Conservative Americans Danced With The Devil

LAST NIGHT . . . Anne & I Lit our first Chanukah Candle in our Menorah, Representing the First Night in an Eight Day Festival, which Celebrates Freedom, Determination, & Courage . . . won by a Jewish Military Force, led by the Maccabees, some 200-Years before the Birth of Christ, against Greek Idol-Worshipers throughout Israel . . . and Specifically in Jerusalem, with all Odds Against The Jews.

THE MACCABEES – not only had to Fight the Enemy from Without . . . but also the Jewish Enemy from Within, who Chose to Sell-Out to the Idol Worshipers, Rather than to Stand-Up for what was Right.


Moore Was Not The Best Candidate . . . But That Changes Nothing.

No one, but Roy Moore and his Accusers . . . REALLY KNOW if the nearly 40-Year Old Accusations against him were TRUE & ACCURATE other than them. And at this point in time and place, there is no way to Prove the Accusations one-way or the other.


BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT . . . The Point – was that Roy Moore had to Fight ALL THE MEDIA, all the LEFT, all the DEMOCRATS and almost all the REPUBLICANS, only because of Unproven Accusations . . .

. . . And when it came right down to it, a Majority of Alabamans, just like the Jewish Pro-Greek Idol Worshipers, Sold Out, Rather than Fight, because Selling-out, and Buying the Accusation was the much Easier Path . . . than Standing-Up for the Truth .


SO I ASKED MY FRIENDS . . . Who said that Roy Moore was the Wrong Choice because of the Accusations, who also said they would vote for him, but very Unwillingly . . . if they had any Proof WHATSOEVER . . . that Judge Roy Moore was Guilty of any of the Charges against him?

THE ANSWER WAS NO . . . But the Accusers were Compelling – So the Victim of this Election wasn’t Really Roy Moore, but was actually the Essence of the American Judicial System, OF EVERYONE’S INNOCENCE UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

In Other Words . . . The Conservatives – who did not vote for Roy Moore, or who WROTE-IN a Name on their Ballot, or perhaps voted for the Democrat . . . SWALLOWED HOOK, LINE & SINKER – a Totally Unproven Allegation of things that MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT HAVE HAPPENED ALMOST 40-YEARS AGO.

THE OTHER VICTIM OF THIS ELECTION . . . Is a great Part of President Donald Trump’s Campaign to Make America Great Again, since by electing the Democrat, Doug Jones . . . President Trump BARELY has enough Senators to help Pass his Agenda, not that he had much support amongst the RINOS before this SIGNIFICANT LOSS.


I am Hearing & Reading Everywhere in the Mainstream Media . . . INCLUDING FOX NEWS, how this LOSS was a Monumental LOSS for Steve Bannon and his Core of Real Conservative Supporters. IT WAS NOT.

Steve Bannon Isn’t Running For Anything . . . But the RINOS who are doing all they can to Obstruct the Progress of the President’s Agenda – Mostly Are.

And if anyone thinks this Knife In The Back of a Conservative Republican, by SWAMP DWELLING Republicans is not going to have a Serious Consequence for RINOS IN 2018, they are Deluding themselves.

Mark Twain Famously Wrote . . .
. . . “Never Pick A Fight With People Who Buy Ink By The Barrel”.

In Today’s Modern World . . . Steve Bannon Buys Ink By The Barrel.

If anything, this LOSS was Proof Positive, that Steve Bannon, President Trump, and others who share the President’s View that the SWAMP MUST BE DRAINED, are 100% Vindicated, seeing how all the SWAMP CREATURES Circled the Wagons to Keep an OUTSIDER like Roy Moore from getting into their Private Club.

It’s Very Likely that Republicans throughout the USA might not have liked Roy Moore. He just might not have been their Cup of Tea. And they might not have been Comfortable with his Deep Southern Religious Acumen, or his Old Fashioned Down-Home Country Culture . . . BUT ROY MOORE IS A CONSERVATIVE, and would have supported President Trump, gone after the Swamp Creatures, and helped to keep the Barbarians At The Gate.


If we Really knew about the Inside Private Lives of all the Members of Congress . . . who they’ve Screwed, what kind of Perverted Sex they Enjoy, who they’ve Sold-Out To, how many are on Drugs, how many are Alcoholics, how many are Degenerate Gamblers, how many are Spouse Abusers, how many Cheat on their Wives or Husbands, how many are Unfit Parents, and how many are OUTRIGHT Cheats & Liars . . .

. . . WE WOULD HAVE VERY FEW PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR – And Judge Roy Moore, By Comparison, Might Come Off As A Paragon Of Virtue.

Last Night . . . Conservative Americans Danced With The Devil.


I do not Pretend to be anything that I am not. And I don’t pretend to want to give LEFTISTS the Right to Comment on my Editorials on Galganov.com, to prove how nice a guy I am, when in Fact, I HAVE ZERO USE TO GIVE THE LEFT ANY KIND OF A PODIUM.

AS I SEE THE LEFT . . . They are the Enemy From Within, who wish to either Take Away or Restrict my (our) FREEDOMS, which are Essentially One and the Same.

Outside of Three Sponsors & Fewer than One Hundred Supporters who Help Cover some of my Costs, which makes it somewhat easier for me to Publish Galganov.com . . . I owe nothing to anyone, including the aforementioned.

I Write For Myself. And I make No Pretense of being Fair & Balanced, so as to Create the Illusion that I am Something that I’m Not.

WHAT I GUARANTEE . . . is that I will always Move Heaven & Earth to do my Best to Present the FACTS as Honest and as Accurate as Possible. And that I am an UNABASHED ADVOCATE FOR FREE SPEECH & CONSERVATIVE VALUES.


YESTERDAY, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2017 . . . as Anne and I sat down to have lunch, ON FOX NEWS – the “Outnumbered” program was Playing in the Background, when I heard Marie Harf, the LEFTIST Former Taking-Head for John Kerry’s Despicable State Department, when she called the President of the United States of America a “JERK & BULLY” . . . How’s That For Fair & Balanced?

With every passing day . . . the Perimeter between Right & Wrong, Truth & Lies, Freedom & Restriction, Community Rights Opposed to Personal Liberties, are Becoming Progressively more like the GORDIAN KNOT, where we either Break the Knot or Succumb to its Strangulation.

I For One Will Not Submit . . . And Neither Should You.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Actions speak louder than words! In Obama’s case, both [actions & words] have been very obvious regarding his MOSLEM association and support. He hasn’t spent MILLIONS of dollars to cover up his PAST for nothing! HOW could this man be allowed to become president without first being COMPLETELY VETTED? Miracles DO happen, so let’s hope that one happens SOON to EXPOSE and REMOVE this incompetent individual, and bring back PRIDE to our Country. Look up the Moslem vs. Muslim definitions!

  2. Not a good day for conservatives. Yes, the swamp came out applauding after losing a senate seat. Like him or not, Moore was a real threat and he was defeated likely with much help from outsiders. Sad day indeed.

  3. One consolation is that the Democrats have lost their sexist Republican poster boy for the 2018 elections.

  4. Sounds like the Ontario “progressive” Conservatives. Put an unelectable candidate in the race and lose.

  5. Roy Moore was not arrested, nor did he have a day in court. But convicted , he was , by media controlled by ??? Not once on the daily news, was he not described as an “accused sexual predator”. So much for buying products from any sponsors of main stream media news.

  6. How right you are Howard, I am another one who will never submit, when I became a cop in 1966 I took the oath to uphold the constitution and I will do so till the day I die.

  7. Sorry , I’m still on this kick. Get Israel into NATO and watch the *&%*#@*&*^% hit the fan. This is my main interest. I believe Trump will do all right on the other matters.

    R. A. Crane Beaconsfield, quebec

  8. It’s amazing that women can say anything they want to and don’t have to prove anything. But the Man can deny till the lites go out and gets nowhere, but the women still don’t have to prove anything wither it’s last year or 40 years ago. I would like to see Moore and Trump if they are innocent find these women and file a lawsuit on them. I bet it would stop a lot of these sexual charges if these women would have to pay for there own lawyers it would stop as it has gotten out of hand.

  9. Fox news certainly contributed to Judge Moors defeat. Such negativism was blatant from almost all of the talking heads of Fox news….think I will throw them in the trash with the rest of the major stations like i did 20 or so years ago. Guilty until proven innocent! Where except Galganov is there any honesty?

  10. I read another conservative site that said Soros might have helped fund the Anti-Moore message … including funding the women who accused him. Not sure if its true but I wouldn’t put it past George Soros given his history. And if this is true we can expect more of it against the Red-State Senator Candidates in the mid-terms. Dirty liberal fascists??? I wouldn’t put it past them this time around either. The Media, FBI, IRS, CIA, DOJ, Soros NGO’s etc. The real danger to the US lies within these

  11. The press convicts by stories with out proof positive.I take most written and spoken accusations with a grain of salt.

  12. The GOP never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity! They should’ve pointed out that long after 1979 (when Moore supposedly did anything) was Bill Clinton’s 1st term as gov of ARK & he was cheating on Hildabeast. Yrs later when Bill was running for prez & these allegations came out & then as prez and he was getting sex in the Oval Office, etc we were told “Character didn’t matter” and was “his private life.” They should’ve pointed out these hypocrisies. The GOP just didn’t want aMoore win

  13. Howard- A sad day. The Swamp defeated Roy Moore. I don’t watch Fox news anymore. I do watch Bill OReilly and Sean Hannity. Hopefully the Jones election will come back and bite them hard. Stupid people in Alabama.

  14. Alabama election proved Fox News is indeed “going liberal” and women today can now make more off “false accusations” than they can with prostitution or working a real job! (Some woman now has been paid $200K to say things against Trump!) So, let’s all take this very “personally” (knowing “liberals” can say whatever they want about us, but we can’t say anything- truth or otherwise about them)! Is this “Freedom”? Where’s the “Determination and Courage” when “Against all odds”? Happy Hanukkah!

  15. I am with Howard. I will NOT submit to the lies, deception, and condescension of the Ruling Class elitists. Living in Kalifornia, we do submit to a degree because of our business that serves an entire low income community and 55 staffers. However, it’s getting more and more difficult, and there will come a point when I will go no further.

  16. Do we really want to break the Left strangle on our conservative Republicans? Easy…..lean right. Stop playing and listening to the crooked, retarded left spouting crap. They are desperate….get it….desperate to regain full control. Guess what….it is not going to work. I’m sick of the same trap set for all conservatives….THE SAME TRAP OVER AND OVER! They figure if it works once then it will work 30 or 40 times more. Stop listening. Keep supporting our conservative leaders!

  17. THE RNC NEEDS GUTS!! They need to get rid of McConnell as Majority Whip Leader. He is really Majority Wimp Leader. He knew he could not get Moore into his “Good Ole Boy’s Club” and control him and that Moore was for Trump’s agenda and McConnell is for McConnell’s agenda and playing games with the lobbyists for power and money. It wasn’t enough for Trump to appoint his wife to the cabinet, he now wants more power. He’s got a lot of RINOs with him, i.e. McCain, Lindsay Graham, etc.

  18. HATE to say it, but I guess I have to “eat crow”, as I had stated that Moore would win, BUT “it ain’t over yet”, as Moore wants a RECOUNT, and I don’t blame him. We must NOT forget that SOROS invested A LOT of money in this race! God only knows how many FRAUD VOTES were BOUGHT??? The DEMORATS are NOT to be TRUSTED. The SWAMP CREATURES know they’re in DANGER and are DESPERATE, thus they are doing DESPERATE THINGS! The RINOS must WAKE UP for their OWN GOOD! Get RID of McConnell! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  19. I’m not at all surprised at voter fraud is in this election. The Democratic Party, RINO’s, Establishment is a FRAUD to the American people. Hang on people there will be a recount.

  20. I was wrong about the “winner” of this special election. Remember, Jones only serves until January 2019. He has to run for re-election in November 2018. Now, if Alabama’s GOP does a good job, there is another chance to drain the swamp. But, my guess is that they will recycle the one they wanted – Luther Strange, a very probable RINO like Sen. Selby. Selby should retire, the man is 83 years old & his term ends in 4 years. I highly doubt that there will be a recount – It is what it is.

  21. How can one vote for a person who believes in killing babies. One wonders if they themselves condone this practice.
    Somewhere there is a fly in the ointment.

  22. Guilty until proven innocent is the new paradigm when the leftists of the world want to discredit any Patriot.

  23. ANOTHER AWESOME “BLOG”, Harold! Enjoyed ALL the other comments, ESPECIALLY THE ONES from our CANADIAN friends!! May GOD continue to bless our WONDERFUL Pres. Trump. his family & CABINET members, our armed forces, serving in the military, & the USA!!!

  24. I felt the same as you about this, but I was lost for the right words…thanks Howard.

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