How President Donald Trump Can Save Canada



Since the End of WWII, Canada has been on a Steady March Towards Socialism, where the Government Decides on the Freedoms of All People.

Even our “PRETEND” Canadian Constitution, drawn up by Justin Trudeau’s Father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, which became Law in 1982, is identified as CANADA’S CHARTER OF RIGHTS & FREEDOMS . . . which does not Nearly Define for our People, our INALIENABLE RIGHTS, as much as it SUGGESTS our Rights, which inevitably, will be decided by the Government Appointed Judiciary at all Levels.


The RIGHTS & FREEDOMS most Americans take for granted . . . are ANATHEMA to Canadians. We Canadians do NOT have anything that REALLY Resembles America’s FIRST AMENDMENT. Nor do we Canadians Enjoy anything Remotely akin to America’s SECOND AMENDMENT.

THEREFORE . . . Without Absolute & Incontestable First & Second Amendments, from where all Freedoms Flow – How in any kind of Good Conscience can Canada Compare itself to the Greatest Republic that has ever been?

BUT . . . Because Canada has Evolved into a National Welfare State, where more than HALF the Population RECEIVES far more in Government Largesse, than what they contribute, with Fewer than Half of the People Paying Federal Taxes . . . not Including National and Provincial Sales Taxes . . . It’s Going To Come To An End.

JUST AS BAD . . . And Perhaps even WORSE, are our Provincial Governments, Ten of which, Bribe their Electorate with Free Stuff, much of it from Provincial Taxes, and much of it from Federal Taxes, Rebated-Back to the Provinces, but not necessarily from the Provinces where they came.

IN OTHER WORDS . . . The More Successful – and Generally Conservative Provinces, which Pay more (Per Capita) in Federal Taxes through their People . . . the Federal Government REDISTRIBUTES their Wealth to the POORER Managed Provinces, which are to the LEFT, which Guarantees a CONTINUED Demand for Free Stuff . . . AND MORE VOTES FOR THE LEFTIST PARTIES.


“The Problem With Socialism . . . Is That You Eventually Run Out Of Other People’s Money.”

While it is absolutely TRUE, that President Trump is always heard and seen to be Laying-On the Accolades for Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Trudeau’s Diva Wife Sophie – DON’T BELIEVE IT FOR A SECOND.

I believe that President Trump . . . Actually thinks LESS of Canada’s Prime Minister, than Virtually all Conservative Canadians think of the Trudeaus.

And as Trudeau Globe-Trots in Search of Replacement Nations for Trade with the USA, as Trudeau’s Father did more than 40-Years Ago, which ended in a Miserable Failure . . . Trudeau Is About To Receive An Education In President Trump’s Best Selling Book – “THE ART OF THE DEAL”.

As of now . . . CANADA’S PRINTING MONEY, but you can only Print So Much, until the Value of the Currency doesn’t Meet the Cost of the Paper upon which it’s Printed.

And you can only Borrow so much Money until the Lenders Don’t Want To Lend.

And Like Margaret Thatcher Said in 1976 – To Paraphrase . . . Socialism Is Great Until You Run Out Of Other People’s Money.

CANADA IS ON THE VERGE . . . Of Discovering what is going to happen, as Canada Runs Out Of Other People’s Money, which is Far Closer to becoming a Reality, than most Canadians Realize, or want to Realize.


Trudeau . . . and the Rest of Canada’s LEFTISTS, are so SMUG & ARROGANT about Canada’s Relationship with the United States of America, that they can’t possibly understand the REAL MEANING OF AMERICA FIRST.

For some BIZARRE Reason, which comes from a Canadian Smugness, which has for Generations been developed because of American Generosity to Canada, as America’s Two-Bit-Cousin to the North, we Canadians are soon going to Awake to a Whole New Reality.

President Trump is not going to Sacrifice American Dairy & Poultry Farmers, so Canada can Continue to enjoy a COMMUNIST ERA SUPPLY MANAGEMENT POLICY. Nor is President Trump going to Throw the American Lumber Industry Under the Bus for the Benefit of the Canadian Forestry Industry.

AND . . . President Trump has already made it clear, that America is not going to Import Steel for America’s Forthcoming MASSIVE Military and Infrastructure Spending . . .

AND . . . Because America is about to Launch Itself into a Manufacturing Stratosphere, because of EXTRAORDINARY DEREGULATIONS, REDUCTIONS IN CORPORATE & PERSONAL TAXES & ALL NEW INTERNATIONAL TRADE AGREEMENTS . . .

The Writing Is On The Wall For Canada . . . with Canadians Being Too Stupid, Ignorant and/or Smug to Read and Understand It.

ALL OF THAT SAID . . . Whether Canada Likes It Or Not – Canadian Socialism is about to get a REAL COMEUPPANCE. And Canada will either “Get With The Program”, or will Sooner Rather Than Later Discover what it will be like to become at Best, The Poor Relative Looking-In, or what it will be like . . . To Be A Third World Country like Trudeau’s Role Model Cuba.


And Before This Comes To A Conclusion . . . The More Canada Will Suffer. And perhaps, the more Canada will Suffer, the More Canada will come to its Senses, MAKING CANADA GREAT AGAIN . . . TOO!

But Sadly . . . I Kind Of Doubt It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As time has gone on, I too, think that Obama is Moslem and not born in the USA or it’s territories. I still, can’t believe that the News Media hasn’t really looked at his background, with greater scrutiny. However, there are many in this United States, who blame President George W. Bush, for 9-11-2001, including that he and Prime Minister Blair both lied, about weapons of mass destruction, in Iraq.

  2. They’re about to get a wake up call for sure–but I hate to see the Canadian people suffer for it.

  3. Howard you are a mind reader .. I was planning to tell you the same thing, you beat me to it and you said it better than I could ever do. Canada is in big trouble it takes many many months to get health services in our socialist health system.
    They give our tax dollars to big corporations to give them an unfair advantage over the competition. And soon it will be ok to do female genital mutilation and honor killings in Canada. I hope Canadians wake up and come to their senses soon
    David Stanhop

  4. Further to your comments above, Howard, I’m heartened to see that our House of Representatives just passed the tax bill which now goes to the Senate to be voted on tonight. This will be the first major piece of legislation passed which President Trump campaigned on. BRAVO to our House of Reps. Hopefully, the Senate will vote likewise. If they do, the bill will be signed by the President and the majority of Americans will start reaping the benefits come 2/2018. High tax states – BEWARE!

  5. On the subject of Welfare State & in particular Quebec which has the highest percent of private secondary schools in Canada, with a cap on the fees of C$5,000, as compared to other provinces, with fees tripled that of Quebec. Why so? Well, Canada transfers about C$8 billion to Quebec (Have-Not Prov.) annually which indirectly pays for the actual cost of approx $1 billion for so many Private Secondary schools which is the school of choice of most middle & upper class.
    i.e buying votes eh.(:-&lt

  6. If it wasn’t for productive Canadians in some other provinces, Quebec would sink into the St. Lawrence river as it gets the lion’s share of the transfer payments. Quebec has never paid its own freight. Montreal, that once great city has become an also ran. It ranks behind Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary thanks to discriminatory language laws with its Stasi like language goons making sure things are French. With an American like constitution, the separatists could never have passed Bill 101.

  7. Living in California, all we hear is the coming disaster to us because of the new tax bill. With all the conflicting evaluations from those in the know, it is confusing at best. I am, come what may, OK with it knowing that the Cali Liberals will be frothing at the mouth over these taxes. Maybe the conservatives will finally get a say in this state, not holding my breath.

  8. It is my experienced observation that the all (except for a few)of the Trumpers are in Western Canada. The slop from the eastern swamp will keep engulfing Canada keeping us forever a eunuch of a nation. Thanks justin.

    R. A. Crane

  9. Amen to all you say Howard. If we can’t dump Trudeau at the next election Canada is definitely doomed between him and Ontario Premier Wynne. Say no more except Merry Christmas until the Muslims are in power.

  10. As I read the paragraph as Canada in a NATIONAL WELFARE STATE, thought to me, hey, purchase Canada! And in speaking about Quebec; all of those stuck-up-nose, left, arrogant smugs should be deported. But, not down here. The left never starts anything! It always comes in with a lie, then steals and murders!

  11. Look at Just Ontario. The OFA stated that Ont debt will climb to $400 BILLION in a few years. That’s = $10 TRILLION US Federal Debt on a per-capita basis … FAR WORSE Than California. (double) And Ont can’t print money. And this is at Historic Low Int Rates. The socialists are running Ont into the ground. When it collapses, people will Vote the socialist gov’t in again for hand outs. TRUMP could help Delay the inevitable … and the rest of the world with his policies! I LOVE TRUMP!

  12. Our tax reform legislation is awaiting Senate passage as I sit typing this. All the left leaning media is saying what a catastrophe this will be if it becomes law. Since they are all predicting this, my comment is that it must be good or all these whacks wouldn’t be predicting gloom and doom.
    I hope the good folks of the Canadian electorate (including some BC relatives who adore young Trudeau) come to their senses.

  13. Turdo ‘s first budget out the Gate : hidden about page 27 gives the Banks access to ALL deposit accounts in case of insolvency . Now it’s not outright theft … when they take our deposit funds they will give us Shares in the Banking Institution as fair trade . THAT IS HOW THEY WILL HANDLE THE FIRST ROUND OF INSOLVENCY when the Loaners come for payment. International Banking . None of this is new ,just closer than ever to home .Hence the need to disarm Canada.

  14. Nothing will save Canada, it is too far gone, a socialist quagmire of special interests. The imposed Trudeau Charter is much like the Soviet Charter where all “rights and freedoms” come from the State. One day you have “rights and freedoms’ and the next day you don’t, its completely arbitrary and utterly undemocratic. Canada is a mess waiting for an end, which is coming soon. America is a great country, no communist revolutionary takeover like what happened in Canada. Hooray for President Trump!

  15. Thanks Howard for saying what I’m thinking. PM Sock Puppet needs to take lessons from Trump but I’m afraid he is taking lessons from OBUMMER & SOROS. VOTE SOCK PUPPET OUT IN 2019! GO TRUMP GO!!

  16. Just maybe it is time for the Com. in Chief to roll in the tanks and secure its Northern border, which now is like holy cheese with Canada’s non existing proper vetting for certain countries and a military that couldn’t defend if it tried. Here we discuss how we can re-educate returning Isis fighters. I say put them in jail so they won’t return. What a waist of time and money. 5 new states to the North creating a proper defense for the US sounds kind of good, and solve our treaties problems too.

  17. Americans think “Socialism” is fine “since Canadians have this form of government”, but they don’t live in Canada (like you do, Howard)! Seems true “Socialism” simply isn’t possible with a preponderance of people existing off welfare! So, what are the “options” (if you can call it that)? When will nations learn that work, not welfare, help make a nation successful? (“Tolerance” and “diversity” aren’t helping Canada or USA!) “Globalists” are attempting to divide nations by diluting “patriotism”!

  18. WOW…..this blog, today, is a real “eye-opener”! Thanks to our Canadian friends, I had NO IDEA things were/are so bad, up there in Canada!! Let that be a lesson to we here in the USA, the path the LIBERAL LOONS are wanting to take us on. Trideau is a LEFTIST LOON, & I’m sorry you in Canada are having to go through this! God bless our Canadian friends, & please don’t “give UP before the miracle”!!

  19. Makes one miss the Stephen Harper days; makes one miss Stephen Harper, period. First Papa Doc Trudeau, and now the world’s missing village idiot Baby Doc Trudeau putting in the knife just a bit further until we, his victim, are bleeding to death. Oh joy! Can we make it through for the next two years? Hope is but a dream…. If brains were dynamite, trust fund Justin wouldn’t be able to even blow his nose.

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