As Strange As This Might Sound (Read) . . . HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR OBAMA and his Publicly Declared TRANSFORMATION of the United States of America from a Meritocracy To Socialism, for which he needed TWO FULL TERMS to Shake-It-All-Up; and if America continued to LIMP along its way as it did through 8-Years of Bush-2, 8-Years of Clinton & 4-Years of Bush-1 – The American Dream would have been all but Dead & Buried by now.


It didn’t mean a great deal to me then . . . but now that I’m much older, and presumably somewhat wiser, IT MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME NOW.

As a Young Man, I couldn’t understand how Socialism (Communism) could possibly Insinuate itself like OOZE into every Fabric of our Lives, Slithering UNNOTICED, as we Slept Dreaming about a Better Life through the Marxist/Leninist Philosophy of Spreading the Wealth . . .

From Each According To His Ability . . . To Each According To His Needs

IN OTHER WORDS – From those who Work and Risk to Succeed, to those who FEED-OFF those who Work and Risk to Succeed.


There is no question in my mind, NONE WHATSOEVER, that had it not been for Obama’s RUSH to Socialize the United States of America, and DEMEAN AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM . . . It Would Have Happened.


IN 1977 Hollywood Released Its Blockbuster War Movie – Titled . . . “A Bridge Too Far”, which was Based on an Actual War Plan Coded “Operation Market Garden”, which depicted a real attempt made in September 1944, when American and British Troops Launched a Full Scale Assault on German Forces from deep inside Holland, to take all the Roads & Bridges through Holland, from where they would enter Germany to End the War Sooner.


THE REALITY . . . was that the Plan was a Good One, but through one Screw-Up after Another, and Poor Execution with an UNDOABLE FINAL OBJECTIVE, the combined American/British Assault got most of what it wanted, but at a much greater cost than anticipated . . . AND NOT WHAT THEY REALLY WANTED, because of UNREASONABLE OVERREACH & INCOMPETENCE.


Obama was so EXCITED & IMPATIENT to be the Man to Move America so far to the LEFT, that like the American/British Troops in September Of 1944, slicing through the Netherlands to get to the German Heartland, that they believed their own HYPE, that like the American/British Commanders – Obama’s Socialist Agenda Reached Too Far, BECAUSE OBAMA ALSO DIDN’T KNOW WHEN TO STOP.


Had America Continued to LIMP ALONG with the RINOS pretending to be Conservatives with Somewhat Soft LEFTIST Democrats, the rest of America would have Griped & Huffed & Puffed, just like the Big Bad Wolf, who Couldn’t Blow down the House of Bricks . . . BUT THANKFULLY FOR AMERICA, Obama, Crooked Hillary, Pelosi & Reid weren’t satisfied in letting their Communist Ideology Take Its Course . . . so with Obamacare, the IRS, the EPA, the Justice Department and all the other Nefarious Anti-American Tactics – THE AMERICAN LEFT POKED THE BEAR ONE TIME TOO MANY.


I don’t know, and neither does anyone else other than Donald Trump know, if Donald Trump was really that much of a Conservative, until the LEFT turned on him, as if the LEFT were an Anti-American Metastasizing Cancer, which they are, which FORCED President Donald Trump in one way or another, to become the Real Champion of the People who Elected Him.

I CAN SEE THAT DONALD TRUMP . . . Who like Biblical Samson, who needed his Long Hair to Defeat the Philistines, was himself Defeated by the Woman (Delilah) he Loved Most, where in President Trump’s Case, his INCREDIBLE STRENGTH, is Derived not from his Hair, BUT FROM THE ADULATION OF THE PEOPLE.

AND AS LONG AS THE PEOPLE . . . Stand With President Donald Trump, because President Donald Trump Stands with the People . . . President Donald Trump will not only be a Great One Term President, BUT WILL IN FACT BE AN EVEN GREATER TWO TERM PRESIDENT.

I SAW IT ON OCTOBER 14, 2017 . . . as President Trump Spoke at the VALUES VOTER SUMMIT – It was Electric with the Audience Feeding off the Strength of President Trump, with President Trump FEEDING EQUALLY off the Strength of the People. And as long as President Trump does NOT ABANDON the People, the People will NOT ABANDON their Champion, WHO SAVED THE COUNTRY FROM THE CREEPING OOZE OF COMMUNISM.


I don’t know if anyone else had this thought as of yet . . . BUT I DID – and even if I say so myself, which I shouldn’t – but I will . . . it was a BRILLIANT Observation.

WITHIN THE LAST FEW DECADES . . . It seems as though every Major Picture Film and Television Production had the Imprimatur of Harvey Weinstein on it – SO THINK ABOUT THIS . . .

WEINSTEIN IS A PIG – Weinstein is a HUGE LEFTIST Supporting Pig. Weinstein Raised all kinds of Money, PR & the Profile for a Whole SLEW OF LEFTIST POLITICIANS, right up to the Obamas and Clintons . . .


Hollywood Rewrites History with Virtually every Movie Hollywood Produces, where the Villains are sometimes made to be Much Worse than they really were, and the Heroes were far MORE HEROIC than they really were too.

Hollywood Takes “Creative License” All The Time – Very often with a Meek Disclaimer, which usually reads . . .“This Movie Is LOOSELY Based On A True Story”, which then gives Hollywood the Green Light to LIE LIKE CHAMPIONS, Creating FICTION as TRUTH, while Defiling the TRUTH as if it was FICTION.

Literally Every Production we see on the Big & Small Screen leans so far to the LEFT, that men, especially White Men, are somehow always the Villains out to Create Mayhem for no apparent reason ever explained, while the Good Guys are always the Champions of the Poor and Downtrodden.

AND IN LITERALLY EVERY ACTION MOVIE . . . The Good Guy Shoots, Stabs, Runs Over, and Blows-Up everyone in his or her wake, including Collateral Damage, which is OK, because inevitably, it Comes Down to a White Led Conspiracy from the Highest Levels through some COVERT Operation within the CIA.


AND AFTER PRODUCING ALL THIS TRIPE . . . The Hero Actors, many of whom Really think they’re Actual Heroes by Pretending to be Heroes, while Earning Massive Hollywood Bucks . . . Take to their Media Podium to CASTIGATE the People who actually believe in American EXCEPTIONALISM, who Pay Hard Earned Cash to Cheer for their Fake Movie Hero, who in the Fake Production TEARS at the HEART OF AMERICANISM . . . and in his or her Real World, the Actor thinks of his or her Audience as UNTERMENSCHEN”.

THIS IS PROPAGANDA . . . THIS IS HARVEY WEINSTEIN – This is what Generations of Young People have been Raised to Believe, which is Why Real Americans Voted for Donald J Trump – Not To Just Be The President of the United States of America . . . BUT RATHER – TO SAVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

So Far . . . So Good!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Howard, thank you. This is exactly my response. I know a Jewish woman who voted for him twice and has just woken up, I hope it God that many more wake up,. AND I hope that boehner is for real now but it is only HOPE not conviction.

    Mary Joanne Nickelson, South Bend IN
  • Howard…I am sending this to my college grand children!!! Because they recently heard a sermon at their church which they attend in their college town describing the America their grandparents grew up in…I feel maybe they will grasp slightly more what you are saying. When they walked out of the service they told their dad…grandma would have loved this sermon, so they know!!! Thank you for putting our thoughts and deep concerns down for our benefit and theirs!!!!!!!!!

    Judy Hoxworth, Scottsbluff, Nebraska, United States
  • Hooray hooray hooray! May God bless President Tump and may he bless you Mr. Galganov! You always say the right words to calm my fears of the left agenda. Thank you….

    Carole Coplen, San Jose, California, United States
  • dude your smokin tonight

    Gene Archambault, Santa Barbara CA
  • Howard, what a brilliant piece you just finished writing for today:it really made sense to me! You definitely “hit it out of the park for us”! I’m definitely posting this one on my FB page+sending it on to some friends! Yes, Obummer DID DO US A BIG FAVOR, in the horrible 8 years he served as our President &that PIG HARVEY WEINSTEIN, he too served us well, & even “crooked Hilery” & that sleeze-bag creep she’s married to! BOTH Bushes, WOW….You really helped me see their purpose in G_d’s plan!

    Geri Lyons, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
  • 69% of the U.S. federal budget goes to entitlement programs; the bulk of the remaining 31% is military. Trump said he’s not touching entitlements and is increasing military spending. So Socialism is, sadly, here to stay. Government spending as a percentage of GDP is now higher in the U.S. than Canada.

    Tony Kondaks, Mesa, Arizona
  • Always on track, Howard. Thanks! To think it has been overtly evident for so many decades is all that surprises us. We should never have come so close to losing it all. Now let’s see how many Marxists rely on facts vs lies.

    Don and Jeanne Glass, Sun City West, Arizona, United States
  • You are so Right Obama Bush Sr. and Bush Jr along with Dirty Bill Clinton and Crooked Hillary Usa was Doomed
    What a Mess this Group created….Now Canada has Trudeau and Wynne working this same crap on Canada.
    Trump has to drain the swamp as they are all on the take with open hands…..

    Carol Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Thank you Howard, you have been reading my thoughts, and you didn’t miss a single detail! Keep it up my friend, we are gaining hope daily as Trump acts to restore our AMERICAN values and beliefs, as they were intended since the founding of our country.

    Mette McDermott, Medford, OR - USA
  • We can’t relieve the pain of the past, however, we can avoid the pain of the future, by CASTRATING Har-Har-Harvey!!!

    John Smith, Toronto, ON
  • Revolutionaries, without an absolute, judgeable good, have ALWAYS eaten eachieve other. The trick is to have them reach that point before destroying the rest of us.

    Alan Seeling, Buena Vista, Colorado, United States
  • A very thoughtful analysis. And the same thing you said about Hollywood can apply to the NFL kneelers. What you said about actors in the paragraph “AND AFTER PRODUCING ALL THIS TRIPE..” refers to their gridiron counterparts earning the same kind of exorbitant money and ridiculous idol worship. It is all of them, including the Obama and Clinton Democrats and GOPe who brought this upon themselves. All a relentless Donald Trump had to do was lance this toxic metastasizing boil and the pus oozed out

    Victor Redlick, Toronto ON
  • Thank you Howard for another “down to earth” written editorial, that again, warmed my heart. God Bless you and God Bless America and President Trump!

    Shirley Temple, Surprise AZ
  • Wow just wow, you really knocked it out of the park this time, if this does not wake more sheeple up…nothing will

    Mary Bray, Kingston, ON

    mary bray, Cornwall,ON
  • Bugles are blowing, flags are waving, General Trump is coming and the Obama liberals are on the run!!!…

    Wade Geary, Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States
  • That is 100% true. The Left are so stupid they never bother to ask why Trump became president, and thereby learn something about themselves, their country and fellow citizens. They only want to blame, demean and accuse.

    Joe Eliott, Montreal, QC
  • Outstanding !!!!!

    John F. Morgan, Dalton, GA USA
  • Love your comparison of TRUMP to SAMSON!Your Editorial has a very interesting viewpoint re: how EL DIABLO led us to a BETTER GOVERNMENT with Trump’s presidency.Often, things must get much worse before they get better & BEFORE people can REALIZE what’s going on around them! Hence, EL DIABLO [BHO] ASSURED the WORST by becoming president. BHO’S MOTTO was “DOING YOUR FAIR SHARE” which meant for us to become a SOCIALIST SOCIETY!Had it not been for PRES. TRUMP, he would have succeeded!GO TRUMP GO!AMEN

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA
  • What a great observation! I am glad you shared it with us. The left wingers are sure to dislike this discourse.

    David L. Rice, Scottsbluff, Nebraska
  • Excellent Howard! It’s a shame we always seem to hit rock bottom before we are able to look up and see the light!

    Joseph Wagy, Pioneer, CA
  • Just was sent your link by a good friend. Wow, your words are spot on. I am a vocal Trump supporter here in La La Land. I emalied my thoughts to many friends before the election. Boy did I find out who was a Hillary supporter fast. I own my small welding business and illegal immigration here in So. Cal. really affects my business. Hell I can’t go to a jobsite without an employee that speaks Spanish. And our fearless Governor Moonbeam just keeps inviting more illegals. Build that wall.
    Go Trump!

    Charles Adamson, Torrance, California, United States
  • Here’s Obama’s original statement, in an October 2008 campaign visit to Columbia, Mo: five days before the election;

    (quote) “Now, Missouri, I just have two words for you tonight: five days. five days. After decades of broken politics in Washington, and eight years of failed policies from George W. Bush, and 21 months of a campaign that’s taken us from the rocky coast of Maine to the sunshine of California, we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” (

    John Porter, Harrison, Arkansas, United States

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