SO . . . What’s It Going To Be In 2018?



Leftists Can’t Be Humiliated – BUT . . .

I PROMISED IN 2017 . . . to Maintain my Promise from Previous Years, NOT to Debate LEFTISTS, unless there was an Audience Present, where I can Humiliate a LEFTIST or LEFTISTS in front of People who can Benefit from Seeing the LEFTIST or LEFTISTS Squirm, like the FOOL or FOOLS he, she, or they are under a BARRAGE OF FACTS & TRUTHS.

I also Promised Myself . . . NOT to be Buried in an Argument of LEFTIST Canadian Politics, because of the USELESSNESS of trying to Convince a Majority LEFTIST Canadian Population, Raised on Socialist Propaganda, Re-Written History & the Promise of Never-Ending Free Stuff . . . THAT THE TAKERS AREN’T WORTH A PINCH OF CRAP, once the MAKERS decide to stop Making, and Successive Canadian Governments (Provincial & Federal) Run-Out of Other People’s Money, when the TAKERS will have their Hands Extended to NON-EXISTENT MAKER LARGESSE & PHILANTHROPY.

All Good Things Come To An End . . . But So Do Bad.

SO – TO MY CO-CANADIAN COUNTRYMEN . . . Don’t expect me to write much about a Failing Society, when the Vast Majority of Canadians are Blind to the TRUTH, while Welcoming Socialism (Communism) With Open Arms.

When I See A Real Canadian Leader Rise . . . NOT A Pretend Conservative, The Likes Of Andrew Scheer, That’s When Canada Will Be Worth The Fight.

Until Then . . . I will make Aware as best as I can, the FOLLY of Canadian Socialism Traveling Down The Yellow Brick Road, to Our Canadian WIZARD OF OZ and his LEFTIST Cohorts without a Brain, without a Heart & without the Courage to see the World for what the World Really is.


1 – UNLESS THINGS REALLY CHANGE . . . And President Trump is Found-Out to be a Phony and a Pretender to the Office – And UNLESS the Republicans do something REALLY Stupid, which is possible, but not Likely, come NOVEMBER 2018, Conservative Republicans . . . WILL WIN BIG IN THE HOUSE & IN THE SENATE.

2 – The ERA of the RINOS will Fall.

3 – President Trump will get another chance to choose a Supreme Court Justice.

4 – The FBI and the Justice Department will be on Trial by the People, MORE than was President Donald Trump. While Government & Internet Invasion of Privacy will Increase Exponentially.

5 – Nothing much will happen with Crooked Hillary, because too many Heads will Roll if her Head Rolls First . . . But Pursuing Crooked Hillary will make great News Theater.

6 – Hussein Obama and his SICK LEFTIST ILK, will be as Relevant as last Winter’s Snow, never Remembered by every Passing Summer’s Day. But, because of President Trump’s Massive & Continuing Successes, Obama will be shown to be the Over-Reaching Anti-American DUFUS he is, and the Severe Jeopardy in which Obama Placed the American Dream.

7 – THE LEFTIST MAINSTREAM MEDIA . . . will continue to Lie, and will continue to lose Ground to the NEW MEDIA, such as this BLOG, and the Thousands of others like GALGANOV.COM, as the Ratings & Revenue Will Fall substantially for the PURVEYORS OF FAKE NEWS.

8 – The Best Years of the NFL, will continue to be behind them, because in 2018, they’ll Scramble to make themselves Relevant Again, as Americans Turn Them Off & Tune Them Out In Ever Increasing Numbers. Taking A Knee To America Was The Final Straw.

9 – Black Lives Matter . . . WON’T MATTER IN 2018, since like every Contagion – It Will Simply Die On Its Own. That doesn’t mean there won’t be Riots on the Streets and at the Universities . . . All To No Avail.

10 – MORE YOUNG PEOPLE . . . will Opt for a FAR LESS EXPENSIVE & FAR MORE PRACTICAL EDUCATION – Learning Useful & Marketable Skills, while LEFTIST University Professors will become a Bad Memory of Education, as their Students will eventually Realize that BS Can’t Buy them Jobs or a Future. And UNREPAYABLE Student Loans Only Benefit the Bloated Academic Mafia.

11 – The US Immigration Problem . . . will be Dealt with, and Non-Criminal ILLEGALS will be given some sort of RIGHT to stay in the USA . . . & TRUMP’S WALL WILL BE BUILT.

12 – President Trump will Pass & Sign Into Law, a New & Comprehensive Immigration Policy Built Upon Merit.

13 – NORTH KOREA WILL BE DEALT WITH . . . Kim Jong-Un will either be DEPOSED, or North Korea will suffer the Wrath of the US Military.

14 – THE AGE OF GROWING CHINESE SUPREMACY . . . will be Undermined by China’s Own Failed & Phony Economy . . . which for Decades has been Built Exclusively Upon Controlled Currency Manipulation, which like a Bubble, can be Filled with only so much Air, until the Point, where it reaches its Maximum Pressure, with the Expected Result.

15 – The EU will begin its Collapse in 2018, with Failed European States Racing to the Door, to escape the FOOLISHNESS of a Socio/Political LEFTIST One World Government Experiment, which was DOOMED to Failure BEFORE it even BEGAN.

16 – GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE . . . will be Sent to the Dustbin of History amongst a vast growing number of THINKING Individuals, as one of the GREATEST CON JOBS . . . ever Foisted on the People of Planet Earth.

17 – THERE WILL BE NO DEAL . . . Between the Palestinians & Israel.

18 – THERE WILL BE A MAJOR CONFRONTATION . . . between Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah (Lebanon), Syria & Iranian Fighters on the Golan, and at the Bekaa Valley, also known by it’s Biblical Name “THE VALLEY OF ARMAGEDDON”.

19 – In spite of all the Rhetoric about Alliances with Gulf States led by Saudi Arabia, which won’t happen, but with Military Equipment & Intelligence Fed by the Americans . . . Israel will otherwise, and as usual be Fighting on its Own . . . and will suffer Significant Losses of Life & Structure, but will None-The-Less Prevail and be Stronger and more Nationalistic for the Effort.

20 – AND WITH GALGANOV.COM – NOTHING WILL CHANGE . . . As long as I Continue to have Decent Health, a Clear Mind & Sufficient Revenue to Continue to Do, Say & Write The Things I Do . . . I’ll Be Here For Another Year.

The Next Editorial Will Be In 2018 . . . Have A Wonderful New Year!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Wherever he may have been born, Obama is obviously not a patriotic American, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought “Manchurian Candidate.” It is now evident that “Trojan Horse” is a more apt description. He is fully aware of his actions and supported by an electorate of half wits with no idea what is being done to them. He has no need to disguise his actions as long as idiots are allowed to vote!

  2. Sounds like Nirvana is on the way. Happy New Year to you, Howard, to Anne, and to all who read and enjoy – or not! – your editorials. In 2018, may our President continue to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! What’s a Canada?

  3. Now folks, if you enjoy what Howard writes, the true facts, and want to follow how well his predictions comes close, or bang on in 2018, donate at least $10 to help him continue. I’ve just sent $25 with PayPal. From Canada, Happy New Year to all our friends in the USA, and particularly President Trump.

  4. Excellent summary of 2017! Question,…in 2010 the Supreme Court ruled the mandatory insurance or it’s “Penalty”was legally a “tax” passed the the rightful authority, the Congress. NOW that Trumps Tax reform Act has eliminated it LEGALLY, why not simply re-raise the 2010 Supreme Court case? If the mandatory penalty (Tax) is repealed now, are there any other points that would not support the Affordable Health care plan upon which the Court could render the entire act unconstitutional utter law?

  5. I wish I could help financially, but am unable at this time.
    You seem to say what I am thinking.
    I too wish the conservatives could get a few good men, but it is hard for an honest man to move into a pig pen.
    I am afraid Canada must hit rock bottom before enough people smarten up to our hand out way of government.
    Good luck in the New Year to you and yours.
    Brian Gillcash, Albrights Corner,N.B.

  6. For what it is worth – which is nothing – I predict that Trump will usher Israel into NATO either as a threat to get an Israeli-Palestinian agreement or an actual fact. If not in 2018, perhaps in 2019.

  7. This I what I wish would happen in 2018. Like Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia declare peace with Israel and all three open an embassy in Jerusalem thereby paving the way for a comprehensive peace between Israel and all Arabs. Secondly, with Kim deposed, North and South Korea start talks for peaceful unification. Thirdly, President Trump continues to quash leftist idiocy and that Canada follow suit. Wow, how is that for a wish list?

  8. Happy New Year Howard, Anne, Stryker & April the cat!!! Good blog today & hopefully, what you have written shall come to pass. Now, I really don’t want another major conflict between Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria & Iran – The IDF lives matter & matter greatly! I could care less about the opposing side. The EU has to collapse because as it stands now – The EU is a sorry piece of you know what! I would love to see France & Germany both fall. Both love their Muslems! Stupid is, as Stupid does!!

  9. HG, superb essay!!! It inspires me to fantasize the countless benefits President Trump (and the world) would realize by having you in his cabinet!

  10. WELL SAID HOWARD. Wishing you, Anne, Stryker, & April the Cat a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR. God Bless

  11. Great predictions for 2018 and agree with many of them. Trump keep up the heat on Canada and there is still time for a new leader to appear for 2019. Possibly Sheer will bow out if the right individual takes a go at making the difference in Canada. The longer our present government goes the more their incompetence shows and their true colors appear. Hopefully sooner then later it will come to an end.

  12. GREAT Editorial! Sad to say, but many people choose to be BLIND to the TRUTH because they FEAR the TRUTH!Also, they have to SUFFER its REPERCUSSIONS before they either UNDERSTAND or choose to FACE IT! Re: your 20 points–A LOT is based on your #13, which WILL HAPPEN!Re: #17–I, too, believe that there will be an AGREEMENT!Wishing you, Anne, Stryker & April, the cat, a VERY HEALTHY, HAPPY & WEALTHY NEW YEAR–yes, ALL THREE! Please help Howard with your DONATIONS as best you can!GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. Ditto, Ditto!! Your blog hit the nail right on the head!!
    May you, your wife, and the rest of the family have a Blessed remaining 2017 and a very, very Blessed 2018!

  14. Howard, I won’t comment on your predictions,just hope you are right. Sorry to hear that you won’t keep us attuned to what is happening in Canada it’s interesting to us here in the States. A very Happy and mostly a HEALTHY New Year to you and the entire brood – dogs,horses, etc. I know you can only stay inthe US for six month at a time. PLEASE request an extension.

  15. Thanks Howard. Wishing you and Anne a Happy & Safe New Year. The same to you all you guys who read this. Oh, coming from the Bronx the term “guys” is for both men and women. Geeez little did we know back 50 years ago we were a head of our time. Meaning “all you guys” Today’s Society that’ll blend, because some are both. 🙂 This last Election I voted for Donald Trump out of Default. Next time will be (If he’s stays true & able to continue) my vote will be for him because I’ve come to Trust Him!

  16. Instead of the NFL, our American Friends should tune into NHL (Hockey). The Pittsburgh Stanley Cup Champions graciously accepted Trumps offer to meet and greet. And tonight, World Juniors Team Canada should do well against Team USA in Buffalo This Afternoon .. sorry my Good American Friends. I suspect we will see even CLOSER Bounds between the US and Israel. Let the Rest of the Free World Watch and Learn! Happy New Year Howard to you and yours and to our US Friends who are SO LUCKY to Have Trump

  17. Especially excited about #s 10, 14 and 15. Of all your predictions those 3 spoke more deeply to my heart and sense of what might be most beneficial for the future. I hope and pray you are correct, except for the initial devastation for Israel on that one. That makes for an awful lot of world-changing events in 2018.

  18. Happy New Year 2018 Howard, bonne année 2018, from the hellhole of Quebec which is still our roots and yours as well despite all.

    Yan P.

  19. Howard, your predictions are spot on. 2018 will be a wonderful year.
    Thank you, A man amongst men.

  20. Como Savoir, Howard,

    This one goes into your file and if we live to see 2018, will see what happens. Not doubting your thinking & savvy, however, there is an old saying “There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip”. I hope & pray that most of what you wrote will be.

    Thanks for your insights. John

  21. Best swishes for the New Year to you, Anne and all your animal friends. Keep doing what you do so well. You are a voice of reason in a world seemingly all too often devoid of it.

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA USA

  22. WOW, Howard…..what a “summary”, for ALL that went on in 2017! I truly hope ALL THESE THINGS COME TO PASS, & that a Conservative PM appears on your horizon up in Canada!! You definitely deserve one!!! Howard, Anne, & “brood”, I wish you many blessings in the coming New Year, 2018!!!!! Go, Pres. Trump…..The ENTIRE WORLD LOOKS UP TO YOU, & MORE MIRACLES WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN, for “he who waits, patiently”. ALSO, A REMINDER for/to support Howard’s endeavor, & to support his “blog”!

  23. Great article Howard. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Anne, Stryker and April the cat. I agree with you about Canada unless Scheer does something really honest by telling all the TAKERS, what happens when you run out of other peoples money you can kiss CANADA GOODBYE!!! PUPPET TRUDEAU and the LIBERNOS ALONG WITH PUPPETEER…SOROS win!!! IMMIGRATION ABOUND…ISIS TERRORIST…they will sue Canada for letting them go….ANOTHER PAYOUT OF MILLIONS OF TAXPAYER MONEY!!! BY TO THE CANADA WE KNOW!!

  24. As always, LOVED it! Wishing you and Anne a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! Be blessed! Keep saying it like it is…..

  25. Hey Howard, I won’t comment on your predictions, but hope you are right. You have a good handle on American politics. A good blog today & hopefully, what you have written shall come to pass. We shall see. Hopefully Trump will be able to appoint more than one Supreme curt justice, I have family members that are totally blind the encroachment of liberalism and/or Islam. There s no point in debating one who is politically, spiritually and intellectually blind!!!

  26. Great editorial tonight Howard. I want to wish you, Anne, Stryker and April the cat a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I am looking forward to another year of your editorials as well as the comments of your readers. I have found that if I receive your column early and it has only a few comments, I will leave it in my inbox after reading and it will continue to receive more and more comments. Edgar in Amarillo

  27. Didn’t receive this excellent Editorial today, but have a good (Viet Nam vet) friend who regularly posts them! Howard, let’s hope your “predictions” all come true, but main problems today in this world are: mentality, selfishness, and greed! Thanks for your great “insights” into what’s going on in this world, particularly in USA, and for supporting POTUS Donald Trump, who is trying to “keep the peace” amongst all the “idiots” living both here and abroad. Happy New Year to you, Anne, and pets!

  28. It is always nice to get your angles on things. I can feel your passion for the things you care about—-no doubt about where you stand. It is always clear. Thanks for your work.

    Curt Smith, Hutchinson, KS

  29. The Rinos will loose their elections. The FBI and Dept of Justice (?) wil undergo an extreme vetting, many jailed and Hillary’s e-mail/corruption/Foundation pay to play will be exposed. Liberal college grads will fall on themselves without jobs. MSM will continue to lose subscribers/listeners. NFL will show a huge drop in yearly subscriptions and the ESPN wil show a huge drop in audience. NOKO bombed off the planet, or assasination of fat man.

  30. Howard, I second the motion for your predictions and I feel sad that one of them will cost lots of lives, between Israel and the Jihadists in Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Keep up the good word and wish you and Ann a healthy and happy New Year.
    Steve Acre, Canada


    I Sure do hope your predictions for 2018 are spot-on !!
    I’m glad to make an occasional financial contribution when I am able. I encourage others to do the same !!

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