The LEFT’S On The Line Floundering Like A Fish On A Hook


IT’S EVERYWHERE . . . How Clinton & the DNC Bankrolled the FAKE STORIES about the Trump Team’s Russian Collusion, when in FACT, it seems that the ONLY COLLUSION was with Crooked Hillary & the Equally Crooked Democrats, and the Completely DUPED MEDIA.

If I was ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN and all the other Purveyors of Fake News, I would be more than just Somewhat Pissed-Off, at how much their Media Credibility just took MORE than a SIMPLE HIT . . . since this News, if Credible, that all of this Trump/Russian Collusion BS, was nothing more than an Enormous Waste of Time, Effort & Money, which was a CONTRIVED POLITICAL SHAM, which SUCKED-IN all the Compliant and Complacent Mainstream Media.


The Media Are Jerks – and People who read this BLOG are not surprised to know it. If the Media are angry about anything, it isn’t that they’ve been running down Rabbit Holes in Search of Nothing Real, it’s just that their Dream of INDICTING Donald Trump on Charges of Collusion was in fact, nothing more than just an Empty Dream.

If it were me writing this Phony Baloney BS on . . . I would be outraged over two things.

1 – The Fact that I would have Invested an Enormous amount of Time & Effort Chasing my own Tail.

2 – BUT MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT . . . I would be Furious with myself, because of the Beating this Crapola would have done to my Credibility.

I Guess The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Care All That Much About Credibility.

If I Was An American Tax Payer . . . I would be APOPLECTIC, about the Enormous Cost this Crooked Hillary/DNC LIE caused to America’s already Overburdened Budget, given the ENORMOUS number of FBI Agents, Lawyers and the Special Prosecutor, all of whom were Dedicated to Finding A NON EXISTING CRIME Dreamt up for Political Purposes.

And what about all the Real Crimes, which were not attended to because of this Sham?


This Entire Fiasco became all about LYING TO CONGRESS – It was the Greatest Lie Ever Perpetrated upon the US Government at the Highest Level. And everyone who presented what now turns out to be NON-EXISTENT EVIDENCE at Senate & House Hearings of the Non-Existing Trump Collusion with the Russians . . . needs to be Prosecuted & Punished to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW for Lying to Congress, the FBI and the American People, and not necessarily in that order.


THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS . . . maybe even Billions of Dollars “Donated” to the Fake Charitable Clinton Foundation, and to Bill Clinton for Speaking Fees, and the Money the Clintons STOLE from Earthquake Ravaged Haiti, should have RUNG DANGER BELLS EVERYWHERE . . . But all of this Unbelievable Amount Of Unaccountable Money, which the Clintons “Porked-Away”, barely made a Tinkle in the World of the LEFTIST Media and Politics.

In The Real World . . . and not the World of Congressional/White House Politics, America would have to Build a Massive Prison, where all of these Bad Actors should be Locked-Up until they would meet their Shameful Natural Deaths.

BUT IF THE PEOPLE STARTED LOCKING-UP ALL THESE THIEVES . . . I think the Bottom Line, would be very few Members of Congress, very few High Level Bureaucrats, very few Members of the Cabinet, and at least Two Presidents would be spending the Rest of their Lives Languishing Behind Bars with Disgraced Members of the Justice Department and the FBI.

THE ONLY REASON WHY THESE PEOPLE WON’T GET LOCKED-UP . . . Is because THEY’RE ALL DIRTY, and each of them have more than enough Crap on each other . . . to put them all Behind Bars & Throw Away the Keys.


To Hear Arizona Senator Jeff Flake Yesterday . . . (October 24, 2017) GROVELING before the Senate, Pouring his “BROKEN” Heart-out like a Not So Attractive School Girl with Attitude, Shunned at the Prom because she just ain’t Worth it, it was a Display which Hammered-Home, why Congress is such a HUMILIATING Catastrophe.

And WHY The People Turned With Heart & Soul To President Donald Trump.

As A Conservative Canadian . . . who looks South for Inspiration – in the Belief that there is Salvation for Freedom in a MERITOCRACY, all I saw and heard as Flake Whined in the Senate . . . Was An Embarrassing Display Of Political PATHOS.


So Why Are Their Panties So Tied-Up Into Knots . . .?


1 – Candidate Trump Won The Republican Primary.

2 – Candidate Trump Left Republican Elitists In A Pool Of Their Own Blood.

3 – Candidate Trump Won The Presidential Election.

4 – President Trump Actually Began Legislating The Way He Promised.

5 – President Trump Demands Congress Live Up To Its Electoral Promises.

6 – President Trumps Works Harder Than All Of Congress COMBINED.

7 – President Trump Is Taking-On The Lobbyists.

8 – President Trump Is Outing The Lobbyists.

9 – President Trump Is Turning Congressional Business-As-Usual On Its Ear.


I Don’t Blame Them . . . Because If I Was Them – I Too Would Be Panicked.

These Do-Nothing Congressional PANSIES, who Serve the Special Interests of their Lobbyists, above and beyond the Interests of the People who elected them, are in FREE-FALL-PANIC . . . BECAUSE THEIR GIG-IS-ALL-BUT-UP.


1 – The Massive Tax-Cut Will Happen . . . and maybe even by Thanksgiving.

2 – The Border Wall Financing Will Happen – Sooner Rather Than Later.

3 – Obamacare is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD . . . & Cross State Line Insurance Purchases will become Law. And there will be an Entirely NEW AFFORDABLE form of Healthcare, going back to the way it used to be, with Patient/Doctor Relationships Devoid of the Government/Bureaucrat/Insurance Industry Middle Men.

And There’s The Possibility That All Healthcare Providers Will Be Mandated To Publish Their Fees . . . So The People Can Compare.

It’s Already Happening With Doctor Managed Clinics Throughout America.


When The Government Fears The People There’s Freedom. When The People Fear The Government There’s Tyranny.

I DON’T KNOW IF MOST PEOPLE WOULD AGREE WITH ME . . . But over the years, since I was a Young Man, We The People have Acquiesced Too Much To The WILL OF THE GOVERNMENT, and have learned to Fear the Government, who in all Reality should always have Fear of us.

All Of That Is Now Finished . . . And the Worm is Beginning to Turn, as People Showed their Abject Anger at the Governing Elitists by ELECTING Donald Trump and his DREAM to Make America Great Again . . . AND TO DRAIN THE SWAMP.

PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL GET WHAT HE WANTS . . . Because the FEARFUL Congress will give it to him, Rather than Face the WRATH of the People in 2018.

As For Crooked Hillary & Friends . . . The Future Isn’t Looking Bright.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As a native Arizonan, I can’t wait to see both Flake and McCain tuck their tails between their legs and fade off into the sunset. The American people voted Trump in to see real kick-ass change, and these two have been part of the swamp for too long. Hopefully, Arizona will elect new senators that actually want America to be reborn with vigor. Flake and McCain throwing rocks at Trump for their actions is pure BS. They both know they don’t have a chance in the future. Tough toenail, boys.

  2. As usual, Howard, terrific blog. As for Flake, I always thought his name be fitted him perfectly. Pathetic little man. Congress, laughing stock of the country-along with the Senate….2018 elections cannot come too soon. America has awakened, & a new day is on the horizon. Clintons?….drop them & ALL their cronies to get out of this, OUR country….or jail! Take your pick.

  3. As always I think that you have hit the NAIL with a sledge and I hope that more people begin to learn!

  4. The question now ids why did Jeff Sessions put Rosinstein in as Deputy AG? This guy appears to be in the middle if not the thick of this whole conspiracy.

  5. NO surprise that when EL DIABLO was the president, he CREATED a TRILLIONS of DOLLARS BUDGET DEFICIT–MORE than ALL other presidents COMBINED! No doubt, there must still be many SECRET SLUSH-FUNDS available to the DEMORATS? How anyone could continue to SUPPPORT the DEMORATS after this most recent NEWS is beyond my understanding! What ROLE did MCCAIN play in the DOSIER? JAIL THEM ALL! The TRUTH is FINALLY being REVEALED and this is a BLESSING for Pres. Trump!PLUS, there’s a lot MORE to come! AMEN!

  6. Sorry, Howard…Hannity has been right all along…just didn’t know how right he was:-)
    Good blog today, as usual. Regarding the “BLUE” in your blog…it certainly applies to Canada!
    Are you taking donations for that prison?

  7. It’s so interesting here in Canada to hear Cdn liberal media blame the Russians for Trumps Victory the past 6 months …. when the Canadian Government is now investigating Foreign Influence in our last federal election that handed the victory over to liberal Trudeau (Trudope). Funny how the Cdn liberal media OUTRAGE is silent after the liberals won the election here all Because of REAL Political Foreign Interference i.e. George Soros and TIDES Foundation to start! Bias reeks north too!

  8. Now we understand the WISDOM of the second Amendment! “We the PEOPLE” were taken to the precipice of
    Socialism by the ignorance of all the Democrats who believe we are stupid losers, and MUST allow the Congress and the Presidency to guide us back to the right path!
    The ONE, SINGLE, flaw was their ability to try and kill the Second Amendment Rights ALL Americans have, not just axe handles, and rocks to oppose a Nationalized military under the losers who tried.
    Thanks Founding fathers!!

  9. Glad to hear the truth finally coming out in U.S. Seems our swamp is getting deeper here in Canada. Anyone notice how Obama and HRC are spending a lot of time in Canada lately? I think they have found a patsy in jihady justin and with money from Soros and the money JT has given to the Clinton Foundation, we could be in deep trouble.

  10. Saying the media was “duped” by this fake Russia-Trump collusion scam is being very generous. I think the liberal Propaganda Ministry masking itself as American media was a willing mouthpiece for trumpeting this scam hoping the more the lie was told the more it would become the truth.

  11. As Rev. Jeremiah Wright so eloquently stated, “the chickens are coming home to roost”, only now it’s the corrupt Clinton DNC cartel. Ask them about the dossier, or the Uranium One deal, or the transfer of payments by Russians to the Clinton slush fund masquerading as a “foundation” or “initiative.” Now nobody knows anything. Wait until they all start invoking the 5th amendment like Brian Pagliano with the destroyed Clinton emails. Looking forward to seeing Debbie Wasserman Schultz

  12. I am still amazed at good, sensible people who just will not face up to reality even when the evidence is there in black and white. They vote the party line no matter what. I guess what I am seeing is REAL brainwashing and what it actually does to people. It sure makes me stand back and take a long look at everything and everybody before forming any kind of opinions. Even then I am still taking a long look at it all from a distance. I guess I will just remain a small “c” conservative.

  13. Howard, you amaze me with your deep insight into American politics and such. Your analysis is spot on.

    I do see a problem from now until the 2018 elections and the succeeding elections. We will ultimately only be able to vote for those chosen by those in our two parties, who are the incumbents. Nobody else has the chance of a snowball surviving He**.

  14. It’s finally what we have been hoping for…after decades of praying . We don’t know if there is a prison in the USA big enough to hold all the traitors who deserve to be there. You bring such clarity to it all, Howard!

  15. Few will remember “The solid South” for the Democrat Party during the 1940s. This came about because the “carpet baggers”, after the war, were Republican. Unfortunately, the Democrat party became socialist years ago, but the loyalty remained. Now, Nixon looks pretty good to me.

  16. As long as the media still have a job & get paid, why should they care about credibility? Or the truth for that matter? Oh yeah, as long as the cannibalistic feeding frenzy doesn’t consume them too.

  17. The DNC and Clintons should be billed/sued for cost of investigations into the collusion firestorm they started and continued fanning; and perhaps the MSM as well since they also stoked the fire. As for the RINOs in the swamp (Ryan & McConnell and others), if they start cowing to tow the line with Trump, it’s because they fear losing re-election. I hope/pray they are still voted out; if re-elected they will revert to their self-interest ways once again.

  18. BBC Hardtalk Stephen Sackur to Sheriff of Maricopa Joe Arpaio: what do you think of Trumps only 35% approval rating? Joe responds,”It’s a lot better than your media ratings”. Breaking news: Canadian court awards $31.5mill to three Muslim men allegedly tortured in Syria. Together with Harah Harah and Omar Khadar $10m each that makes ~$50mill. Meanwhile Indigenous people desperately need housing, schools and clean water; $50m would have bought a lot for them. Canada needs a President Trump.

  19. WOW, Howard…….YOU JUST HIT A “HOME-RUN”, with your latest blog! I loved reading the fellow bloggers’ comments, as well!! Together WE CAN ALL “DRAIN THE SWAMP”, TOGETHER!!! GO USA, Pres. Trump, & God Bless us ALL!!!!

  20. Nancy begged Reagan not to take Bush as his VP. The party made him. Now that baby boy Bush did not even get nominated, they are all out to get Trump. The Bushes, Clintons, and Obama are all globalists, pro Mexican immigration (they vote Democratic), and have done everthing, both legal and illegal, to put this country under the control of the UN and their “Elitists” group. Let’s keep the nephew in Texas out of public office.

  21. Before we celebrate to much we need to consider just who will be hearing this new/old evidence of the Clinton’s and the Democrat’s corruption, it will be the swamp dwellers. Fox will have the only reporters covering the scandal and with Congress doing their usual magic act in handling of the affair, it will be buried just like 911 and Benghazi. They will appoint A new commission and Jamie Gorlich will be in charge. When people start dying then we will know, Oh! thats right they already are.

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