Barack Hussein Obama . . . Perhaps America’s Greatest Enemy From Within


Israel Is Always On The Edge Of War & Destruction . . . BUT NEVER MORE-SO, than since Former President Barack Hussein Obama, who always claimed to be the Most Pro-Israeli President America ever had, showed his TRUE PRO-MOSLEM COLORS through his Iranian Give-A-Way, which has enabled Iran to WREAK HAVOC THROUGHOUT THE MIDDLE EAST.


It’s really not a question of “IF” . . . NOR is it a question of WHEN, since the When is Irrelevant, because the Timing is already upon us, as Blood & Destruction is being Laid to Waste throughout Iraq, Syria, Yemen and soon to be Lebanon.

Which Pretty Soon Will Be Coming To A Theatre Near All Of Us.


THE ENTIRE WORLD . . . has been focused on the Obama/Iranian Nuclear Give-Away, and the Minutia of the Deal, debating upon how many Angels Can Dance On The Head Of A Pin, when in all reality, the IMMEDIATE THREAT wasn’t how long it would take the Iranians to develop a Nuclear Bomb, since they could easily acquire one from North Korea . . . IT WAS – what would Iran do with MORE THAN $150-BILLION US DOLLARS given to the Iranian Mullahs Courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama, and the Hundreds Of Billions Of Future Dollars Iran will Accumulate once the Global Iranian Sanctions were lifted?


In spite of the Rhetoric coming from Iran about Iran’s Willingness to Exchange Nuclear Attacks with Israel, it was nothing more than a Diversion, since even Iran does not want to be INCINERATED Based upon an Ideal.

If That Was The Case, Iran Would Have Launched Against Israel Long Ago.

“MAD” . . . Iran wants the BOMB to make certain no other Country would Launch against them, because of their Incursions into the Sovereignty of other Nations.


Armies NEED Wealth . . . Fighting Wars & Incursions Need GREATER Wealth.

Iran didn’t care about their Nuclear Capability, since the Obama Deal did nothing to Stop the Iranian Quest for Nuclear Energy & Beyond . . . WHAT THE MULLAHS REALLY CARED ABOUT, was Securing the Wealth Iran Needed TO BECOME THE NEW CALIPHATE.

I’m not even sure if the Iranian Mullahs Care as much about Destroying Israel because it is a Jewish State, nearly as much as they care about Destroying SUNNI LED SAUDI ARABIA, while keeping Sunni Led Turkey At Bay, and Destroying Israel because it is the ONLY Middle Eastern Country that would NOT be Part of an Iranian Shiite Hegemony.

AS I SEE IT . . . Iran is On The March to Initially Capture & Control all the Middle East from the Borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan & Turkmenistan to the West – and Azerbaijan, Armenia & Turkey to the North, with Egypt and all of Africa to the South East.

AS WE CAN SEE AS I WRITE . . . Iran is already up to it’s Neck in an Insurgent War Backing Yemen AGAINST Saudi Arabia, where if Successful, the Entire South of the Gulf into the Iranian Sea, which would include Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain & Kuwait, all of whom would be Prone to Participate in an Iranian Caliphate.

We already know that Iran has more or less Captured Iraq & Most of Syria, plus Lebanon through Hezbollah, whether we want to believe it or not, with Jordan probably next in Iran’s Sights.

I DON’T BELIEVE TURKEY WILL GET INVOLVED . . . Because I see Turkey as having its own Ambitions to Re-Create & Spread a Second Ottoman Empire – SO GIVEN THAT . . . There are just Three Countries Within the Region Capable of Stopping the Iranian Quest to become the Middle Eastern Caliphate . . . EGYPT, SAUDI ARABIA & ISRAEL.

AND OF THE THREE . . . Egypt is a Poverty Nation, which has more Worries than just Somewhat with Insurgents (Moslem Brotherhood & Hamas) within its own Borders.

Saudi Arabia has the Wealth . . . but not the Military Strength to Successfully Fight the Iranian Juggernaut on its own. And the Saudis, in spite of the PR-HYPE does not have a Happy or Loyal Population, which explains the Saudis RUSH to join the 21st Century.

SO IT’S ALL UP TO ISRAEL . . . Probably, the ONLY COUNTRY in the Middle East, which could Take-On the Iranians and Win, which explains the ever Tightening Rapprochement between the Israelis, Jordanians, Egyptians, Saudis & Other Gulf States.


There is no way in the World, had it not been for Obama, who Willingly & Knowingly UNLEASHED the Iranian Genie from the Bottle, that the Entire World would be in the Crisis we find ourselves today.

REMEMBER THE WORDS OF THEN OBAMA CHIEF OF STAFF . . . Rahm Emanuel – “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”.

I am utterly Convinced . . . that then President Barack Hussein Obama, INTENTIONALLY used the Nuclear “Non-Crisis”, with which to FREE-UP the Iranians, for them to Create their Caliphate, which perhaps in Obama’s Moslem-Centric Mind, would either Get Rid of the Israeli Problem by putting the Uppity Israeli Jews in their Place once and for all, while securing a more Stable & Relatively Modern Moslem Middle East under the Hegemony of Shiite Iran.

AND BECAUSE OF THIS . . . It Will Either Be All-Out Regional War NOW . . . or Iran Wins, and the World will be Refashioned According to Obama.

Had George W Bush Supported the Israelis in doing what had to be done some 16-Years Ago. And had Barack Obama NOT CONNED the Israelis into Believing that America did indeed have Israel’s Back . . . THIS EDITORIAL WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN WRITTEN.

IN THE MEANTIME . . . Stupid Americans Are Howling At The Moon, Because Trump Became Their President.

NFL Loser Players Won’t Stand For Their Anthem.

All the Something-For-Nothing Bunch have their hands out for Free Stuff.

And Canada Elected a DUFUS Prime Minister . . . Who Knows As Much About Running A Country, As Stryker, Our Beloved Dog, Knows About NOT Crapping On The Neighbor’s Lawn.

THE CLOCK IS TICKING. Everyone’s getting into Position Choosing Sides while Making Money. The “Phony War” is in Pregame . . . And the REAL ACTION will soon enough be upon us.

I ASSUME IT WILL START SOONER RATHER THAN LATER . . . And it will start Between Israel & Hezbollah in Lebanon.


PS – There’s Also This Little Thing Called A New American Tax Structure.

What A Mess.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Looking “South” for inspiration is wrong ! The once great nation to our south is in decline; as all great democracies before have declined; ideas and requirements of society change. It is hoped that the disaster that was inflicted on us by P.E.T. will remind Canadians that our current government is still trying to correct the foolish socialistic theories of his time in office. Conservatism and free enterprise “out plays” any communistic hand every time.

  2. IF, and I think he has the cajones to do it, President Trump should announce an immediate Middle East tour and visit, including to Israel, Egypt, and perhaps even Iran,(going to Israel as the last stop).
    He should “play nice” in the other countries, BUT tell them, in an aside he is announcing the move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem on his Israeli stop, to begin IMMEDIATELY, as well as a “Middle Eastern Trade Agreement” to be negotiated
    In 2018, and signed at the opening of the Embas

  3. SO much wrong in our world today. Prayers are needed more than ever. Only our one true God can rescue us from all this mess.

  4. In addition to the above points that you make, I would add that liberal progressives know the cost of nothing. If pushed, they will tell you that “they” will pay for the give away program.

  5. Your honesty and clarity is refreshing. As a retired military member, I am saddened that nearly half of this country doesn’t seem to be interested in facts. Where else in the world is there confusion about which restroom to use and hurt feelings over historical monuments/statues? Good news . . . the other half has millions of legally owned guns and billions of bullets. Who do YOU think will win?

  6. You cannot establish a New World Order until what exists has completely failed . The plan is working and being supported by the fools in North America , the only place the required wealth can be located and redistributed to the “have not ” and “never will have ” areas of the world . What you are describing is factual , but not an accident , a well orchestrated world plan . Orchestrated by the failed Continents and their Leaders and supported by the naïve Left in the West .

  7. God has always dealt with whole nations or single individuals. When individuals in this nation decided to either be a-political or support the liberal politics of the left, the result is we will reap as a nation what we have sown. Individuals may survive but the entire nation will pay for the evil it has sown in the world and against God. I am not so sure what has already been done can be undone.

  8. I am with Tom Corcoran – Trump needs to go on a Middle East tour & finish it off by going to Israel where he announces that the US Embassy is moving to the Capital of Israel – Jerusalem!!! The time is NOW or NEVER!!! Your Prime Minister Dufus Trudeau needs to meet up with Moonbeam Jerry Brown, the Governor of California!!! They could compare their oblivious ideals to each other & pat themselves on the back!!! Excellent Ed. Howard – We do need to be reminded of the important issues!

  9. HG, you’ve said it all–“Barack Hussein Obama is NOT PERHAPS America’s Greatest Enemy From Within; Obama IS America’s Greatest Enemy!The DAMAGE he did to this Country while being Pres. is DEPLORABLE–great word for the DEMORATS!The LIBERALS ‘DIG to the BOTTOM of the PIT’ when ATTACKING CONSERVATIVES, but yet OBAMA’S OWN PAST has NEVER been COMPLETELY DIVULGED. He’s paid MILLIONS of dollars to hide it!Will the PEOPLE EVER FIND OUT about his TRUE PAST? The CLOCK IS TICKING, thanks to BARACK! AMEN!

  10. I firmly believe Obama was the Trojan Horse of the Moslem nation. I said that in his first year.

  11. It took a FULL year for Obama to display his birth cert. Anyone with a minimal knowledge of Photoshop or other graphics programs knows how easy it is to change the text on a document. I will go to my grave convinced BHO was NOT born in the USA – his documents (still hidden)would verify that. I agree – he WAS/IS the Trojan horse. Worst President EVER. Any racial division in our country started with HIM – not Trump!

  12. Do you think Justin Trudeau might be Canada’s greatest enemy from within? We shall soon see whether M103 goes from a resolution to law making Islam the most favored religion in Canada.

  13. Search to complete this quote of Marcus Tullius Cicero. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, …

  14. And now Canada has dufus as Prime Minister. He does say “uh” very well …. However, that does not give him any ‘points’ as far as his position is concerned. God help Canada!!

  15. So many called for the same mess you have so correctly described. Hussein Obama did exactly what many of us predicted he would do. He almost made it but it is not over yet. They dropped their guard and felt Hillary had it won and the third term of Bama was assured and with it the end of the USA. They guessed wrong. Let the crowd in Europe fight it out.
    Stand with Israel, support them, and let the rest eliminate themselves.

  16. During Obama’s term, there were Iranian protesters. Barak didn’t lift a finger to help them, so the Ayatollahs put them in jail and/or executed them. In this way he was complicit with the murderers.

  17. Yup, “we have met the enemy, and they is us”….Pogo….

  18. Come to Hamilton Ontario More Muslims in my city then every before
    The Liberals are destroying Canada Never thought I would say that…

  19. Am I the only one who thinks Canada’s Prime meathead minister is a Muslim?
    Everything he does favors their idealism.
    Ross Holden Williamstown ontario

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