700 Miles Down . . . 1,300 More To Go


It’s difficult to Write while we’re on the Road Heading South to our American Winter Home in Texas. But I’m going to do the Best I can.

BUT BEFORE ANYTHING . . . Thank You All for your Great Travel Wishes & The Good Old American Welcome Back.

We left Canada on Wednesday November 1st, and had a Heck of a time clearing the US Border with our Firearms, even though all the Paperwork had been done with the ATF.

But after a few minutes of speaking with the Members of Homeland Security as they checked-us-out Online, with Fox News playing muted on a large screen in the Border Control Office, we were given a Hearty Welcome Back To The United States.

AND GIVEN WHAT HAPPENED IN NEW YORK CITY . . . the Day before we left Canada, who could blame they American Border Guards for being Extra Careful? I Certainly Couldn’t.

And as Anne and I were about to leave the Border, one of the Homeland Security “Guys” kind of Apologized for putting us through the Wringer, to which I Responded . . . EXACTLY LIKE THIS:

“You have nothing to apologize for. If America goes down, the entire Free World goes down with you. So you keep on doing what you do” . . . Then Anne & I Shook Hands With The Border Guards & Said – “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE”.


Being on the Road for Hours & Hours on End . . . I get to listen to quite a bit of Radio News & Talk, so I‘m certainly not Deprived of the News, some of it worth knowing, and some of it not much more than Blather.


PRESIDENT TRUMP’S TAX REFORM . . . is GREAT for the American People, a Kick in the Gonads for the RINOS, a Death Sentence for the LEFT, and a Serious Wake-Up Call for Canada, which is too Stupidly Governed to get the Message.

Any American who is NOT IN LOVE with this Tax Reform Program needs Honest To Goodness Mental Therapy, or is living entirely on the DOLE, and couldn’t care in the least about the Real World, which Feeds their Welfare.

OR IS SO INDOCTRINATED . . . to Socialism (Communism), that they’re too Brain Washed to see the World the way the World Really Is.

This TREMENDOUS Impending Tax Victory for President Trump, shows just how Incompetent and out of Touch these LOSER Members of the House and Senate have been for the Past 30-Years, who only knew how to TAX, TAX, TAX to keep their Nests Nicely Feathered . . . WHILE THE MAKERS PAID, PAID, PAID.

AND AS AMERICA . . . Because of President Donald Trump is SLASHING TAXES, Ripping Apart Draconian Smothering Regulations, Unleashing the Full Energy Potential of the USA, Bringing Back American Overseas Money, Creating MILLIONS of New American Jobs while Destroying UNFAIR Trade Agreements like NAFTAPlus, Plus, Plus . . .

. . . What is Canada’s Pecker-Head Prime Minister Doing Of Any Consequence, Besides Legalizing the National Sale of Marijuana for Recreational Use, and Admitting Immigrant “Refugees” President Trump is Throwing out of America . . . ?

While Canada’s Prime Minister Dunderhead . . . is not Busy Spending Millions of Tax Dollars on Glamorous Vacations for Himself with his Diva Wife Sophie . . . Trudeau is doing just the Opposite of President Trump. We would all have to be BLIND NOT to see the Writing on the Wall to Where Canada is Heading.


I’m not going to go into Crooked Hillary’s Crime Spree in Detail, since you probably know those Facts as well as I do. And you’re probably asking yourself the same Question I am . . . WHERE’S JEFF SESSIONS?


In Donna Brazile’s New Book Exposing the Treachery of Crooked Hillary and others around the Great Criminal Madam . . . SHE FAILS TO INDICT HERSELF.

I’M CERTAIN WE ALL REMEMBER . . . How Donna Brazile ILLEGALLY & IMMORALLY Gave Debate Questions to Crooked Hillary, so Crooked Hillary could Beat-Out Bernie Sanders for the Democrat Primary.

AND WHEN CONFRONTED . . . with the TRUTH, that Donna Brazile CHEATED on Behalf of Crooked Hillary, Brazile Vehemently DENIED IT, and was Highly Insulted to have been Accused of such an Outrage BEFORE she admitted to doing it, and Claimed that “I AM A FINE CHRISTIAN WOMAN” . . . for whatever that meant, because it certainly didn’t Mean she was Honest or had Ethics of any kind, other than to Demean Christianity because of her LIES.


I was listening to FOX News yesterday on Sirius/XM, when Dana Perino said . . . “Full Disclosure” – Donna Brazile is a Close & Personal Friend Of Mine. So what does that say about Dana Perino?

Hannity Basically said the same thing last night, giving Brazile A-By . . . to which I will give Hannity A-By, because of how hard Hannity’s fighting for Justice in America.

The Problem With All Of This . . . Is The Extent Of Insiders In America.


If it wasn’t for the PESHMERGA (Kurdish Fighters), ISIS would still be In-Place, Iraq would be more of a Basket Case than it already is, America would be MORE involved in the Mess in Iraq & Syria with MORE Americans at Risk, and the World would be Teetering on another Extended Middle Eastern War.


The ONLY COUNTRY to Stand-Up for the Pro-Western Democratic Kurds in their Century Old Conflict to win their Country Back from the Turks, Iranians, Iraqis & Syrians . . . IS ISRAEL.

And while the Kurds, here and now, are taking a BEATING from the Turks, Iranians, Iraqis & Syrians, they are STANDING ALONE, even though America and the Rest of the World owes the Kurds an Enormous Debt of Gratitude.

And as a Show of Gratitude by the Kurds for Israel’s Support, some Kurds Displayed Israeli Flags, leading Iraq, which is NO FRIEND to America or the West, to make the Showing of an Israeli Flag ILLEGAL, subject to the Maximum Penalty.

I Feel Horrible For The Kurds Who Deserve Better Than What They’re Getting.


Are You Aware Of This? How Could You Be, Since The World Won’t Credit Israel For Anything? NOT EVEN CURING CANCER.

Israel is Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of The Balfour Declaration. Are you Aware of this? Probably Not . . . even though this Declaration Changed the Entire World as we know it Today. But to ANTI-ZIONISTS Specifically . . . AND JEW-HATERS in General, this is an Anniversary to Mourn – NOT TO CELEBRATE.

As I’m Writing Here & Now . . . Anne and I are Kitty-Corner to Wytheville Virginia, where Thomas Jefferson was Mentored to become one of the Greatest Americans, and one the Greatest “Modern-Day” Persons of Common Sense & Justice to have ever Walked The Earth.

We’re leaving here shortly, and I will make every effort I can to write as often as I can while we’re Traveling, before we get to Austin Texas.

IN THE MEANTIME . . . I will Continue to Read your Comments & Emails, and do my Best to Respond When I Can.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Scott, I pray to God you’re just ‘sick’ over what this Dicktator’s gotten away with & no back bone from R’s to annihilate the Joker’s Executive Actions. Do NOT, for a second, think Americans won’t fight. Civil War come to mind, friend? If that’s what it takes to SAVE our great Republic, thy will be done. Dicktator has flooded homeland w/illegals, terrorists, etc. Soon all patriots will have to take a stand. “The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time w/the blood of TYRANTS.”

  2. Two cities I know well….love Wytheville where my brother lived and love Austin, where my son lives! Austin is so beautiful I may move there. Such fun.

  3. Howard, A suggestion while traveling. Try to tune your radio into The Patriot. Good conservative talk radio.

  4. Your comments about Canada’s Prime Minister brought a smile to my face. Great to read the words of someone who continues to TELL IT LIKE IT IS !!

    Safe travels.

  5. As always, great article Howard. Not sure if you are aware, our slime minister of Canada is heading to Vietnam and Phillipines from Nov. 6-14 therefore he won’t be present for the laying of wreath in Ottawa Nov. 11. He does not respect our Veterans so I was not surprised that he would plan to be away in this time frame. Glad to hear you made it across the boarder. I wouldn’t blame President Trump if he closed it to the rest of us Canadians due to our current open boarders of illigals.

  6. Have a safe trip and a great winter vacation, but come back home to us. We need you.
    With best regards, Judith & Antonio

  7. The Kurds are being treated much in the same way the Poles were treated at the end of WWII in England. We were good enough to fight and fly for the RAF to save Britain but not good enough to march in the victory parade. Wonder why we (Poles) have little love of the Brits. Look to that one episode to understand our view of the Great Island Nation. Sorry to be so negative but if I were a Kurd I am not too sure whom I would shoot first now.

  8. Your travel certainly hasn’t deterred you from ‘keeping up’ with the most recent news!Here’s a perfect saying for those who are against Trump–“Better to have a SUCCESSFUL jerk than a CHARMING failure!” Doesn’t this quote FIT Trump vs. Obama? Yes…WHERE is JEFF SESSIONS? His “hands are tied” for a REASON, but WHAT IS IT? Donna Brazil may be a “very good friend” to some people, but she still SCREWED UP and was a CHEATER!We know the TRUTH about her ONLY because Pres. Trump WON! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. Welcome back to the USA Anne, Howard, Stryker and April…I am so glad you are on American soil and hope the rest of your trip is a smooth one and that you find things in order in Austin. Nice to hear that the border guards are doing their job ! Keep on informing us and enjoy your trip. Best Wishes Always, Joy in Atlanta, GA

  10. Your Editorials are truly a BREATH OF FRESH AIR. I am delighted every time your name pops up on my email.
    Gute Fahrt–no I’m not cussing at you, it’s German for “Good Trip”.
    Be safe love your stuff especially here in the land of loonies and Gov. Moonbeam!!!

  11. Donna Brazile has discredited herself – no way out of that. Dems are squirming to find a way around her ‘book’ declarations.Chicago Trib articles recently state Gutierriz (Congressman) is planning an impeachment document before Thanksgiving; Bernstein of Watergate fame (?) now declares Trump is incompetent, unstable. The ‘swamp’ just gets deeper and darker. DOJ has its head in the sand re: HRC. I believe all the Congress became eunuchs along the way! Welcome back Howard and family.

  12. I Love the fact Trump is using Twitter to Call out the DNC/Hillary Scandals and Shinning the Light on the issue … along with Hannity! That’s the ONLY Hope of true Justice against the Powerful Evil in Washington. Embarrass the establishment into doing their jobs! If Trump/Hannity don’t do this … it’s all swept under the rug. A little sunshine cures many diseases! You have to LOVE THE WISDOM OF TRUMP! Keep Pointing out the obvious. Washington has never seen the likes of this and its about time

  13. Pecker Head Dunderhead well said and accurate . Meanwhile in BC , a local and popular Imam is promoting anti Israel pro Palestinian propaganda and a call to arms for Muslims to support them , with money , arms and troops UMMM I guess that anti-Islamic Bashing Law we have in Canadstan is working just fine and was required after all , AS NOTHING IS BEING SAID OR DONE to curtail this IDIOT.

  14. Welcome back to the USA, Howard, Anne, & pets! Glad to hear the Border Patrol is doing their job, about keeping the undesirable “illegals” out!! Makes me feel a little bit safer, with Pres. Trump in office!!! Enjoy yourselves, & have a wonderful trip, vacation, etc. I feel sorry for our Canadian friends, with what you are having to put up, with your PM there in Ontario…..what a CLUELESS IDIOT! Looking forward to your “travel tales”, Howard & “safe travels”!! God Bless you each!!!

  15. Unfortunately, the Kurds can only blame themselves for the current problem. Kurdistan has two prominent political organizations that hate each other and are more willing to enter into civil war than to create a unified Kurdistan. In Kirkuk, my understanding is that one of the parties chose to sell out to the Iranians and pulled its militia out leaving a group that was too small without them to fight. They had better start to care more about unity than power.

  16. I chuckled and smiled really big when I read “THERE’S NOTHING LIKE THE FEELING . . . OF BEING WHERE YOU BELONG”… you a Canadian speaking of the USA. Hopefully that means you are seriously considering applying for US citizenship because WE YOUR READERS feel you Belong here too. Apologies to your fellow Canadians, but we in the US would love the Galganovs to call this “home”. Welcome and enjoy your stay, one and all.

  17. Welcome back to civilization. A few weeks ago I read many comments on the internet condemning, (in general terms), the Tax Reform package, which had not yet even seen the light of day.

  18. Welcome home! Glad to see that your trip is going along fine. I know that you & Anne are looking forward to your stay in Texas. Yes, it is much warmer in the winter where you are staying. Oh, & the food is sooooo good! You & Anne also really need to try New Orleans food – It is awesome & such large portions. I don’t understand the Sessions business. Trump needs to know who is friend or foe!!! As it stands now, Hildebeast will never be tried for her crimes. I am praying for Trump & the USA.

  19. Howard – Welcome back to TX. you, Anne, Stryker & April.
    As always I agree with your comments & look forward to reading them.
    I pray that your trip will be safe & that you will enjoy your time in Austin.
    And, although I understand the comment by Judith Rosenthal

  20. Welcome back to the USA. Have a safe trip to Texas and enjoy the warmth. So glad to hear that the Border Patrol are doing their job. Blessings to you, Anne, Stryker, and April. Thanks for your articles that are always right on.

  21. Welcome back to your second home, Howard and Anne! I just wish it were a one way trip! Have a safe trip . . . Austin is waiting for your arrival! You all will make it a better place!

  22. Howard, I wish we had more space to write about the Balfour declaration. People should remember that the territory known as Palestine encompassed both sides of the Jordan river, which the Brits who unabashedly changed the declaration single handed by partitioning the territory and ripping off 72% of the land to create a new country called Trans Jordan. The British Government unfortunately created the mess in their well known – divide and conquer strategy. Steve Acre, Canada

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