Nikki Haley . . . Freedom’s Real WONDER WOMAN

“You're Either With Us . . . Or You're With The Enemy”.


As I wrote in my last Editorial, ABSTAINING is a Coward’s Way of Not Taking a Position, which is just one above Barack Hussein Obama’s Long History of Voting Present, when Obama sat in the Illinois Legislature.

The other way to show a Total Lack of Courage and Commitment . . . IS NOT SHOWING-UP FOR THE VOTE, which is something other Cowards do as well.

As History is showing us . . . George W Bush was not a very good President. And had it not been for 9/11, one wonders if Bush 43 would have even been a Two Term President at all. Or like his Father, he will be remembered as the President who said “READ MY LIPS” . . . and didn’t mean it.

BUT . . . One of the things George W Bush did say at the time, just after the 9/11 Attack, which will Resonate with me Forever . . . was when then President George W Bush Looked into the Cameras, and said to the World Leaders at Large . . .

“You’re Either With Us . . . Or You’re With The Enemy”.

Yesterday, and the Day before Yesterday, President Donald Trump, more or less said the same thing about the Upcoming Vote Against the USA & Israel At The UN General Assembly . . . However, I believe, that when President Trump says Something as Profound as an Iteration of what President Bush Said concerning 9/11The People President Trump Is Speaking To . . . Better Take Note.


President Trump’s Primary Strength, besides being an Extremely Successful Businessman, very Creative & NOT a Politician, is that President Trump has ENORMOUS “GUTS”, and People seem not to believe the President will do what he says he will do.

And until President Trump followed through with his PROMISE to move the US EMBASSY from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, I too had my doubts . . . BUT I DOUBT NO MORE.


To Swing His Mighty Sword – Nikki Haley – America’s Wonder Woman.


If you’ve been reading for a period of time, you’ll probably remember how Angry I was at Governor Nikki Haley, for removing the Confederate Stars & Bars Battle Flag, along with other Confederate Civil War Memorials from the State Buildings of South Carolina.

HOWEVER . . . As much as was I Furious with this Decision by Nikki Haley, one also Cannot Discount the Fact, that to Remove these Southern Icons from Passionate & Proud Southerners, it took Tremendous Courage of Conviction for Haley to make her Stand.

I’m Still Upset With Her Decision . . . But That Was Then & This Is Now.

AND NOW . . . UN Ambassador Nikki Haley – has Demonstrated the SAME COURAGE OF CONVICTION . . . which she showed as the Governor of South Carolina on the Lawn of the State Capital Building . . . BY TELLING THE UNITED NATIONS EXACTLY WHAT THE PRESIDENT & SHE THOUGHT OF THEM.

WHO DOESN’T LOVE GAL GADOT . . . The Beautiful & Talented Israeli Actress who Portrays Wonder Woman in the Movies, especially, since in Real Life, Gal Gadot was an Honest-To-Goodness Israeli Military Hand-To-Hand Combat Instructor.

But outside of Gal Gadot’s Military Career . . . Gadot is Wonder Woman ONLY in the Movies, while Nikki Haley . . . IS PROVING TO BE THE REAL DEAL ON THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE.

There is No Shortage of Talk Amongst the Media and People At-Large, that Nikki Haley is on the Fast Track to becoming America’s First Woman President, Especially since she has Proven Herself as a Conservative Politician, an Executive Legislator (Governor), and now on the World Scene . . . STANDING like the Champion she obviously is – To Borrow A Line From Another Super Hero . . . FOR TRUTH, JUSTICE & THE AMERICAN WAY.


December 24th – Anne’s Birthday . . . December 25th – The Birth Of Christ.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I hope McConnell and Speaker Boehner will be strong enough to de-fund DHS. What security have we had? We have had an open border for years. Living in Texas, I know ranchers who have found prayer rugs and copies of the Koran on their land. The Mexican drug cartels are here. I live in San Antonio and our South side is one of the highest crime places in the USA. Why” Because the Mexican drug cartel and pushers here. The DHS isnot protecting us. use the money to build a razor wire fence

  2. My sentiments exactly. How refreshing to see us pour contempt on those stuffed shirt phonies in the UN

  3. The day of appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood, the Left, the Sociallists, the money/power hungry poiticians, the Anti-Americans, the illegals, the thugs in BLM, the Antifa, Hollywood creeps, the drug cartel and pushers IS OVER!!! It’s in the Bible – Matt 10:36 – “A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household”. Patriotic Americans will win this battle.
    We have many traitors still in our government as left overs. Ship them out!!!

  4. Good for Nikki for having the courage to call it the way it is and having Trump’s back. I hope President Trump takes a meat cleaver to America’s payments to the UN and the money given to the countries who voted againstIsrael and the USA. It is great to see this brave man keep his promises. In the mean time, our child king Prime Minister had Canada cowardly abstain on that anti Israel resolution. What a pathetic leader Canada elected.

  5. I wish we had a Trump leading Canada! Justin is pathetic. May you all have a Merry Christmas!

  6. It’s time the West starting dictating to the West based on whats just and right. How in the world can the West continue the U N to dictate what it sees as right? So many UN members are either, communists, socialists, dictators or Islamists .. all ygaining more and more say over our policies here in the West! The UN has shifted from Peacekeeper to Activism and its really scary stuff if we continue to concede to their demands. Thus why we can be proud of Trump Taking a Stand against them! Go Trump

  7. Thanks for all the great editorials……and want to wish Anne a very Happy Birthday and your card is on the way via Canada.
    Keep up the good work and agree regarding Nikki Haley! Go Trump, go!!

  8. As usual Howard, so well said.

    There are two young Republicans that I sincerely hope we see and hear a LOT more from and about : One is Nikki Haley and the other is Trey Gowdy. Is is just a coincidence that both are from South Carolina? Or is it a sign of future destiny? Time will tell.

  9. It is good to see people stick to their guns, Trump and Nikki are certainly one of those. Maybe the time is here to evict the UN from the US and make them homeless. Let them fly on their own or the Europeans or better yet the Chinese give them a home. Cut all funding to and through the UN and put Nikki together with the State Department in full control over the budget that was spend associated with anything UN and the US as a sovereign nation decide where it should go. Pipe dreaming.

  10. Trump again in 2020 and Nikki Haley in 2024 the world will see an America like never before, God Bless America.

  11. I agree with Wallace Day from Plattsburgh NY. Sure wish we had strong leaders like Nikki Haley and or Trey Gowdy in Canada. Instead, we have an Obama clone named Justin Trudeau. I’m not sure my country men are as brave as the Americans to throw out this traitor come election time in 2019. They like playing the “nice” card. Merry Christmas to all.

  12. Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous New Year…Howard, Anne, Stryker and April the cat. Many happy returns of the day Anne. Great Editorial Howard. Nikki Haley for President in 2024 would be wonderful. Now how do we get rid of our lying PM, his looks are fading from keeping all the lies in order, hopefully all the snowflakes will get infatuated by something else to keep their little minds busy.

  13. Very best wishes to both for a great 2018. Thanks so for keeping our moral high in 2017. Just been reading that Manuel Macron, new president of France has copied our president in most political points. Immigration crackdown, tax cuts, controlled immigration, deportation of illegal criminals, budget cuts, tougher trade policies, targeting terror, political style but they do disagree on global warming. France has a 10% unemployment. Our north neighbor should think hard at his Obama style crap.

  14. FINALLY an Administration that stands up to the world, INSTEAD of BOWING down to it, APOLOGIZING to it, and KISSING it’s ass! It’s time to KICK the UN out of our Country! If YOUR AN ENEMY OF ISRAEL? YOU ARE AN ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES! That simple! Thank you President Trump. Keep on keeping on Nikki.

  15. 1. All those who voted with the U.S.A. 110% funding, those who abstained cut by 50% for being in the middle, and of course cut 100% to those against. 2. Boot the unholy U.N. whore out of our bedroom NY and divorce her! 3. Taxes, most people have absolutely zero idea of what it takes to have an employee. Liability insurance, Workers Comp insurance, the other half of their taxes are paid by the employer. Most employees do not know that their tax bill would double if they worked for themselves.

  16. Canada is KAPUT under Justin Turd-O. The federal government fired a member of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation over comments about Islam. Christine Douglas-Williams commented on Jihad Watch about the freedom of speech destroying motion M103 tabled by Turd-O’s puppet Iqra Khalid. Canadians should write to the so-called heritage minister Melanie Joly who oversees the foundation to express disgust and demand this decision be rescinded.

  17. So what. I’m waiting to see Nikki announce the entry of Israel into NATO. That should cause a volcano of spewing hypocrisy. And while you’re at it toss out Turkey. Now that’s a New Year’s resolution.

    R. A. Crane

  18. Well said everyone….The next group we should be concered with is NATO. We, the USA taxpayer, do contribute a great deal of money to this bunch who show a great deal of contempt for the USA. I hope that the NATO members also got the message. If they didn’t, send them Nikki’s message.

  19. As a Canadian we can only be envious of the strong people mentioned in your blog that are leading the U S of A. Here in Canada our pop-tart of a leader believes that returning jihadist ISIS fighters, who are Canadian only because it is safe haven, can lead the charge to prevent radicalism in Canada. What an idiot. He is actually much worse and dangerous than his father ever was.

  20. All the best for a hopeful New Year! “Trudo must go”, would be a reasonable Canadian political slogan. FIRST we need a SOLID Conservative electee!Just wish we had a patriotically motivated billionaire, for the working people of Canada, with a strong ego:-)) And the will to make us stronger than toking, Islamic, or immigrant sympathisers.M103 is dangerous to our free speech, and freedoms, that Canadian military men and women fought and died for to ensure our children would never live under a Naz

  21. The UN is just a place for countries to like china,russia,iran and other s who are out to harm the US to place their spies.
    Its time to move the un to another country or disband itg.

  22. AWESOME editorial, Howard G.,& Happy B. Day, to Anne, on the 24th.! I’m REALLY PROUD, of our Nikki Haley…the USA would be smart to just throw the UN out of NYC! The UN is just a BIG “FREE-LOADER”, of WE THE USA Taxpayers, & NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF COMMIES, SOCIALISTS, ETC.! Keep up the great work, Nikki. I agree with the gentleman from Whittier, CA…about his NATO comment: “WE THE PEOPLE”, are just “FED UP with the UN, as well as NATO”! Just “hang in there”, you Canadians: Help is near!!

  23. Right on! She has the backbone that most politicians do not. I say, take the money from the UN, move them out of NY and have Palestine provide them with a facility.
    I’d say she could be Mike Pense’s VP or the next President.

    Keep ’em coming…

  24. Happy Birthday Anne and may you both have a Merry Christmas and a joyful holiday season. Edgar & Gwyn Sellers

  25. I thought you had to be born in the USA to qualify for President. I also thought she was born outside the USA. Merry Christmas everyone.

  26. President Trump is the junkyard bulldog that we need right now. He is the right person at the right time. Nikki is phenomenal. I am glad that she has put on notice those sycophants, and arrogant morons at the UN, that their game is up and we are not playing it anymore and they are about to be cut off at the feeding trough. In short, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Go President Trump! Go Nikki Haley!

  27. Howard, Nikki Haley is my Hero. She sure has what it takes to stand up to the phony United Nations. She should ask these questions. Who did the Romans fight at Masada? Who was Bar Kochva of the Hashmonaim? Who was living in Jerusalem at the time of Christ? Who was living and fighting the Persians and the Babylonians who destroyed Jerusalem? Suffice to say that Jerusalem was built and occupied by Jewish people from the time of King David and Solomon, Happy Holidays to all.
    Steve Acre,Canada

  28. Google ‘Christine Douglass-Williams’ and read the article in the Toronto Star Dec 21, 2017. It includes;

    She later continued: “How many Westerners want our cities and countries to become replicas of Islamic states, with the full range of all the atrocities committed in them? We’re on our way there, folks, unless we hold leaders accountable; those who should be protecting the citizens of our countries from bloodthirsty criminals and people who are encroaching upon our freedoms and safety.”

  29. I don’t know Galganov, I think I’ve agreed with most things I’ve read you say, but this Nikki Haley insult to the South seems unforgivable to me and takes away from any other conservatism she may display…in spite of calling the UN’s spade a spade. True heros are in short supply these days – like one Donald Trump is shaping up to be – are you sure this isn’t just desperately grasping at straws? Yes, and more’s the pity…

  30. My feelings of Ms Haley mirror yours from not liking her actions regarding Confederate flag to thinking she is best UN Ambassador we’ve had in some time. She just may be our first woman president, perhaps after Trump’s 2nd term.

  31. Merry Christmas, everybody. God bless you and yours and your readers, Howard. Jesus is the reason for the season and I’M looking forward to him coming for his Church SOON.

  32. Nikki haley said, “We will remember those who voted against us” and rest assured the UN members who did will remember Nikki Haley and President Trump. NH is an icon to all those who think Trump doesn’t like women, or can’t make it in a so called mans world. Meanwhile has anyone seen Trudeau? Breaking news: Apparently his buddy Aga Khan has an Islamic Propaganda display bus going to Canadian Schools. Happy Birthday Anne and the very best Christmas wishes to you and Howard.

  33. It will be interesting to observe what President Trumps position will be when he U.S.A. contribution to the UN comes due.
    Will he deduct from the dues the amount usually paid to all of the countries that voted against the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem? I believe the dues are $25.8 Billion?

  34. Howard, I agree with everything you’ve said. Let’s get the embassy moved, stop funding the UN and elect Niki when Trump finishes his 8 years. Two presidents in a row with guts!

    Bill Larson, Florida

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