The Insanity Of 2017 . . . Just About Done



Years ago, there used to be a Great Car Television Commercial for Toyota . . .
“You Asked For It – You Got It . . . TOYOTA”.

About 2500-Years Ago, Confucius Said . . .
“Be Careful For What You Ask . . . YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT”.

And then there is one of my All-Time Favorites by Fram Motor Filters . . .
“You Can Pay Me Now . . . OR YOU CAN PAY ME LATER”.


From the 2007-Presidential Election, which ushered in America’s FIRST Black President, who was (is) subsequently as Anti-American as anyone could imagine, to the point, where Barack Hussein Obama used the Strategy of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” to Overpower & Overload the American System with Debt, Entitlements, Constitutional Restrictions, Racial Animus, A Phony War Against Women & LIES about Global Warming & Climate Change – Enabling the EPA to make Rules, Regulations & Laws Above & Beyond the Scope, Oversight & Jurisdiction of Congress and the American People, to the great Detriment to the American Dream.


If you’re not aware of this TRUISM . . . It used to be, and to some extent still is, that no Person on Earth is as Capable of SOWING GUILT, more than a Jewish Mother – But to Obama and the LEFT’S Regrettable Credit, they might have taken the Notion of Jewish Guilt to a Whole New Level, by Demonizing & Shaming The Success of Others, to the Point, where the LEFT has convinced the TAKERS . . . that the MAKERS Somehow OWE their Earnings, or a Substantial amount of their Earnings to the TAKERS.

Success With The Trappings Of Success Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of.

Over More Recent Years . . . From the time of President Woodrow Wilson (Pre & Post WWI), who was an ACADEMIC DEMOCRAT with a LEFTIST VISION of a Global Society through his Proposed League of Nations, which was Fortunately ended by Congress before it began, to FDR, another Socialist Democrat who Championed The New Deal . . . to all the other Presidents with the Exceptions of Eisenhower, JFK & Reagan . . . AMERICA WAS SLOW-WALKING TOWARDS COMMUNISM.


Obama’s Mistake Was One Of Acute Avarice . . . which EXPOSED Obama’s Purpose to the Benefit of all Thinking Americans, and to the Free World, so the Free World could Remain Free.

Obama’s EXTREME EGO led him to believe that he really could change the Flow of the Oceans . . . and Reverse the Rising of the Tides – to the Point, that the Decades Old SLOW-WALK TO COMMUNISM, all of a sudden, because of Obama, literally Overnight, became the GALLOP to the End of the American Dream if the Patriots Didn’t Rise Now, which Lit the Match that Exploded Donald Trump from being a Braggadocios New York City Entrepreneur, TO THE MAN WHO IS SAVING AMERICA, FREEDOM & THE AMERICAN DREAM.


No matter how much the LEFT wishes and tries to Destroy & Distort History, to make the BAD Guys Look GOOD and the GOOD Guys Look BAD . . . IT NEVER WORKS, because Truth Always “Trumps” Lies, no matter how Big the Lies, or how Often they’re Told.


THE WAR AGAINST THE LEFT . . . will Never come to an End no matter How Good it looks for the Good Guys, nor will the Right always be on the Upswing of the Pendulum . . . Regardless of how Hard and Just the Cause.

And the Good Guys, like the Patriots of the Revolution, will always be Slight in Numbers, but OVERWHELMING IN CAUSE, since Justice of the World is not Run by Fashion or the Mob, but Rather, by the Brave of Heart, the Integrity of Soul & the Strength of Conscience.


The LEFT, the Pundits, and the RINOS will have the World Believe, especially the Average American Voter . . . that come November 2018, it will be a WAVE MIDTERM ELECTION FOR THE LEFT . . . That Just Isn’t So.

The Pendulum for the Conservative Right has not yet Reached its Peak, with Far More Work to be Done, to bring back the American Dream to all Americans, which for almost 250-Years, has GUARANTEED through the Bill Of Rights and Subsequent Constitutional Amendments . . . LIFE, LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT HAPPINESS.

IT WILL BE A WAVE MIDTERM ELECTION . . . But not the Way the LEFT or the RINOS Imagine, unless there will be somewhat of an Upheaval Against Conservative Politicians, which like all things is POSSIBLE, but highly IMPROBABLE.

The Job Is Not Yet Done & The Real Dreamers Have Much More Work To Do.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Obama is a Trojan horse who has been put into our white house to destroy us within. They could not beat us any other way. Obama used the blacks to get himself voted in and that is why he keeps using the blacks against the whites so he can complete his agenda in destroying the greatest country in the world. I don’t know why the media can not just say it but we all know the reason behind that. Our top military has been trying to tell the American people he is our domestic enemy!

  2. Agree and hope the “Make America Great Again” mentality and motto will penetrate the people to wanting to continue the path they have chosen with Trump for 2018 and beyond. Always choose freedom and the right to choose and think for yourself and be able to do anything without harming anyone or their property. Pray for Trump to remain healthy and strong.

  3. Did you mean EPA? Excellent article, as usual, Howard. Thank you. Here’s my prediction: Trump should have moved on Crooked Hillary by now. The fact that he hasn’t tells me that she has “the goods” on him, just as he has on her. The fortunes of both major parties will depend on which one does the most effective hatchet job on the other. I’m hoping and praying that the real despicables, the DemonRats, devour themselves in their haste to demonize the Republicans. The Donald will rock in 2018!

  4. Main problem in society today: Millions of “Takers” who are only for themselves (or those who look like them, talk like them, or have same faith)! Obama found many ways to “divide” this nation! USA isn’t like a turkey to be carved and shared with everybody (or other nations)! “Equality” has become “entitlement” (without doing anything extra or expressing any gratitude)! “America- love it or leave it!” This must become our new “Motto” or America, freedom, and dreams will be gone (“left out”)!

  5. No Howard, you won’t in any way – be ’embarrassing yourself’ with futuristic thoughts of ‘stuff’ to come, or if you include it ‘stuff’ recent past. Most of us that are your fans know by now that your intuitiveness etc. to the here & now, is why we are ‘your fans’. God Bless, & happy N.Y. to you Howard & Anne – and all others in Howards fan club membership.

  6. What goes around, comes around! Remember when HUSSEIN OBAMA blamed EVERYTHING on BUSH? Well NOW, it’s his turn! PRES. TRUMP is really doing a GREAT job on EXPOSING Obama, et al, who attempted to DESTROY our Country for 8 plus YEARS Agree with Mollie–“EQUALITY has become ENTITLEMENT, and re: AMERICA–LOVE it or LEAVE it!” Many ILLEGALS have moved to RI [Sanctuary State] due to its FREEBIES–provided by its LIBERALS! WHO wants to WORK when everything is FREE? GO TRUMP GO! Pray for him! AMEN!

  7. The war against the left needs more incentive by us “good guys” lets take a page from the “book of the left” and get going.
    We think we have time, but, we don’t.

  8. The US is doing wonderfully under Trump! It is too bad that Canada is going in the opposite direction under our “Uh…… Prime Minister uh ….. Justin Trudeau”! He is wrecking Canada …. has no respect at all for CANADIANS! It saddens me, Howard, that in spite of living about half of the year in Canada (unless I misunderstand the situation) …… you only address the pathetic, inadequate ‘pretty boy’ we presently have as our NOT SO Prime Minister perhaps once or twice a year.

  9. Howard, you got it right again but the liberal socialists are many and vociferous. You said, “The LEFT, the Pundits, and the RINOS will have the World Believe, especially the Average American Voter . . . that come November 2018, it will be a WAVE MIDTERM ELECTION FOR THE LEFT …That Just Isn’t So.” From where I sit, it could be so. I am trying to do my part to see that it does not happen but as I said, the liberal socialists are many and vociferous. God help us.

  10. Darn! When I was younger and/or raising my family (five children) I didn’t have time for politics and left that to my husband to keep an eye on. (I didn’t always believe in his philosophy so kept my mouth shut) which was probably for the best! I do like to keep an eye on what is happening around the world. Since I’m in my 80’s I am interested in finding out if the young’uns will make the world a better place than what they have been given. Wouldn’t it be nice to see if they can do any better.

  11. When the elections of November 2018 come around look for voter fraud like never before and they will get by with voter fraud. The reason being they have so far got by with it except a few small people and they only had their hands slapped. The never Trump people still can’t figure why they lost when they committed fraud at every turn. The American people are tired of the few who want to destroy America just to line their pockets so the good people will win again.

  12. I agree with my friend, from Indiana, and I hope & pray you are wrong about the voter fraud! That’s how the Left ALWAYS OPERATES!! Here in Florida we have had a REAL problem with that!!! God bless our WONDERFUL Pres. Trump…
    He’s achieved MORE in 1 year, than the OTHER RINOS & DEMS! Lets ALL BE SURE TO PRAY For OUR MR. WONDERFUL!!

  13. Howard, thank you for staying positive – there are so many problems & not enough people to work to solve them. There is so much apathy in Western societies. Did the apathy develop because life has been so comfortable for so long? It is so easy not to worry about things unless you are directly affected so most of us tend not to want to pay attention because most of us don’t know what to do about these problems anyway. Yet, to not want to know is not the correct solution!! So keep on writing.

  14. You mentioned about BHO being the first black president and it reminds me of what someone posted. Someone posted that BHO was not black but half white and they said there were three other black US presidents. I had never heard this before in all my 73 years. So I did a search “How many half black US Presidents were there” ? Check it out I was shocked at the info. I’m thinking those that are tearing down the statues are going to have a HUGE surprise!

  15. Wow what a positive change, one year of the Trumpster has meant for the USA! I found the 8 years of Obama the most depressing in all of my 75 years on earth as I thought the USA was going to become a communist, atheist country . Each year I thought well it can’t get any worse but my worse fears were imagined…

  16. Unfortunately, most Americans I speak with have no idea of what is really happening, the title wave of Obama/Hillary scandals, and how much better off they are over the past year. Between the major papers, magazines, and news sources its all doom, doom and doom caused by Republicans and Trump. Studies show that 90% of the reporting by the usual suspects is negative to Trump, and the people are believing it. Hopefully, the truth will get out.

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