People Are Getting Fed-Up With The Games


There are so Many Players & Wannabe Players that the Management of the United States of America has become akin to a SICK REALITY SHOW, to the point that some of the People can’t tell the difference between WHAT IS GOOD & WHAT IS ESSENTIALLY EVIL.

There used to be a time when People understood the Difference between those who were Malevolent, and those with Honor and Goodness – but because of Decades upon Decades of LEFTIST PROPAGANDA, spread at first through our schools from Pre-Kindergarten to Post Grad Studies, and then from Hollywood to Television . . . THE YEAR OF ORWELL’S 1984 IS UPON US.


Sedition, as I grew-up understanding it to be . . . was the Act of an American, or Group of Americans who WILLFULLY Undermine the Integrity & Safety of the United States of America, to the Detriment of the People and the US Constitution.

I wasn’t old enough to really know . . . let alone understand much about Senator Joe McCarthy and his “Communist Witch-Hunt”, which VILIFIED the Senator as a Right-Wing Nut Job, who was Portrayed by Hollywood as the Quintessential Essence of Evil . . .

But I’m Certainly Old Enough Now . . . To Question the Essence of Hollywood, and wonder whether McCarthy was all that Wrong as Hollywood Portrayed Him To Be, given all that we now know about Hollywood, the Writers, Directors, Producers and ESPECIALLY THE ACTORS, who have given Rebirth to the Biblical History of Sodom & Gomorrah.

IF SEDITION IS THE ACT OF DOING HARM TO THE USA . . . Then one has to look Long & Hard at MOST of the Highest Level Democrats, and no Shortage of Republicans (RINOS), who have Undermined the Integrity of the American Dream in Favor of Socialism (Communism), which to me is no different than a Conspiratorial Attack on the Veracity of American EXCEPTIONALISM, Individualism & American Meritocracy.

FOR POLITICIANS . . . From Presidents Down, especially Barack Hussein Obama, to the Clintons, and the Enormous Cadre of their Anti-American Co-Conspirators, PROMOTING a Socialist (Communist) One World Government Globalism – To Me . . . Is The Quintessential Definition of Sedition.


BUT NOW . . . Given how the LEFT, especially through the FBI (Comey and Mueller) are doing all they can to RAILROAD President Trump Towards Impeachment or Imprisonment at WORST . . . and a Failed Presidency at BEST – TELLS ME THAT WE REALLY ARE BEARING WITNESS TO SEDITION.

There is no Question whatsoever, at least not amongst Honest Thinking People, whether they Lean to the Right or somewhat to the Left . . . that the Clintons have SHATTERED American Laws, Stepped all-over American Veracity, and have SOLD-OUT THE USA for Self Aggrandizement, Wealth & Power – that not only should they both be TRIED for Sedition, but more to the Point, they should be TRIED for Treason, by making the People BELIEVE THEY WERE FOR AMERICA . . . while in all Honesty, as was spoken by Barack Hussein Obama, they were for Destroying what had initially Made America Great, to Making America Ordinary, by actively “TRANSFORMING AMERICA” (Obama’s Words), in the Image of Europe and the Rest of the Failed World.


THERE IS NO DOUBT . . . That all the Bad Players Affiliated with the RINOS, the Democrats and the Bureaucrats – SHOULD ALL PAY THE PRICE . . . for what they’ve done to the United States of America in their pursuit of GREED, POWER and a GLOBAL SOCIALIST (Communist) Empty Dream.


HISTORY NEVER CHANGES . . . The only thing that changes over Time are the Dates, the Names and the Places. And if the LEFTIST TRAITORS KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HISTORY, or care to know about History, the Elitists & Ruling Class in Pre-Revolutionary France also saw Themselves as being ABOVE THE PEOPLE . . . That is before the People had enough, and introduced the Elitists to MADAME LA GUILLOTINE.


This is NOTHING Like Anything America has ever FACED, certainly not in Modern Time, where those who are MOST at Risk of Losing Everything they were able to STEAL from the American People through Lies, Subterfuge & Guile . . . are WILLING to Openly Undermine the Duly Elected President of the United States of America, in order to Maintain their “ILL-BEGOTTEN GOODS”.


What we are Witnessing isn’t a Normal Political Debate . . . Nor is it a “Democratic” Challenge to the Presidency of Donald Trump . . . As I See It – America is on the Threshold of America’s Second Revolution or Civil War, depending upon how you chose to look at it.


WE WILL WAKE ONE DAY . . . to where the New Normal will be more akin to what we’ve seen over the past Century in Europe, than we are used to seeing in the United States of America, all of which the American People had been Warned Of by the Likes of the Original Patriots such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Payne, and all the others who put their Lives, Liberty & Fortunes on the Line to Create the GREATEST COUNTRY EVER KNOWN TO HUMANITY.

If You’re Reading This Blog . . . I Don’t Have To Question Where You Stand.

PS – Tomorrow . . . November 1st, Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I will begin our Annual Journey South to Texas. I will try to keep up with Editorials from the Road, but whether I can or not, I will Read all my Emails and will Respond Whenever Possible.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. All you need to know about Justin Trudeau is that he is on record as supporting the hate law/race law Bill 101 in Quebec. This is a law that segregates the rights of all residents of Quebec into two separate and distinct civil rights categories: those that have the freedom of choice in language of education and those who don’t. Your neighbour can do something you aren’t allowed to do, based solely on who your parents are and what their classification is. Trudeau is a segregationist.

  2. Great read. I’d add the out-of-control judiciary to your list “of those doing harm to America,” Howard.

  3. Safe travels and welcome back, Galgonov Family.
    We MUST call for MUELLER, ROSENSTEIN, and other pre-Trump investigators to go. Trump can’t do it alone. THEY ARE COMPROMISED officials, and WE THE PEOPLE must stand for TRUTH, JUSTICE, & THE AMERICAN WAY.🇺🇸
    I am convinced that the level of debauchery, greed, bribery, and fear is greater in D.C. than it ever will be in Hollywood. A Pedophilia ring is a given & used as a tool to control weak & foolish politicians. The evil canno

  4. As usual, Howard, your words could not be more profound, and prophetic. I pray each day that not only will the MAJORITY of TRUE AMERICANS rise up against the tyranny of the Left, AND Run is…but also that GOD will intervene on our behalf & stop the MADNESS once and for all! Have a safe trip, & welcome back to the USA!

  5. Perhaps one of the problems is that apparently, about 40% of the HOUSE is filled with LAWYERS and 60% of the SENATE!!!
    Hope we just “meet” and not “bump” into each other as we head to Florida tomorrow at the break of dark:-)
    Chimo and keep up the great editorials!

  6. Howard, first of all, have a good trip and enjoy Texas for the next 6 months. As for the USA, I am afraid that Trump is overwhelmed by the attacks from the Left and I am not sure if he will be able to do anything about it. I am disappointed that he did not deliver on Crooked Hillary. What about the Billion dollars missing from the fund to help Haiti after the earthquake? It was Bill Clinton who was supposed to oversee the reconstruction and the distribution of the funds. Steve Acre, Canada

  7. Safe travels and if SHTF I live on I-35 in the middle of Kansas if you need to duck for cover.

  8. Yes, CROOKED HILLARY & HUSSEIN OBAMA have initiated the “Rebirth to the Biblical History of Sodom & Gomorrah” via their TRANSFORMATION of AMERICA. The first BAD PLAYERS Pres. Trump should GET RID OF are MUELLER, ET AL. How can anything be RESOLVED if our INVESTIGATIVE agencies are CONFLICTED and CAN’T be TRUSTED? People FEAR the TRUTH because it’s too SCARY. The WASTE MATTER which has been DISCOVERED re: the SWAMP PEOPLE is, for some, UNBELIEVABLE! Thank GOD for Pres. Trump! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. Clinton-Obama-Holder-Mueller & 5 others all involved with Uranium One deal. Mueller Russian Probe, a JOKE! The left cheat very well. O was sure HE would win 2012. Said: when I win MY election (not even THE 2012 election) Hillary was sure SHE would win in 2016. Her loss has ruined the lefts plan to bring America to her knees. Now Hill is on hers! The filth is everywhere. Excellent blog Howard. Relax and regroup in Texas.

  10. The Left is going to spend ALL it’s time, energy and money on nothing but impeaching Trump for his duration. He’s been judged guilty before he even took office and he will never receive the benefit of any doubt. It was done with Bush Jr. also but to a lesser extent, and today the Left has become more brazen in their attacks. Trump and his supporters must be prepared for that. It will not change.

  11. I was also too young to understand what what was going on in the 50’s when Joe McCarthy was trying to shed light on the situation. In retrospect, which always seems to be 20/20, he was a visionary of the first order! Unfortunately in today’s society if the true Messiah were to appear, he or she would be immediately committed to an insane asylum never to be seen again! We welcome the Galganov family back and thank you for your support of our once great country.

  12. Phew! Thanks Howard. I was beginning to think I was the only one who felt that strongly, about those issues, in those terms…Some kind of civil-revolution is stirring and Jefferson’s words about refreshing that tree of liberty are an unfortunate truth – and difficult to bear.

  13. President Trump was elected fair & square, no question. But it is beginning to look like the left is starting to get the upper hand in the process of bringing him down. I am really beginning to get worried about our nation.
    Safe travels and PLEASE keep writing.

  14. One of your best, Howard.

    We are indeed beyond saturation. The elites have stolen for self in the name of service. They are beyond despicable, and our eyes are opening daily.

    Thank you for all of your efforts, and Welcome to your other home.

  15. From what I have read about Joe McCarthy, he knew there were Communists trying to take over America at that time. They were infiltrated into the government and obviously in Hollywood. In my opinion knowing his entire history, he was a true patriot trying to wake America up.

  16. With your other readers, I wish you, Anne, Stryker & April a safe & trouble-free journey. Seems you’re leaving one kettle simmering & heading for another. Should look up McCarthy’s speech before RNC in 1952 on the US History website. You are right Howard; in a lot of ways he was right-on. Communism and caliphate have same thing in common – world dominance, just coming from different angles.

  17. Growing up “tail gunner Joe” was one of my favorite people. A very safe trip, and don’t forget the TX BBQ.

  18. Have a safe trip, Howard and family. If the left continues its attack on Pres. Trump there will, in a very short time, come a point when we the people will say enough is enough and there will be civil war. Blood will run and heads will roll. We are very close to that point now. We will not tolerate any more. It is absolutely infuriating to see what these seditious, traitorous socialists are doing to our great country.

  19. Be careful and enjoy the journey- I will be traveling to Greensboro NC today and on to DC next Monday – be cool if our paths ever got close! We keep standing for right. Gary Burd, M25

  20. I become more and more concerned that AG Jef Sessions has been threatened by the asasssins of the Clintons. Why didn’t he start an independent council in the very beginning to investigate the Uranium One and Clinton Foundation? They are sedition and coruption to its highest level. This would have stopped Mueller in his tracks as he is part of the Uranium One group.

  21. As a lifelong believer in The Constitution of the United States of America and a veteran sworn to uphold and defend such against all enemies both foreign and domestic I stand with Trump. At my advanced age I am willing to give my life for the defense of my country. Lock and load, let the games begin.

  22. I’m envious. Have a safe trip, enjoy and be safe in Texas. Best wishes to you and Anne. Things will surely be different in North America by the time you return

  23. I always believed that Joe McCarthy got the raw deal and was wrongly discredited. Since then we have learned that some of the Hollywood gang WERE card carrying Communists after all. I will NEVER buy I love Lucy memorabilia for that reason and people are still not aware of it or do not care or discredit you when you know the truth about it. Disgusting.
    Have a safe and good trip Howard and “family.” We all love you!

  24. My guess – Comey ‘understood’ he HAD to clear/protect Hillary because He was involved in the FBI bribery investigation re: Uranium One. The FBI had been compromised – he knew it and not informing Congress would have brought him and the bureau down had they found out. Have a safe trip Howard, Anne, Stryker, April. There is a deep unrest and distrust of our entire Government brewing in the hearts/minds of the ‘deploables.’

  25. Safe trip my Friend. Will be looking forward to your next blog (and it’ll probably be a “Doozy”!) Haha!

  26. I agree with AMDavid Norris.
    Great read. I’d add the out-of-control judiciary to your list “of those doing harm to America,” Howard.
    Posted On: 10/31/2017 10:00:42 AMDavid Norris, Wichita, Kansas, United States.

    The separation of powers, ie: Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches has become so clouded since Obama was elected that nobody can determine where one stops and the other begins. Both the Executive and Judicial branches are now legislating anything with which they disagree.

  27. Great read, Howard!!! I also agree that the judicial is destroying America, as much as the Politicians/Congress and ALL of the bureaucracy of the bureaus! We are definitely at the crossroads of either saving America or losing America. May you, Alice, Stryker, and April the cat have a wonderful trip down to Texas. Welcome home, as I think of you as an American. I know that you are Canadian, but, you think like a patriotic American! I am praying that the weather is also very good, for your trip.

  28. Hope all of you have a safe trip back to Texas. I think of you as fellow Texans, and agree with Mickey, who said we are at a crossroads.
    I wish we had more Americans with your awareness and patriotism. Thank you for all that you do to make people wake up. I am thinking that those who have slept this late, are about to lose their jobs.
    Welcome home!

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