Where Are The Jewish Refugees?

How President Trump Could make A Great Week Greater

Here Are Three Things, Which To Me . . . Are The Real Newsmakers Of The Week.


General Mike Flynn . . . Served America With Honor & Distinction For Decades, and because the General LIED to the FBI over an issue he didn’t have to Lie about, Flynn has Lost his Entire Life Savings, his Home is Probably on the Auction Block to Pay for Legal Fees, he might also be Fined as much as a Half Million Dollars for his Lie to the FBI . . . & Flynn could go to Jail for up to 5-YEARS UNLESS HE ROLLS-OVER ON A BIGGER FISH.


YET – THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT SON-OF-A-BITCH . . . Who MURDERED Kate Steinle, who was Deported from America 5-TIMES, and was Convicted of Criminal Activities 7-TIMES in the USA, was found NOT GUILTY OF MURDER, in a San Francisco Court, for the MURDER of a Young American Woman, who’s only Crime was being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time – More Or Less Gets A Pass.


Even though I don’t think the Tax Restructuring Bill Is Big or Comprehensive Enough, it is Certainly a Start in the Right Direction . . . Besides – No one can turn around an Economy the Size of the United States of America, which has been so SCREWED, USED & ABUSED by the Politicians and Bureaucrats for Generations – ON A DIME.


In this Past Week, Israeli Jews were Paying Homage to the Million or So Jews, who lived in Arab Lands for more than 2000-Years, who, because of the Re-Founding of the Jewish State after 2,000-Years of Exile, were Beaten, Murdered, Dispossessed & DRIVEN AWAY FROM THEIR HOMES, where they found New Homes, Mostly in Israel & Somewhat Abroad.

Almost 1-Million Successful Jews – Versus Perhaps 600,000 Dependent Arabs.

Like everything surrounding the History of the Palestinian Arabs, very little can be believed, including the Number of Arabs who Fled Israel, because the Fledgling Jewish State Drove them out . . . WHICH IS JUST ANOTHER LIE.

What we do know as HISTORICAL FACT FROM 1948/49, because of Recorded Arab Speeches & Printed Arab Newspaper Articles, is that the Arab/Moslem Governments surrounding Israel, and many from afar . . . All Of Whom – Which Made War on Israel, told the Arabs living in the Land that would once again become Israel . . . TO FLEE, SO AS NOT TO BE CAUGHT UP IN THE BATTLES BETWEEN ISRAEL & THE ADVANCING ARAB ARMIES.

The Arab People living in what was to be REBORN ISRAEL . . . were “GUARANTEED” by the Armies of Arab Nations, that they would “WIPE-OUT” the Nascent Jewish State, “AND DROWN THE JEWS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN”.

And Then All The Arabs Could Return To Their Homes Free From Jews.

More Jews were Murdered and Exiled from Arab Countries, since the Re-Founding of the Jewish State of Israel from 1947, after a 2,000-Year Exile, than were all the Arabs COMBINED – who call themselves Palestinians . . . So Where Are The Jewish Refugee Camps?

NOT ONLY THAT . . . Where are the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS the Entire World Body Pays through the United Nations Annually, to Arabs who call themselves Palestinians . . . BUT NOT FOR DISPLACED REFUGEE JEWS?

6-MILLION JEWS were Systematically SLAUGHTERED in Europe by Nazis and European Nazi Collaborators FROM THE BEGINNING OF 1940, until the End of WWII IN 1945, after-which, the Few Jewish European Survivors were FORCED TO LANGUISH IN EUROPEAN CREATED REFUGEE CAMPS, most of whom had Nowhere to Go, but Back to their Former Neighbors and Neighborhoods, whose Inhabitants were Amongst Hitler’s Willing Executioners.


To The Absolute Best Of My Knowledge, and as Hard and as Diligently as I Tried to find any Evidence Whatsoever, of any Long Term Jewish Refugee Camps at any Time Throughout Jewish & World History, from the Time of the Persians, Philistines, Moses, David, Christ, the Hellenizers, the Romans, the Crusaders, the Inquisitions, the Pogroms . . . AND THE Holocaust . . .

. . . The Evidence Of Long-Term Jewish Refugee Camps Does Not Exist.

YET . . . Contrary to all Definitions of Refugees, the Palestinian Arabs have Created an Industry for Themselves, where the Mostly Western Modern World, through the United Nations, has for the past 60-Plus Years, FED A FAILED ARAB/MOSLEM CULTURE BASED UPON LIES, PROPAGANDA & POLITICAL DECEIT, with the Only Purpose . . . Being to Destroy the Rebirth of the Jewish State of Israel.


YESTERDAY . . . Israeli War Planes Kicked The Crap – out of a Military Base close to Damascus, the Syrian Capital, because the Base is Designed to be a Foothold for Iran and Iranian Proxies (Hezbollah), to which the Israelis made it clear to Syria, that this is a RED LINE NOT TO BE CROSSED.

And Because Of Obama’s Full Of Crap Red Lines . . . Perhaps the Syrians and Iranians didn’t Believe Israel . . . BUT THEY DO NOW. And with each passing day, Israel and Israel’s New Found Arab (Sunni) Allies (Egypt, Saudi Arabia & The Kurds) . . . are Inching Closer & Closer to a FULL SCALE REGIONAL WAR.


President Trump Campaigned NON-STOP during his bid to lead the Republicans, and then to Defeat Crooked Hillary . . . that when he Becomes President . . . HE WILL MOVE THE AMERICAN EMBASSY TO JERUSALEM.


President Trump Didn’t Follow-Through The First Time When He Had The Chance.


A Promise Is A Promise Is A Promise!

AND HERE WE ARE AGAIN . . . when the President, over the next Few Weeks, will Either Once Again Sign the Document to DELAY THE MOVE TO JERUSALEMOR TO JUST LET IT HAPPEN as he should, and Truly Recognize Israel as the State for the Jewish People . . . Whose Capital Should Be Where It Always Was – From The Time Of Kings David & Solomon.

This Is A Big Week For The President . . . Which Could Be Even That Much Bigger.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are 100% correct. I have believed this since reading his books. This man is a true Trojan Horse and out to destroy America & Canada —- i.e., fundamentally change us.
    The Islamic word is TAQIYYA: Deception to advance Islam. This word, taqiyya, is not understandable in the Judeo-Christian mindset! They don’t 10 commandments.
    In order to reach critical mass in America, I am fully convinced that the clergy MUST re-engage — just as they did during the Revolutionary War.

  2. Howard : I believe a day or so ago on Fox News their was said that President Trump “WILL MOVE THE AMERICAN EMBASSY TO JERUSALEM”, as promised.

  3. ISRAEL absorbed more “refugees” than the Arabs did but today those Jews are productive members of a Dynamic Land. The Arabs are still “refugees” on UN Welfare & languishing in Palestinian penury & zealous hate’.

  4. I do believe it is time to attack Washington politicians and “make them be responsible” for what they have done!

  5. Spot on Howard. As near as I can recollect I have always been taught and told that The United States of America should and needs to support, defend and honor the Jews, for without them the USA is nothing.
    Shalom oh Great One. A voice of freedom in the world.

  6. We all should pray every day for President Trump to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, NOW. If any of you receive his emails you can send the president your feelings on this and I urge you to ask him to move the embassy as promised. If he gets enough emails he might move faster on the subject.

  7. Oil has made the Arabs rich beyond belief. Lucky, I guess.
    Know what the Middle East would look like if there’d be no oil… SAND.
    Israel is rich in every other way!
    Although she has no oil, her tiny piece of desert flourishes.
    Maybe the Arabs should take heed…
    You can’t buy brains!

  8. Another great one Howard. Someone recently sent me an article that I think would be of interest to ALL Americans. It is titled “One Hell of a Letter” and the author is George Roof, Chief Master Sergeant. USAF (Retired). Google it. He has some very interesting takes on what has transpired from the time of LBJ to the present. We need more like you and he to speak up. Way to go President Trump.

  9. San Francisco isz a dangerous place now that a jury freed a illegal for murder a boycott should be put in place for any visitors to SF . Beside the fact that it a sanctuary city and rep.by the wicked witch of the west nancy polosi.

  10. Obama (closet Muslim) didn’t want Israel to exist or U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem! Israelis have literally “worked miracles” with the desert land they were given! (Check out list of Israeli Nobel Prize winners and innovations developed there.) No doubt the (not noble) “prize” for Muslims is taking over Israel, but now they seem to be after a “bigger fish”- USA! (What happens in Israel effects Christians and Jews.) So, will it be “Happy Hanukkah” or “Maybe Next year” (for U.S. Embassy) in Jerusalem?

  11. Howard, give Trump a chance, it has only been less than a year to clean up over eight years of destruction of this Country. He will get things right, be patient. As far as Flynn is concerned, right or wrong, Bill Clinton taught us one thing, as regards your participation in Politics, LIE, LIE, and never tell the truth, cover your backside no one cares anyway.

  12. Amen, AMEN, AMEN…..I definitely AGREE, with what my other Florida friend has written, very true! Obama did us NO FAVORS, in his 8 years of “REIGN”!! We are truly blessed, to have Pres. Trump as our PRESIDENT. He loves & cares about our USA! “DRAINING THE SWAMP” is not an easy job!!

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