What Peace Process?


Recognizing Jerusalem As The Capital Of Israel & The Jewish People . . . IS NOT THE GREATEST THREAT TO THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE . . .

PEACE . . . Is The Greatest Threat To The Palestinians.


Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, Hanan Ashrawi & Saeb Erekat . . . To State Just A Few . . . ARE ALL WEALTHY!

When Arafat Died . . . It was Reported with Accuracy, that Arafat Skimmed BILLIONS of Dollars from the Palestinian People for his own Personal use.

And After Arafat’s Death – Arafat’s Widow, Suha Arafat . . . had to be Begged, Threatened & Bribed to Return most of Arafat’s Money, which Arafat Skimmed from the People, which Suha Arafat Denied . . . But Why Would I Believe Suha Arafat?

FOR MAHMOUD ABBAS . . . the Current Leader of the Palestinians, HANAN ASHRAWI (the Chief Spokesperson for the Palestinians), & SAEB EREKAT (the Chief Peace Negotiator for the Palestinians) . . . THEY’RE ALL STINKING RICH.

SO HOW DID THIS HAPPEN . . . With The Three Aforementioned Schlepps, Working For A Violent Bankrupt Non-Nation, Supported Almost Exclusively With United Nation’s Charities, While The Palestinian People Live In Abject Poverty?

The Palestinians Have To Ask These Questions Of Themselves . . .

1 – Why is Israel . . . such a Wealthy & Powerful World Player, which is a Miniscule Sized Country with a Small Population of Approximately 8-Million People, of which 6-Million are Jews, surrounded by as many as 500-Million Hostile Arab Moslems – while being Overtly & Covertly Demonized by Most of Europe, and much more of the World outside of the United States of America, which has up until recently had Nothing more to Depend upon in Natural Resources, than the Intelligence and Hard Work of Israel’s People, who made a Desert Bloom, Grew Ample Food to sell to the World, while Creating Incredible Scientific, Medical & Engineering Miracles?

2 – Why Do The Palestinians Live In Squalor . . . who have been SHOWERED with Global Wealth & Good Will . . . While within Israel, the Palestinians also enjoyed Multiple Opportunities for Education, Work & Entrepreneurship Aplenty, before the Sick Deal Called Oslo and the 2002 Intifada?


The Palestinians would be NO LESS Politically, Morally & Financially Bankrupt than they Already are now . . . BUT PERHAPS EVEN MORE SO.

IF THE PALESTINIAN ARABS . . . Couldn’t Rail Against Israel – Blaming the Incredibly Successful Jewish State for all their Misfortunes – What would the Palestinian Arabs have with which TO BEG THE JEW-HATING GLOBAL COMMUNITY FOR MORE MONEY & FREE STUFF?

THERE IS NOTHING WITH WHICH TO ASSUME . . . That the Palestinians would or could have a CORRUPTION FREE STATE, where all People would be Equal, Governed by a Mostly Secular Constitution & Set of Laws, which would Evenly Honor Women, Gays, Lesbians, Jews & Christians Alike?

AS IT STANDS TODAY . . . In Spite of the 1993 Guarantee through the Phony Oslo Accord, that the Palestinians would create a Democratic State with Transparently Elected Politicians . . .


Yet . . . After the Death of Arafat – November 11, 2004, and the LITERAL APPOINTMENT of Abbas as the Leader of the Territory called Palestine – there has not been One Real Leadership Election. So Much For Palestinian Democracy.


IT SEEMS TO ME . . . That amongst the things the Palestinians DO BEST, are Teaching their Children how to Hate Jews, Distort & Lie about History, Deny the Truth, Steal From International Charities . . . while Convincing some Sick-Minded People, many of whom are Children, others who are Religiously Brainwashed, and others who have Sick & Evil Brains, who have Nothing To Live For, all of whom will MURDER Innocent Jews . . . Young, Old, Men, Women & Children – Who Are Only Guilty Of Being Jewish, Because That’s What They Do Best.


When the Palestinians THREATEN 3-DAYS OF RAGE – Take it For What it’s Worth, WHICH ISN’T MUCH, since after 70-Years of wasting their time, and the Lives of their People with BS Rhetoric, SUCH AS THEIR DAYS OF RAGE, all the Palestinians Accomplish is some Destruction of Property, and the Death of Some Innocent Jews, while Burying Themselves, their Children and their Future . . . FURTHER INTO THE HELL OF THEIR OWN MAKING.


While the Mostly Jewish State of Israel THRIVES, the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, with every Golden Financial Opportunity to Exceed and Excel . . . THEY INVENT WAYS FOR THEMSELVES TO FAIL.


BUT IT’S NOT ONLY THE FAULT OF THE PALESTINIANS . . . The Palestinians are the Ignorant Dupes & Henchmen of the Anti-Semitic Middle East & Europe, where the Nazis were Beaten BUT NOT DEFEATED . . . NOR WAS THEIR IDEOLOGY. And Nor will European Hatred of Jews ever be Vanquished.


It was almost Immediately Announced by the CZECH REPUBLIC, that they too have just Recognized Jerusalem as the National Capital of Israel.

Fight Hard Enough, Honest Enough & Long Enough . . . Victory Is The Reward.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Obama has a couple more years to carry out his mission. It is his mission in the Islamic world which worries me the most. He is intent on allowing Iran the ability to assemble nukes. He is determined to shrink and make Israel indefensible at a time when its borders are filling up with Iranian Republican Guards, Hezbollah, ISIS and all manner of terrorists (all the same in their desire to wipe out Israel).

    Obama has sympathy for terrorists to the point where he says that terrorists cannot be

  2. The Phillipines is following the US and the Czech Republic as well. When will Canada see the light?

  3. Your questions that the average Palestinian should address are a little too complex

  4. God’s blessings on you and yours Howard, as well on the Czechs and the Phillipines!


  5. Good for Trump! It’s too bad that Prime Minister Joe Clark wimped out in 1979 when he reneged on his wish to move the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem. That might have helped the intervening years of turmoil.

  6. A tiny Palestinian state within the West Bank is not viable, and its only purpose would be the perpetuation of war against Israel. Such a state would not have a real economy, and Israel would not be secure.

  7. Peace may not be possible since it is difficult to change “mentality” (including centuries of “inbreeding” by Arabs, resulting in “mental illness”)! Islam is a religion and a way of life! Arab kids are taught to “hate” Jewish kids (Americans too, truth be known)! They shoot rockets at Jewish neighborhoods, not caring who they harm or what they hit! Truth: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel (no matter what others may think or believe). God is “watching over Israel” (let’s hope and pray USA too)!

  8. Howard, its about time that a person like Trump to stand and tell the truth about Jerusalem. For almost 100 years, the Arabs keep on saying No to a Jewish State. I take my hat off to Trump for the having the courage to stand up and not be afraid of the Arabs or kiss their hand, like Obama did. God Bless Trump and people like him. Steve Acre, Canada

  9. At last we have a Man at the Helm that does not have any problem with taking on any fight. The Jerusalem move is the right one at last and has a simple resolve, take the plaque off the front entrance and move it to its new home. What is the problem.

  10. How amazing that it was Chekoslavia that sold/sent weapons(including airplanes I believe) to Israel in 1948 in their hour of need when the arab hordes invaded the tiny new nation. And now are first to validate reality by standing up again. Of the many lessons of the Holocaust being an UPSTANDER instead of a BYSTANDER is one of the most important. It is good to know that humanity is still alive and God bless Trump and the Checks.

    Andy Reti survivor

  11. I’m SO VERY PROUD, of OUR PRES. Trump, for restoring the capital city of Jerusalem, to WHERE IT RIGHTFULLY BELONGS! GOOD FOR THE, CZECHS as well!! AND ALSO THE PHILLIPINES!!! The Arabs will get over it!!!! Pres. Trump, is the VERY BEST, when it comes to courage, etc., etc. The Arabs are definitely the BIG, BAD, BULLIES of THE MIDDLE-EAST! Thank goodness Obama is NO LONGER IN POWER, as PRESIDENT!!

  12. I am thrilled Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol. Israel exists and FLOURISHES today because God has a special place in His heart for the Jews. God gave the people of Israel the Promised Land and He chose them as the unique people to bring His Messiah into the world, and NO ONE can ever defeat this tiny nation! How awesome is our God! Thank you, Howard, for your great insights!

  13. Stephen Harper would have done the same for Canada. Not Justin Trudeau, the son of an avowed anti-semite Pierre-Elliot Trudeau

  14. AND WHERE IS TURDO ON THIS ONE ? making a free trade deal with China , oops failing to make a deal with China , failing to renew NAFTA with our nearest neighbor WITH WHOM WE SHARE A CULTURE … in favor of ass kissing the UN , running my country into BANKRUPCY , and AVOIDING a comment on this issue as well , no wait he just bought some used Jet fighters from Australia: more money well spent , park them with the used Brit Subs that do not work either .

  15. A Welfare state or Welfare people inside the west ….. more often than not end up with the Very Same mentality. I’m entitled to my entitlements and more is never enough and Ultimately after Years of Getting used to the Free Money, I don’t have to really do anything any more but be ready when the Next Cheques are handed out. Generation after generation.
    The contrast is telling and rather obvious …. exactly how you describe current day Israel and current day Palestinians.. especially in Gaza.

  16. Trudope is a muzzie, and will never support anything against this religion of peace.

    I am embarrassed to admit that we have this fool for a PM.

    His meetings with the Chinese along with his enterauge was almost comical. The Chinese could barely contain their laughter, after socks thought he could lecture them on climate change, etc.

    But he is so wise shutting down our coal industry, while China is currently building over 1,000 new coal plants.

    But queen McKenna can’t be wrong!

  17. You can print the accomplishments of the Arabs on one page with space left over. The accomplishments of Jews takes an entire book. They were given that desert land thinking they would leave it soon. I have been there several times and it is unbelievable how modern, beautiful, lush, and booming it is. Now the Palestinians want it back. They couldn’t run any of it if they had it. I am a Christian and I worship a Jew. How can any so-called christian be anti-semetic? They are CINOs

  18. Spot on Howard……could equate to a bunch of democraps in the USA.

  19. I so appreciate today’s blog, I learn something new every time I read your articles. I am a bit sad that the jubilance of yesterday is fading so fast as there is much anger in today’s writing. After watching clips of Bush, Clinton & Obama pledging to move the U S Embassy to Jerusalem and NOT following through, I realized they just said it to SOUND good. TRUMP has a more pressing reason…a campaign promise and his daughter, son in law, in-laws and grandchildren are Jewish…

  20. There will NEVER be peace. Even the antichrist won’t want peace. He’ll fight with the Arabs. Won’t the arabs consider him an infidel?

  21. Hate is like drinking poison, then waiting for your enemy to die (attributed by some to St. Augustine). Alot of hatred for Jews for thousands of years, and will continue for thousands more. Trying to reason with these people would be just as effective as trying to reason with a rattlesnake.

  22. It is no different with some elected American politicians,both federal and state who had little or no worth when coming in to office but became millionaires,a good example barack obama ( never had a job or his wife ) now has 3 homes.

  23. And it might be worth your while to check out just where the abbas kids are living and how well off they are. Interesting that the middle letters of Jerusalem are USA. Sad that the world won’t work together for the benefit of all but I guess that oil speaks louder than morals and ethics do. On the coming Chanukah – remember that the Macabees defeated the Greeks with a much smaller army. Happy holidays to all.

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