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I should not be writing about the Pending Tax Reform Bill, which is Incredibly Important . . . because, how can I write about a Tax Reform Bill that is as Complicated as the Taxes it wants to Reform?

But Nonetheless . . . I’ll Give It A Try.

The Problem with existing Tax Legislation in both of our Countries (Canada & the USA), is that they are so Complicated & Driven to Support the Wealthy, which are Laws that were SINGLEHANDEDLY Created by Rich Accountants & Lawyers for the Benefit of the Wealthy, that all they are, is a Mechanism to WRING AS MUCH MONEY as they can from the Working Class (MAKERS) and the less Uber-Rich, THAN FROM THE REALLY RICH.


Over the Years, the Tax Codes of our Two Countries have become so SURREAL, that in all Essence, No One Really Knows, which End is Up & which End Is Down.

BUT HERE’S WHAT I DO KNOW . . . All the Machinations of this Proposed Tax Bill, no matter how they spin it, is still FOCUSED, Virtually in its ENTIRETY, on SQUEEZING as much Money out of the MAKERS to keep the Political Socio/Economic Ball Rolling, in order to keep the Politicians & Bureaucrats in Taxpayer Fat City. End of Story.

AND UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Anyone who says that he or she really Understands the Tax Code and the Proposed Changes to the Code – are either Liars or Deluded, because no one does, other than to explain the Code and the Purpose of the Code as I just did in the Preceding Paragraph . . .

The Only Explanation to our Tax System . . . is to keep the Country from going Bankrupt, in order to Protect the Honeypot of the Wealthy, and all those who feed off the MAKERS.


For those of you who might not be aware of the Fabian Society . . . The Society was Founded in the Very Late 18-Hundreds in London England by Extremely Wealthy Men, whose Wealth Shielded them from all Normal Financial Perils.

MOST OF THE FABIANS . . . Were Wealthy Academics, Wealthy Industrialists, Wealthy Professionals, and Wealthy Politicians & Bureaucrats, who were Well Heeled Elitists, who saw themselves Serving the Country from their Ivory Towers.

WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT THE FABIANS . . . Was/Is, that they were all Wealthy in Fiscal Riches, or Wealthy in Elitist Values Supported by Public Wealth . . . IN OTHER WORDS . . . NONE OF THEM HAD TO WORK.

What also made the Fabians Common to each Other . . . was that many of them made their money without having to work for it. In the case of Industrialists and Men of Business, much of their Money was Inherited.

In the case of Men of Letters, Academics, Politicians & Bureaucrats, their Gilded Existence was Guaranteed from Pensions Courtesy of Tax Payers.


FABIANS . . . WHO PAID NO TAXES – OR VIRTUALLY NO TAXES . . . never had to concern themselves with the everyday Drudge of Making a Living. And like so many LIBERAL People of Wealth, where the Wealth was Handed to them, or the Wealth was Guaranteed to them through Public Pensions, the Fabians DETERMINED that all men should have Substantial Income to Level the Socio/Economic Playing Field . . . BUT NEVER ENOUGH INCOME TO BE THE EQUALS OF THE FABIANS.

SO ON ONE HAND . . . The Fabians became the Champions of the Working Class, and the Class which did Not want to Work, while Haunting their OWN PRIVATE CLUBS & INSTITUTIONS, where entry to the UNTER-CLASS was Denied, while Reigning their Pearls of Wisdom Upon The Little People . . .

Deciding How The Little People . . . Should Be Taxed To Spread The Wealth.

BY 1900 . . . In England, the Fabian Society Created The British Labor Party, which through the Centuries, Transformed the Greatest European Power Ever, into a Socialist Society, which was Saved some 80-Years Later by a Conservative Woman By The Name Of Margaret Thatcher.

AS A NOTE OF INTEREST . . . We constantly hear of the London School Of Economics, as being one of the Great World Institutions of Higher Learning. But we should also know, that the Original Name of the School was the London School of Economics & POLITICAL SCIENCE, which was Founded by the Fabians in 1895 as a Socialist Institution to Train Future Socialists . . . and to the very best of my knowledge – NOTHING HAS CHANGED WITH THIS SCHOOL.


The Fabian Society Exists Mostly As A Think Tank Spread Throughout Much Of The World, where in Canada and the United States, the Fabian Philosophy has been Embraced along with Marxism & Leninism with the Democrats in the USA & Social Liberal Parties in Canada (Liberals, New Democrats & The Green Party).

WHAT WE ARE BEARING WITNESS TO IN TERMS OF BUDGETS . . . And Tax Codes with Suggested Tax Reforms . . . is really nothing more than KABUKI THEATER, or perhaps more succinctly, THE THEATRE OF THE ABSURD, much like a Pack of Wolves Encircling a Flock of Sheep, having a Democratic Debate upon what they will have for Supper.

RAND PAUL . . . And other Conservative Republicans aren’t Wrong in their Opposition to much of the Proposed Tax Reform Bills, since what all these Proposed Bills do in Reality, is akin to Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic as it approaches the Iceberg.


If The Politicians Want Real Tax Reform . . . Gut What Exists & Start From Scratch.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. There is a saying the you go bankrupt slowly, then all at once. Transpose this to the moral fiber of both Canada & United States and “all at once” may be closer than we think.

  2. Absolutely spot on. If you want real tax reform that approaches fairness to all, institute a FLAT TAX. One rate and everyone pays. In Canada eliminate all the tax deductions of RRSPS etc and enhance the tax free savings account. The trouble with these ideas, incomplete as they are, is that it would create huge unemployment in the accounting and tax law businesses. And God knows that they do not want their ox gored.

  3. Howard, you and I know that all the laws were written by Legal people, whether it is for taxes or criminal justice ( white collar crimes ) in order to protect themselves. The wolves are circling. Steve Acre, Canada

  4. The application of various types of tax in both Canada and the USA is fundamentally undemocratic . First, the power to tax is the power to oppress. And secondly, once charged under various tax statutes you are automatically guilty until you prove yourself innocent. The application of tax in the USA is so disfunctional that it almost makes the Canadian system look rational

  5. Tax reform works for those reporting and paying income taxes, but what about all those working strictly for cash, but not reporting income? What we need is a “consumption tax” so everybody has to pay something! Right now, 10% of the people pay 70% of the income taxes, but 47% pay nothing- they get money back (30% of claims are “fraudulent”). Why get better job (or work) if you have to pay more taxes to support those who don’t want to work? “Millions” existing off “other people’s money” today!

  6. What was all that about the Post Card Sized Tax return??
    Designed for the majority of US tax payers?
    I saw Republicans Bragging about it on Fox
    Maybe I’m not getting the whole picture here.
    Howard, any followup explanations based on info you come across would be interesting.
    It won’t affect me but I like to understand things. Thanks, Rick

  7. Howard, I would also direct you to look at the American counterpart of the “Fabians” of Great Britain found in the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island. It is really a “mirror image” of the same item, control of the economy for “the club”,not really it’s members or owners. Perhaps one of the best books written in the past decade or so, but yet very easy to read, understand and COMPREHEND.
    Tom Corcoran, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

  8. Trickle-Down Economics: If you give more money to the rich, they will spend more, and thus Help the economy grow. And the working class will be so grateful to them for spending their money on them.This is the economic cycle in the west. Has been working for the last 200 years, so why fiddle with something that ain’t broke?
    Question: is it to late for me to become a Fabian. The last Fabian I knew was Fabian Forte.

  9. It will never happen until we have a total melt down of society and all of it’s institutions. It will happen, hold on to your hats.

  10. Your last statement about gutting & starting over is so correct. I understand tax rules are over 11K pages long – even IRS likely doesn’t understand it; they use only latest laws to snatch away working folks’ wages. Then states get their hands in. By the time I no longer owe pers property tax on my vehicle, I likely will have paid for it twice, it’s a 2005. BTW, I personally feel those in Europe (esp England) still own in some way & dictate US economy.
    Hope you’re enjoying Texas immensely.

  11. When interest rates are Uber Low , Rich people spend their money on Luxury items . Saw a customer buy a new Porsche on his Amex card , for the points I assume … in my case I do not pay taxes , below the poverty line is the place to be . Woe is me but also tax free 🙂

  12. Your last line says it all!!! Gut what exists and start over from scratch!!!

  13. Taxes; a method of taking money without permission from individuals that, were it done by individuals and not the government, would be considered a criminal act of extortion.

    The only fair system of taxation would be a flat tax. But, we’ll never live to see it because 1) it would put CPAs, bookkeepers and IRS agents out of work, 2) would expose and eliminate all the loopholes schemes and scams that the system has built in to protect and enrich itself along with its cronies and pet causes.

  14. We all know that the tax laws need to be fixed but there are different schools of thought on what to do. Liberals and socialists seem to want to tax the wealthy, (individuals and companies) who have enough money to hire employees, into destitution. By doing this the wealthy will no longer be able to hire anyone, so everybody will be unemployed. The pendulum swings both ways.

  15. Having studied Fabians, I would also like to add that Fabians also founded the League of Nations, which became the United Nations. They also founded the World Court in the Hague, as well as the gas used to “humanely” put so many to death in Nazi concentration camps. In Canada, the Fabians are called the Douglas-Coldwell Foundation, after Tommy Douglas and Major Coldwell, the leaders of the CCF party. In 1948 both PE Trudeau and George Soros both attended LSE. JUSTIFY YOUR EXISTENCE.

  16. Thanks for the message, Howard. Great insight and thanks for the history lesson. There’s so much below the surface regarding scoundrels in govt that we peons are bubbling over with anger, hate, and frustration with the political class. It’s only a matter of time until the cork blows off the bottle and the lids of their decadence get lifted that even the moronic voter may finally GET IT!!

  17. No need to discuss the Budget NOW because there are a LOT MORE CHANGES to come! One doesn’t have to be a STATISTICIAN to KNOW when he/she is getting SCREWED! Yes, that’s exactly what is being done…”Deciding How The Little People . . . Should Be Taxed To Spread The Wealth.” TERM LIMITS MUST BE INITIATED! Also, isn’t it SURPRISING that SEX has not been INSERTED in the BUDGET PROCESS–since it’s the MOST POPULAR TOPIC these days! Let’s HOPE for the BEST for “The Little People”! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  18. Mollie in Austin: Yes…the consumption or Fair Tax is the only way to completely get rid of the IRS. Businesses are already set up to collect it, so no big deal. Everyone pays! If you don’t want to pay, don’t buy stuff. I heard: Even Prostitutes will have to pay tax.

    coming to Austin soon….You and Howard are lucky!

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