EXTRA-EXTRA . . . Read All About It – Moore Guilty Until Proven Innocent


I Don’t Know When It Happened . . . but somewhere, somehow, the Presumption of INNOCENCE had been Dropped from the US CONSTITUTION and Criminal Code when NO ONE WAS LOOKING.

Even in Canada . . . People are INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty – which says a lot about LEFTIST Canada.

Who Needs Enemies When Conservatives Do Their Best To Murder Their Own?

EVEN THE UNITED NATION’S DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS – Article 11 Presumes Innocence Until Proven Guilty.

In the United States of America . . . As to the Very Best of my Knowledge – The 5th & 14th Amendments GUARANTEE Innocence in the Eyes of the Law Before Being Proven Guilty.

IN 2007 . . . Claims were made that Barack Hussein Obama was NOT Born in the United States, which would have ELIMINATED his Right to Run for the Presidency.

I DON’T KNOW IF OBAMA WAS OR WASN’T – And It Still Isn’t Clear To Me Whether He Was Or Not.

And . . . Instead of Producing Something as Simple as a Legitimate Birth Certificate to Prove his Legitimacy – Obama Produced NOTHING, but was given the Benefit of being PRESUMED Innocent Until Otherwise Proven Guilty.


But What I Do Know . . . is that Roy Moore is being CHARGED, TRIED & CONVICTED In the Public Court of the LEFT, The Media, The RINOS & Political Cowards.

When all the Charges were made against Bill Clinton for everything from Sexual Abuse to RAPE, Clinton who was as Guilty as Sin was given the RIGHT to be Presumed to be Innocent Before He was Proven to be Guilty.

And even after ADMITTING to just one of his MANY Sexual Encounters, this one with an Extremely Young & Impressionable Intern . . . AND EVEN AFTER LYING ABOUT IT TO CONGRESS & THE AMERICAN PEOPLE . . . Clinton Was Impeached in the Congress, but was still given a Respectful Forgiveness Amongst Liberals.


THE LEFT HAS ZERO CONSCIENCE . . . and in the final analysis, the LEFT has consistently chosen that their Path to Victory, is that the MEANS JUSTIFIES THE END – No Matter How DIRTY The Means Are.

I GREW UP . . . Understanding how Dreadful Senator Joe McCarthy was in real life, and was a Schmuck who CONNED his way through his War Experiences in the South Pacific while fighting the Japanese. At least that’s how Hollywood Portrayed him.


I saw Movies, which Depicted Joe McCarthy as an EVIL RIGHT-WING FASCIST, who, while Serving in the House, MADE WAR on the Hollywood and Entertainment Industry, as being RIFE with Communists, making a very young and impressionable Howard Galganov hold Disdain for the likes of Joe McCarthy and all the People who supported him.

GO KNOW . . . Many Decades Later – Joe McCarthy Was Right & Hollywood was Replete with Communists and Communist Supporters, who are now more Fashionably referred to as Socialists, Liberal Americans, or just DEMOCRATS.


It is widely held that Judge Bork was a Brilliant Constitutional Jurist who believed FIERCELY IN THE ORIGINALISM OF THE CONSTITUTION, that the US Constitution was Perfect in its Simplicity as it was ORIGINALLY Written.


THE LEFT WAS SO ANTI-BORK . . . and against his Interpretation of the Originalism of the Constitution, that in 1987, during the Senate Hearings on his CONFIRMATION TO THE SUPREME COURT, every Piece of Dirt the LEFT could Conjure & Twist was Brought to Bear on Justice Bork, which led to the Dismissal of Justice Bork as a Supreme Court Justice.


IN 1991 . . . Clarence Thomas, a Black Conservative Justice was Nominated and Appointed to the Supreme Court. But before being CONFIRMED to the Supreme Court, like Justice Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas was PILLORIED by every means possible, INCLUDING UNFOUNDED ACCUSATIONS BY PROFESSOR ANITA HILL OF UNWANTED SEXUAL ADVANCES & LEWD BEHAVIOR.

In Spite Of The Accusations . . . Clarence Thomas Persevered.

I DON’T KNOW IF ROY MOORE IS GUILTY OR NOT . . . But what I do know is the Following:

1 – The Politics of the LEFT are as Nefarious, Devious & Dishonest as anyone can Imagine.

2 – The RINOS are out to get Trump and all Real Conservatives no matter the Constitutional Cost.

3 – It is NOT Roy Moore who is really under attack, nearly as much as the PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE, which is no small Matter.

As I’ve Written In The Past . . . It’s Easy For Anyone To Make Unsubstantiated Claims Against Public People Of Power & Prestige – and it’s even Easier for Political Types and the Media to Push The Envelope.

SO . . . Unless any of the Allegations made against Judge Moore are PROVEN to have been ILLEGAL in any way – A VOTE FOR MOORE IS A VOTE FOR THE PREMISE OF BEING INNOCENT BEFORE BEING PROVEN GUILTY.

Which Is The Most Important Aspect Of This Entire Politicized Debacle.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It is a 100% certainty that Boehner caves in….
    He will never fight….NEVER.

  2. HOWARD, I am appalled as you are at the lack of justice in the American media. Suddenly there are so many women that are coming forward with accusations of misconduct by men that supposedly occurred some 25-30 years ago. I hope Justice will prevail by taking its proper course, which is you are INNOCENT until proven GUILTY. Steve Acre, Canada

  3. So true. We are told we should not judge others, that is for God to do. Everyone seems to have forgotten that.

  4. Amen……………

    No comment about these woman just coming forward after all these years!

    Smells fishy to us!

    Bill and Jan Clement
    Ocala, FL

  5. I had to laugh at your headline it is so true. I can’t get over how my beloved country has turned into a “dog eat dog” population.
    I have the same thoughts as you about Roy Moore. Hopefully he can hang tough and prove his innocence. If he is guilty why hasn’t this come out years ago. I remember Clarence Thomas having to face the same hate filled Democrats. I was so glad when he was confirmed. He has been a great Supreme Court Justice.
    Ann Brown, Lake Toxaway, NC

  6. Right on Howard If Roy Moore is proven guilty in a courtroom we are all fine with that. Until that time, the man should be given the presumption of innocence. The ugliness of Roy Moore being convicted on ancient evidence, dredged up by a media member of questionable reputation, is truly enraging. And why was was this issue orchestrated by someone, to come out 40 years later, and at the very last minute. The U.S. needs a law that dismisses such despicable tactics. Vote for Roy Moore.

  7. All men are equal, but some (democrats, leftists, communists, socialists) are more equal than others. I’m a bit worried that George Orwell was a time traveler from our present and just wrote about what he saw.

  8. The left is counting on the stupidity of their supporters and the fact that a bell is very difficult to un-ring. Seldom do they have anything substantial to offer in support of their socialist agenda.

  9. The U. S. Constitution requires that a person be 30 years of age and a citizen of the United States. There is nothing there about a person’s character. When Judge Moore is elected (and he will be), the U. S. Senate cannot constitutionally expel him. A Senator can only be expelled if he/she committed a crime AFTER being in office – not before. So, even if Judge Moore is guilty of all that he is accused of, ONLY the people of Alabama can decide if they think he is fit for office.

  10. I think what you are missing is the following Roy Moore is OLD in many ways that’s his only crime , in this case “they ” have raised “this” issue . Nothing more . The Left , The Women , The Activists et al are young or being influenced by the young and feel they should rule as they are smarter , “righter ” .

  11. If he’s Innocent and some very good investigators reveal this is a DNC ploy …..
    I Hope TRUMP APPOINTS HIM TO THE SUPREME COURT if he gets a chance.
    Really rub the liberals noses in it!

  12. Innocent until proven guilty is a protection for individuals within the justice system, not for the marketplace of ideas and opinions. One is free to believe another is guilty and promulgate such a view upon even the flimsiest of evidence. Outside of courts, it is the freedoms of speech and the press that prevail, not a presumption of innocence.

  13. Media/politicians/a lot of people know this is a smear campaign. RINOs fear his moral strength & how he can reek havoc on their golden goose. If nothing else, IT BROUGHT SWAMP CREATURES OUT IN THE OPEN. Vote them all out in 2018. One RINO had the audacity to say “innocent until proven guilty” doesn’t apply in political arena. Media is ferreting any/all ways (in AL GOP &/or governor) to oust Moore even if he wins. Those who believe it have been ‘trained’ to do so; rest of us see the truth.

  14. If my memory serves me correctly, it was one of Bill Clinton’s mentors in Arkansas that stated: “If you look the people straight in the eye and, convinciingly, say something often enough, eventually it becomes the truth.”

  15. “Let he who is without SIN cast the first STONE!” Just realizing that Atty. Gloria Alread is involved indicates to me that there’s a lot more to this story than “meets the eye”–for instance, MONEY! Considering how SEX is so DISRESPECTED these days, how will those who RUN for office 30 to 40 yrs. from now be viewed? No problem–by that time EVERYTHING will be ACCEPTED! Hope that MOORE can DEFEND himself. The DEMS FEAR his being ELECTED! Where’s OBAMA’S REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  16. I am of the thinking that all of the clap-trap and BS that is being poured out on Trump, Moore and anyother person of self esteem and moral stature is a bunch poppycock and smoking mirrors. Satan at his finest. God is in control.

  17. McConnell and Ryan never wanted Moore to to be in the Ala. race. Their friends spent allot of money to keep Moore out. The Dems just want to take down Trump so any Rep. or Conservative are on the menu.
    One month before the election??? I gotta admit that takes some huevos.

  18. Will probably get some “backlash” here, however, women can and should repel these creeps. My folks told me as a 8 year old, “dont’ let anyone touch you” if they persist, kick, yell, and run. Just DO NOT allow it! PLEASE DON’T BE HELPLESS, YOU ARE NOT, DEFEND YOURSELF FELLOW FEMALES!

  19. The first accusers were McCain, McConnell and Romney – all Rinos and Trump haters. They would do anything to stop Trumps Agenda and Moore is a proven conservative and not afraid of the fight. That is not what the Rinos and Left want in Congress. All these women are now being proven to be “trollops”. The first one’s own mother (Leigh) said her daughter was a pathological lier and had a drug abuse. Leigh also was bankrupt 3 times. Think she needs money??

  20. Just a few months ago, Vice President Pence was pilloried for having his wife present when meeting a person of the opposite sex. Seems a very wise move around the media of today.

  21. I doubt this is about Moore but more about politics. If this woman was a real Trump supporter, she would have come out and supported Trump for Luther Strange and made the claim against Moore then. Now it is so a Democrat will possibly win the Senate majority. This is the dirty politics of Power.

  22. If flirting were against the law, I’d be doing life without parole. Back in the 70s, Judge Moore was looking for a wife–and men in their 30s look for fecundity in their wives when they want children, so he married a woman in her early 20s and they are still married today–with 4 kids. 16 years old was a common age for marriage in Alabama in the 70s. In Antebellum days they got married at 13 as large families helped work the farm/plantation. Don’t let McConnell get away with this Alabama!

  23. Howard, Your opinion is almost exactly the same as mine, which I posted ob Facebook a couple of days ago. I argued that position with my son and son-in-law earlier today. They tried to justify their position because several women claimed inappropriate actions by the accused. pointed out that at this point there has not been even one shred of evidence.

  24. Hopefully Alabama voters will see the left’s smear and hate campaign for what it truly is and reelect Judge Moore. It seems that the left will stop at nothing to further their agenda. A vile bunch.

  25. The pattern always seem’s to be that it happened 3 to 4 decades ago, with a liberal source bringing it up, or I would call it making it up. Remember Cain and Romney? If one was proven false then somehow another one JUST-HAPPENED to show-up. And I’ll play their game also. I say he is innocent-until-proven-guilty! THAT IS THE LAW.

  26. Teri puts some historical significance to this. I remember in the South older boys dating much younger girls. He probably was just hanging out with a bunch of people and some younger ones were also there. Who knows?
    He was also single, probably acted quite young and hung out with younger people some; Although, graduating from West Point and being in the Army, where were any problems then?

  27. RINO – McConnell supposedly spoke with Trump and a few others about what to do if Moore is elected. McConnell said Moore was ‘unfit’ to be a Senator. Well, how ‘fit’ was Clinton to be President when he seduced Monica L then lied to Congress & country about it??? How ‘fit’ was Obama when he lied about Health Care – and his birth place. There is a concern now about Moore’s signature on one of the women’s class year book. Would the ‘left’ fake THAT too? Possible!!

  28. Just more proof of how the “powers that be” inside the GOP really are RINO, have no true respect for our Constitution and Bill of Rights and really do not want to win and MAGA. They only want to protect their seats on the DC gravy train while they help push this once-great country right over the cliff.

    In the time of Galileo the Church thought that the Earth was the Center of the Universe, but he knew it wasn’t true. G said it wasn’t the center of the universe, and the earth revolved around the sun. He was threatened with execution, It upset their ways of thinking. SO WHAT’S NEW? Dems and some Rino’s clearly don’t care that they are are destroying the USA. Is it safe to be near a woman today?


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