Will The LEFT Return Their Tax Relief Dollars?



I Watched & Listened to the President of the United States Yesterday (December 20, 2017), and his Extremely Happy & Satisfied Cadre of Republican TAX-BUSTERS, all taking a well deserved Bow, while giving Credit where Credit was Due . . . TO PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP.

This Enormous Tax Reform . . . Isn’t Perfect, but it is MILES & MILES Above & Beyond what it has Replaced, and could be a Harbinger of many other Great Tax Reforms to Come.


Will the Supporters of the LEFT . . . GIVE BACK THEIR SOON-TO-BE NEWLY-KEPT TAX-CUT DOLLARS, as a result of President Trump’s Tax Reform Bill, so they can Stay TRUE to their Socialist Dogma, and let some Government Bureaucrat Schmuck in Washington decide how his or her money should be spent?


BUT OUTSIDE OF PLATITUDES . . . And Unsubstantiated Theories of Financial “ARMAGEDDON” as “NANCY” put it . . . what has the LEFT PROPOSED to do in the case of Lightening The Load of the American MAKERS?

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . The LEFT held the Presidency for the Preceding 8-Years with Barack Hussein Obama, and the Entire Congress (House & Senate) During Obama’s First 2-Years . . . But besides FLOODING the American Economy with Nothing Short of a Level of Criminal Debt, Suffocating Regulations & GINNED-UP Racial Discord, Fake Conservative Attacks on Women, and a Weakening of America’s Position Globally & Militarily . . . OF WHAT GOOD WAS THE LEFT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?

UTAH SENATOR ORRIN HATCH . . . who has been around the Block more than most People, stood before the Cameras of the WORLD yesterday, to give Thanks & Praise to President Trump, and in his own Unscripted Words, Senator Orrin Hatch, who is also the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said the Following:


1 – Just Look At What President Trump Has Accomplished In Less Than One Year.

2 – President Trump’s Successes Are Benefitting The Entire World.

3 – President Trump Might Be The Best President In US History.


President Trump has ACCOMPLISHED NEXT TO NOTHING, in his First Term in Office. OK – So, if President Trump has Accomplished next to Nothing, why are the LEFT and their Media Cronies so Upset, claiming that President Trump is Destroying America?

How Can The Left Explain . . . By giving the People Back their Freedoms, which the LEFT & RINOS have Literally Stolen from the People over the Generations, BE A BAD THING FOR THE PEOPLE?

HOW CAN THE LEFT, explain how Government knows what’s Best for the People who Pay ALL THE SALARIES of the Bureaucracy . . . than do the People who also Pay 100% OF ALL THE OTHER COSTS?


The Problem President Trump’s Agenda has with the LEFT, is that the More President Trump Succeeds, the More his Successes ILLUSTRATE THE ABSOLUTE FAILURES OF THE LEFT.


BUT TO BE MORE SUCCINCT . . . No one has ever seen a Poor Man Or a Poor Woman, let alone anyone on Welfare, Create a Job or an Opportunity for Anyone.

NOR HAS ANYONE WHO WAS POOR, or living on the Financial Edge, ever Contributed to the National Economy, INCLUDING PAYING FOR THE COSTS OF RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT, and the Unfair Salaries, Perks & Pensions Enjoyed by the Public Sector.

For The Life Of Me . . . Where’s The Downside Of Promoting Private Business?

As Anne and I were Winding Down our Advertising Agency Several Years Ago, the Writing was on the Wall, that the Cost of Doing Business was becoming Greater than the Value of the Effort.

SO . . . AS BUSINESS SLOWED, and as Revenue Decreased, we gradually Reduced our Number of Employees, which also Included People we Hired to Work on our Horse Hobby-Farm.

BUT . . . Had Business Stayed Strong, and had we still had the “FIRE IN OUR BELLY” to Carry-On, and had the Government not been such an Impediment to the Cost of Doing Business, we probably would have continued . . . but, as it turned out, it just didn’t make Financial Sense for us to work mostly for the benefit of the Government and our Employees.

So, we kept the Business, which still Operates as a Holding Company, and Released all of our Employees. This decision didn’t make us happy, but that’s the reality of Running an Independently-Owned Corporation.

So Who Won By Making It Tough, Complicated & Expensive To Run Our Business?


It Literally Breaks my Heart . . . That just South of my Canadian Border, there is a Country that is FREEING IT’S PEOPLE TO SUCCEED & ENJOY LIFE, while in Canada, our Prime Minister’s SINGLE GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN MORE THAN 2-YEARS, is that Trudeau has Nationally Legalized Pot. I’m sure the Stoners are Proud.

TRUDEAU’S NEXT GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT . . . Remarkably, is the Erosion of Canada’s Freedom of Expression when it Comes To Criticizing Islam & Sharia.

AND FINALLY . . . Canada, through our LEFTIST (Socialist) Government, has Slapped President Trump in the Face by Declaring that all the Immigrant Riffraff America doesn’t want in the USA, Canada will accept with open arms, INCLUDING Landed Immigrants who are Returning to Canada AFTER FIGHTING FOR ISIS.


In Today’s ANTI-USA/ANTI-ISRAEL Jerusalem Vote at the United Nations, Canada ABSTAINED Instead Of Standing For The USA & ISRAEL.

Nikki Haley & President Donald Trump Made It Clear . . . that they will be Taking Names of Countries who do NOT SUPPORT AMERICA at this Vote – ABSTAINING IS NOT SUPPORTING. And now, with NAFTA on the Line, we’ll see what Price this Anti-American Cowardice just Cost Canada.

SO . . . While America is GUTTING all Manner of Suffocating Regulations, Canada is ADDING to them.

While the USA is FREEING American Corporate and Personal Income Taxes from Draconian Paperwork and Costs, Canada continues to make the Cost & Management of Business and Personal Finances more Complicated & Expensive.

While America is Debating upon which Entitlements & Government Agencies are REDUNDANT, Canada is Increasing them.


AND FINALLY . . . As America is CHANGING their Unfair (to them) Trade Deals, Canada is looking Elsewhere, other than the USA for Trade Partners, in what is fast Becoming a Protectionist Global Economy. Good Luck With That.

Best Regards. . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Welcome to the world of the Birther, conspiracy theorist, lunatic fringe, racist, and Christian/Jewish bigot and whatever other demonizing label we have all been tarred with to shut us up, shut us down and marginalize us…you’re in good company, the Eyes Wide Open Club!

  2. If the Left is arguing that Trump has Accomplished “nothing”. Then WHY is OBAMA Claiming the economic success going on today is His? thus at least acknowledging there is economic success. Laughably Obama is the Only One Praising Obama for something he never accomplished!!! LOL. Had Harper still been Prime Minister I have no doubt Canada’s embassy would have moved to Jerusalem along side the USA. For Canada’s sake we can only hope Canadians look on with envy at Trumps success and vote conservativ

  3. Keep hammering away Howard. I really feel for Canada with the younger Trudeau at the helm. Evidently his compass is all screwed up!!

  4. I am disgusted with the Canadian Liberals. We had real leadership with Stephen Harper but now have a complete idiot as our PM. Trudeau is morally and ethically bankrupt. God help Canada if he wins another term in office. Bring on 2019.

  5. Trudeau Jr. is even worse than his father was regarding Canada. Justin hates Canadians. At the very least he sure doesn’t like us! He prefers his ‘new Canadian’ friends to those of us who have lived here for several generations. However, he sure does enjoy spending Canada’s money on himself and his family. I can harfly wait until we can vote him out! The sooner the better!

  6. Canada did not learn a thing from California who had Pat Brown for a gov. for 8 yrs and put Calif 8 billion in debt. Reagan got Calif out of debt in 8 yrs. and then they voted Jerry Brown in as gov. He had to get out of the priesthood to run. He had a lot of government training there and it is showing. Just like our 8 yrs of a community organizer, Obama who doubled our entire previous debt. Now the State is burning up. what will happen to Canada?

  7. Howard, I REALLY & TRUELY feel for you & your Anne…you did tell it faithfully, as far as exactly “WHAT” happened with your Advertising Business! The “LIBERAL LOONS” destroyed all of your business hopes & dreams! My heart aches for our Canadian friends, who are being held hostage by your PM Trudeau, Jr. He is an IDIOT, so don’t give up before the miracle! GOD BLESS our Canadian friends, & PLEASE HANG IN THERE, until your NEXT ELECTION, when you CAN VOTE HIM OUT! 2019 will be here b-4 LONG!

  8. Canada really missed the boat when Nikki Haley’s ( Nimrata Randhawa) family moved from BC to South Carolina. She has turned out to be far stronger than most perceived. Trump really made agreat choice there.

  9. The good news from Canada … the feds are ahead of target on liberalizing Pot . Turdo quite pleased to announce they are ahead of plan Early summer , not July 2018 . Should be interesting crossing into the US starting July 2018 . Canadian Passport = haven for re-integrated ISIS Terrorist and dopers … which one are you sir ? F ( &^%$#@ ) embarrassed to be a Canadian !!!

  10. Canada’s abstaining from the UN vote is even worse then having opposed it. It shows they have no backbone and a scripture comes to mind. Revelation 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. That’s what will happen to Canada in their engaging with the US. Probably the best thing as that only may cause Canadians to vote Trudeau out, it needs to get worse before it can turn around.

  11. Howard, I honestly cannot comprehend why the Democrats voted against the Tax Bill in Washington.? Don’t they understand that only corporations that can take risks and invest Billions of dollars will create jobs? Do they honestly believe to tax more will bring money to the poor? Something is wrong in their brain. As for Canada, I fear that my kids will inherit a bankrupt country. Happy Holidays to all. Steve Acre, Canada

  12. I am so grateful to you for writing everything you do. I know it must not be easy.

    Sending you holiday wishes to you and Ann.

  13. I am disgusted that my Canadian government did not vote “yes” with the United States in favour of the Israeli capital. Who the hell do they think our friends are…the Palestinians ?? I can hardly wait for the next election!
    Merry Christmas to all.
    Jim Oakley, Ottawa, Ontario , CANADA

  14. As much as Trudeau is destroying Canada, he will probably get elected again because the voters will not understand the damage he’s doing, but instead voting for a pretty face.

  15. To paraphrase Nikki Haley, we’re going to be taking names and kicking ass. In my viewing around the internet for the recent past, there are more and more citizens clamoring for the US to get out of the UN, and to get the UN out of the US. If not that, then they’re wanting us to stop supporting those countries that voted against us. We can use the money in our own country better than dumping it on countries and people who hate us.

  16. Seems to me that in time when President Trump has set the USA on an even course he might well consider forming a new United Nations of those countries who are unbiased and would appreciate trade and protection of America Great Again.
    Being in the Real Estate Business I’m sure he could find a building suitable for a new United nations. Canada of course would not be invited, being amongst the most backward of countries on Pot, illegal immigration, and allowing Muslims to destroy our country.

  17. All comments to yours Howard, very interesting. But Steve Acre in Montreal really nails it here! And its so very true what someone smarter than me coined – “Liberalism IS a Serious Mental Disorder!” The solution – or remedy in straightening this out with some (the all to many) is a true conundrum! Thanks Steve, for the good input here on Howards platform!

  18. HG, you’ve said it all–“the More Trump succeeds, the more it ILLUSTRATES THE ABSOLUTE FAILURES OF THE LEFT.” Canada is heading for DISASTER. There must be a WAY where you can/could move to the U.S. You and your family [pets as well] deserve better than spending your future ENGAGING in UNSUCCESSFUL POLITICAL BATTLES [due to its “leadership”]! There are things which can be CONTROLLED and those which CAN’T, such as Canada’s FUTURE! Thank you GOD for Pres. Trump! GO TRUMP GO! MERRY CHRISTMAS! AMEN!

  19. Unfortunately our memories of that which we call “war” have softened with a “leftist” philosophy of life,….but I don’t think that is supported by those whose husbands, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and neighbors have give their life for the USA and Canada over the last 60 years since WWII. It is only when those bodies begin to come home in boxes, and the battered bodies “alarm” Americans that we will no longer tolerate “Liberalism”!
    Not that I want war, but how do we avoid it?

  20. I’ve told that “there’s no such thing as a dumb question”. But THAT title is a dumb question. LOL!

  21. Thanks to Baby Doc Trudeau, the village idiot who somehow became elected (with 39% of the vote – yet complained that the Harper government was illegitimate with 41%), business has suffered, mining has suffered, a damaging “carbon” tax that only drains money from our pockets, oil and gas has suffered, exports have suffered, tax cuts that actually raise taxes, laws against voicing an opposing opinion, borrowed billions yet gave away billions to dictators; we are so screwed. Miss Harper yet?

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