The Sickness Of California


I’ve Been To California Several Times . . . from the North to the South, and in spite of the State being Gorgeous – I have ZERO INCLINATION of ever Spending my Time or my Money in this Bizarre Part of America, even though there are many Good Conservative People in California who Read & Support

It’s Incomprehensible To Me How Such A Gifted State Can Be So Un-American.

If I Happened To Be A Resident Of San Francisco . . . I would NEVER ADMIT IT, since the shame of belonging to a Culture that Protects Illegal People, and then Sets them FREE, after Egregious Crimes, goes beyond Simple Understanding, IT GOES TO THE MENTAL DISEASE OF THE LEFT.


California Is A Sick Mindset.

YEARS AGO . . . Anne & I took a West Coast – Northern California Vacation, where we stayed at an Exclusive B&B in Carmel By The Sea. It’s a beautiful area, where People have the right to have Pride in their Environment, and even though we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves, there was always a NIGGLING FEELING, that somehow we didn’t belong.

ONE DAY WHILE ON THE TRIP . . . Anne and I decided to take a well advertised Train Excursion through the Middle of Napa Valley, where it was promoted, that on the Train, we would be treated to a GOURMET MEAL and Local Fine Wine, as we passed Vineyards and Wineries along to our Destination, where we would be given a Tour and Tasting at one of the Biggest Napa Wineries.


First, the Train was a Luxurious 18th Century Style Coach, pulled by a Diesel Engine, instead of a Steam Engine, as we were made to expect.

Then . . . We began to meet some of the Other Passengers, mostly from the North East, who were without exaggeration – POMPOUS SHMUCKS, wanting to appear to each other as Special & Knowledgeable Connoisseurs, when it came to Wine, Vineyards and Wineries.

These Phonies Didn’t Know Their Ass From Their Elbow.

AND THEN CAME THE MEAL . . . Served on Ornate Plates with Fancy Cutlery and real Napkins. The PROBLEM with the Meal However, was that I had eaten much better on Commercial Airlines . . . WHICH SERVED MORE FOOD.

And as for the Free Wine, it wasn’t more than Half a Glass each, of Whatever they Served in Red or White.

In Essence . . . It Was A Hugely Misrepresented Expensive Rip-Off.

And Believe Me . . . We Paid Plenty For This Stupid Tour.

As we Rolled along the Tracks, at the Center of Napa Valley, at a speed I could keep up with by foot, we saw the Back-Lawns of plenty of Small Vineyards & Private Properties, where the owners of these Properties had very DISPARAGING Signs, more or less Cursing the Rail Line we were on as an Invasion of their Privacy.

WHEN WE GOT TO THE WINERY . . . Anne and I had already come to the Conclusion, that the Money we spent on this Vineyard Tour Con-Job, would have been Better Spent giving it all away to Homeless People.


As the Pompous Winery Foreman was explaining how the Winery Process Worked, he made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR, that we all Better be Paying Close Attention to what he said, Because He Won’t Answer The Same Question Twice.

AND AS HE WAS BS-ING THE TOURISTS . . . with all kinds of Nonsense, with which to later Sell Wine, I was adding up the Number of Barrels, how much Wine each Barrel could Hold, and what the Life Expectancy was of each Barrel, in order to determine the Profitability of this Business, since I wasn’t Really Interested in the CRAPOLA Pouring Forth from this Rude Jerk’s Mouth.

And Then . . . A Rather Big Man, a Very-Very Big Man In-Fact, who was wearing a White Cowboy Hat, politely asked a question which the Jerk apparently had already answered . . . AND IN FRONT OF THE SEVERAL DOZEN PEOPLE FROM THE TRAIN – The Winery Jerk Lit Into the Big Man, telling him, IN AN EXTREMELY IMPOLITE WAY, that his question was already Asked & Answered. So he better pay attention.

So . . . here we all stood in the Barrel Warehouse, watching this Big Cowboy Being Dressed-Down like a Chastised Little Boy, Diminished in front of all his Peers, looking as if he was wanting to find a Crack in the Floor, to where he could hide.

SO, WITHOUT MUCH HESITATION . . . I asked the same question as did the Cowboy, to which the Winery Jerk said the same to me, as he did to the Embarrassed & Contrite Cowboy, that the Question was already Asked & Answered, to which I responded in a very Loud & Confrontational Voice, Making Full & Hard Eye Contact with the Jerk . . . “THEN YOU’LL ANSWER IT AGAIN”!

There was a Moment of Silence in the Warehouse, as the Jerk & I stared at each other, with my Fists Clenched, as I didn’t Break My Stare For A Second . . . Which He Did.

THE JERK ANSWERED THE QUESTION . . . The Cowboy gave me a look of Gratitude, and the Tour continued until we got to the TASTING ROOM, which was the Culmination of the Big Con, to sell as many Bottles of Wine as Possible to the SUCKERS on the Train.

AND WHEN THE JERK STARTED HIS PITCH . . . He used the French Names to Describe the Grapes and the Wines he was Peddling, but his EMPHASIZED Pronouncement of the French was so Piss-Poor, that it was an Insult to the Language Anne & I grew up with, and used in our everyday lives . . . SO – AS NOT TO MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO FURTHER EMBARRASS THE JERK, in a very Loud & Clear Voice, I Corrected him in Proper French, AND THEN SAID . . .

. . . CALIFORNIA WINES TASTE OK, but there’s no Comparison Whatsoever between the Commercialization of California Wines, and the Controlled Regions of Europe, to which the Jerk suggested that Anne & I would be happier to wait on the Train until the Tour was Done.

Interestingly . . . We had to stand outside . . . next to the Train, because the doors were locked, and the Train People didn’t want anyone on the Train when it wasn’t running, for fear that People might drink some of their Cheap Wine.

And when the Promoters allowed us all back on the Train, not only wouldn’t any of these Stuck-Up Wine “Connoisseurs” speak to Anne and Myself . . . NONE OF THEM WOULD EVEN SIT CLOSE TO US.

THAT’S CALIFORNIA . . . A World of Make-Believe, where Hollywood Make-Believe, Internet Make-Believe & Self Styled Elitist Con Artists Reign Supreme, where George Orwell would find Full Vindication for his 1949 Classic1984 . . . which described what a Dystopian Society would be like, in the Direction California is Heading.

It’s Too Bad About Kate Steinle. It’s Too Bad About Steinle’s Parents . . .
. . . But Most Of All . . . It’s Too Bad For America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ralph is exactly right…and the politicians and mainstream press that have allowed this charade and Obama’s lies to continue for the last six years are accomplices to the “enemy from within.” And Howard, if you think “we are already in plenty of trouble” right now, just imagine where we could be after two more years of Obama’s farce. “Thinking people Everywhere” has simply not yet reached critical mass…and may not!

  2. This part of our beautiful country has degenerated into a sad state. From the Mexican border to the Canadian border.
    Lee R. Hodges – Largo, FL

  3. Howard, I really used to enjoy going to California, but it has certainly changed. Regarding the Napa Valley vineyards, I personally thought they were overrated. We live near the Niagara Region vineyards and they can certainly hold their own against the Napa Valley. Niagara continues to flourish and is turning out some excellent vintages. Glad you spoke up to the wine guide ,some people are filled with their own importance. Enjoy Texas.

  4. I wouldn’t live out there on a bet. I have relatives and friends who have settled there, or moved their for their wok, some love it, others literally get worn down and bail out. They should really change their state motto to “We are obviously better than you, so just shut up, and leave your money, and go home!” While it has a lot of natural beauty, and is blessed with great weather and facilities,… the old song says,…”sometimes the pleasure ain’t worth the pain!”

  5. Check out Texas wineries (if you haven’t already)! Must be something about living on a “fault line” that drives Californians “crazy” (makes nothing their “fault”)? “Illegals” who commit crimes don’t belong in our prisons! They belong back where they came from (never allowed here again)! Same goes for those coming here “illegally”- if they break the law, they probably will do it again! Sad for the Steinle family. (California is now “Mexifornia”!) Don’t allow liberals to “Californicate” Texas!

  6. Can we kick them out of the country like you got kicked off of the tour? They do nothing but squander our hard earned tax money on make believe.

  7. What gets me is the corrupt and degenerate subculture and mindset that exists among the southern Cal, Hollywood elite. These people fill their lives preaching to and judging others, laying claim to moralities, causes and ideologies that propel them at dinner functions, when they themselves are no different than corrupt and bloated Roman emperors and monarchy, sponging off their masses and the misfortunes of others.

  8. Good Article, but far worse than you described. Biggest mistake of my life was moving to this cesspool in the 90’s. If weren’t so old and had more energy I’d move out of here in a heartbeat.

  9. Thanks Howard, we to were visitors to the Napa – saw those on the train as it was still on the tracks, the white table cloths & napkins, this as we paused for an intersection red light parallel, as we were going thru in our RV unit. As for the Steinle case verdict, yes, California should be more than ashamed and be saying so vehemently! They reside in not anymore such a beautiful location – but now an armpit would better describe California and in particular – & especially San Francisco!

  10. In total agreement with you Howard. We live in Arizona so it would be quite easy to visit, but we refuse to spend any money there or drive through and have to pay their gas tax. Such a shame as it is a beautiful state but now resembles a third world country.

    Linda Timmes, Pinetop, Az

  11. As a native San Franciscan I am ashamed of what that beautiful city has become. The verdict in the Kate Steinle murder case was disgraceful. Hopefully there can be some Vindication if this case ever gets to the federal level with respect to the KILLER’S being in our country illegally. That’s the best we can hope for. As for California wines? Many of them are quite honestly superb. I take umbrage with the comments about California wines as they are world-renowned. And rightfully so.

  12. Having lived in Southern California in the 70s for about 7 years I can attest to one fact about that state. You can make a beautiful country with scenery that is amazing. You cannot, however, make beautiful people to populate that country and if ever there was a proof of this truism the Golden State has become one, in spades. The best thing that could happen to California would be for all the people there (well most of them) to leave and bring in real people again.

  13. Thanks again Mr. Galganov for another excellent article, right on the money as usual. Kudos! I like your style!

  14. I’ve lived in Cali since ’66, seen many changes, most for the worst.I have a structural steel and ornamental weld business doing new home const. I dare you to try and start a new business, mine is 33yr est. If I don’t have at least one Spanish speaking emplyee, I couldn’t do business in SoCal. With all the regs and illegal under the table workers working for companies I must compete with, It is very tough. Don’t put all of us in the Liberal barrel, just not enough consrvs to make any differance

  15. That’s the “LEFT COAST” for you. Canada has its own LEFT Coast too ….. B.C.

  16. Tee hee! Very enjoyable Editorial! I’m going to send it to my sister for the fun of it! She lives farther south but I’m sure that she has visited the wine growing area at one time. Wish that I could add a happy face to my note!

  17. “It’s Incomprehensible To Me How Such A Gifted State Can Be So Un-American”. How? By the same people who promoted communist propaganda in films such as “REDS” and their mind controlled fools like Robert De Niro in Guilty by Suspicion portraying communist moles as heroes. Importing (majority Hispanics) from the south with their grabbing at and voting for leftist parties to keep the goodies flowing along with a Black population that’s permanently dependent on the dole. Neocons taking over the GOP

  18. Great editorial Howard, good job of putting that fool down. This editorial made my day, thank you.

  19. Howard, had I been there with you we would have both been kicked off the tour. I hate people like your wine A’HOLE! Trouble is I can’t help baiting them.
    More to the point Australia has some absolutely fantastic wine regions producing absolutely fantastic wines. I know there would be some exceptions but in all my years I have never had a bad experience or a jerk like your wine A’HOLE in any winery tour I have been on.
    Keep up the brilliant work, I look forward to your editorials.

  20. San Francisco is represented in congress by nancy polosi ,i call her the wicked witch of the west. SF has declared it self as a sanctuary city ,how anti American that polosi allowed that to happen..The wicked witch when she was house leader under obama she had at her use a air force jet that took her to SF once or twice a month at tax payers cost of about
    $25,000 a trip.Every time she opens her mouth nothing but lies and crap comes out.

  21. I lived in California for almost 20 years and it was still GREAT when I left in 1957.

  22. many years ago upon checking out of the hotel in San Francisco I mention that the room tax was so high that it equaled another days stay but we were leaving. His reply was all you tourists are paying for the needed repairs of our trolleys.The city is really wonderful but we have never gone back again. Luckily in 1937 we went to Calif. first but my Dad was no better there than in Phila. Pa. As luck would have it we went back by way of Phoenix and that is were we stayed and prospered.

  23. Howard, sad story. You should have been a hero, not shunned by a group of creeps. Some 25 years ago, on a business trip to SF, I took a wine tour that was pretty good… no fancy trains, just a rental car to get there. IIRC (it was a long time ago!) the wine was quite good and the quantities unlimited (had to moderate as was driving!) It is sad to hear about the decline of California and the Napa Valley.

  24. Not for nothing do they call California the Land of Fruits and Nuts !!!
    I rest my case

  25. When Trump has the wall built, it should turn directly north at “Southern California” and wall off the whole state. Like those cities under Dem mayors for so many years have become, those states that become predominantly Dem for years are following the same fate. But then what can we expect with UofC promoting anti-gov’t propaganda since before the Vietnam war. West Coast was where Obama’s mom’s communist-advocating parents/grandparents lived before Hawaii.

  26. Back in 1956 as a twenty year old I took off for CA in my 55 chevy sport coupe with visions of the TV show “Route 66” in my mind. An uncle had just visited us and said $5 per hour were every where. After 30 days and no job to be found, I had just enough money left for gas back home. I headed east and I was back home. The next week I accepted a $.75 per hour job and 40 years later I retired from that same co. I’ve made several trips since that time, but I thank God for getting me back to TEXAS.

  27. I lived in Bel-Air, worked in Beverly Hills in the 1970s. It is beautiful, desert, mountains, ski resorts, Pacific Ocean, golf resorts, etc. However, that is the physicsal part of Calif. The human part has literally trashed what God has made. The taxes, the homeless, the filth, the high cost of housing and cost of living. I found Beverly Hills area very phoney. Rented Rolls for the weekend, etc. I was asked if I like coke. I replied, yes, but I try not to drink too many, Roaring laughter

  28. May I respectfully point out, that you yourself wrote: “We began to meet some of the Other Passengers, mostly from the North East, who were without exaggeration – POMPOUS SHMUCKS,”

    “MOSTLY from the North East”

    But – California used to be wonderful. Not so much anymore.

  29. Unfortunately California is indeed a lost cause. The cost of living is unsustainable to almost all, EXCEPT the Hollywood Elite, because THEY get a handout (at the Box Office) from movie goers in the other 49 states, AND the millions of immigrants that get a handout from the VERY SAME 49 States a la the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.
    S A D !!!

  30. Enjoyed ALL you wrote, today, Howard! At one time, California was an “OK” state, but not so, any more. It belongs to the Liberal “loonies”! Good for you in speaking up to the jerk who was making such a fool of himself, on the winery tour!! It is really sad, what has happened to California…..they are supposedly a “sanctuary state”, now. GOD BLESS PRES. TRUMP, & THE USA! BLESS OUR CANADIAN FRIENDS, AS WELL!!

  31. Howard, I grew up in central California until I joined the Air Force, then returned after my service. We left So Cal in 1980
    and have been back several times for vacation……BUT I went back to see friends a year ago and California is no longer the California I knew. There gun laws make me a criminal and now a Sanctuary State……? I just don’t get it to the point, that
    I will never go back…….in fact I believe we should boycott this leftist state and build a wall on the east and north

  32. The DOJ has a warrant out for the illegals arrest. I wonder how long SF can hide him out. I’m so saddened for the Steinle family. I would be happy if California pulled off their CALEXIT! Then, build a big “beautiful” wall!

  33. I was born & raised in So. CA, Los Angeles in fact. Yes, CA is absolutely beautiful but only the land, these days. I left in 1984, regretted doing so for 20 years, until I moved to Rome, GA, I found what I had been looking for – My days of growing up & being a young wife in CA! I’ve not been back to CA since I left & I am glad. I couldn’t have stood to actually see the downfall of my beloved CA. CA is referred to as The Land of Fruits, Nuts & Flakes – Now, that truly describes CA!!!

  34. Hi, Howard~
    I hope you and Anne will visit Oregon and its wineries sometime. We are much nicer than the people of California. 🙂

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