The Logan Act . . . Of January 30, 1799



It seems to me, that Robert Mueller’s “GOTCHA” of General Michael Flynn’s Admission of Guilt (Lying To The FBI), was to Implicate Jared Kushner, perhaps under the Logan Act, which makes it a Felony for an American Citizen to Negotiate with a Foreign Government for the Purpose of Creating a Mandate on Behalf of, and in the Name of the United States Government.

WHAT IS CLEAR . . . Is that the ONLY Person in the USA, who has the Legal Authority to Enter into Agreements with Foreign Governments on behalf of the United States of America, is the Sitting President.

BUT WHAT ISN’T CLEAR . . . is whether the Logan Act Encompasses ALL AMERICANS, even in a Private Capacity, or just Americans in a Position of Public Authority.

But either way, only Two People have ever been Charged under the Logan Act, which in both Cases, the Government FAILED to Convict either of them.

BUT LET’S ASSUME FOR THE MOMENT . . . That The Logan Act, is a Law with Real Teeth, and should be Enforced to it’s Intended Limits . . . John Kerry, who was a Former Naval Officer (Gunboat Commander – Vietnam War), Senator & Secretary of State . . . would have been Charged, Found Guilty & IMPRISONED Long Ago, for what he did DURING The Vietnam War.


In the Waning Period Near the End of the Vietnam War, John Kerry, who was still on Active Duty as a US Naval Officer, met with Members of the North Vietnamese Government SURREPTITIOUSLY in Paris France, while America & North Vietnam were still at War.

NOT ONLY SHOULD KERRY . . . have been Charged Under the Logan Act, but he should also have been Charged for CONSPIRING with, and Giving Aid & Comfort to the Enemy.


People Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones . . . Because, if the LEFT want to start Playing Games as they seem to be doing, it would take Very Little Imagination to start ROUNDING UP DEMOCRATS (LEFTISTS), who Violated American Presidential Foreign Policy Supremacy . . . Including John Kerry, Jane Fonda & Barack HUSSEIN Obama.


During the Transition Period between George W Bush & Obama, the Russians had INVADED the Sovereign State of Georgia, knowing that American Foreign Policy would be Vulnerable at this time. And President Bush, not wanting to Saddle his Incoming Presidential Replacement . . . didn’t make Hard Policy, as per what to do with the Russian Invasion.


HOWEVER . . . The Democrat President Elect Did Insert Himself In Forming American Government Policy, by Publicly Stating that America, under his Presidency, would in effect DO NOTHING about the Unlawful Russian Invasion, Death & Destruction Caused by the Russians, & the Capture of the Territory of a Sovereign Nation.

AND NOW WE HAVE FORMER PRESIDENT OBAMA . . . Giving Speeches Abroad (and it doesn’t matter whether at home or abroad), Stating that the Current American Government (President Trump), is Devoid of the World’s Obligation to Participate in Climate Control.

If That’s Not Undermining A Sitting President & Forming US Policy – What Is?


“If You Try To Take Down A Street-Fighter – Don’t Miss” . . . Thus Far, the LEFT has THROWN as much against President Donald Trump as they Possibly Could, Some of it TRUE, much of it EMBELLISHED, and a Whole Lot of it, Nothing Short Of SCURRILOUS LIES.

As Far As I Can see . . . The LEFT Is Running Out Of Things To THROW.

HERE’S THE REALLY BIG PROBLEM FOR THE LEFT . . . Trump isn’t just a Counter-Puncher as the Media like to Portray Him To Be. A Counter-Puncher Waits to be Hit, and then Hits Back . . . BUT THAT’S NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP. President Trump HITS FIRST, HITS HARD & HITS OFTEN.

MY DAD . . . Who Grew-Up on the Tough Streets of Montreal in a Poor Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Religious Community, who was the Son of Jewish Immigrant Parents, had Two Choices . . . he could live in Fear of the Street Bullies. Or To Take Them on No Matter What.

WHEN MY DAD WENT TO WAR . . . He came back home after nearly 5-Years of Fighting the Nazis Throughout Europe, as one of Canada’s More Decorated World War II Heroes, for Bravery Above & Beyond The Call of Duty. And the First Time in my life, when I got into a Back-Alley Fist Fight with a Bully Slightly Older than me, I didn’t fight back . . . Partly because I was scared, partly because I didn’t know how to fight, and perhaps mostly because my Mother taught me that it was Bad to Hit People.

BUT THAT WASN’T MY DAD’S PHILOSOPHY . . . The First thing my Dad did, after I told him about the Fight, where I didn’t Fight-Back, was to bring me to the Local YM-YWHA (Young Men & Young Women’s Hebrew Association), put a set of Boxing Gloves on me, stuck me in the Ring with a Kid who knew how to Box . . . AND MADE SURE THAT I WOULD LEARN TOO.


1 – Don’t get into a Fight if you’re NOT PREPARED TO WIN, or you have no other Choice.

2 – The ONLY RULE About Fighting On The Street . . . IS TO WIN – PERIOD!

3 – If you know that you’re going to get into a Fight, or are Relatively Certain that you’re going to get into a Fight, Hit First, Hit Hard & Hit Often.

4 – You know the Fight’s Over . . . ONLY when the Other Guy is either Begging to for you to Stop . . . or he’s on the Ground and he isn’t Moving.

I Wasn’t A Natural Fighter . . . But I Also Wasn’t A Wimp.

ONCE WORD GETS OUT ABOUT YOU BEING A STREET FIGHTER . . . It will be Very Rare Indeed, that you’ll ever have to Fight, because, ONLY Stupid People who Don’t Believe, or want to Show how Tough they are, or that they think they’re a Lot Tougher than they Really Are, or because they never had to Stand-Up to a Real Street-Fighter . . . COULD POSSIBLY BE DUMB ENOUGH TO TRY THEIR LUCK.

I DON’T KNOW IF DONALD TRUMP EVER THREW A PHYSICAL PUNCH . . . but what I Do Know, is that Everything I have seen in the Last Two Years with Donald Trump the Candidate . . . & Donald Trump the President – Is That In The World Of Politics – DONALD TRUMP HAS PROVEN BEYOND DOUBT . . . THAT HE IS A STREET FIGHTER.

AND UNTIL HIS OPPONENTS . . . Run out of what it takes to Fight – President Donald Trump WON’T STOP SWINGING until the LEFT either Begs for him to STOP, or the LEFT Simply Stops Moving . . .

And that Goes for the Democrats, RINOS, Justice Department, State Department, FBI and all Takers.

IF YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE ON A STREET-FIGHTER . . . Make Sure You Can Win, because with a Street Fighter . . . IT’S ALL OR NOTHING.

And If You Lose . . . IT’S NOTHING!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, Obama’s chief adviser and great friend to he and Mechell is Valerie Jeri d (sic) born and raised a Moslem. The again look at the chief of staff for Hillary, another Moslem.

  2. Very wise commentary. I learned many of these lessons as a boy. It only hurts after the first few licks. Face a bully, even if stronger than you . . . keep coming. He will eventually tire and go after easier prey. Sheep or Sheep Dog – your choice!

  3. Perhaps the “crazy governments”(the ones who break out into fistfights regularly,) should be a model for our own. They apparrently don’t have any “Will” to fight when disparaging, out right lying, and scurrilous innuendo are easier, leaves no marks on them, and now that the ENTIRE congressional membership, Dems and Republicans alike are so trained that they don’t speak until the “Plan of the Day” is posted with the mandatory hearsay. innuendos, and patented “talking points”, just for cowards!

  4. All comparisons are Odious!.. You have a great life…you have a great wife..already have Money, Cars, Jet planes, Hotels, Golf Courses. Family, Business, Friends, Grandchildren and a life worth living and loving.. and your Enthusiastic to Get up at 70 years of age and Still be “Busting your Butt”…all day…every day…OTHER THAN…..for “”LOVE”” of your Country..Would not make me to think……Why you would do this…if you could/would not accomplish It….Is he a Mustard Seed?

  5. Very good blog Howard, glad to mentioned Hanoi Jane just saw pics of her laughing with Commie soldiers while sitting on an anti aircraft gun.

  6. I learned, at a very young age in public school (seventy five years ago) that one punch to a bully’s nose making it bleed, stopped all kinds of problems from happening down the road. Years later when my GIRLS started school I taught them the same thing. It worked just fine for them too, thank you!
    Ted Walker, Oakville, Ontario

  7. Howard, what happened to all the lies that Bill and Hillary Clinton told the FBI? Is there a different law for the Democrats and one for the Republicans? What about Obama when he said to Medyedev, who was the Russian President that he will look into the matter after he gets into the Oval office, which at the time it meant that Obama will be more accommodating on the subject. I am getting sick and tired of this American charade. Steve Acre, Canada

  8. NOW, your photo standing beside your horse begins to make sense, lots of sense! Fight the Good Fight with determination and guts; I fear we’re not done nor is it over.
    Barbara Bailey, Tipp City, Ohio

  9. We have enough “street fighters” already (since they can’t do much else with their lives)! This “Feces Fest” by media must end! Disrespect for our POTUS must stop! We allowed Obama to turn USA into a “Democracy” (that’s “Mob Rule” if you look things up, not a Republic), but truthfully closer to Socialist/Communist dictatorship! Trump throws “strategic punches” when necessary! Try to hit somebody today and get “assault charges” slapped on you! Parents can’t spank kids anymore- that’s abusive!

  10. l love the commentary l was brought up in a catholic neighbourhood l got in a fight in grade 4 Got a detention But never had anyone bother me again in school Later on in another era same thing Got in a fight Give the guy a bloody nose and it was game over in my erly 20s

  11. Great editorial tonight Howard. You are absolutely right about getting in the first punch will stop many a fight. I have a serious problem with the slush fund in Congress to shut people up. I understand that Rep. Conyers paid $483 K just to shut up one woman and that over $17 million has already been paid out of this slush fund of taxpayer dollars. Let us not forget the $6 BILLION that was missing and unaccounted for when Hillary left the State Dept. We can’t afford to let this just keep happeni

  12. ward, I agree with everything you said. he politicians in the USA are so corrupt that they actually believe that they are honorable. It is so very sad that we cannot effectively drain the swamp because any vote for anyone that is neither a Democrat nor a Republican is a wasted vote. Those two parties have a stranglehold on all elections. I voted for Ross Perot, not because I wanted him as President, but as a protest against the ESTABLISHMENT. It apparently dd no good.

  13. I pray that Trump can keep fighting and draining the swamp. As the pigs squeel and squeel I hope he can ignore it until even the fools can see he is making their country great…for them also!

  14. Media has demonstrated that laws and rules such as the Logan Act and so many others do not apply anymore. Mainly because they are the ones who choose to disregard them. As we see innumerable times daily, they (media) are the ones who choose who is guilty of any given crime as who is innocent for the exact same offense.

  15. Another great article

    Thanks Howard for all the labor / passion you put into these articles.

    Gary Burd, Amarillo TX

  16. BULLIES [male/female] will take advantage only of THOSE who ALLOW THEM TO DO SO!HG–you noted a very important term–“STREET-FIGHTER”.Male & female viewpoints tend to DIFFER, thus the IMPORTANCE of a MALE PARENT ROLE MODEL.
    Your father’s viewpoint vs. your mother’s proves it!Yesteryear, STREET-FIGHTER meant people DEFENDED themselves.These days, STREET-FIGHTERS are usually KILLERS.The SNOWFLAKES would rather use CRUDE AD HOMINEM ATTACKS to ruin people’s REPUTATIONS!GO TRUMP GO!PRAY FOR HIM!AMEN

  17. The Univ. of Alabama has done a serious study of ‘climate change’ that dismisses as FALSE the climate change advocates aka Obama! There were flawed initial reports that did not take in the “Volcano” effects on the Planet.Unfortunately, Obama continues to act as if HE was the USA President. Only thing, he is trying to undermine Trump and the electorate. So many ‘snakes’ in our government. I’m with you Howard. Punch first, ask questions later (if there is a later!).

  18. Howard, it has only become clear to me in the last 24-48 hours how truly CORRUPT our Federal Government offices of the Justice Department and the FBI have become over the last number of years. It’s truly shocking to think that unless our current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, starts clamping down on these crooks, our country is very close to going over the edge and being destroyed from the inside out. I am truly shocked to realize this phenomenon.

  19. Howard, the topic is not Canada but I have to tell you that Canada is really going down the drain it is worse than you think.
    I just found out that the Trudeau Liberal Government wants to remove warnings surrounding Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
    from Canada’s Citizenship Guide. They seem to want the barbarians to come to this country and mutilate young women.
    I think that every Canadian woman who has a vote should be calling their member of parliament to stop this disaster
    David Stanhope

  20. HG, your blog, today, confused me, but “that’s ok”! I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments, though!! Yes, this country’s politics are DEFINITELY CORRUPT BEYOND WORDS, & we can thank the democrats + FAR LEFT LOONS for that. I don’t understand “why” our AG doesn’t take some action!

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