I used to be Aggravated every time I heard or read a Pundit, who said this or that will Destroy Donald Trump, and how this time Donald Trump has made a Huge Political Error . . .


I take these “Dire” Predictions with Less than a Grain of Sand, just as all the Pundits, Pollsters & Political Scientists . . . RIGHT UP TO THE END, said with 100% Certainty, that Donald Trump will Never Become President of the United States of America.

AND THEN THEY WERE SAYING . . . The Election of Donald Trump will Cause the Stock Market to Collapse. When that didn’t happen, Donald Trump was going to be Impeached Before the End of his First Year. That doesn’t seem to be happening either.

And Then It Was All About Collusion With The Russians . . . What Collusion?

AND WHEN PRESIDENT TRUMP SAID . . . He was going to Wipe Out ISIS within a Year of his Election, President Trump was 100% Right.

AND NOW . . . According to the Same Genius Prognosticators On The International Front – If Donald Trump Recognizes Jerusalem As The Capital Of Israel . . . & Makes Plans To Move The American Embassy From Tel Aviv To Jerusalem . . . ALL HELL IS GOING TO BREAK LOOSE.

WELL ALL HELL HASN’T BROKEN LOOSE . . . And all we hear about the Earth Shattering Announcement on the Trump Jerusalem Declaration – is the same Tired Rhetoric from even LESS of the same Bad Actors, which we’ve been hearing as long as Israel was REBORN as the ONLY Nation On Earth For The Jewish People.

AND BY THE WAY . . . The Russians Made That Same Declaration – that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel, long before President Trump, but I can’t seem to Remember, or find anywhere, where the outrage was against Prime Minister Putin and his Russian Government.

Outside of the usual THREATS, some Rock Throwing & Demonstrations for the Cameras, it’s HO-HUM, the Jew Haters Are At It Again, lets go find some Falafel.


AND NOW . . . As Hope Is Fading On Behalf Of The LEFT, For The Big Crisis AGAINST President Trump – THEY’RE IN FOR YET ANOTHER GRAND NEGATIVE SURPRISE.

In Fact . . . The LEFTIST & RINO Trump-Haters, are in for a Double Banger of a Disappointment, as Roy Moore WILL WIN the Alabama Senate Seat this Tuesday by what I believe will be a Comfortable Margin.

AND IN 12-MONTHS, if the Republicans don’t Screw-Up the Economy, or Collapse on their Promise to BUILD THE WALL, don’t Cave-In to the DACA CREEPS, and Continue to Create Jobs, Increase National Wealth, and don’t Run-Up the Deficit & Debt . . . Donald Trump’s Republican Party will NOT ONLY keep the Senate, they will INCREASE their Senate Lead & the HOUSE might even Follow Suit.


This has Nothing to do DIRECTLY with President Donald Trump, but it goes Directly to why President Trump and Conservative Republicans are Kicking The Ass of Democrats & their LEFTIST ACOLYTES.

HERE’S THE EXTREME LEFTIST AL FRANKEN . . . who is on Camera Groping and Reaching for Women’s Private Parts. He is on Video and Voice-Record as a “Comedian” saying some pretty God-Awful Things, but when it comes time for Franken to actually Own-Up to what he has said and done, which is on Video & Audio-RecordFRANKEN SAYS HE’S INNOCENT.

In Franken’s Not-Really-Resigning Statement before the Senate . . . Franken says he didn’t do anything Untoward Against Women as a Senator. He says that the Accusations are UNTRUE.

Franken also said that things didn’t happen in the manner as they were portrayed by his Accusers. And for some of the Accusations, HE HAS NO MEMORY OF THEM EVER HAPPENING.


IN THE MATTER OF JUDGE ROY MOORE . . . The Judge Says that None of the Accusations against him are True – PERIOD!

AND AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . & For The Record – A whole bunch of the Accusations against Judge Roy Moore have been Debunked as Fiction & Frauds, with Wrong Dates, Wrong Timelines, at least one Forgery, & Relatives of the Accusers who’ve come-out Against many of the Women, who after almost 40-Years of silence, have all of a sudden come forward with their stories.


UNLIKE FRANKEN . . . who is Inundated with Compelling Audio & Video Evidence, which PROVES Franken is a SEXUAL LETCH . . . THERE IS NOTHING OF THE KIND AGAINST ROY MOORE.

YET . . . The man Claiming Innocence against the Irrefutable & Overwhelming Audio/Video Evidence AGAINST HIM – RESIGNS . . . While the man with NO EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM – Fights like a Junk Yard Dog to Defend his Name, Reputation & Honor – AGAINST UNBELIEVABLE POLITICALLY DRIVEN ODDS.

That Says All That Needs Be Said About The Difference Between A Democrat, A RINO & And A Real Conservative Republican.

As I’ve Said Repeatedly . . . Don’t Believe The Hype, The Pollsters Or The Media.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. To quote Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Obama was born a Muslim via his father’s blood line, he was raised in a Muslim country by a Muslim stepfather where the schools were Muslim….so why does the question need to be keep being resurrected? I’ll tell you why….because we sit back say to ourselves, “Naw, this dude and can’t screw us over….no way!” Well, guess what….we have been royally screwed!

  2. Remember the cartoonist and the depiction of their prophet with a bomb on his turban. The protests were crazy and the media got all afraid. “We can’t do anything or saying anything against Islam that will upset Muslims going forward…because they’ll protest and threaten us.” has been the media (and liberal) policy ever since. ANTIFA learned well from them. Fortunately Obama promised us Islam is religion of peace so we have nothing to fear about the move because obama doesn’t lie???? Right?

  3. If anyone thought the swamp creatures would go down without a fight, they were delusional. What we’re seeing and you’re reporting on was to be expected if Trump was serious, and it seems he was and is. Good for the Donald and good for Roy Moore. We need more of their type representing America and her nearly-lost values and sense of what’s right and good vs wrong and bad. I pray you are totally correct about tomorrow’s election results in Alabama.

  4. The modern-day, extreme Left never wins. They merely hide under their stones of lies, deceits, and hateful, nonsensical, slanted and ridiculous notions. And they merely burrow deeper and scurry for cover with more whacked out and hateful ideas and notions every time one of those rocks is overturned.

  5. I remember a time when once elected , a President or Prime Minister was “generally” supported and somewhat “aided” in his efforts to “run” the country . Sure there was opposition and you could get “impeached ” or “fired” if you were “guilty”. It seems now the opposition will use any “lie” manufacture any “truth” to destroy a duly elected official . What happened ? Could it be all those ” badly educated ” immoral people realizing the world differs from what they were “taught” rising up ?

  6. You are absolutely correct in your analysis of the left, which is based on fact, logic, reason, common sense and moral absolutes – all of which the left has traded in for their moral relativism and neo-liberalism, which in fact is fascism. Exposing the truth about the left, using contempt and ridicule is the best medicine for the morally bankrupt, intellectually challenged progressives, fascists, Jihadis and Globalist traitors – short of a state sanctioned public execution for treason…

  7. On Dec 7th CNN announced that “Al Franken to resign in the coming weeks”. Seems Franken is waiting for the Moore election. If more loses Franken will change his mind and not resign. If Moore wins Franken will change his mind and fight Moore in the Senate. The Schizophrenic MSM will support either decision as “the Righteous thing to do”

  8. The LEFT is so busy at FOCUSING on the PAST that they are being NEGLIGENT in not focusing on the PRESENT and FUTURE! Of course, we all knew that the SEXUAL ACCUSATIONS would, SOONER or LATER, again lead to TRUMP! ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION was the CRUX of Trump’ campaign, as no one DARED to even BROACH this topic.This issue has superseded the sexual accusations against Trump! The SWAMP PEOPLE are DESPERATE & are CLINGING to whatever APPEARS to be a DETERRENT to Trump! MOORE WILL WIN! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. The people need to realize that is a difference between a conservative Republican and a RINO Republican and to weed the RINO’s out as well as the Democrats and put more conservatives Republicans, like Moore, in whether the RINO leadership does or doesn’t allow anything to get done in next year’s elections.

  10. I think Franken’s game plan is – to delay resigning & see how Moore is treated if/when elected – whether Moore is Ethic’s Committee challenged and survives and if he does – Franken will say – “What’s good for Moore, is good for me!” etc. and hopes to survive similar treatment. With an R controlled Senate – I think he thinks wrong. He will be voted out given over 30 D Senators have already asked for his resignation (could change) – I don’t think they can go back on that.

  11. What’s the big deal about Jerusalem? I would like to see Israel join NATO. That would have more meaning and connotations for both the moslems and the pseudo allies of Israel. Come on Trump, I’d like to see you force this issue. It would be fun! Then you’d see and hear a nuclear explosion of rampant hypocrisy like never before. Remember you heard this little tidbit of wisdom first on your blog.

    R.A. Crane Beaconsfield, kebec

  12. I have two words for those who allege against Roy Moore and Donald Trump: (No, not THOSE two words…) “Your proof?”
    There are PHOTOS of Franken. I watched a video where Jeff Sessions SLAPPED Creepy “uncle Joe” Biden’s hands away from his granddaughter–but the LOOK on Sessions’ face was way better than the slap–which you miss if you are just watching the hands of Biden and Sessions. One rarely sees a “look of death” but it was all over Sessions’ face and watch Biden’s reaction–PRICELESS!!!

  13. Howard..I am not Jewish, I am Christian. From all of the Bible Studies I have been a part of, I have learned God would not ever allow Israel to fall, He is ever present and Israel will prevail against the evil of Hamas & all other Arab factions wishing to destroy Israel. I pray God will not abandon the USA, but fear the progressives will succeed in time. God Bless you and your loved ones at this Blessed Holiday time. Mary

  14. Howard- I’m reading “Smear” by Sharyl Attkinson. What an eye-opener into the world of fake news and character assassination. She describes the left’s agenda. How George Soros and David Brock(Media Matters) have colluded to destroy people like Bill OReilly and Glen Beck. But Bill OReilly now has his own program. I hope more people will read her book. President Trump has been on to them all along. Just an amazing man. I think he will be remembered as one of our greatest presidents.

  15. Operating out of Bamas basement, the Valerie Jarrett War Room is in full swing. Love the three twits they dragged out for a few $$ to claim grabs from Trump. He must have left his contacts home.

  16. Great editorial Howard. I see coward PM Sock Puppet, Little Turdo muslim lover afraid to move the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem encase he loses his support from all the legal or illegal immigrants. We want our Canadian Values BACK. VOTE TRUDEAU OUT IN 2019!!

  17. As a boy i was brought up believing as a democrat due to the fact my grandfather was a union leade andr democratic
    committee man. FDR was president and could have saved million of Jews when he found out about the nazi consatration
    camps and and told the world he also refused to let a ship with a thousand of Jews from docking in the US after cuba refused them. I have finely found the light when Ronnie Reagan became president and became a republican. Go Donald.

  18. Thank you for your emails. They give me hope against vicious odds filled with lies.

  19. Excellent editorial, Howard. News update – Al Franken has already resigned. As for G-d protecting Israel, in my bible studies, I remember when G-d told several prophets that the Jews must obey Him or suffer the consequences, which was the destruction of Jerusalem and the Jews being taken away, as in Nebuchadnezzar ruler of Babylon. The final destruction of Israel and Jerusalem was done by the Romans in 70 C.E. and many Jews were killed, sold into slavery or exiled. This was the diaspora.

  20. There is no law regarding “collusion”. If there were, agreeing on pizza toppings would be illegal.

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