All Of A Sudden The LEFT Are Eating Their Own – GOOD!



You “Gotta” Love The LEFTIST Politicians and Political Parasites . . . who all of a sudden DISCOVERED that Women, even Women on the LEFT, are being Groped, Assaulted, Abused & Forced-Upon Sexually . . . by Lascivious Men, whether in Hollywood, The Congress & Literally all other Bastions of the LEFT.

Even Hillary Clinton ABUSED Fragile Women Economically & Publicly.


AND ALL OF A SUDDEN . . . From nowhere, the LEFT are now Turning on their Own, some suggesting that Bill Clinton should have been REMOVED from the Presidency for what he actually ADMITTED doing to Monica Lewinsky, while some of the BIGGER LEFTIST HYPOCRITES are saying outright . . . THAT BILL CLINTON SHOULD HAVE BEEN REMOVED.

And What About All The Women Bill Clinton Assaulted & Raped?

WHERE WERE THEY WHEN IT MATTERED . . . ? And how STUPID do the LEFTIST Jerks think most of the Voting Population of America Really is, even after they got their Asses Kicked by Donald Trump & Real Conservative Americans, all of whom Understand the Special Nature of American Freedom & American EXCEPTIONALISM?

I FIND IT PARTICULARLY GALLING . . . Hearing LEFTISTS now saying, that America Owes Monica Lewinsky a HUGE APOLOGY for the way they DESTROYED HER LIFE, since what they did to Monica Lewinsky in the Public Square could NEVER BE UNDONE.


It Is Remarkable . . . How some of the Pundits on the LEFT, which means MOST of the Pundits of the LEFT, have found Equivalence between Senator Al Franken & Judge Roy Moore, when there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING these two Men share in common.

In the case of Judge Roy Moore . . . THERE IS NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE that the Judge Assaulted any Woman, or behaved in an Unbecoming Manner with Women . . . other than the Claims of Women who are all of a sudden Crawling out of the Woodwork from 38-Years Ago, whose Flimsy Accusations are Starting to Fall Apart, like the Signature in the Year Book of a So-called Aggrieved “Victim” of Judge Moore, which no one will admit to having seen Judge Moore Sign, with the Accuser’s Lawyer, who won’t allow a Forensic Office to Examine.


HOWEVER . . . In the Case of Al Franken, who was always a VULGAR & NASTY CHARACTER, especially when he was Preforming on Stage, behind the Stage or giving Speeches . . . Franken isn’t Just Facing Innuendo or an Unsubstantiated Accusation – since we’ve all seen the Photo of Franken Groping the Breasts of a Sleeping Woman.

If That’s NOT Assault What Is?

YET . . . Even with this INCONTROVERTIBLE PHOTO EVIDENCE & Franken’s own Apology for his UNFORGIVABLE & LECHEROUS BEHAVIOR, the LEFTIST Media still referred to what Franken did . . . as either Alleged or as an Accusation, comparing Franken’s PROVEN BAD BEHAVIOR . . . to what is amounting to nothing more than a SMEAR-JOB against Judge Roy Moore.


The Convulsing Middle East Is About To Explode.

Iran Is Cascading Towards World Armageddon.

The North Koreans Are About To Do Something Really Stupid.

China Is Like An Oncoming Freight Train Without Brakes Heading Our Way.

Russia Is Screwing Around To Rebuild Its Former Failed “Glory”.

The European Union Is Falling Apart As Europe Is Being Islamized.

International Economies Are Teetering On The Edge.

The North American Stock Market Is On The Path To A Supernova . . .

AND DURING ALL OF THIS . . . The American LEFT is worried about Same Sex Bathrooms, Promoting the “RIGHTEOUSNESS” of Gay, Lesbian & Multiple Sexual Tendencies in the Public School System, Removing Historical Statues, Plaques & the History of the Southern States – JUST LIKE THE NAZIS DID IN GERMANY.

THE LEFT WANT BIG BROTHER . . . They want the People to Answer to the Government Instead of the other Way Around. And they want the MAKERS to Surrender their Successes to the TAKERS.

Schools are no longer Competitive & Everyone gets a Pass. And it’s fine for MEGA MILLIONAIRE BLACK ATHLETES . . . to Take a Knee Against the Red, White & Blue.


Thank You All For Your Financial Support. It means a Great Deal to me knowing that I Don’t have to Carry the Burden All Alone. My Shoulders Are Pretty Strong, But Even They Get Tired.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It looks like a federal judge may have already wrecked Obama’s plans to destroy America by flooding it with non-assimilating illegal immigrants. Judge Hanin temporarily blocked Obama’s executive action giving 26 states’ lawsuits against it time to proceed. Until all appeals have been exhausted Obama’s plans cannot go into effect. At this point Obama is stalled and Republicans don’t have to do anything. The executive order just may be killed. Regarding Trudeau, he’s pro-Palestinian. Nuff said.

  2. With millions of like minded people like you, keeping the pressure up and the truth being told, we may yet take our country back from the Left. So many times I feel like it is an impossible task, but, every time I read your editorials I get smile on my face, knowing that the possible may not be that far away. Think positive thoughts and put our faith in God, because I know we are on the correct path.

  3. Spot on Howard. All of the left are a bunch of gadiantons, every stinking one of them.
    Keep the pressure on, your are a voice of freedom….”Know the truth and the truth shall you free”.

  4. I love the smell of roast liberal in the morning. Make mine well-done (gotta kill the germs!!) and pass the Tabasco!

  5. GREAT editorial Howard. I think things are coming to a head in all aspects of life!! We are been taken over by the Socialist takers and Islamized in our schools and where ever they get a leg hold! Thanks Howard for what you do bringing this all to light. GO TRUMP GO!! VOTE TRUDEAU AND THE LIE – BRALS OUT IN 2019!!!

  6. I enjoyed Franken on SNL, especially when he played Stuart Smalley. However, he lost me during his battle with Bill O’Reilly. As for Roy Moore, I never liked him because he was an activist judge based on his arrogant religious beliefs, who was twice removed from the bench. In spite of that, I would certainly prefer him over their best Democrat.

  7. Well put as usual Howard. The liberal elite has been encouraged by the stupidity of their followers after 8 years of Obama, but someone held a mirror up and they have started to turn on each other. Great news for us! Lies and hypocrisy will eventually be noticed even by the stupidest among us! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. The Left may be EATING THEIR OWN, but before they swallow they are marinating it, sauteing it and Flavoring it so it’s easier to go down. Many in the biased corrupt Main Stream Media are purposely not reporting on the other part of the Franken scandal like sticking his tongue down her throat. Or his admittance over his 2008 apology for his SNL skit about rape where he lied that he was sorry “so he could get elected”. Think about that. Is he lying now about this apology so he can stay a senator?

  9. I find it interesting that the Saudis are unable to conquer Yemen, and don’t have Iraq as a buffer against Iran, so they may have to spill their own blood. The Americans are not interested. The Israelis might help them, but will not fight for them. Saudi Arabia might just implode and Justin Trudeau will see the error of his ways for not allowing the Trans Canada pipeline to expand into New Brunswick, because his supply of Saudi oil may evaporate. On the plus side less Saudi money to fund terror.

  10. I would like to make a suggestion to all you folks who look forward to reading Howard’s blog as much as I do:
    “FORWARD” it on to everyone you know! The more that know about him, the more that might start supporting Howard!
    Ted Walker, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

  11. Interesting how both Britain and U.S. are dealing with ISIS terrorists coming home.Rory Stewart, Minister of International Development told BBC that Britains SAS(special air service) has a kill list for British jihadis and Brett McGurk from U.S. stated “any ISIS from foreign country & who came into Syria will die here in Syria. France & Australia are saying similar. How does Canada respond???? DM Harjit Sajjan tells Canadians not to worry, we are protected.Somehow, I don’t feel very comforted

  12. The problem with the Left is they are motivated by specific targets and agendas. Not overall issues. So they easily fall into the trap of hypocrisy, exposing themselves as either “too much or too little” based on their personal feelings. You cannot build solid improvement or growth, or seek out real truths, when that is your modus operandi.

  13. Great & Timely Howard. Thanks for what & how you’ve drafted todays reader message. For all to long a time this subject of people in power abusing the defenseless striving for a better life for themselves. The abuses have been hushed by to many who couldda & shouldda taken expedient action a long while back to stop this disgusting crap! Sad & true the adage we’ve all heard about ‘absolute power’ & ‘corruption’ It will never be a ‘perfect world’ but its long overdue for seriousness to this issue!

  14. The American Colonists fought for their freedom and independence against what seemingly were insurmountable odds-the British Empire’s best equipped and best trained army and navy in the world. We are also fighting against entrenched evil in the form of those advocating socialism and one world government. Like the Colonists we will never surrender(as Churchill stated) and we will win this fight.

  15. Speaking of Monica Lewinsky. Part of her problem is she has identified with her perpetrator and will not condemn him…..she was “in love” with him. Wonder if she will ever realize what he did to her life?

  16. Howard, thanks for expressing what I think and post on Facebook,(why are you not on it?)

    In reply t one of your followers, “It will never be a ‘perfect world,” never the less we should do whatever we can to make it less imperfect.

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