Congress 101 . . . How Not To Be A Sexual Predator For Dummies


THE JERKS WE ELECT . . . who we Entrust to Run our Respective Societies are far Too Often DUMBER THAN ROCKS. But we Elect and Re-Elect them anyways, and then we Complain Bitterly when they Screw Everything up for all of us.


HERE WE ARE . . . Watching this Disaster called the Tax Reform Bill in the United States of America, being hashed-out between the White House, the Senate and the House . . . akin to watching Parasites trying to decide which part of the Human Organism they will Eat First.

SO HERE IT IS . . . The Plain & Simple Truth – The Money the Government TAKES FROM US AT THEIR WILL . . . whether we like it or not. And whether we agree with it or not, has little to do with our BENEFIT, nearly as much as it has to do with the Benefit of the Politicians, Bureaucrats & Lobbyists.

AND HERE WE SIT . . . Watching, Listening & Reading all the News Reports about how the American Tax Return is going to be as Simple as writing your name on a Postcard . . . SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

Does it really mean that Taxpayers will Pay Less in Taxes because the Government can take as much of YOUR MONEY as they wish by making it Less Complicated for you to Comply?

When I Hear or Read . . . how a Family of Four, earning for example – $70,000 per year, “COULD” Pay as much as $1,200 LESS in Taxes with this new Tax Reform Bill, as if the People should be “CELEBRATING” this Seemingly Gift of Manna From Congress – I Have To Roll My Eyes In Disbelief.


I won’t ask how Stupid I think these Politicians think the People are . . . because the answer is both Evident & True . . . THE PEOPLE ARE STUPID!


1 – Term Limits On All Politicians.

2 – Establish a National Recall Voting Law to Remove Incompetent & Dishonest Politicians, including Politicians who Promise One Thing to get Elected, while doing the Opposite after being Elected.


4 – Make it ILLEGAL for all Politicians & Bureaucrats to serve as Lobbyists for Private Companies wanting to do business with the Government, even after leaving Politics and the Bureaucracy.

5 – Make it ILLEGAL for all Politicians to Receive Campaign Donations from Special Interest Political Action Committees. Which doesn’t mean that Special Interests shouldn’t be allowed to Publicly Campaign for their Favorite Politician or Political Party Spending Whatever They Want . . . As Long As They Fully Disclose Who They Are.

6 – Pay Public Sector Workers COMPARABLE SALARIES, equivalent to what is Paid in the Private Sector for Similar Work & Experience, with no Special Benefits & Pensions Greater than what is Received in the Private Sector.

7 – MAKE ALL PUBLIC SECTOR WORKERS . . . no less Susceptible to being FIRED for all the Same Reasons someone would be Fired or Laid Off in the Private Sector.


Pick JUST One Of Two Options . . .
. . . Everything Else Is Like Rearranging The Deck Chairs On The Titanic.

1 – A National CONSUMPTION TAX Charged to EVERYONE for all Non-Essential Products & Services Purchased.

2 – A National FLAT TAX . . . EQUALLY Charging a Fixed Percentage on all Income, REGARDLESS of how much a Person Earns.


I’m several months away from my 68th Birthday. And in all my soon to be 68-Years, no one ever had to TELL ME THAT IT IS WRONG TO FORCE MYSELF UPON A WOMAN.

Before Meeting Anne . . . Some 46-Years Ago – I Was A Busy Guy – Dating.

MY PARENTS ALWAYS TOLD ME . . . that I had to treat every girl I went out with, with respect. But what they didn’t have to tell me . . . was the Difference Between Right & Wrong. And when a Girl said NO – OR STOP, that was all she would have to say for me to STOP – NO MATTER HOW AROUSED I MIGHT HAVE BEEN.


SO . . . When I Hear The Politicians – Saying that what they need in Congress, are Group Sessions to Instruct Elected Politicians & Bureaucrats on Sexual Ethics between Right & Wrong – I HAVE TO CRINGE, at how Stupid they think the People are, thinking that we the People could REALLY BELIEVE, that these Over-Sexed, Horny, Privileged & Entitled Miscreants . . . DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT & WRONG.



Well . . . As Repugnant as that might be, it’s not altogether UNTRUE.

Several Years Ago, Anne and I were watching A National Geographic Program on a Relationship between South American Monkeys and Anacondas, which inhabited the same trees at the same time.

The Smart Monkeys kept their Distance from the Giant Snakes, while some of the Monkeys got real close, so close, that they literally Punched the Snakes on the Nose, and then fell back to a somewhat safer distance, which they did repeatedly, until they Miscalculated . . . and you can figure out what happened for yourself.


Even though I owned a Successful Advertising Agency, which employed quite a few Beautiful Young Women who were eager to get ahead, and might have been easy Targets, I NEVER ALLOWED MYSELF TO BE IN A POSITION OF REGRET.

I would NEVER be in a closed office with any of the Girls who worked for me. And if I took any of the Girls out to a Client Meeting, and if we then went out for lunch, it was always in a Public NON-ROMANTIC PLACE, and always during the Daytime.

I CAN ALSO TELL YOU . . . That I had FAR MORE OPPORTUNITIES than most Guys, to Score with many of the Women who were Around me, who were quite Blatant about what they OFFERED, which was always a somewhat Hard Enticement to Walk Away From.

AND NOT BECAUSE ANNE EDITS THESE EDITORIALS . . . can I say with 100% Honesty, that Anne was the Last Woman I was ever with, since the Day we First Decided to Go Out with Each Other more than 46-Years Ago, which is also TO SAY, that there was Always Temptation, just like the Temptation the Stupid Monkeys Faced, which they didn’t know How To Leave Good Enough Alone.

SO . . . THE NEXT TIME WE HEAR OR READ ABOUT SEXUAL NONSENSE . . . Don’t just Blame the Guy, because, unless it’s FORCED NON-CONSENSUAL SEX, there are Two Sides to Every Story, and Not all Women are the Victims they would like everyone to Believe they are.

It Always Takes Two To Tango.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The sad part is that a similar unprepared smiling fool may become the PM of Canada. Justin Trudeau hasn’t found a mosque he won’t visit no matter how well known it is as “radical”; he almost invariably repeats the prayer of conversion, and doesn’t want to fight ISIS. But to blame Israel for defending itself he is full furry. And then there is his Arabist brother Sasha, advisor and mainstay of his campaign. Did JT even finish university? He admires Obama. But he has great hair!

  2. I agree with all of your proposed changes. Unfortunately, nothing will be done by Congress. All will have to be written in an Article V Convention of States. For those who are not familiar with it, just google the term and you be introduced to it. It is our only hope to make these types of changes, many of which will rein in our members that are supposed to be representing we the people!

  3. I just don’t understand why it’s taken so long for these women to complain.

  4. My analogy about the sex thing is that the way a woman dresses is like advertising for a store. The buyer can choose whether to come in and buy or not. However, the store cannot complain about customers coming in to buy, look, do a touch and feel or just plain walk by. The signals that a woman sends out by dressing or acting in a certain way invite a certain amount of attention and she has to accept responsibility for sending that message.

  5. Howard, just let me say in the work force I have experienced unpleasant advances. I was not dancing any dance. I was propositioned out of the blue and walked out of my boss’s office and got another job. Look at Al Franken and his advances on innocent woman. My daughter in the USAF is getting out after 11 years because it is a boys club and women are treated differently. Howard, it is a power seat problem. As well as a man in that seat with no moral character.

  6. Totally agree with ‘rules’ for politicians; agree with simple tax (& get rid of IRS); & tho the temptations to man have existed since Eden, doing away with moral code (school prayer & Biblical principles taught) has removed the hesitation & conscience of right/wrong behavior, so man will justify bad behavior because “everybody is doing it, so who’s going to judge?” Read about how Poland is changing back. As for Yarling’s Convention of States, read potential pitfalls as well.

  7. Howard, great article but until children in school are again taught the right morals and are no longer exposed to the everything goes, we need to get back to the basics of as already mentioned, prayer in school, no more it feels good so do it, clean up the media and movie industry, scarp the LGBT agenda etc. etc. On another note ViceP. Pence just announced at the UN that the plans are in the making to move the embassy to Jerusalem. PTL

  8. Good editorial Mr. G. I’ve been thinking along the same lines. Especially those women who are coming out of the woodwork to say that they were sexually abused! Nothing like a few thousands to help the poor dears cope! By the way, I’m a bit older than you (85 YRS) and it has never ceased to amuse me that so many politicians, etc. think that they are irresistible.

  9. What part of NO is so difficult understand? The cardinal LIFE rule: No means No. End of story, stick a fork in it, call in the dogs and whiz on the fire it’s DONE. Do these people think all the pleading, begging, threatening and coercion is going to make it suddenly all OK? It’s why our moms made sure we had cab fare home when we went on dates, it’s why my orphan niece has a CCF permit. We’ve ALL been there. Bottom Line: No means NO–a pretty simple concept. Remember it.

  10. Back in the 80’s there were different incidences where I received inappropriate sexual attention from two different women (physically and verbally) looking for some action in the work place. We don’t talk about it this way very much in our society but it can go both ways as you explain in your article. I suppose if the sexual advancements are accepted (as I saw others in the office did) … it could be described as an Office Romance. If it’s NOT Accepted it’s sexual harassment. A fine line.

  11. Well thank Whoever but in Canada our PM is today apologizing to the LGBTQ- PMOYTRE etc community today for some sort of atrocity we WASP’s have committed once again . Forget about Taxation , Healthcare , The Economy “we” are honed in on apologies to everyone .

  12. Howard: Great Editorial…totally agree with Jeffrey Zucker’s comments. Regards Cal

  13. GOD worked out the rules long before man and satan, (I really believe he exists), tried to “modify” how we interact with the other sex for purposes other than procreation and mutual “support and comfort”.

  14. Howard you have stolen my ploy book on the elected of congress and all your statements on etc For years i have perched
    to friends and any one in meetings about politicians that there has to be major changes, obama gave us change and the result he almost destroyed the country. The Donald has a hard road ahead but he takes no prisoners ,

  15. My grandma used to tell me to be careful when you advertise. Make sure you advertise right or you will get a buyer you don’t what.

  16. It’s bad enough that all these jerks are now being revealed. But what GALLS me is that $15 million of OUR tax money was given to the victims and we were totally unaware. I think every single member of Congress who’s paid out should have their name revealed and the amount of their settlement. Let their constituents decide what happens next.

  17. Strange. Perhaps one could say that I was seduced by my married secretary. We talked about our problems and one day she suggesed that her husband would be out of town said weekend and my wife was unhappy in the new location/ would like to go home. why not facilitate said weekend and spend it together.

  18. EXCELLENT Tax Reform Points, Howard! Re: the political SEXUAL ISSUES–we now live in an ANYTHING-GOES SOCIETY [Sodom & Gomorrha] where there is NO RESPECT for SEX by EITHER men or women!Many EXCUSES which were given by the POLITICIANS for their sexual “activities” were ALL LIES! They thought they could “get away” with it, due to their POWER & MONEY, but it FINALLY caught up to them…and…”it AIN’T over yet!” Thank God that TRUMP is PRESIDENT because it gives us HOPE for a BETTER future! AMEN!

  19. When I was much younger there was a secretary who would grab my butt every time I reached for something high or if I was bent over. I was warned that IF I did the same to her I would be fired. Uh? Another job – an assistant would pluck a hair off my head when I would get something out of a low drawer. Told her to stop. She wouldn’t. I plucked a hair off her arm. I’m accused of sexually assaulting her. Uh? Explained to the woman boss and was laughed at. “Don’t touch her.”

  20. ANOTHER home-run EDITORIAL, Howard! I agree with you, 1000%, TOO. I DISLIKE RULES, & I’ve made my mistakes over the years, but agree that MAYBE, just MAYBE we need some rules for those “jerks” we have elected to Congress? I like what you’ve suggested along the no lobbying lines, etc., etc.! It just burns me that they are doing this stuff on the taxpayers $: mine, & every other US citizen, who elected them to office! Pres. Trump has a HUGE JOB OF “DRAINING THE SWAMP”. Thx again, HG, 4 all!

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