Daddy’s Little Girl & The Useless Son-In-Law



I was going to get out of bed at 6:30, as I do every morning. Anne was going to walk Stryker, and I was going to make a Great Sunday Morning Breakfast.

Then I was going to Catch-Up on what happened in the World overnight through the Internet, and by watching some FOX Weekend News.

The Game-Plan – was for me to Shower, do some Gun Cleaning, and go out and do some Sunday Grocery Shopping, get the Truck Washed, and perhaps enjoy a Sunday Chinese Lunch Buffet at a Panda Express.

AND THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IT . . . with the Rest of the Day set aside for me to do Nothing but Relax and simply Hang Around . . . AND THEN IT HAPPENED.


So why do this DUO of Amateur Wannabes bother me so much, that I am Sufficiently Obsessed to take Time away from a Well-Planned Sunday, to write about them?


President Donald Trump has enemies everywhere . . . men and women who would go to almost any EXTREME to destroy him and his Presidency, from both sides of the Political Spectrum, which was the EXCUSE-GIVEN for having Trump’s Little Girl, & Hyped-Up – yet Useless Son-In-Law, Protecting his Back by being so close to him in the White House.

BUT HERE’S THE REALITY . . . President Trump is NO DUMMY, and he knows who his Friends, Allies & Enemies are, and because he’s a Tough Two Fisted Street Fighter, I am quite Confident that President Donald Trump can Survive in the Swamp all on his Own, by depending on his Smarts, and the People who have a REAL INTEREST, whether Personal or Patriotic . . . To See Him Succeed.


Even though I’ve Written Despairingly on Occasion about the Uselessness of the Kushner/Ivanka Duo, nothing has set me off MORE, than when Ivanka Trump Waded-In on the Roy Moore Affair, by Saying for all the Media to Record and make a Huge Issue out of her Statement . . .


IVANKA TRUMP HAS A BIG, STUPID, LEFTIST, PRIVILEGED MOUTH . . . which she should learn how to keep shut, if she wants to see her Father and her Father’s REAL SUPPORTERS enjoy a Second Term in the White House, in order to Get the Entire Job Done.

Ivanka Trump Has No Idea Whatsoever . . . if the Accusations against Roy Moore are True, or are simply a Dirty DEMOCRAT/RINO Campaign Trick to Destroy a Conservative Opponent. Yet, she has an Extremely Public LEFTIST opinion that has done NOTHING, other than to Harm a Conservative Republican and her Father.

ALL ANYONE REALLY KNOWS . . . about Daddy’s Little Girl, is that she was Born with a Silver Spoon in her Mouth. Built her reputation on her Father’s Name. And as far as I know, Ivanka Trump has NEVER had the kind of Successes she has Peddled in the Media.


SO . . . Now I’m Reading – that President Trump, who so wants to give Ivanka an Important Job in Government, was Pondering to give his LEFTIST Little Girl the Position Currently Held by Nikki Haley at the UN – There’s a Yiddish Expression to describe how that news made me feel . . .

K’AINST MIR BRECHEN . . . It Could Make Me Puke.


1 – Kushner’s Jail-Bird Father (Charles), went to Prison in 2005 for Cooking The Books . . . And because Daddy Kushner was Born Before Jared, he handed Jared Kushner an incredible Fortune, which was “earned” by Daddy Kushner, whose Conviction Read . . . ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN FUNDS, TAX EVASION & WITNESS TAMPERING, which suggests to me, that Kushner’s Money wasn’t Necessarily Earned on the Up & Up.

I Should Also Mention That Daddy Kushner Was A Huge Democrat Fund Raiser.

2 – Jared Kushner Married Trump’s Little Girl – END OF STORY . . . FULL STOP. And that’s why Jared Kushner is in the White House alongside Donald Trump’s Favorite Daughter.


JARED KUSHNER WENT TO HARVARD . . . And what can be a Better Entry into your CV than having a Harvard Degree, especially in Law? And since Harvard “Supposedly” ONLY Accepts the Best . . . Harvard also Accepts those whose Family could Donate $2.5-Million, as was what Daddy Kushner did for his son Jared.

Kushner’s Father (Charles), during his Prison Period in 2006, bought a small Elitist Manhattan Newspaper (The New York Observer), as a Gift to his son Jared, in order to help Jared Gain Stature as a Publisher amongst the New York Elite.

Fast Forward . . . and the once Popular Niche Newspaper, which used to be Printed, is now Digital, and is probably not worth the Value of the Computers used to Type the Content.


While Daddy Kushner was “Cooling His Heels” in Federal Lock-Up, the Prodigal Son Jared, who was running, or should I write RUINING the Family Business, made an Enormously Over-Priced Purchase of Prime Real Estate on his (Jared’s) Vision of an all Encompassing Glamorous Elitist New York Building, which has become NOTHING MORE THAN A FINANCIAL NIGHTMARE . . . Big Enough, that when . . . in February 2019, the Lenders will come Calling to Collect Their $1.2 BILLION LOAN, which the Kushners Don’t Have . . . With Which To Pay, which might probably be Financial Curtains for the Kushners.

TO VIRTUALLY ALL SAVVY NEW YORK REALTORS . . . And Property Investors, this Jared Kushner “Investment”, will go down in New York City Real Estate History, as the SECOND WORST DEAL, compared ONLY to the DUPE who might have bought the Brooklyn Bridge,

AND IF YOU’RE WONDERING WHY . . . The special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is so Interested in Jared Kushner . . . It’s because Daddy’s Little Girl’s Husband, has been Desperately Travelling all over the World BEGGING for money (Maybe Even To Russia), to keep his Father’s Real Estate Empire from Totally Collapsing due to Jared’s Absolute Incompetence.


America and the Rest of the World DO NOT NEED THE SHTICK of Ivanka Trump, whose Best Friend is Chelsea Clinton . . . Nor does America and the Rest of the World need Jared Kushner, whose Claim To Fame, is that he was Born After his Father & Married Trump’s Favorite Little Girl.

Imagine . . . This PUTZ Jared Kushner – has been Entrusted by President Trump, to make Peace between the Israelis, who are perhaps the most Resilient People on the Planet, and the Failed Palestinians, who are probably the Most Incompetent Society that has existed in the Modern World.

PERHAPS . . . President Trump Wants These Two Ne’er-Do-Wells In Washington, rather than in New York City, where they might do Less Damage to the USA and the World, than what they might do at Trump Towers, where they could Blow-Up the Trump Empire.

EITHER WAY . . . President Trump Better Worry More – about what these two Jerks, both born with Silver Spoons could do to his Presidency, than what all the Trump-Haters Combined Can Do Otherwise.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It is only because the Democrat politicians value party over country that this con-artist, this fraud, this vague and shadowy enigma, remains in office.

    We have been treated to the most intimate knowledge of George Bush, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin etc, but the rabidly leftist American press has been totally content to make no inquiries into the murky, often conflicting aspects of Obama’s antecedents. He is indeed a mystery, this leader of the “most transparent administration in history”.

  2. WOW
    Just the word nepotism is enough to get my blood boiling I thought it was a big mistake right from the beginning to have Ivanka around. And the Clinton connection via Chelsea makes me ill. I had no idea about Jared. Better dump them soon.

  3. I hear you Howard and I am of the same persuasion. Many things my Father taught me when I was but a young lad have stayed with me throughout my life…(1) don’t talk politics with your relatives; (2) don’t talk religion and (3) don’t work for your relatives nor have them working for you. Your relatives will screw over many more times then your worst enemy.

  4. Wow! You have a knack of putting the, uh, “eye” on a target and hitting a bullseye. I can’t think of any other pundit who would have done what you did today. Well done, sir.

  5. Ole Barron is the only one of Trump’s kids I respect as he keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t cause any trouble. The rest of them seem to be useless and cause more trouble than they are worth and to send them to Russia and Israel?

  6. About all Ivanka and Jarrod are good for is making grandchildren, and they should stick to that!

  7. Great background. Your story brings to mind Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau. The son-ship parallels are astonishing. JT lived off his fathers money. Failed University TWICE! Ended up a Camp councilor, bar bouncer and supply teacher who Canadians were duped by the Canadian Corrupt Liberal media into making their Prime Minister, in charge of our $2 Trillion economy. Canada has its own Corrupt Media Problem. Trump was wise to call media out often and continuous! Hope our Conservatives learn 4 2019!

  8. So much appreciate that you saw fit to forgo doing the scrambled eggs & toast fixings – to take pen in hand Howard. This insight on the Kushner duo is just that – a bright light being shown into a pair many of us are a bit curious about, but really not at all knowledgeable to or of. Thanks for filling in the blanks Howard. Nepotism not normally a good thing and can cause A LOT of in-fighting, plus other not so good spinoffs!

  9. As my granddaughter (2yrs) would sat, “Oh man!” Sad that our great president as few that are there to trust in. He is amazing and inspiring. I’m 70 and get tired just hanging out with my gtand daughter. I find myself throughout the day praying for our president and leaders. Thx for ur impute which I have grown to trust and appreciate. God bless you and Ann.

  10. a comment on yesterdays editorial where you mention ‘ÈTAPISM’ – comments on that one were closed so mention it here, having seen it in action – a small village of 650 in the Eastern Townships’ of Quebec where I have spent summers for 70+ years. As a kid, you had to struggle to find a ‘French Canadian’ in the village. It just became officially ‘french speaking’ – more than 50% of inhabitants french speakers – a couple of years ago. ‘ÈTAPISM’ – now I cannot read/understand my property tax bill –

  11. Great Editorial Howard. Thanks for opening my eyes…I knew there was something I wasn’t seeing as to why I didn’t trust these two and wondered why are they in the WH. They could be the downfall of Trump…I hope not with all my heart!!! GO TRUMP GO!!!

  12. Whew, great information, Howard. My brow furrows in perplexity whenever I hear Leftist views coming from Ivanka, so now the picture is complete. She married one, showing that she favors the way Jared thinks. “Two are stronger than one,” scripture shows, so we have yet to see if President Trump has a plan to watch them, or if he’s blind to their hearts’ possible intentions. Hopefully he’s wise enough to perceive what they are about and continues to put America first, no matter the personal cost.

  13. Nearly every disappointing move that Trump has made has their fingerprints on it!

  14. Couldn’t agree more on both. The thought of her representing the USA at the UN is no different than Hillary or Chelsea in that position. Have never cared for Kushner (too spoiled behaving & much like Canada’s PM) and the fact Ivanka still carries/goes by her Dad’s last name is telling, don’t you think? She wants the limelight that the First Lady gets. The Kushners need to go and raise their kids. No gov’t positions either.

  15. It’s right out of the Holy Bible – “A MAN’S ENEMIES WILL BE THE MEMBERS OF HIS OWN HOUSEHOLD”. Matthew 10:36. I learned that lesson way too late. I pray that Trump catches on faster than I did. These kids are using Trump as a sugar daddy. Cut the umbilical cord, Trump. Let us see how well they can fly without you.

  16. OMG! Thanks for editorial on ‘Daddy’s Girl’; I hadn’t heard the gory details. I’ll be taking a closer look from now on! Why not forward your editorial to the W.H. to see what happens. On second thought, it might have been better if you had sent it out before leaving Canada!

  17. Maybe President Trump could send Kushner & Ivanka to be ambassadors to some far away place where the media would not pick up on the inappropriate things they do and say. I thought it was a mistake to give them the positions in D.C., but had no idea how bad it could be.
    Carol J Hoover, Lineboro, Maryland

  18. OMG! As the saying goes (modified) could things get any worse? Except for information such as you provide.

  19. I agree with you, Howard, 1000%! I definitely DO NOT care for Ivanka, & the creep she’s married to, either…..but then, she’s “Daddy’s pride & Joy”!! Oh well, that’s the way the “cookie crumbles”!!! She is SO TIGHT with Chelsea Clinton, so that is a definite minus, in my book. Thanks for the expose you did on Jared & his family as well…..about being big DEM. supporters, & with the father doing “jail time” for his $ laundering scheme! Keep up the great job of keeping us informed, HG!

  20. Well, Howard, you seem to keep reading my mind. This was a glaring issue from day one and, for the life of me, why would the dipstick Kushner be allowed to be in charge of anything? My first impression of him was that he’s a kid and doesn’t appear to know very much about life in general.

  21. How about sending the Kushner/Ivanko duo to Madagascar? Oh, I did not respond in time to your editorial before Thanksgiving on the inability of an evil world to eliminate the Jews. You said you are not “religious”. I am a conservative Christian who realizes just how important the Jewish people have been and will be in God’s ultimate plan for His creation. No one–repeat–NO ONE will ever destroy the Jews because God’s Hand is on them, protecting them, and has glorious plans for them!!!!

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