They Eat Their Own . . . GOOD ON THEM!


Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I are now well Ensconced in the Hudson Bend Area of Austin Texas . . . AND IT FEELS REAL GOOD TO BE HERE.

TALK ABOUT CONFLICTED . . . We are very much Saddened to have left our Canadian Friends and Horses behind to Face the Ravages of a Northern Canadian Winter, with the Cold, the Ice and the Snow. But we really know that the Horses are in Good Hands. And our Friends will Survive. They’re Canadian Tough!

BUT THAT “SAID” . . . we are Extremely Happy to be in Texas, where we seem to Fit Like A Well Worn Texas Cowboy Boot, as we were welcomed by our Texas Friends.

I APOLOGIZE . . . for not writing sooner, but after arriving here in Hudson Bend and setting everything up, and buying all the provisions we needed, Anne and I were WIPED, and took several days just to Recharge our Batteries.


WE ARE NOT YOUNG PEOPLE ANY LONGER, and a 2,000-Mile Drive Schlepping a 38-Foot RV 5th Wheel in 5-Days, through the Mountains of Pennsylvania, the Mountains of Virginia, the Steep Inclines of Arkansas and the Foothills of Texas is not as easy for us, as it would have been if I wasn’t closer to 68-Years Old than to Sixty-Seven.


Those were the Profound Words Echoed through the Voice of a Great American, Martin Luther King, during a Time in America of Biblical Scale Change, when Black Americans FINALLY won their Freedom – ONE HUNDRED YEARS AFTER THE CIVIL WAR . . .


THE PROBLEM AS I SEE IT . . . is that Too Many LEFTIST Leaders of the Black American Community, especially amongst People such as Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton and Far Too Many Others, who’ve made Personal Fortunes on RACIAL DISHARMONY, have Created the BIG LIE that Black Americans are INFERIOR to all other Americans, which is NOT what they said, but what they PURVEYED.

Funny How So Many Black Americans Have Done So Well In Spite Of The Big Lie.

IF YOU HARP LONG ENOUGH . . . That you’re a VICTIM of your Dark Color, and you make Excuses for Bad Behavior & Target OTHERS (White Folk) for your Failures, Allied to White Self-Hating American Socialist (Communists) Groups to give you Approbation . . . THE BIG LIE BECOMES THE BIG REALITY.

Basically . . . You Become Your Own Self-Induced Victim.

WE’RE SEEING IT NOW . . . Being Played-Out on the Streets of America, with Severe Anti-American Socialist Thugs like Black Lives Matter, in Unison with Communist Thugs in the Name of ANTIFA, as America is FIGHTING to get back the Values it has Lost through several Generations of LEFTIST Propaganda, Propagated through the Schools, the Media, the Political Structure and the ENTIRE Entertainment Industry . . . Including Music, Theatre, Television & Movies.


Perverts Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Epithets.

THERE’S NO SOCIAL DEBACLE . . . That’s Brought a Bigger Smile to my Lips, than the MISOGYNY of Hollywood and the FULL Entertainment Industry, as these Entertainment Holier Than Thou Icons (Phonies) . . . are being OUTED for being the Sexual Predators (Men & Women) They Really Are.


AND THERE’S NO GREATER SATISFACTION . . . at least not for me, than watching the LEFT Squirm like Cockroaches under Bright Lights, as One of their Own – DONNA BRAZILE, who is in her own Right A Piece Of Dirt, who is Dishing it Out In Writing . . . Accusing Hillary Clinton of being everything from a Social MISOGYNIST, to a RACE BAITER, to a LIAR, to a MANIPULATOR, to a DIVIDER, to a BULLY as the LEFT Runs for Cover, just as all Cockroaches inevitably do, when confronted with Bright Lights.


Not only is the NFL Taking a Beating because they don’t have the Honor or Patriotism to Stand Up for the American Flag & Anthem, they’re taking it on the Chin from Stadium Spectators, Viewers, Sponsors & Advertisers . . .


AND NOW . . . If the Trump Tax Reform is Passed the way it should be Passed, the NFL WILL LOSE BILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS, which they should never have received in the First Place, which until now has been used to Build & Renovate Massive NFL Stadiums for BILLIONAIRE NFL OWNERS . . . with which to become even that much Wealthier – On The Backs Of The American Taxpayers.


CASUS BELLI . . . In case you need a Refresher on the Term – Casus Belli Means Finding or Constructing an Excuse to go to War. The most basic Casus Belli amongst Kids is . . . the first push, before the Combatants Go To Fist City.

AMERICA . . . Before Really Getting Into-It In Vietnam, BUT REALLY DID WANT TO GET INTO-IT, used the supposed Attack on a US Naval Ship in the Gulf Of Tonkin.

ISRAEL . . . Used the Military Buildup of the Egyptian and Syrian Armies on Israel’s Borders to Launch the 6-Day War.

SAUDI ARABIA IS USING THE CIVIL WAR . . . In Yemen, where the Yemen Rebels are using Iranian Supplied Weapons to become the CASUS BELLI to take on the Iranians, and is Threatening Lebanon with War, which is Home to Hezbollah, Lebanon’s Iranian Proxies.

AND EGYPT . . . Isn’t quite done with the Moslem Brotherhood & Hamas.

ISRAEL HAS FIGHTER JETS STATIONED . . . In Friendly (Allied) Moslem Countries Bordering Iran . . . and would Love Nothing More than to Deal with the Iranian Threat Once & For All.

THE KURDS ARE READY & ITCHING TO FIGHT . . . And if the Turks, Iraqis or Syrians decide to get into it against Saudi Arabia & Israel . . . The Independent State of Kurdistan will become a New Middle East Reality.


Slightly More Than One Month Ago – My Cousin’s (Todd Galganov) only son, 22-Year Old Jesse Galganov took a Sabbatical before Starting Medical School in the United States.

Todd Is A Dual American/Canadian Citizen, As Are His Two Children.

Jesse Decided to Trek Through South America, and then onto Asia before He would start Medical School, but within the First Days of him Landing in Peru (Lima), and then Taking a 9-Hour Bus Trip to Huaraz Peru, JESSE DISAPPEARED.

Needles to say . . . my Cousin Todd, Jesse’s Dad, is beside himself, and has been Living and Searching In the Slums and Mountains of Peru from the Moment Jesse was Reported Missing.

Todd has been Nothing Short of a Real Life Action Hero Searching for his Son, Organizing Search Parties by Land, Water & Air through Mountain Trails (Andes), Waterways, Villages and Hostels. And even though the US & Canadian Embassies are involved, and the Peruvian Government is helping out, the Depth of the Work and Costs are Mind Numbing.

SOME WEALTHY MONTREALERS . . . Have Anteed-Up Substantial Money, as had many other Canadians through a Go-Fund-Me Page, however, spending $100,000 PER WEEK to Pay-Off Every Peruvian with an Extended Hand is Unsustainable, Especially as the Trail becomes Colder By The Day.

I’M IN CONSTANT CONTACT WITH TODD . . . and he has asked me to ask the People who read this BLOG if they could help out. And if you can . . . PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If boner blinks the people from his state should show up the next morning with a completed recall notice and that he is to vacate the office immediately under watch of a state trooper from his state.

  2. once again delighted to see your post pop-up on my email. Yup delicious the Dems eating their own.
    Really sorry to hear about Jesse. Though I don’t know him or you for that matter, that news put a pit into my stomach. knowing the areas trouble down there with all the turmoil in So. American countries, all we can do is pray for a good outcome and soon.
    The you, Todd, and the whole Galganov Family will be in my prayers. Chuck

  3. Great commentary; and I do feel an exuberance in the air. From the left “eating their own” to false cries of racism and victimization made irrelevant from the media who cried wolf a thousand times too many. Perhaps I’m just excited for the anniversary of not only blocking Hillary from office but also electing someone who has already made a world of difference in a positive way already.
    Also, donation made for Jesse’s search. Best wishes.

  4. Welcome to the USA and so happy you had a safe trip, although tiring, but sometimes that is a good feeling! Keep up your wonderful editorials……oh, how I enjoy them! And the history lessons also! Have a wonderful visit with friends and a beautiful Thanksgiving Day here in America!
    God Bless you and family,

  5. One can tell how much you APPRECIATE & LOVE Anne, Stryker & April the Cat! Although you’ll MISS your horses, you should be CONSOLED by knowing that they are in VERY GOOD HANDS with your FRIENDS. You also seem to be so HAPPY to be in the U.S.! It’s “time” to APPLY for citizenship! If the LIBERALS are so CONCERNED with BLACK EQUALITY, why haven’t they especially focused on helping the BLACKS in CHICAGO who are killing each other daily. The NFL is in for a rude AWAKENNG! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  6. Just read that Jesse Jackson has been accused of sexual harassment by a journalist Danielle Young of the ROOT. She claims Jackson Squeezed her thigh and pulled her into himself in the past. (JFK FBI records show MLK was the same way?? and Jackson associated with MLK) Young stated one of her piers said others in her group were treated similarly. Leftist Entitlement syndrome moving into sexual abuse entitlement? Get away with anything liberals? So sad to hear of Jesse. Lets pray for a miracle.

  7. So sad to hear about your nephew, Todd….my prayers are with you for his SAFE return, & definitely with your family! Glad you, Anne, & pets are safely in TX., & USA!! LOTS OF BAD STUFF GOES ON IN THE USA…..I FEEL, BECAUSE WE AS A PEOPLE HAVE “TURNED OUR BACKS ON GOD”!!! LOTS OF THIS HAS TO DO WITH “because of the enemy within”.

  8. I hope he gets every cent he needs to find his son. I believe at this time prayers are as necessary as the money. I wish I could send more but I certainly will pray for Midgal Oz for protection for him until he is found.

  9. My memory of the cause of the six day war is a bit cloudy, but it seems to me it was precipitated by the enemies troop buildups along Israel’s border, the leaving of the UN peace keepers, and then Egypt blocked Israeli shipping through the Gulf of Tiran. Given the imminent threat, they had no other choice.I only with that Britain and France would have let them take the Suez canal, they were that close.

  10. Welcome back to the USA!
    And prayers are going up for your cousin’s son.

  11. This is a warning to all what happened to Jesse going to a foreign country is unsafe and to be avoided unless you have a
    the proper protection. I hope there is a ransom offer or a rescue by the local police.

    All lives mater not just black people.

  12. I hope your cousin’s son is found soon. Thank You for letting us know and give us the opportunity to help.

  13. Disappearance by circumstance and adventure is a real possibility. Unless you know where you are going and have a solid trail to follow you…you will be in jeopardy!! Why ?? Looks like the Saudis may be doing their own version of “draining the swamp”! Perhaps, in 50-100 years when we are all mulatto there will no reason for “Black lives Matter”! Like what the Kurds are doing….keep your eye on what Israel will do with IRAN and Lebanon!

  14. I encourage everyone to pray for Todd and his extended family. May the Lord show great mercy and grace upon them.

  15. Glad to hear you made it to Texas safe and sound. We will remember Jesse in our prayers.

  16. I’m so sorry about your cousins son…….. Praying they find him safe and sound and bring him home! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  17. Goody, goody gumdrops – Howard, Anne, Stryker, and April the Cat are officially home in the Hudson Bend area of Austin, Texas!!! Welcome home, Y’all. I am glad that the Leftists are beginning to “eat their own” & let’s watch how fast they try to scramble for the darkness, that is their nature! Pedophilia is still being hidden & protected by those a$$hats in Hollyweird. Corey Feldman keeps trying to bring light to this issue. Praying for Jesse & family, bad area & country to go hi

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