The FBI – Friend Or Foe?



The Royal Canadian Mounted Police . . . were Once-Upon-A-Time STORIED as the Canadian Red Coated Police Force – “THAT ALWAYS GOT ITS MAN”. Even Hollywood embraced the “MOUNTIES” through Epic Films showing the Red Coated Mounted Police to be the Embodiment of Good Versus Evil . . .


Canada’s Mounted Police Force Became POLITICAL . . . and from there, the RCMP has become one of the LEAST Desirable Police Forces for whom to work in Canada.

I know this, because as a much younger man, I seriously entertained the notion of joining the RCMP for several reasons, one of which, was because there was a very Wealthy & Well Connected Older Jewish Businessman in Montreal, who thought that Jews of a certain caliber should become part of the Force, to make certain that we were somewhat Represented in such an Important Canadian Heritage.

In My Later Years . . . I had several High Profile (Non Jewish) Friends who wore Police Uniforms, who sat in Positions of Authority, so I know quite a bit about Policing in Canada, and the Comparisons between Provincial Policing (Ontario & Quebec), Civic Policing, and the RCMP (Federal) . . . and over the years – because of Politics and Political Correctness, I also know what has become of the once Famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police, WHICH IN ITSELF IS A SORRY STORY.


I don’t know when the FBI decided to become Overtly Political, but I do know when the FBI went over the Top, and with Whom over What.


J Edgar Hoover was a very Political Man, who kept Records and Secrets on Everyone he Could, especially People in High Social & Political Places, which made him a Very Powerful Player.

But Hoover’s Power Was Secret. His Records, Files & Knowledge were designed by Hoover to make HIM UNTOUCHABLE by anyone within the Political Class. In other words, J Edgar Hoover Positioned Himself to Remain the FBI Director For Life (48-Years), until his Death during the Watergate Years in 1972.


I SUSPECT . . . That once Hoover Died, and the Tenure of the FBI DIRECTOR Significantly Changed, to become a Presidential Appointment for a Term of 10-Years – The FBI DIRECTOR from that Date-On, as is publicly stated . . . SERVES AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT, which by Definition in Itself, says all that needs to be said about the person who wants to be at the very Top of the Law Enforcement American National Power Structure.


THE QUESTION EVERY FREE-THINKING PERSON MUST ASK . . . Is why does the Director of the FBI Serve at the Pleasure of the President? Shouldn’t the Director of the FBI Serve EXCLUSIVELY at the Pleasure of the Congress, which is the Representative Arm of the People?

I WISH I WOULD THINK OTHERWISE . . . But, as hard as I try, I CANNOT Believe that the FBI, certainly not after the Very Public Political Antics of James Comey . . . That The FBI Serves The People.

IN FACT . . . Because of James Comey, and as it seems to be developing, because of Comey’s Predecessor in the FBI, Robert Mueller – It is Nigh Impossible To Think Of The FBI, certainly at the Highest Levels, of being anything BUT POLITICALLY CORRUPT.


WE ALWAYS HEAR . . . that the PERCEPTION the People Have in the Integrity of Government & Law Enforcement, is as Important, as is the Actual Integrity in Government & Law Enforcement, which I believe to be TRUE – WHERE-IN LIES THE PROBLEM.

I DO NOT SPEAK ONLY FOR MYSELF . . . When I Write that I have ZERO FAITH in the Integrity of Government & Law Enforcement, in either of our Countries, BUT MORE-SO IN THE USA, since I Hold America to a Higher Standard than I do for Canada, by the Sheer & Unambiguousness of the American Bill of Rights & Constitution, in Comparison to Canada’s Whimsical Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

WHEN IT’S OBVIOUS . . . To everyone with Half a Brain, even to “Liberals”, that something was really AMISS in the Obama White House, with all the Unanswered and NON-INVESTIGATED Charges against Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious Gun-Running Scheme, the Lies about the Benghazi “Video”, the IRS Conservative-Targeting Scandal, the Justice Department’s Pursuit of Conservative Journalists, the $6-Billion Missing State Department Money, the Billions Stolen from the Haiti Earthquake Fund, the Illegal Hillary Clinton use of Private Servers, the Lies about the Clinton Destruction of Evidence, the Clinton Foundation’s Slush Fund, the Selling of 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia, the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch Tarmac Meeting, the FBI Finding FOR Hillary Clinton MONTHS before the Conclusion of Testimony . . . AND ON AND ON.

I CAN’T IMAGINE ANYONE OF SOUND MIND . . . Who can possibly believe in the Integrity of Government and the Highest Levels of Law Enforcement Knowing & Questioning these Facts . . . ISN’T FURIOUS OF WHERE AMERICA’S AT?


From Where I Stand . . . I think the Swamp is so PERVERSE, that anything LESS than a Dramatic Purge would be Insufficient To Right What Has Evolved To Have Become So Wrong.

TO PURGE THE SWAMP . . . You Start At The Top & Work Your Way Down.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Republican Party has a robust history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I remember too well the 1948 presidential election where Tom Dewey, the former NY Governor, was regarded as a shoo-in over Harry Truman. Dewey sat back and campaigned very languidly, while Truman “rode the rails” and worked for the win, which he received.

    I suspect the GOP will repeat history, rather than remembering its lessons.

  2. Sessions is a complete failure. The President must release him. We must expect a Muller sudden fats forward as the noose in closing on his associates.

  3. Howard…GREAT ARTICLE! What a SAD world we live in! Now, can one even IMAGINE where AMERICA would be HEADED if CROOKED HILLARY had been elected. We can STILL have HOPE that the SWAMP WILL BE PURGED, and that’s because of PRES. TRUMP! Had he not been elected Pesident, NONE OF THIS STUFF would have SURFACED, and the DEMORATS knew this, which is the reason for the DOSIER! Yes, Pres. Trump MUST get RID of ROBERT MUELLER, ET AL, and all other OBAMA [EL DIABLO] appointments ASAP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  4. I fear it is too late. Even though the drain is starting to swirl the swamp creatures will circle the wagons. Trump’s first step should be to fire Mueller and Sessions asap

  5. Howard, How come Donald Trump has done nothing to reopen the Benghazi affair? What about the missing Billions that were donated to Haiti after the devastating earthquake? In both cases, Clinton was involved, especially since Bill Clinton headed the committee to oversee the Haiti disaster. The problem lies with the Senate and Congress that are not letting Trump do his job. There has been a lot of talk that Trump is going to do a lot of sweeping. Alas, he hasn’t done much. Steve Acre,Canada

  6. The sad truth of the matter is every city, county and state has their own ” Swamp” to deal with too. It is so entwined in our culture that those who are part of the corruption think they are upstanding citizens in hometown USA.

  7. It is sad but we, the voters, are responsible for the existance of the swamp. As politicians gain seniority in Washington, they get more powerful as they gain positions in various committees. The selling point is that he/she must be sent back to Washington to maintain the power of his/her state in Washington. The greater the power, the greater amount of funds that come back to the represented state from Washington.

  8. There is a move afoot to organize a “Convention of States” for the purpose of forcing term limits on the Senate and House. I am praying that enough people will sign up for this, that it becomes a reality. Could it, would it help?? Maybe. Something’s gotta give. Thanks for your newsletters, Howard.

  9. What puzzles me is how the American people are supposed to have any confidence in, yet submit to the authority and will, of the criminal justice system, when it is rampant with criminals itself.

    I can’t see how the US can go forward in any other way than a complete purge of corrupt elements and the bringing to justice of all concerned, or at the least those at the top of the pyramid.

  10. I am ready for a Texas address where I can send a check. Paypal wouldn’t cooperate and dealing with exchange rates seems a waste of your money and mine!! Just wish my checkbook were as big as my appreciation for your hard work, outstanding history and current news information, and the patriotic attitude you and your circle of love exude. Outstanding and thank you!!

  11. Howard…Great Editorial. Re: Hillary, the reverse should happen – she should be considered guilty until proven innocent. She has stonewalled everything. Until she, the FBI, and the DOJ release and expose ALL her emails, communications, and requests from congress, she should be considered guilty. Unfortunately, that will never happen.

  12. A Constitutional Convention scares the bee jeebies out of me! Imagine what the liberals could and would do to our sacred Document if we opened the door for them to have free access to it!! God help us if it ever happens!

  13. If you want to understand the RCMP read “Dispersing the Fog: Inside the Secret World of Ottawa and the RCMP” by Palango. If you can get by the liberal slant in his writing, the testimonies and real examples of conflict of interest are very revealing. The FBI HAS “NOTHING” on the RCMP.
    When this Hillary/DNC fake Dossier story gets going and the Uranium Story unfolds, Where the FBI is fully implicated in both, Trump Will have Full Support to Drain the Swamp more!!! I have GREAT HOPE in that now!

  14. “…Canada’s Whimsical Charter of Rights & Freedoms.” – love that line, so astute.

  15. The only law enforcement agency in the USA that was trusted, past tense. After the everything is revealed the FBI will join the likes of the IRS in partisan politics. The foundation is shaking.

  16. The swamp will not be drained until the whole Obama administration is behind bars. The corruption runs deep and I would not be surprised that there are some Republicans also involved. I can only hope that Trump Republicans will be elected next November and the RINOs will be thrown out. Why isn’t Jeff Sessions appointing a special prosecutor to look into the corruption of the Clintons and their accomplices in the Obama cabinet including Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice and Samantha Power

  17. A.G.Session serves at the pleasure of President Trump. Why has President Trump not given the Go Ahead for the D.O.J. to prosecute Clinton, former Federal A.G Lynn, Holder and the rest of the Obama cronies ? Shorty after being elected,President Trump stated he would not pursue Hillary Clinton for any wrong acts of her office. A country bumpkin lawyer could win almost any case against the mega criminal Hillary. What is Up ? What Gives? Why no accountability? Why do the Clinton’s always escape free

  18. Jack Shore, I hope you have the same opinion about our provincial and federal liberals and THEIR corruption

  19. ANOTHER GOOD & TRUE EDITORIAL, HOWARD! I remember when the RCMP was held in high esteem….ALSO, the FBI!! How times have changed, & ALL definitely for the worst!!! Thanks for your expose on them, all…..I wouldn’t trust either crew as far as you could “throw a snake”!!!! Both are BEYOND CROOKED, UNFORTUNATELY!!!!! Hillary definitely belongs in JAIL, along with that crooked “perp” she’s married to!!!!!! On that note, I’m going to end.

  20. I don’t compare corruption between here and there. What happened to you happened to me but with a slight difference in the script. There is cronyism within law enforcement and between the latter and the government. There is no law in Canada and no charter of rights with the not withstanding clause therein. That’s my experience!

    R.A. Crane Beaconsfield, quebec

  21. Howard another great editorial. I was just thinking about what one person in the comments said, that Trump stated he would not pursue Hillary for any wrong acts of her office. Now this is for just acts of her office….maybe he needs and wants something from her that will put several swamp members in jail for a long time….Obama, Eric Holder, Mueller, Rosenstein and more, then he will go after her and Billy over the Clinton Foundation deals and thefts. She’ll SELL anyone out!! Just a thought!

  22. The silence of AG Sessions and apparent inaction by the President is incomprehensible. Wonder whose names will be on the “charged” list on Monday. With no evidence of Russian collusion from the Mueller investigation, how could there be any names associated with President Trump? “It gets curiouser and curiouser” said Alice. “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”. “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

  23. Just started getting your editorial posts, and without a doubt, you are fast becoming the email I look forward to the most.
    So glad to hear that my own point of view is backed up by someone like you and your readers comments. Living in Calif. it gets a little lonely expressing and having conservative values. Even wearing my MAGA hat in public is sometimes an edgy thing to do. BUT i DO LOVE IT!!

  24. It will be massive…..Could go on for years. More murders around 3-4 a.m. of people dying from “natural causes”. It took decades to become an awful cesspool.

  25. A convention of states is NOT a constitutional convention.

  26. The only way to DRAIN THE SWAMP is to throw out all the incumbant politicians no matter how they “serve their constiuants”
    and only hopr that we can elect people of character who will do what they promise. That alone makes the asumption that there are “people of character” in this country. G-d Bless us all.

  27. Part of draining the swamp & purging can take place in mid-term elections by REPLACING EVERY INCUMBENT WITH FEW EXCEPTIONS! To me the only exceptions would be most in the tea-party or Freedom Caucus. All should be replaced with just about any other candidate from the GOP running as long as truly conservative. In meantime, Agency heads need to replace every appointee during O’s years AND any employees who refuse to do their job for political reasons.

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