This Isn’t About Judge Roy Moore


I suspect Judge Roy Moore is going to Win Today, mostly because I think the POLLS ARE AS WRONG AS USUAL . . . And because the People of Alabama have Far Too Much Intelligence, and are Far Too Decent . . . TO VOTE FOR THE SWAMP.


The Fact that President Trump, and his Merry Band of Real Conservative Street Fighters, are in the Back Alley SLUGGING IT OUT MOSTLY WITH RINOS, who are Dirty-Fighting against Judge Roy Moore to save their Political Entitlements, with God Only Knows whose Money . . . is Reminiscent of the November 2016 Presidential Election, which saw Crooked Hillary and the LEFT get their Comeuppance at the Hand Of The Good People Of FLYOVER COUNTRY.

Well Now They’re In The Heart Of Flyover Country.


It is Literally Impossible for me to Fully Comprehend how Terrified a SWAMP CREATURE of the highest Order must be . . . in the name of SENATOR RICHARD SHELBY, who’s Been Dining at the Swamp SINCE 1987 . . . WHICH IS 30-YEARS.

30-Years in the SWAMP is an Unconscionable Amount of Time, for anyone to be FEEDING OFF THE PUBLIC FLESH, while Sitting in an Ivory Tower Passing Judgment Upon the Little People, who Pay 100% of his Privileged Life.


This Alabama Special Election between Conservative Roy Moore and Uber Liberal Doug Jones, has little do with the Two Candidates . . . BUT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE FUTURE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and by Extension . . . The Well-Being Of The Free World.


FOR RICHARD SHELBY . . . To Openly Call For The Defeat Of Roy Moore, in such a Critical Election, based upon Accusations which have taken Nearly 40-Years to See the Light of Day, coming from less than credible People, is not only GALLING, it is Openly Calling for the DEFEAT of President Donald Trump’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN CAMPAIGN.


Richard Shelby . . . Who has already been in the US Senate for 30-Years, won his last election in 2016, which means he doesn’t have to Run Again until 2022, is already 83-Years Old, who will be 88-Years Old when Reelection Time comes Around for him . . . so where’s the Courage – AND WHEN IS ENOUGH – ENOUGH?


I predicted right up Until Yesterday, that Roy Moore will Win. I wrote it then, and I am writing it again . . . ROY MOORE WILL WIN – Because If Roy Moore Loses, the SWAMP WINS, and the People who have already had enough of the SWAMP won’t just sit by idly, watching the Swamp Creatures Destroy America. It’s That Serious!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. One of the first things I read about Obama was in a Pakistani newspaper online that stated the U.S. was going to let a person born in a foreign nation to run for president. They interviewed his Kenyan grandmother, who said she was in the Mombasa hospital when he was born and actually saw his birth. I figured that was that; he couldn’t run. He is not American in any way, since his mother, at 18, was not old enough to pass on citizenship. He’s loyal to Islam; nothing else. It’s obvious.

  2. There is only one answer to the problem with congress ,one term and you are out never be able to run for any government office again. Let cut out this life time retirement payments.

  3. It will be just like last years election, the Democrats will loose. Then there will be sore losers just like now against Trump. The Democrats and the Rino’s have spent millions of dollars to win only to loose again. I can hear it now (impeach Moore) as they will never give up because being crooks is a way of life for them. In the end if good Americans keep on fighting the liberal crooks will loose their Political Entitlements.

  4. A Government once elected needs to begin governing not running a constant battle to Stay in Power , Fight Off the Angry Losers etc etc . If there is NOT a Law saying just that , there should be . Work with the Elected Government or at the very least Stop undermining their attempts to Govern . There is a reason Major Corporations put people out to pasture at 65 . The same should really apply to Governments . I’m 66 and not what I was at even 56 and neither are the rest of you .

  5. Give the man a break, he’s only worth 10 million dollars. Not bad for a guy that spent his live as a lawyer and a politician

  6. Since ALABAMA is a Conservative State, Moore will WIN! Also, his WINNING will PROVE that TRUMP is OVERPOWERING the DEMORATS, especially HUSSEIN OBAMA! Maybe, HILLARIOUS will FINALLY START BELIEVING that she LOST in 2016! The people of Alabama are SMART enough to NOT elect a SWAMP person! Isn’t it HYPOCRITICAL that the DEMORATS are accusing MOORE of being a sexual predator, while one of their OWN, EX-PRESIDENT CLINTON, was GUILTY of same? TERM LIMITS are DEFINITELY needed! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  7. A different issue – I can’t help myself. Get Israel into NATO. Israel is more qualified than sic. Turkey. Replace the bird with Israel. Then any attack on Israel is an attack on ALL the members of NATO. Justin Bieber beware! This what I am waiting for. Its not 2000 years but the time has come. Europe, put your money where your mouth is or was!

    R.A Crane Beaconsfield, kebec

  8. Is Alabama election a “prelude” to 2018 election? Can’t believe how many people actually believe all the “nonsense” (propaganda) promoted by the MSM today! (BTW, who runs this nation? Donald Trump or George Soros?) Trump isn’t “perfect”, but I’ll bet he’s been with less women than Bill Clinton! As for Judge Roy Moore, if Clinton “didn’t have sex with that woman” and “didn’t inhale”, why does any of this matter? We all make “mistakes” in our lives, but we “repent” and learn not to repeat them!

  9. Amazing how ALL THAT FAKE NEWS about Trump and the Russia story came out the last 7+ days…then was corrected… hours later. It’s like they were all organized? How many people Read about or Hear about the Media “Corrections”? They must think the more they can dump on Trump, the harder for those candidates He Supports! I believe this is the New liberal media strategy! Wikileaks already proved they are colluding with the DNC. They never denounced their political bias in this regard. It continues

  10. Yes, term limits, a balanced budget, and a host of other amendments to the Constitution are way overdue. All will only be done with an Article V Convention of States. Despite what naysayers say, I respect what Judge Thomas Brennan has said: he’s been behind the convention for over 30 years. Remember, it takes 2/3 of the state legislators to propose an amendment and it take 3/4 of the same to make the proposed amendment an addition to our Constitution. Nothing else really matters.

  11. As long as it’s up to Congress to impose on itself term limits, it will never happen. Someone asked who runs this nation, Trump or Soros. Trump is in the open, Soros spreads his money to others to push his agenda so is clandestine. Soros has been reported to have spent multi-millions on AL race & in multiple local races thru out country. He’s not being so successful, but he just pumps in more $$ next time. He didn’t win w/HRC in 2016 & hopefully won’t in AL in 2017.

  12. ANOTHER GREAT BLOG, Howard! I REALLY LOVED THE OTHER FOLKs COMMENTS, as well! I’m ALL for term limits, if we are EVER going to be able “to DRAIN the SWAMP”! It was/is interesting, about the senior SENATOR from ALABAMA. He sounds like a TOTAL JERK, & obviously “part of the D.C. SWAMP” problem! Thanks for “outing him” as well, Howard!! MAY GOD CONTINUE to BLESS our BELOVED Pres. Trump. He’s done an AMAZING JOB! Happy Hanukkah, Harold & Anne, & to ALL our other friends who’ll celebrate!

  13. Howard, you are spot on! Now, I want to shout it from the rooftops – – – Sen. Al Franken resigned from the US Senate on Dec. 7, 2017! He is not waiting to see what the results of the Roy Moore-Doug Jones election will be, before resigning. He has resigned already. Gov. Mark Dayton has to appointed someone to fill the vacancy until the 2018 elections, when the Minnesota voters will elect a new Senator. I fully agree if Roy Moore does NOT win, the Swamp has one more member in it!

  14. Prefer, Septic Tank rather than Swamp which is an important part of ecosystem and clean. Starting with the mid-terms no sitting member of Congress can run for another Term, little by little we will get rid of them. Eliminate the Retirement plan.
    Let them have Social Security like we do. Many have anyway since they were employed previously.

  15. The propaganda media tells us what to think, who to like, who to dislike, who believe, who not to believe, who is good and who is evil. Now they want to be judge, jury, and executioner with zero provable evidence of men who seek political office. They parade accusers enmas trying to convince us numbers mean proof of guilt. Comrade Franken fell on his sword for the party, leaving MN voters without their voice for a ‘moral’ high ground to go after anyone and especially Trump. Good luck with that!

  16. Re: Term Limits, I think that two terms would be fair and enough. Generally, it takes one term for newly elected congresspersons to become acclimated and have their ideas / legislation (s) be effective & to gain the respect of their colleagues.

  17. It is both refreshing and distressing to see the Americans so steadfast in their efforts to drain the distresses me deeply to see the Libtards in Canada win 3 of 4 by elections basically endorsing Truedope to continue in his destruction of the once great country of Canada. Now our idiot leader can take these by-election victories as an endorsement to continue paying ISIS terrorists and build on his program of rehabilitation of these enemies of our state. Woe is Canada.

  18. It is all against the old adage that one is innocent until proven guilty. With the liberals and RINOs it is guilty if even accused. would like to hear that ALL of those demanding Trump’s impeachment were also accused of sexual impropriety.

  19. 8 PM PST. JONES WINS. That means the left wins. Lies and deception and fake news wins. The Swamp wins. I am beside myself upset! Howard said how important this was, and he’s right. Now they think they can get Trump. Grrrrrrr!

  20. Had the “opportunity” to coffee with “DICK” Shelby in Al several weeks after Obumma was elected. He would not answer a question with a straight answer then. Everything was boiler plate rote and full of crap. Such a phony pos. needs to go asp. Totally unbelievable just as Fox’s reporting on the results last night. They just could not declare Moore the winner even when for hours the numbers on their scree showed Moore winning by 4 to 6%

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