A Black Thug MURDERED A White Texas Cop – So What Now?



Should White Cops Across America TAKE A KNEE to Violence In Black Communities Amongst Black Americans Versus Black Americans?


IT APPEARS TO ME – THAT THE LEFT . . . Seems to believe that the only Lives that Matter are Black Lives – OK, let’s go with that, and from there, let’s EXTRAPOLATE to how White Lives SHOULDN’T be Sacrificed to save Black Lives, if Black People think so LOWLY of White People, Especially White Cops.

WHILE ANNE, I & FRIENDS FEASTED . . . this past Thursday (Thanksgiving) on Turkey and all the Trimmings, a White Texas State Trooper was GUNNED-DOWN in Cold Blood by a Black Thug . . .

THIS HORRIBLY EGREGIOUS ACT – was Covered as a Relatively Brief News Item by many within the Media, BUT WAS NOT GIVEN THE ATTENTION IT REALLY DESERVED.

Where was the IN-DEPTH Analysis of what made the Black Thug MURDER a White Cop just for doing his Job? Or was the White Cop Murdered by the Black Thug SPECIFICALLY because he was WHITE?


HAD A WHITE COP GUNNED-DOWN AN INNOCENT BLACK MAN . . . There Would Be All Hell & Damnation To Pay, without-rest, as the LEFTIST Media would have Uncovered every Atom of Information possible, Ginning-Up The People, TO SHOW “IRREFUTABLY”, THAT THE MURDER WAS AN ACT OF RACISM.

But not just to PICK-ON the Black American Community, the same can be said about far too many American & ILLEGAL Hispanics, who also share in the GRIEF, GUILT & SELF VICTIMIZATION INDUSTRY.

IT SEEMS TO ME . . . that any form of Equilibrium, has for far too long been slowly disappearing, to the point that it has Virtually Been Totally Lost.


In French Quebec . . . the Leader of the Separatist Party (Rene Levesque), said in the 1960’s – that Quebec will be become a French Nation within Canada through what he termed ÈTAPISM, which is a French Idiom, which Describes a Slow STEP BY STEP PROCESS . . . so slow, so determined – and so much Under the Radar, that the Gradual Transition happens without anyone seeing it . . . before it becomes “UN FAIT ACCOMPLI”.

A Fait Accompli – Defines . . . that what is Accomplished, becomes an ACCOMPLISHED FACT . . . Which is more or less Irreversible, which also Defines what Socialist Americans have done to the United States of America, where it has become ACCEPTABLE for Minorities (Blacks) to MURDER White Cops & Each Other, as though that is the National & Cultural Norm.

If It Isn’t The National & Cultural Norm – Where’s The Hue & Cry About Chicago?

To Further Define Ètapism For The American Experience . . . America has been Subjected to “GRADUALISM” for several Generations, where in the words of George Orwell’s 1984, Lies are Truth, Truth are Lies, Up is Down, Down is Up, Good is Bad, Bad is Good . . . & Big Brother Knows Best.


I wrote yesterday, (To Paraphrase) that Evil will NEVER Win Over Decency . . . and that Goodness will always Triumph, no matter how much Pain, Evil will Extort from Society, as we do Battle to Win Back the Freedoms we will always Inevitably Lose with the Millennial Swing of the Pendulum Until It Swings Back . . . WELL IT’S SWINGING BACK!

NOT LONG AGO . . . Less than a year as a Matter of Fact, since the Reality of Donald Trump becoming America’s 45th-President Really Started To Sink In, there were only a Handful of People, specifically a small Handful at that, who had the TEMERITY to Speak Out at the Risk of Being Called Heartless Thugs, Red Necks, Bigots, Racists and Misogynists.

AND IF YOU DIDN’T AGREE WITH THE LEFTIST POWER BASE . . . You were somehow Anti-American, even though your Loyalty was EXPRESSIVELY PRO-AMERICAN, Articulated through your Loyalty to the ORIGINALISM of the US Constitution.

WELL – TIMES HAVE CHANGED . . . And REAL AMERICANS are Finally Speaking Out, letting their Voices be Heard amongst the Madding Crowd, who NEVER wanted to Hear the Voices of the People, since the Voices of the People are the Voices of FREEDOM FOR EVERYONE, which Detracts from the “Special” People on the LEFT, who feed-upon the Makers to fulfill their Insatiable Appetite to live Above & Beyond the Average Producing American.

AND AS TIME PASSES . . . The Brain-Washed American-Hating LEFT, who’ve INTIMIDATED the Working Masses through Government Excesses, the News Media, Hollywood, the Entertainment Industry, Academia and the Lobbyists who Push The Buttons of Congress . . . are now on the Receiving End, which means to you . . . THAT YOU HAVE TO PUSH, PUSH & PUSH – Until the Leaders of the LEFT Crawl back under the Generational Rocks from where they’ve come.

Finally – America Is Pushing Back & The Times Are Changing.


No Leader, No Matter How Charismatic He (She) May Be, He (She) Could NEVER Lead A People In A Direction The People Are Not Prepared To Follow.

The People Were Waiting For Trump & Prepared to Follow . . . AND TRUMP IS DELIVERING.

NOW – It’s Up To The People To Keep President Trump On Course . . . by CONSTANTLY Reminding the President Who Elected Him & Why, And what President Trump HAS TO DO TO KEEP THEIR SUPPORT, in order to keep the Pendulum Swinging To The RIGHT.

It’s a Good Day In America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I fully agree that Fox News has been Watered down like a Coke or Pepsi, that has lost it’s Fizz. Fox is now flat no sound or ring, left in it’s Bell. Maybe the key word in my statement was “LEFT” their commitment to Conservatism. “LEFT” their Ideals of supportive Truth in their Reporting. “LEFT”- Wing reporting under the Guise of fair and balanced news. Another example of the Dollar talks. And the morals of man takes a “WALK”

  2. “They (who) seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation all human beings by a handful of individual rulers… call this a new order. It is not new and it is not order.” Right on. We will not be regimented into politically correct order by idiot liberal politicians who think that only they know what is best for us. Oh, and who said that direct quote? Well, it was one of the patron saints of the Democrat party. His name was Franklin Roosevelt.

  3. You know, people have such short memories…although the LEFT has been trying for years to make us “pliable” to their side, OBAMA practically destroyed any progress made over the past 250 years towards Blacks by his evident hate of whites. Well, President Trump is working hard daily to repair the damage, & it is PAST TIME we stood WITH him. Come on AMERICA! LET’S REALLY MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN—-TOGETHER!!

  4. I still feel we are still continuing our slow march toward a complete breakdown of society in the United States of America. The reasons are obvious, and I don’t see anything other than Trump passing ALL of his promises, with ONLY the Republican Majority, or seriously more than “doom and gloom” in 2020, after a real bloodbath in 2018 elections. OUR COUNTRY LET OUR PRESSIDENT DOWN, and the bloodletting is necessary until President “Bernie” is inaugurated in 2021, and we ALL feel “THE BURN”!!!!

  5. The new form of racist hate is people writing or saying: “White Lives Matter”, “All Lives Matter”, “Blue Lives Matter”, and considered most hateful of all, “Its OK to be White”. It appears to be a world-wide hate-on for white people, even though they are a world-wide minority. Also for Christians and Jews. The call for diversity only seems to be for majority white majority nations. Too bad the Left doesn’t see that they are calling for their own destruction.

  6. Why don’t the cops just say FIDO and move on? When more blacks get murdered by their own perhaps they might miss those who put their lives on the line to protect them! And I want to throw up every time I think about Jeremiah Wright saying “God damn America”! Why doesn’t the creep go to Africa to be with ‘his own people if he hates it so much? He should be kissing the ground that he is standing on! I’m a Canadian and proud of it but I’m also glad that I live next door to the good old US of A!

  7. Seems Ètapism would be a dandy way to takeover a country without firing a shot. Simply scatter a few groups of people around a country and let nature take its course.

  8. Sue & Dick above, it’s not “would be a dandy way to take over”. It’s here in Canada since 1969 when P.E.Trudeau became Prime Minister & set th agenda & course 4 Canada to become French controlled.Today, Federal government is predominantly under French control & Anglophones (none French speaking) are having a difficult time getting jobs, or promotion, in th Public Service, Law enforcement, Health Service et al. Thanks to our Muslim immigrants, happy holidays, not Merry Xmas Bienvenue au Canada.

  9. Howard, you do give me a sliver of Hope! Thank goodness for Pres. Trump & how he keeps “trudging on”!! I have to believe it’s a good day in America. It is just so sad what’s going on in America! I choose to believe in miracles: the USA& Canada BOTH need one, about NOW! Prayer does help. Our God must be SO SADDENED, seeing what is going on in BOTH of our countries. Things just don’t make any sense, any more. And things just keep happening: I try to believe that God hasn’t given up on us!

  10. When Quebec wants another vote on leaving Canada, I believe that all Canadians should have the right to say yes or no!

  11. Totally agree with you that WE’VE BECOME IMMUNE TO THE TRUTH & ACCEPT FANTASIES FOR FACTS.One of the MAIN REASONS that this is SO is because LIARS no longer SUFFER any REPERCUSSIONS for their ACTIONS!These days, the more one lies, the more he/she becomes SUCCESSFUL!Yes, we can thank HUSSEIN OBAMA for RE-CREATING a RACIST SOCIETY! He was CHARISMATIC [for some] but CERTAINLY NOT A LEADER!He reminds me of NERO who “played his fiddle” while ROME WAS BURNING! GO TRUMP GO…he needs our prayers! AMEN!

  12. Only minorities deserve : equality , fairness , special status etc etc etc etc etc … Truth is “all others ” rely on what is rapidly becoming a White / Anglo / Judeo/ Christian minority in Canada . Hey maybe we will qualify as a minority shortly and be on the receiving end of all the special treatment while we whine about how unfair things are …

  13. Mid 1960s, Barrons published an article re the progress of the U S toward communism and the time frame of “The American Communist Party”. The U.S. was way ahead of schedule. The tme frame is almost forever. Little by little in small increments te U.S. is moved to the left. They start with the schools and indocrtinate the children. That is easy as the cream become engineers, entrepreneuers, etc. The ones of lower intellect: They go to XXX state teachers college. They wish to be affluent so

  14. For those who don’t realize – Rev. Wright would never be welcomed in Africa!!! The Africans honestly do not think that any Black person from the US, as pure Black. They also, do not accept many Blacks from the USA & many of the African Nations do not tolerate any Whites at all! Some of Africa’s poorer nations know what the US Whites have done a lot for them, over the past several decades – But, I think, most of the African nations still think that Whites are bad, bad & more bad.

  15. I have all but eliminated mainstream media because they are the ones who see and operate by colour, race, religion and sex more than anyone I know. Mainstream media is the true racist and biased element that creates controversy and turmoil rather than correcting it.

  16. Most ludicrous of all is that while the anti-Caucasian anarchists destroy the American civilization we enjoy(ed) via mayhem and murder, the lily-livered liberal left is making every effort to disarm law-abiding Americans in order that they be left defenseless against the revolution. If anyone is missing the analogies to Communist China, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran or Nazi Germany, then I suppose you deserve neither freedom nor security, to coin a phrase. Not me. NEVER AGAIN.

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