Trust In The DOJ, FBI & All Other Arms Of The Law



And then I Watched the Statement of Al Franken from the Senate Floor. And then I watched and listened to the Pundits discuss both. AND HERE IS WHAT I TOOK AWAY FROM ALL OF IT . . .

I don’t know if the Current Director of the FBI was at the Congressional Hearing to do Himself a Favor, or to do the FBI a Favor, or to Clear the Air, since in my Opinion He Did None Of The Preceding.

FBI Director Christopher Wray DIDN’T ANSWER QUESTIONS. What the FBI Director did, was to Perform like a Trained Politician, saying what he thought the Members of Congress might want to hear, without really saying anything at all.

IN FACT . . . What the Director did, was nothing short of OBFUSCATING & DEFLECTING Serious Questions about the INTEGRITY OF THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS, which to my understanding, was why Wray was in Front of the House Members In The First Place . . . To Answer Questions, Rather than to do a Fancy Two Step.


WHAT ALSO SHOCKS ME . . . Is that the House Committee, which overseas the Department of Justice, which oversees the FBI, is in fact, THE BOSS OF THE FBI, which has the Power to FORCE the FBI to Comply with their Questions, which for Whatever Reason they seem Too Timid To Use.

SO WHERE IN THE ANNALS OF COMMONSENSE . . . is it written – that the Employee Does Not Answer To The Boss?

What Bothered Me Substantially about Wray’s NON-TESTIMONY, is the way Christopher Wray referred all Questions to the Category Of – “I CAN’T ANSWER THAT . . . Because It’s Before The IG “ (Federal Inspector General). It reminded me of Richard Nixon and his Accomplices who used the Excuse for Not Answering Important & Legitimate Questions as “I Can’t Answer That Question Because Of National Security”.

THE OTHER NONSENSE . . . was when asked for his Legal Opinion on Evident Points Of Law, WRAY’S TWO RESPONSES WERE:

1 – I’ve been out of the Practice of Law for so long . . . that I Can’t Really Remember The Statute which covers this or that . . . WHICH WAS LAUGHABLE, since Most “Ordinary” People like you and me who are Interested in Political Goings-On, know the Statutes which the Director of the FBI, who is a Former Defense Attorney, Former Prosecutor & In-House Government Council Can’t Seem To Remember.

2 – The other NONSENSICAL Answer offered by Christopher Wray . . . was that so many of the Statutes can be Interpreted in Different ways, which could mean the same thing . . . such as the Difference between GROSS NEGLIGENCE & EXTREME CARELESSNESS.

IT SEEMS TO ME . . . That this relatively New Director of the FBI is amongst the only People who can’t or won’t see the EVIDENT Difference between what was GROSS NEGLIGENCE, which is an Indictable Offense & EXTREME CARELESSNESS which is not.

THE OTHER THING THAT IS BOTHERSOME . . . Is how all these Liberal Lawyers say in Unison that Hillary Clinton HAD NO INTENT OF BREAKING THE LAW, when in Actual Law . . . INTENT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CULPABILITY.


It’s like saying that the guy who robbed the convenience store with a loaded gun, couldn’t possibly be found guilty of Murder or Manslaughter, because he had NO INTENT of shooting and killing the person behind the counter, because the gun simply went-off.


Director Wray Did Nothing To Inspire Confidence & Trust In The FBI, since the Tens of Thousands of People who Work for the FBI, AREN’T IN QUESTION about their Integrity, which can’t be said for the Leadership Of the FBI & Justice Department, WHICH ARE NEITHER TRUSTED NOR REVERED.

And when President Trump Said that the REPUTATION OF THE FBI IS IN TATTERS – That’s what he meant, and Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray SAID NOTHING TO ASSUAGE THIS REALITY.


So Let Me Say This Without Any Hesitation . . . Al Franken Is & Was A Pig – PERIOD! And no matter what Franken says about President Trump and Judge Roy Moore in order to show equivalence or a double standard, none of it does anything to Alleviate the Despicable Things Franken has said and done Before & After becoming a US Senator. GOOD RIDDANCE.

AS FOR ROY MOORE . . . I ask this again – Why did it take almost 40-YearsTHAT’S FORTY-YEARS, which is Half a Lifetime for most People, for the Accusers to all of a sudden RECOLLECT that Judge Roy Moore Acted in an INAPPROPRIATE FASHION.


BESIDE THE FACT . . . that Judge Roy Moore has NOT BEEN ACCUSED OF RAPE, Sexual Deviancy or Sexual Assault of Any Kind, SEEMS NOT TO MATTER. It also seems, that the stories of these ACCUSERS from almost 40-Years Ago are full of Holes, Innuendoes & Unsubstantiatable Memories, Times, Places & Events.


In A World Of Over Sensitivity – As A Man . . . and as a former Employer of a Ton of Women, many of whom were relatively Young & Attractive . . . in Today’s World, any Woman in a Man’s Employ, especially in Canada, can have her Boss or any Man in the Company Charged with Sexual Misconduct, Simply for Saying something like, I like your Dress, or you Look Prettier than Usual Today . . . ETC – ETC – ETC.


When it comes time to Hire Someone to do a job for me, perhaps I would think LONG & HARD before Hiring a Woman.

As an Employer For Just About My Entire Working Life . . . I was never accused of anything Untoward when it came to the Opposite Sex, but then again, I am not a Tactile Kind of Guy, and I ALWAYS KEPT MY DISTANCE, and I was NEVER in a Closed Office with a Female Employee . . . BUT IN THE BACK OF MY MIND – There was always the thought that I didn’t have To Do Anything for someone to claim that I did.

And in one circumstance . . . I had a Young Attractive Woman working for us, who was Divorced, had two children, and spent time telling Anne and Myself how all of her Previous Bosses “PUT THE MOVE ON HER” because she was Young, Pretty, Divorced with Children & VULNERABLE. And that she had a Pretty Low Opinion of Men.

I LET HER GO . . . She did the Job, but I didn’t need to have to Worry about when she would say the same about me . . . as she said about her Former Employers.


“Be Very Careful For What You Ask . . . ‘Cause You Just Might Get It”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have believed that Obama is Moslem and a Trojan horse for a very long time. People on our side will exclaim over and over how he does things out of disdain for this country, but they never go so far as to say why he disdains this country. For me, it is and has been blindingly obvious. He is fundamentally Muslim, in sympathy if not in actuality, and he clearly identifies with the radical Islamist terrorists and so tries every way possible to explain and excuse them.

  2. How long can the US continue to withstand all this corruption and disfunction before the fabric starts to unravel

  3. As soon as Congress charges an FBI official of obstruction for not handing over information …. the sooner the flood gates will really open wide! But its my guess with all the new scandals involving the FBI supporting Hillary and against Trump and the DEEP STATE crap that is coming out .. the Republicans are going to look even better by November 2018. The Dems got their media spin this past year. It could turn out the FBI will be the best thing for the Republicans in 2018 …. and 2020! Love it

  4. Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20. Flynn wouldn’t be in the trouble he’s in if he had followed the example of Sessions, Comey, and Wray. There is no way that any of the 3 could be accused of lying because they never really answered any questions

  5. Lawrence Alexander, the fabric of the WORLD is unraveling! Just look around at the total disfunctionality of most countries, including yours and mine. Societies are crumbling, violence is increasing…we’re all falling apart.

  6. I hate to be a Gloomy Gus, Howard, but sadly, I think the whole Hillary Clinton “experience” has proven that the “rule of law” from due process to truly objective judges, courts and…investigative agencies like the FBI and special counsels are a thing of the past.

  7. A sexual accusation is a most powerful weapon to force a man to quit for the sake of his family n future reputation. Many years ago my workplace, a Crown Corp, changed from an English President who was rudely ousted by a Francophone President with an unwritten mandate to get rid of all the English. I resisted as long as I could despite many insidious pressures but when alerted to a clandestine plot, total lies, no choice but to quit. No point fighting, courts were stacked w/ Francophones

  8. Isn’t it amazing that it was ONLY, until Al Franken’stein’, that men running for Congress on the Republican had “sexual indecency” of any type? The more we see about the increasing numbers of ways a man can get called for harassment, the more I am continually convinced and believe that the only role of the mother in the family was to stay home and take care of the kids which, is far more important than their selfish career desires.

  9. Howard, calling Al Franken a pig is an insult to those highly intelligent sensitive animals. A better analogy would be to compare him to C. Difficile bacteria.

  10. Saw a picture on the Fake Canadian TV News of perverts ( Al Franken et al ) , who are admitted offenders and Democrats. They were in black and white . Right in the middle of them in full colour is un-convicted Republican Roy Moore . I won’t be buying anything from the sponsors of these news disservices .

  11. Very good article. I said the same thing to a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago with all the accusations of misconduct flying around. This new mindset may just be more counterproductive for women, than it is productive. Like you mention in your article, women in the workplace may take a really hard hit. It only takes a few to set a storm in motion. Young women graduating college or coming home from the military may find it extra difficult to find good jobs after this.

  12. Having been formerly married to a police officer cost me all respect for the law and those who uphold it. They’re just as bad if not worse than the criminals–bragging about planting evidence, tuning up perps, lying under oath and so much more. It was nauseating and showed me that our entire system is corrupt, stem to stern.

  13. I have grown to hate govt. investigations because they are always used as an EXCUSE to avoid answering questions. They never seem to result in holding anyone truly responsible. They most likely are not much more than a big waste of time and money. And finally, they provide the investigators a meal ticket for as long as they last. Let professional investigators do it and get it out of govt. Chuck

  14. Howard, I just heard on the Rush Limbaugh radio show that Beverly Nelson, the lady who initially accused Roy Moore of writing that garbage in her yearbook JUST ADMITTED that she – SHE – forged – FORGED – the signature in her yearbook!!! What do you know? SURPRISE! SURPRISE! There is so much garbage being spewed at all levels of government and by so many women today, I’m starting to think that some of these women are acting out as badly as many men in power have.

  15. I do not fault women for coming forward as in “Me Too,” but, think about what it may do to equality in the workplace.
    When it comes time to hire someone to do a job for me, I would certainly think extensively before hiring a woman because it might be that she would make unfounded accusations. In my mind would be the thought that I didn’t have to actually do anything for someone to claim that I did, which in today’s world, is condemnation without a shred of evidence.

  16. my CPA in business once said to me as he only ever needed one girl in the office: I always hire someone who is unattractive and that way there can never be a problem.

  17. It is so difficult for those who KEEP ABREAST of the POLITICAL news to remain FAITHFUL at doing so, because it’s been so DEPRESSING at times. In other words, the more information that is REVEALED about the SWAMP, i. e., about the DECEITFUL DEMOCRATS & RINO ACTIONS, the more DISCOURAGING and DIFFICULT it has become to continue to do so. BUT, thank GOD that the TRUTH IS being REVEALED–even if it’s VERY SLOWLY! The RINOS are, especially, a COMPLETE DISGRACE to our GOVERNMENT! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  18. As a working woman I can say there are just as many female predators as there are men. Women go after men of money, good jobs, looks, etc. They are very cunning and very dangerous. Remember “Hell hath no fury like the wrath of a woman”.
    Several of Moore’s accusers have been called liars by their own family members. Women like money and I think these have all been paid lots to keep Moore out of the Senate.

  19. All about “CYA” today (not National Security)! Seems Democrats can “do no wrong”, Republicans can “do no right” (why I’m now officially “Independent”)! All these two-faced liars aren’t helping “unite” this nation or strengthen agencies which help keep our nation “safe” by investigating those who are attempting to make things “less safe” or deceiving American people with their total dishonesty! Women have “come a long way” in the workplace, but millions are “baby factories” existing off welfare!

  20. Should be a simple process from here going forward. Subpoena all FBI and DOJ personnel who had knowledge of the obstruction that was going on, make deals with the lower fish and go after the kingpins. We all know who we are talking about here…and we all know that Democrats are famous for their cowardice, e.g. their appeasement to Islamists,etc…. and of course, that a fish always rots from the head down.

  21. My husband was a police officer for thirty years in WY. Because of his service to the community and his integrity, I have to disagree that ALL law enforcement are corrupt. Our city mayor made the mistake of hiring a chief from IL and he was as crooked as they come. He got fired and the mayor served one term. The officers in our city are good men and women and endured much hardship under this puke of a man. Vote out corruption! Stop voting for the familiar name on the ballot.

  22. In cases of sexual harassment against men, it was guilty until proven innocent at the company I retired from. It was inquisition / questioning by female employees from human resources department. I knew that after 30 years of faithful & productive service it was time to retire lest the axe fall on me. I witnessed too many good men who got canned for no good reason(s). Hell hath no fury….

  23. “Side stepping” and “talking around an issue” is the norm these days. I believe most of the Americans see this and are losing faith fast. The coming elections will tell the story. There are important issues that are lost in the crap being served up by the media. People are getting tired of it and want to know the situation in the Middle East and how it pertains to the USA and the World. Iraq has taken the whole country back from ISIS! The US Embassy is moving to Jerusalem! Gov. shutdown!

  24. The big question is why did Trump appoint Wary ? I have come to the conclusion years ago that you can’t trust politicians and now rule of law is in questionable.

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