Multiple Reasons To Give Thanks



Before Leaving Canada for Texas . . . Anne & I Celebrated Jewish Thanksgiving (Sukkot), giving Thanks For The Fall Harvest In Mid October.

Following our Feast for Sukkot . . . Anne & I CELEBRATED Canadian Thanksgiving On October 9, 2017.


Anne & I will be Celebrating American Thanksgiving this Thursday with some Good Texas Friends, where I will be Serving the Turkey already Thawing-Out, waiting for me to Dress and Place It Into The Oven for Thursday’s Thanksgiving Lunch.


1 – We All Have Each Other . . . Even if Stryker & April The Cat Don’t Realize It.

2 – We have Great Friends & People whom we care About & People who care about Us.

3 – In Spite of the Bumps in the Road Because of our Age . . . We Have Our Health.

4 – We are Far from being Rich . . . but we are also Not Poor. Not yet Anyways.

5 – We have Many Wonderful Memories to Draw Upon & New Memories to Make.

6 – And Thus-Far . . . We Are Free to Speak, to Know, and to Learn.

BUT SPECIFICALLY IN MY CASE . . . I am Blessed with the Ability to Write, and I am Blessed for the People who Read what I Write, and I am Blessed for the People who care enough to want to know what I Know . . . WHO SUPPORT MY EFFORTS IN DOING SO.

SO AFTER ALL IS SAID & DONE . . . Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I have so Much to be Thankful For, that whatever Challenges We Face Together . . . THE GOOD FAR OUTWEIGHS THE BAD.


I see the World Differently than Most People. I also see Politicians Differently than Most People, NO LESS EXASPERATING . . . BUT DIFFERENT.

I wish President Trump would have done all the Things he PROMISED TO DO as Candidate Trump, but I also Realize that there are so many Forces at Play Behind the Scenes . . . THAT NONE OF US COULD EVER GUESS WHAT IS REAL & WHAT IS BS.

We Really don’t know the Pressures that have come to BEAR UPON THE SHOULDERS OF DONALD TRUMP. In essence, we can see the Picture Laid out Directly in Front of Us – BUT WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WE DON’T KNOW.

We also Don’t Know what Past Presidents have Saddled President Trump with, which President Trump is Unable to Reveal. We can guess all we want, to why the US Embassy hasn’t yet been moved to Jerusalem, and why Hillary Clinton hasn’t yet done the PERP-WALK.

But We’d Only Be Guessing.

There is so much I want President Trump to do, which on the Surface all seems so simple and straight forward, such as having Holder, Lynch, Rice, Half the FBI, NSA, IRS, State Department and FBI Held for Crimes Against The American People & Obstruction of Justice.

I want President Trump to give the ORDER TO JUST BUILD THE DAMNED WALL, and start Shooting Invaders, Drug Dealers and Felons who Enter the USA ILLEGALLY.

I WANT THE PRESIDENT . . . to Whack North Korea and save some for Iran. I would also like to see President Trump send in the Troops to take over the ILLEGAL Chinese Islands, which the “Red Menace” Constructed in the South China Sea, In Order to Harbor Their War Making Machinery.


I Know That if Wishes Were Horses . . . Beggars Would Ride.

I also know that the World Does NOT ROTATE Around the Sun According to the Wishes of Howard Galganov.

AND I KNOW WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE . . . that with the Forces Aligned Against President Trump from the Insider RINOS, the Lobbyists for Big Business & Big Labor, the Uber Wealthy Limousine Liberals, the Entertainment Business, the Media, the Hard LEFT & Generations of Anti-American Academic Propaganda . . .

That President Trump Is A Man Besieged From The Enemies From Within.

THEREFORE . . . As much as this would have been Unimaginable Just 18-Months Ago, On This Thanksgiving . . . I GIVE THANKS FOR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.

As Negative As This BLOG Generally Is . . . I would ask everyone to think POSITIVELY this Week, About What is Good In Their Lives, No Matter how Bleak we might Consider Our Lot In Life To Be.

JUST THINK ABOUT A BETTER TOMORROW . . . And How Much Worse Things Could Be Today. And Remember – Yesterday was Done & Tomorrow Could Indeed Be A Better Day.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. love AMERICA and I am ashmed of how we have become accustomed to asking for everything when they are too lazy to work for it. I understand that it is easier to sit back and ask others to support you but you should realize that if we all work and pay our taxes, we have a right to complain about it. But for too long we have sit back and said let John Jim and George do all the work but Folks those three people have died and the leaders have discovered that and now they can do anything they want….

  2. I’m Thankful Hillary is NOT president! I’m also thankful that there is some Investigation into her corruption. I’ll be REALLY Thankful Next Year when they expose Hillary …. and Bill …. with a toss in of Obama!!!

  3. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are happy to have you here in the United States.

  4. My oncologist told me I wouldn’t see Thanksgiving 2016 if I didn’t have chemo. I refused it anyway. I had so much to be thankful for last year–and even more this year. I didn’t think I’d spend another holiday with my family–yet here I am.
    I’m thankful that President Trump left his billionaire lifestyle to try and save America when he didn’t have to–and perseveres in spite of the horrific media abuse–and isn’t even getting paid. Thank You Mr. President for loving America as we ALL do!

  5. I agree with Rick Connely. Bless You and your family Howard and may God bless the U.S.A. and Canada.

  6. The very same to you and Anne, Howard. Welcome home and enjoy your stay. 🙂

  7. i find your comments about president trump caring,understanding and appropriate.i am an israeli pediatrician,who spent 3 years training in the USA and 2 in canada.the forces active against TRUMP are similar to those against NATANYAHU viz the LEFT,DO GOODERS AND PARASITES.MAY THEY BOTH OVERCOME THOSE EVIL FORCES!CONGRATS ON YOUR NEWSLETTER-MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!

  8. With my maternal family all coming from Nova Scotia, I’ve always thought of Canada and the US as one country … I know it’s not, but in my heart it is.
    Have a very blessed Thanksgiving to you and your whole family.

  9. Howard, the American people are the only people fighting back against the attempt to force the world to come under the Socialist agenda – call it Fabianism. Fascism, Globalization, whatever Western civilization has capitulated – most of Europe, Canada & Australia have embraced the concept of Multiculturalism & allowed minorities (Ethnic, Linguistic, Religious, Sexual Orientation) to force the majority to bow down to their specific group. With fighters like you, we have to be thankful!!

  10. Thank you Howard for your steadfast march for liberty/God-given rights of freedom and for speaking it loud and clear. Celebrating 3 Thanksgivings within several weeks must tend to make one look deeper. I too am thankful for Pres. Trump. It is up to the people to put forth worthy opponents to all the lifetime swamp creatures to help him clean it. Hope & pray next Thanksgiving we can say we succeeded in most, if not all, cases. God bless you and yours at this Thanksgiving.

  11. Your reasons to be thankful are excellent and welcome. My family, friends and this wonderful country are joys beyond belief and should be cherished by Canadians…. real Canadians. I could never be a heart-bound citizen of another country. Neither can immigrants be a real Canadians, but when “Ignorant Savages Infecting Society” (ISIS) and believers in Sharia Law invade and threaten our two countries, it is time to condemn them and bar them. I’ll bet they give thanks for our apathy and tolerance.

  12. May God continue to bless you, your beloved Anne, & devoted pets, Howard! I’m SO VERY THANKFUL that DONALD J. TRUMP is OUR PRESIDENT!! ONLY HE CAN “SAVE” our country, from the LEFTIST LOONS!!! RINOS, etc. PRES. TRUMP is down in our part of FLorida, & I wish him much joy, peace, happiness, with his family while here in Palm Beach County! He definitely deserves it!! I just hope & pray, that our division in the USA can be & will be healed!!! THANK GOODNESS HILLARY ISN’T PRESIDENT!!!! AMEN!

  13. …and also to remember that GOD is really in charge, and sometimes the answer is NO—for reasons only HE can know!

    William Meeks, USN (ret.)
    Negaunee, Mi. , USA

  14. Howard I thank you for helping me keep my two feet firmly planted on the ground and not feel that I am not alone in my ideals. At 81 years old I have lived thru WWll with a father in the Navy Armed Guard. For his birthday he was putting British Soldiers on the beach on D Day and watching them machine gunned on the beach. He never fully recovered. I try to understand why those that do not show respect cry the loudest when they do not get respect. Happy Third Thanksgiving

  15. Aside from the usual, I am thankful for Howard Galganov, for providing a sound education! Thanks for inspiring the comments from your subscribers, which is icing on the cake!

  16. Howard, my late RCAF/RAF father is looking down on your exemplary efforts and smiling like a Cheshire Cat (apologies to April the Cat) with 2 thumbs held mightily UP! I’m proud to report that. He was a die-hard Texan (he took me to the first Dallas Cowboys game at the Cotton Bowl). I’m thankful for my father and I’m thankful for you Howard and your daily prescient sensible words. Again Dad’s smiling.

  17. HG–Wishing you, Anne, Stryker & April the cat a Very Happy Thanksgiving–and to all your Readers as well. It is very enlightening to read their comments! Yes, we can ALL be THANKFUL that HILLARIOUS wasn’t elected–what a BLESSING that is/was! One wonders who else but Pres. Trump could have had the STRENGTH & COURAGE to face the “trials & tribulations” which he has undergone! He WILL FULFILL the rest of his promises. He’s a DOER not just a TALKER! There’s a lot more to come! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  18. Howard, you are a light into the nations. Although I lost
    my wife of 60 years just recently, I will celebrate
    The American thanks giving with my
    Daughter and her 3 children who live
    around Boston. I am also blessed to
    have another daughter and a son and eight
    Grand children that keep me busy.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  19. Loved it as always. Wishing you and Anne a blessed American Thanksgiving. Thank you for all you do for all of us!

  20. We are so thankful that Hillary and her “gang” are not in control of our country and our lives today. Thankful that over a million now have jobs and more to come. Thankful that our future is in the hands of Donald Trump and his cabinet.
    Thankful that we can still worship freely and now our Pastors can speak freely without government chains. Thankful for all that I see in the coming years as the Trump administration progresses.

  21. Howard, we are thankful for you and Anne, Stryker, and April the Cat and for your presence here in the USA. We are thankful that you continue to be a light shining in the darkness, revealing the truth to the best of your ability. Much has happened over the past year and we are thankful for President Trump. Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. I am thankful to be in Canada since 1971 and not in the now Islamic NO GO ZONE in Birmingham U.K. where I was born and grew up. I am thankful, at age 81, for a good life & health which I attribute to being in this great country (though it’s deteriorating under our Libs). I am thankful for having a few good friends and particularly Howard who fights against the odds for us in the USA & Canada. Happy U.S.A. Thanksgiving to you Howard, Anne & friends.

  23. I don’t hear from many of you very often but we wish all of you a very wonderful Thanksgiving day & Holiday season.
    Peggy and I have so very much for which to be thankful. We have a wonderfully functional family.
    We have it so much better than our parents and grandparents did at the same age. In fact, we have it much better than most of the people that we have ever known. For this we thank God and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
    Howard and Ann, Have a Wonderful celebration.

  24. Great Editorial once again Howard…thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Anne, Stryker and April the cat. GO TRUMP GO!!

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