to raise concern about driving under the influence of drugs…such as marijuana which had a raise of 400% during the 5 years of legalization in Colorado and Washington states for instance.

    It’s like the pyromaniac who burns your house down and comes in to help the firefighter with a few buckets of water to try to stop the fire. That’s how dumb this Trudeau is.

  19. OMG! The above comments are pretty darn good and sometimes funny. But I wish I knew who ‘Sock Puppet’ is. As an old timer I’m getting slow on the uptake! As for BHO, I’ll never forgive his wife for saying that she hated the USA until her husband became President. And to add insult to injury he went around the world apologizing for your country. For what? For being more successful than the rest of the world?

  20. BHO was NOT a presidential BAD DREAM; he was a presidential NIGHTMARE! I am very DISAPPOINTED re: BANNON! One would hope that the CLINTONS, et al, WOULD “pay the Price they Deserve” to ASSURE people that there IS STILL a RULE OF LAW in America! Great saying…”ONLY DOPES SMOKE DOPE”! AMERICA is being RUINED by DRUGS! Yes, it IS “time We Return To Real Values.” The SWAMP is being DRAINED & Pres. Trump WILL OVERCOME his present attacks–as DONE in the PAST! GO TRUMP GO & GOD BLESS AMERICA! AMEN!


  22. Excellent editorial. I am so glad to see that Oblabla’s changes are being changed back, for the better. To hear that Trump through Executive Order, took the moratorium off of coastal drilling was AWESOME!!! It’s about time & this action could well be the change, to put the Middle East in their place – Just saying. I am just so tired of the Fake News & all of the BS it entails. The US Congress needs to get the business at hand, DONE!!! I guess, I am only dreaming about that. Sigh – Bummer }:O(

  23. I am so sad about Bannon. I felt he steered Trump to victory….by being able to tell him what we, the common man, wanted. Maybe he wasn’t as important as I thought. I’m waiting it out.

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