I Don’t Need To Be Insulted By Television News


It Was Saturday Morning (December 9, 2017) . . . About 9:40 Eastern Time.


I was having Breakfast and Listening to FOX News on Television in the Background, as I was Reading On-Line Articles, when Sheriff David Clark came on as an INVITED GUEST, to speak about the Opening of the Civil Rights Museum in Tennessee, being Opened by President Donald Trump, when all of a sudden . . . EBONI WILLIAMS, The LEFTIST – Black Fox News Activist, who is a Serious Trump Hater, decided to DEMEAN Sherriff Clark Live On Air, With A Groundless Black History Lesson.

I don’t think Sherriff Clark was Invited to Fox News in order for him to have been BLINDSIDED by a Debate with a LEFTIST Black Activist Fox News Host, who in my Opinion is Objectionable to the Extreme.


Whenever Fox News has these LEFTIST Pieces of Work like Juan Williams, Ebony Williams, Geraldo Rivera . . . ETC, I simply MUTE the Television, ‘cause Frankly, my Time & Intelligence are too Valuable to be Wasted on someone feeding me a load of LEFTIST TRIPE, which is Something Fox News might like to take into Consideration, because I don’t think I’m the only one OFFENDED.


Just PRIOR to the Insulting Treatment of Sherriff Clark at the hands of the LEFTIST Black Activist Eboni Williams, Fox News had-on some SCHMUCK, whom they’ve Trotted out Several Times Recently, from the Thankfully Former Obama State Department, for him to explain how much THE AMERICAN LEFT LOVES ISRAEL . . . BUT – In Spite Of The FACT that Israel is Deliriously Happy with the Announced MOVE of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and the OFFICIAL Presidential Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, this LEFTIST DICKHEAD explained why it is such a Bad Idea & Harmful to Israel.


SO – HERE WAS THIS LEFTIST JERK . . . Explaining for all to Hear & Understand, how President Trump’s Decision to move the US Embassy will Provoke Violence in the Middle East. Is This Guy Living On Another Planet?

Then Of Course . . . The LEFTIST Trotted-Out the most Famous Canard of them all, how this Declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, will Either End or Seriously Impede the Peace Process – What Peace Process Was He Referring To? . . . The one where Palestinian Children are Taught in their Schools, the Media and at the their Mother’s Milk to HATE Jews, and how Murderers of Jews are HEROES?

Was That The Peace Process He Was Referring To?


It Seems This LEFTIST Piece Of Work Ignored Several Critical Facts.

1 – 3,000-Years Ago, King David and his Son King Solomon Made Jerusalem the OFFICIAL Capitol of Israel and the Jewish People.

2 – During the Reign of King Solomon, the Jerusalem Jews Built The First Temple.

3 – After the Babylonian King (Nebuchadnezzar) DESTROYED the First Temple in (Circa) 600 BCE, the Jerusalem Jews REBUILT the Temple (King Herod) during the Era of the First Century, only to be destroyed again in 70-CE by the Romans.

4 – THE JEWS NEVER SURRENDERED JERUSALEM . . . Nor did the Jews ever abandon Jerusalem, and for MORE THAN 3,000 YEARS, there has always been a Jewish Presence in the State of Israel and in the City of Jerusalem, Regardless of how many Enemies tried to either Assimilate, Drive-Out or Murder the Jews in Israel/Jerusalem.


SO – FOR THE ARABS, ARAB PALESTINIANS & THE UN . . . To Claim that the History of Jerusalem is Palestinian, which are a Phony People, who Before 1973 NEVER EXISTED, who NEVER had a Country & NEVER had a Capital & NEVER had a Leader before Yasser Arafat . . . It would be Laughable if it was not so Deadly and Problematic.


The Full Recognition of the Jewish People as a Nation . . . Since the Biblical History of Abraham – GOES BACK TO KING DAVID MORE THAN 3,000-YEARS AGO, while Islam goes back ONLY 1,300-YEARS . . . So Who Should Have Title To What?


One of the Greatest Propaganda Weapons of the LEFT (Fascists, Communists & Democrats) . . . is to Conflate Opposites, such as Creating an Image of Equivalence, as is used by Anti-Semites between Jewish Israeli Soldiers Defending Themselves, their Children & Families, with Savage Arab (Palestinian) Murderers, who use TERROR & Mayhem to Slaughter & Destroy.

THE RANK & FILE FBI AGENTS . . . Have nothing to do with the Scurrilous Actions of the Leaders of the FBI, who are Responsible & Deserving of the Derision they are Receiving.

SO . . . FOR THE LEADERS OF THE FBI – To Muddy The Waters & DEFLECT from themselves, the FBI LEADERS – with the help of the LEFTIST Media, they are doing all they can to Drag the FBI Grunts into their own Legal/Political Cesspool to Lighten their own Culpability.

STOP LYING . . . Peter Strzok . . . The Pro-Clinton, Anti-Trump FBI Agent with a finger in every pot, WAS NOT FIRED! Peter Strzok was moved from one FBI Position to another, which is TRANSFERRED – NOT FIRED. The Official Con Never Stops.


Sarah Silverman . . . Like so many “Comedians” of Self-Styled Conscience & Importance, has just recently said on her Television Program, that seeing the RED, WHITE & BLUE Rise up the Flagpole of her Boyfriend’s House, made her feel Uncomfortable, almost like seeing the Rise of a Different Nationalist Flag . . .


But First . . . There’s No Explaining An Idiot – Even A Special Idiot Like Silverman.

1 – Being Jewish DOES NOT GIVE Sarah Silverman, or any other Jewish Person, the RIGHT TO CONFLATE THE STARS & STRIPES with a Nazi Flag or any other Symbol of Evil.

2 – When the Americans MARCHED into the Nazi Death Camps, with their AMERICAN FLAGS on Their Jeeps, Trucks, Tanks & Uniforms, the Jewish Survivors, perhaps even some of Silverman’s Relatives . . . SAW FREEDOM & REDEMPTION.

And when the Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust, who Essentially had Nowhere To Go after they left the Death Camps of Europe . . . MOST WANTED TO GO TO WHERE THE STARS & STRIPES GUARANTEED FREEDOM.

Sarah Silverman Is One Sick Piece Of Work.

For Sarah Silverman to even Suggest . . . that the Stars & Stripes could be Conflated With Evil . . . SAYS ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID ABOUT SARAH SILVERMAN, and the People who Follow and Agree with her.

AND THEN THERE WAS BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA . . . Whose 8-Years of a Failed Presidency, which did MORE DAMAGE to the United States and the Entire Free World, than any Previous Domestic and/or Foreign Enemy – Recently, Through Cowardly Innuendo, Yet Clearly Enough, Compared President Trump’s Presidency to the Beginning of Nazi Germany.


As many of you know, my Cousin’s Son Jesse Galganov, has been Missing for more than Two And A Half Months in Peru. And as Hard and as Determined to Find Out, One Way Or Another What Happened, as my Cousin Todd Galganov is Sacrificing & Laboring To Do, Todd has Asked me to Remind Everyone who reads this Blog . . . to Visit the Missing Children’s Network to see what you might be able to do to help.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The embassy should have been in Jerusalem in 1948. WHY is Israel treated differently from any other nation? You are right….WHAT peace process has been going on ??? Probably there would have been more peace if the embassy was in Jerusalem from the beginning. The left never makes much sense……..It is an insult to my intelligence to listen to them so I DO NOT. It is all about CONTROL!.


    Mike McDermott, Medford, OR

  3. And here I thought that I was the only one who got so mad at his treatment I had to shut off FOX in the middle of the “lesson.” I don’t mind arrogance but stupidity and insolence coming from a supposedly well educated person, male or female, is simply more than I am willing any long to tolerate. Nice to know that I am not the only one who has seen this turn at FOX. Thanks.

  4. Russia officially recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel in April of this year. Where were the Islamic protestors burning Putin’s image, and his Russian flag? Where were the lefty media?

  5. Couldn’t agree with you more on everything in the blog and especially about FOX news. I can’t stand the same people you mentioned and please add the young blonde chick with the glasses. I do just what you do, shut it off even if it’s on a show I normally enjoy. Prayers for your cousin and his family for the safe return of his son. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  6. Howard,

    I agree with 100% on what you say.


    Dan Kay


    I agree with you 100%.


    Dan Kay

  7. Today, I watch Fox News only slightly more than other news as it has moved too far left. No news is better than news with a warped slant left. All of my eggs are in one basket: Donald Trump.

  8. Be careful Howard, “Tripe” is also known as “Chit’lins”.

    My prayers & best wishes are going out for your cousin’s family & the return of his son.

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Best regards, John

  9. You are right to denigrate the so called “Peace Process” in the Mid-East. Palestinian’s only interest in peace is temporary and lasts only long enough for them to re-arm. They are not interested in any peaceful compromise but only want Jews dead or gone, totally. As soon as we face that reality we can stop supporting the Palestinians with our assistance which buys only trouble for Israel and us. Let’s let Merkel take care of their support.

  10. Eboni’s comments were shameful….period. Ditto on Chester Przygoda comments.

  11. GREAT editorial!!! I rarely watch Fox News anymore, I prefer OAN(One America News Network). I love it’s format, just simply bring the news to all. NO pundits only news presented like it use to be – Just the news & YOU make up your own mind. I happen to love Sheriff David Clark, he is a great conservative, who tells it like it is & most of the Blacks hate him, as they hate all Black conservatives – They feel that these Blacks have become turncoats!!! Praying for your cousin, Jesse & family.

  12. Once again you reinforce the way Fox News, at times, really irritates me. Juan, Geraldo, Eboni are, for me, always the reason to switch channels. I used to think Juan was kinda OK, but, I can’t even believe the things which come out his mouth, and that goes for any channel he’s on, doing commentary. Geraldo has many views which are tainted by his Hispanic background, and to think, he calls himself a long time friend of Trump. Eboni is, only, still on Fox, because she’s easy on the eyes.

  13. Howard, great editorial as usual. Happy to know others turn off Fox news also! I flip the channels and can’t believe when president Trump was speaking in Florida, as soon as he mentioned Moore, CNN turned the mute on and was commenting on how President Trump was for Moore and vote for him! Go Trump, Go!! We are with you all the way!

  14. Peace process….? That’s a joke of huge proportions. They only sit down to ‘negotiate’ to get more money from the UN and countries like ours. They do not want peace as the ‘money tap’ will be cut off. It’s also good for the arms dealers who are very powerful and peace would cut into their profits.

  15. Howard, as you noted, Peter Strzok was NOT fired! He was moved into FBI Human Resources from what I’ve found out. And just think of the personnel HAVOC he can create from that department! As for Sarah Silverman? Her comments are disgraceful, both as an American and as a Jew.

  16. We still have Hannity and Carlson …. NOTHING Lefty about those 2.
    Worth keeping Fox with them on the air!
    Not to mention Judge Jeannie too.
    If it weren’t for These two We’d know Nothing about Hillary’s Uranium One deal and we’d Know Nothing about this corrupt FBI. No Wonder Media Matters and other lefties are doing their best to shut them down! Law suits, targeting the sponsors etc etc. If they let these 3 go … Fox would be off the air! I suspect the lefties know that too!

  17. I wish you the best in hoping to find your Cousin’s Son Jesse Galganov.

  18. Dear Howard, I just want to congratulate you on your stupendous editorial once again!!! You are so right. Fox has really gone LEFT, except for Sean, Tucker, and Judge Jeanine. I cannot stand when they have those sick lefties spew their evil lies. I too change the channel when they come on the air.

    I pray your nephew is found unharmed and soon. God Bless him and his family.

    Thanks for sharing your insight into what is happening in this crazy world since obama had come onto the sce

  19. Great commentary! Howard, you tell it like it is. You don’t hold back. I love reading your column. Same reasons I love this President! He tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back. Unfortunately the elitist left can’t call a spade a spade. All their commentary has to be politically “corrected!!!”

  20. “Piece of work”? No, POS! Blacks would rather have had Obama in TN! (Can’t get it in their heads he isn’t POTUS, plus Trump (white guy) is trying to make things better for them (not realizing how bad they could have gotten under HRC)! We can “boycott” Fox, much like NFL (if that’s what it takes)! Sorry about Jesse, but things are different in other nations! Thought FBI and CIA were agencies to “protect” people- lately it’s “protecting” only themselves! Palestinians won’t ever stop fighting Jews!

  21. Please stop using B.C.E. and C.E. that’s more anti-Christian tripe. The world shouldn’t be changing the Christian calendar, I know Christ isn’t your Lord but he is ours and that calendar is ours so please leave it in the original form.

  22. I usually watch FOX news because, well, CTV, CBC, Global, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and even BBC essentially say the same thing on every subject. They claim impartiality yet are completely biased to the left. At least FOX gives another point of view, admits its to the Right, and will allow leftists to make fools of themselves. I only wish FOX would give more world news – hearing the same topic all the time becomes repetitive. I hope Todd finds Jesse alive and well.

  23. Sir from Ohio, tripe and chitlins are not the same. Tripe is cleaned beef intestines, chitlins are cleaned pork intestines.
    I quit Fox except for an occasional Hannity or Ingraham show. The best news network is OANN: One America News Network. Newsmax is also superior to FOX. OANN has world news while the talk show networks of FOX, CNN, NBC, etc., have biased commentary.
    I continue to applaud and share the writings of Mr. Galganov, and look forward to each new article. Bless you, sir, for a

  24. I agree with you….I am right now shutting down Fox News because Eboni Williams is spouting her leftist mouth.

  25. FOX NEWS? Are they still on the air? OANN is my choice for hard news. The only solution to the Mideast islamist problem is Moshiach .

  26. HG, as usual, riveting eyeopener! Being I cannot get OANN on TV in Canada, I must rely on FNC. I enjoy; Hannity, Carlson, Krauthammer, Pirro, Ingram, Kurtz, Watters, and Gutfeld, who is the right wing Jon Stewart. Unlike Juan, Ebony is smart enough to admit to some negative Dem realities.

  27. EXCELLANT!!, I concur, but you should have waited a minute before hitting mute. Sheriff Clark took her to school and told her that her “History” instructors were apparently neglect in their duties as her facts and assumptions were totally wrong, and she should go check her facts before speaking. However he was right and she belongs selling newspaper at a kiosk in the subway as a penalty,….for 10-15 years! Feel the pulse of America,…..it’s getting stronger and more adept!
    Go Trump!!

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