Fasten Your Seat Belts . . . We’re In For A Bumpy Ride



As Aggressive As President Trump Was In 2017 . . . Trump was just Getting Started, and anyone who “ASSUMES” that President Trump is about to Slow Down Some in 2018, and Make Deals just to Make Deals, they Better get out of the Way, or be Prepared to be RUN-OVER.


PRESIDENT TRUMP IS NOT JUST THE CHAMPION OF THE REPUBLICANS . . . President Trump is the Champion of the American Working Class & Americans who want to Work . . . & Americans who really want to Make America Great Again, which leaves very Little to no Room for the LEFT, who have NOTHING to Offer but a Message of Contrived Anguish.


AFTER 8-YEARS . . . Of Despair Under Hussein Obama’s Racist, Faux Feminist & Anti-Business REIGN OF DOOM & GLOOM, Suffering from Obama’s Empty Campaign-Words about Yes We Can & Change We Can Believe In . . . America is Famished for Better Days, Honest Rhetoric, Real Action & Honest-To-Goodness Results.

AND REAL AMERICANS – PATRIOTIC AMERICANS . . . have had far more than enough with Apologizing to the World for American Successes in the Face of World Failures – ESPECIALLY AMONGST THE DENIZENS OF EURO-TRASH.


Almost A Decade Ago . . . The Iranian YOUTH, who were Full of Hope for Real Freedom, launched Nationwide Protests Against the Ruling Mullahs and Autocrats, Mostly because of Obama’s Empty Rhetoric of HOPE & CHANGE.

THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD . . . Bought into Obama’s BIG LIE of Hope & Change, and Real Change We Can All Believe-In, and that Obama will Force the Tides to Rise and the Waves to Change Course – To the Point that Obama’s BIG LIES were not only Taken Hook-Line & Sinker by more than Half of the American Population, but also by DESPERATE PEOPLE WORLDWIDE . . . Including the Youth of Iran.


WHEN IT CAME RIGHT DOWN TO IT . . . Obama Did what he has always Done Best; OBAMA CRAPPED-OUT, and left the Iranian “DREAMERS” High, Dry & all ALONE to Face the Wrath of the Mullah Dictators & Their Murderer Thugs.


BUT THIS IS 2018 . . . NOT 2009, and the President of the United States of America isn’t the GLOBALIST-ASS-KISSER-IN-CHIEF . . . Barack Hussein Obama, who was Hell-Bent upon Selling America Short for his LEFTIST View of a One World Government and a DYSTOPIAN Acceptance of Radical Islam & Sharia Law, somehow being Equal to the American Declaration Of Independence and the Subsequent US Constitution.


FOR ALL THE LEFTISTS . . . Especially in the Media and amongst the Democrats who SHOUT-OUT that the Election is Over, and we should just leave the Clinton’s Alone and Focus all of our Attention on President Trump & Russia, Russia, Russia – I’ve got news for them . . .

What the Clintons did to the USA, Under the Table, by abusing the Trust of the People, while making themselves Stinking Rich by Selling-Out America and the American Dream on the Altar of their own Avarice . . . DOESN’T HAVE A STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS.

And for the People who are SCREAMING to Defend the Integrity of American Elections and the Honesty of Government, NOTHING in the USA should be more Important than Learning to what Extent Crooked Hillary and her OVERSEXED (Rapist) Husband, have done, to Play Fast & Loose with the Trust of the American People.

And to say that this was Yesterday . . . and is No More Important Today than Water Under the Bridge, is nothing short of an absolute Insult to the Men & Women who Sacrificed Treasure & Blood for more than 250-Years, so People like the Clintons Could NEVER come to Power to do the things they have been Accused of, and have been Proven to have Done.


GERMANY’S TOP COP . . . Is very Recently on Record – STATING that if Jews in Germany REALLY want to Feel Safe, they should NOT go to Jewish Institutions (Synagogues, Kosher Restaurants Etc), and should NOT Look Jewish, such as Wearing a Kippa (Male Jewish Head Cover) Etc.

AND HE WASN’T BEING DEROGATORY . . . In his Statement, he was actually BEMOANING the Fact that he was Sincere. And in the Statement, he FOCUSED THE FULL BLAME AT THE FEET OF ANGELA MERKEL, Germany’s Chancellor, for ENCOURAGING Millions of JEW-HATING MOSLEMS to Immigrate into Germany, placing all of Germany at Risk, but none as much as Germany’s JEWISH Population.

I Hold No Animosity To The Children & Grand Children Of WWII Germans. But, with all we know of the Holocaust, I CANNOT for the Life of me understand, why any Jewish Person would want to Live & Raise a Family in Germany, a Country that is Once Again Teetering on VIOLENT OVERT ANTI-SEMITISM.

FOR THOSE WHO DON’T KNOW – BUT WANT TO KNOW . . . The First Nazi Extermination Camp of WWII was Established in France with the Blessing of the VICHY Government, France’s Government at that Time.

During the ERA of the Holocaust, France’s Government did all it could to Deport Jews to the Nazi Operated Extermination Centers, and or helped the Nazis Assault, Rape, Plunder & MURDER French Jews wherever they could.

VIOLENT ANTI SEMITISM IN FRANCE . . . isn’t a new French Phenomena, and can be Traced Throughout French History . . . and today, French Jews, even more so than German Jews, are TERRIFIED to Look Jewish or go to where Jews are Expected to go, SO THEY’RE LEAVING FRANCE – And Who Can Blame Them?


I KNOW OF NO OTHER COUNTRY . . . Certainly Not Amongst Social Democracies, where a Nation’s Tax Collectors have Established a Specific Tax Collection & Interrogation Department, SOLELY TO INVESTIGATE JEWS, other than France, where French Jews are Leaving “En Masse” to save Themselves and their Families from the Type of Violence French Jews Experienced in the late 1930’s till the End of WWII.

CAN YOU IMAGINE IN THE USA OR CANADA . . . A Tax Collection Department DEDICATED Exclusively To The Targeting Of American Or Canadian Jews?

SO I ASK AGAIN . . . How Anti-Semitic Is France, Germany & Subsequently The Whole Of Europe?


PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . in 2018 will become the Most Appreciated & Trusted President Since Ronald Reagan. And in Spite of all the Empty Words & Insults the World and their LEFTIST MEDIA LAP DOGS will throw at the USA because of President Donald Trump, the World will come to Fear . . . Getting on the Wrong Side of America, also because of President Trump. And those who will Dare Test America’s Resolve in 2018, will Quickly Learn to Regret it.

AS FOR ISRAEL & EUROPE’S JEWS . . . The Israelis are DONE Playing a Useless Game with the Palestinians. And if I were Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria & Iran, I would be Far More Worried Than Just Somewhat.

AND AS FOR EUROPE’S JEWS . . . They Should Get Out While The Getting’s Good, and take all that they can with them, because their Future is in Israel, America, and for the time being in Canada . . . But Certainly Not Amongst The Europeans.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Obama is the enemy from within. He is just biding time and when this nation is ripe to the taking, the Muslims will take it. That is what I think. He is the Trojan Horse!

  2. WOW!! Another good editorial Howard, Happy New Year to you and Anne and your fur babies.

  3. I remember being taught that there was no “statue of limitations” for treason. Here is hoping that the statement remains true here in the United States and that, finally, we get some folks who understand what their oath of office entails and then perform on that oath. It will be an interesting year.

  4. Happy New Year to you, and what a year it is going to be. Your advice to Europe dwelling Jews is right on, I hope they take it.

  5. Happy New Year Howard & all. Europe has gone to hell, loving Muslim’s & hating Jews. Not surprising that they don’t read the Bible, that the Jews are God’s chosen people, thousands of years before bogus Islam. Christians are just lucky that God sent his son, Jesus, to save us. Europe will become a dead zone, as tourists don’t want to put their life on the line. Plus if you want to see a bunch of Muslim’s, there are safer places.

  6. Loved it as always……….. sharing… sharing… sharing… as usual! Looking forward to 2018 and lots of wins for all!

  7. ” and for the time being in Canada”

    Howard what exactly did you mean by this? I personally think Canada is becoming Anti-Semitic especially with the passing of M-103 which WILL be the eventual destruction of Cana-duh that our brain-dead politically correct coward politicians like Mohamed Trudeau are rushing into law all to appease the Muslim welfare voters. Of course our equally pathetic opposition parties don’t dare oppose this BS bill as nobody wants to be labelled racist by the leftards…

  8. Clinton, Bush and Obama all said they were going to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. The press said nothing. Now Trump says he is recognizing Jerusalem as the Capitol and the press can’t stop reporting how wrong that is and how there will be no peace with the Palestinians. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize there WAS peace with the Palestinians.

  9. It wasn’t so long ago that France was a nice place to have your picture taken in front of. Plus jamais.

  10. Howard, you’re “on a roll” for 2018! So much in this Editorial that I don’t know where to being to “comment”! (What must happen to “unite” this nation is that “Trump Train” has more cars than “Welfare Wagon” in order to MAGA!) So much of what goes on in USA gets “mirrored” by other nations, but we must not allow what’s going on in Europe to happen here! (Jews are being “targeted”, but Christians are next.) Muslims are “breeding” (with several wives) and converting folks to Islam to take over!

  11. Howard so much truth in this article. I just make this comment: The only thing about WWI & WWII for the Germans and WWII for the Japanese is that they lost! France has never won anything since Napoleon!

  12. I thought I was the only guy who still used words like Denizens and Euro-Trash , apparently not … Hey maybe its because they are no longer used here in Canadastan except by the Great Unwashed Non-Libtards and we are increasingly fewer and further between and of course very careful what and of whom we speak . There are laws here limiting “free speech ” unless of course you are speaking of Jews or Christians. I WISH that was a joke !

  13. If you are a Trump hater now and by the end of 2018 you still are you will just one of the few who will be left. The Democrats are switching for Trump as we speak. The ones with too much pride are running away and hiding. As these people are now realizing that the day is over for them lining their pockets with tax payer money. Trump knows all about the crooks in our Government and they are leaving in droves. The media will have to switch to saying good things about Trump or go broke.

  14. I would be 100% in favor of taking in all of France’s Jewish People …. as long as we could make sure they were safe from Islamic hate here in Canada. If not, then I’d hope we’d at least support Israel building 10,000’s of more residences for the immigrating Jewish people from around the world.Ezk39″Then they will know that I am the LORD their God because I made them go into exile among the nations, and then gathered them again to their own land; and I will leave none of them there any longer”

  15. It’s wrong to think France has never won anything since Napoleon! Canada has been ruled by the French since they lost to the British long ago. If you see a sign in English, it has to be in French also. English Prime Minister?
    HAS to speak FRENCH. Only 5% of all the people in Canada speak French but everything printed has to be in both English and French wasting billions and billions of dollars. France has NEVER fought in ANY war, but always claims VICTORY after!
    Ted Walker, Oakville

  16. howard, you left out the u.k., spain, and portugal. Unfortunately i don’t see any countries, other than israel, the u.s., canada, and perhaps australia where we can feel safe. I suggest that we, as jews, don’t let ourselves be herded off to those killing zones ever again. Arm up and protect yourself, even in those countries where we do feel somewhat safe.

  17. In case anyone here is listening it was the quebequois who supported Vichy France in collecting 10,000 of their Jews for the gas ovens. So much for friendly quebec.

  18. America’s biggest export should be the Second Amendment. It would level the playing field between law-abiding citizens and jihadists bent on killing or raping them.

  19. Trump may well be remembered as the best President ever. It was a brilliant move to opt out of IPCC, leaving the USA in a position to build their oil/gas/pipelines/ coal and electricity maintaining the lowest energy costs in the world thereby enhancing their manufacturing capacity. Europe with 30 cents /kwh and Ontario with 20 cents/kwh electricity and Canada with its carbon taxes, will be left in the dust by America “the go to country”.
    J.Ellefson CGY

  20. I’ve just sent your email address to all my Messianic Be-living friends and to Jerry Golden who transports Hebrew/Jews from Europe to Israel. i’m sure that like me, they will be reading your posts!

    WE all need to pray that the Jews would all head to America or Israel. We also need to pray that all the American Jews that are Democraps would become Republicans!

    Bill Lujan
    Eagle, Colorado USA

  21. Any time i hear obamas name i wish this evil person was gone from this earth. Even today obama still speaks out against
    how the country is being run down by Trump and republicans.

  22. Donald, ( “The different drummer”), Trump–continues to shock and amaze the swamp dwellers in DC! Personally, I hope he causes worldwide disruptions to the global staus quo which can only benefit America–to the detriment of Putin, Kim, China, Iran, Syria, and all our “allies” in the EU.

  23. Happy New Year Howard & Anne, As usual, you are right on about current events but we can only hope that the decline of liberals and the increase of conservatives comes about. I do not see any decline in liberal diatribes.

  24. SPOT ON with every point today, Howard!!! I think, this editorial is the best to date! I agree with every point you made. Howard, the bottom line – You are one big POWER HOUSE of thinking & writing in plain English what is happening & what must be done. I think, this year will be even better for Trump, as the “ball is rolling” with him, in regards to MAGA. When the US is back on track, this will be notice for the bad guys to beware! Happy New Year Howard, Anne, Stryker & April the cat.

  25. WE AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET is so TRUE—as proven by ALL the “GARBAGE STUFF” which TRUMP has already revealed. Some people think that Trump will RESOLVE BHB’S 8-YEAR MESS OVERNIGHT…that’s IMPOSSIBLE! Just DRAINING the SWAMP will take 4+ YEARS to accomplish! CROOKED HILLARY and HUSSEIN OBAMA are the TWO WORST TRAITORS America has EVER seen! Had it not been for TRUMP, America would have been DOOMED! Pres. Trump WILL ACHIEVE even more in 2018! GO TRUMP GO! Thank you, GOD, for PROTECTING us! AMEN!

  26. Good article Howard! Heard from a friend who knows some young Iranians in Iran – they KNOW the USA is NOT the problem for them.They ‘hate’ their religion and the government. Many in Iran want the ‘Western’ life/style. Trump is not just ‘our’ leader – he is setting the standard for the rest of the crazy leftist world with his common sense, no ‘PC’ words or speeches and keeping his promises. Can’t wait till he wipes out DACA/chain-migration/lottery etc. Americans are remembering what a ‘leader’ is

  27. Happy New Year, Howard, Anne, & “fur babies”! ANOTHER GREAT “BLOG”, & HAPPY NEW YEAR, to our fellow readers, as well!!

  28. This was one of your best editorials HG. I was born in Holland and am glad my mom and dad decided to immigrate to Canada in 1973. Europe is in a mess and about to explode. Keep up your great writing. Still hoping Trudeau is a one term PM and Trump will be there for 2 terms which is the best thing that can happen to Canada, keep up the pressure.

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