Dylan Sang . . . The Times They Are A Changing



BEFORE READING-ON . . . Let me write the following, which I will define in my NEXT EDITORIAL. Whether the World will Admit it or Not . . . Whether the World Understands it or Not – And in Spite of the times when he Drives People Like me Crazy . . . THE PLANET IS BLESSED TO HAVE PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE.


No one is going to Talk or Write About the Following, because it is REALLY far too Politically Incorrect . . . WHICH MEANS I WILL.

In the Jewish Community, especially amongst more Conservative Jews like me, WE HATE IT when anyone in our Community Embarrasses the “TRIBE” for any Reason, just as we take Enormous PRIDE & GLORY when a Jewish Person does something Remarkably Positive, such as winning a Nobel Prize for something Consequential.

JEWS LIKE ME . . . who aren’t really all that Observant LOVED Jewish Athletes like Sandy Koufax, because, in addition to him being an Incredible Baseball Player, he was also Proudly Jewish . . . to the point, that when it came to the Jewish High Holy-Days like Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur – HE WOULD NOT PLAY, even in World Series Games.

SO . . . Please imagine how Embarrassed and Let Down we Conservative Jews Felt, when the likes of Bernie Madoff, who was an Icon in the Jewish Community, Scammed Billions of Dollars (much of it from the Jewish Community) in what turned out to be the Largest Ponzi Scheme in World History?


HARVEY WEINSTEIN IS A “PIG” . . . With no Disrespect meant to Pigs. And what Weinstein did was Unconscionable, BUT NO LESS UNCONSCIONABLE THAN WHAT BILL CLINTON DID . . . With the GREAT EXCEPTION – that Harvey Weinstein is Jewish, and because of his Incredible Movie Successes, Weinstein was a source of Great Pride to the Jewish Community. Even to people like me, who never much Liked him, his Attitude and his Politics.

SO . . . When Jewish People Like Madoff and Weinstein do the Kind of things they’ve done, it doesn’t just hurt them and their families – IT HURTS EVERY JEWISH PERSON WHO HAS PRIDE IN THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS.


Every time a Black Person makes a HUGE CONTRIBUTION to Society, whether it be a Man like Dr Ben Carson, an Athlete like Jackie Robinson, and/or an Unflappable Woman like Katherine Johnson, who was Vital to the American Space Project, as was depicted in the movie “Hidden Figures” . . .

. . . It Has To Make The American Black Community Burst With Pride. In Yiddish, we call such an Explosion of Pride “KVELLING”.

SO . . . I HAVE TO WONDER – If mostly Conservative Jewish People like me, are HORRIFIED when Jews Act-Out in the Worst of Ways Possible, like a Madoff or Weinstein, how do Black People Feel when their Heroes “TAKE A KNEE TO THE AMERICAN FLAG”, or promote their Self-Pity-Party on Manufactured (Phony) Endemic Racism in the United States of America, where no such Endemic Racism Exists?

PS . . . Most Of The Jewish & Black Ne’er Do Wells Are Democrats.


ALL OF A SUDDEN . . . The Powers-That-Be in Canada, seemed to have had an Epiphany, that a Family of FOUR, Earning as much as $100,000 a Year is effectively Broke, as if that took some Unimaginable Mental Computing on the Part of a Bureaucrat. AND IT’S REALLY NO BETTER IN THE USA.


I Think – Therefore I Am . . . I Am – Therefore I Live To Pay Taxes.


BETWEEN THE RISING COST OF STAPLES . . . Even though the Politicians and the Fed Claim there Really is No Inflation, just ask anyone who goes Food Shopping or to any Restaurant, if there’s No Real Inflation.

Or ask anyone who Pays for Various Insurances, Vehicle Registration, a Driver’s License, Property Taxes, Water Taxes, Light, Heat & Electricity, Heating-Fuel, Gasoline, Municipal Taxes, State/Provincial Taxes & Federal Taxes if there Is No Real Inflation . . . AND THAT’S BEFORE HEALTHCARE IF YOU HAPPEN TO BE AN AMERICAN.


As I Wrote In My Last Editorial . . . Canada’s Boy-Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose LIBERAL Government “FLIPPED-THE-BIRD” to the Purchase of Brand New F-18 Super Hornet Fighter Jets , because Boeing took the Bombardier Regional Jet Manufacturer to Trade-Court, where the Courts Ruled in Favor of Boeing, because Bombardier is so heavily subsidized with Canadian Tax Money, that not only was Trade Competition UNFAIR . . . It Was In Fact No Competition At All.


Canada is going to Replace some of our VERY OLD F-18 Fighter Jets with Slightly Less Old, But No Less USED Australian F-18 Fighter Jets.


No one who Pays Attention to these things, which unfortunately for Canada, includes a whole bunch of People who DON’T pay attention, shouldn’t be surprised with this Fighter Jet Debacle, because in 1998, another LIBERAL Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien, who was Politically Very Close to Trudeau’s Socialist Father (Pierre Elliott Trudeau), bought FOUR USED VICTORIA CLASS SUBMARINES from the British Navy, which turned out to be Submerged Death Traps, which never worked, and still probably don’t work properly even now, and has cost Canada more to repair and keep them in dry-dock for repairs, than it would have cost Canada, Had The LIBERALS Bought Four Brand New Submarines.

AND NOT TO FORGET . . . In a Recently Released International Comparison, Canada’s Socialist Healthcare Ranks DEAD LAST in Deliverability.

So What’s The VALUE Of FREE Healthcare If It Takes Forever To Get It?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • If there was a way the guy could run for a third term , He Would Be Re-elected . Need proof, we do it in Ontario at every opportunity and we must be a least as intelligent as the average American .

    Bruce Caskenette, Cornwall Ontario
  • Howard: i take exception to your last few lines. Although my wife and i are reasonably healthy, we have used the Canadian health care system extensively. Very seldom, and certainly not in an emergency, have we had to wait an extended period of time to receive health care. I don’t know who was asked about deliverabilty, it sure wasn’t most ordinary Canadians.

    John Sugden, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
  • Again, very insightful Howard. My late father (who served in the RCAF) was a master at remembering worthwhile quotations. One of his favorites was Benjamin Franklin saying, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” How appropriate for your column today.

    Terry Morgan, Concord, North Carolina, United States
  • I have to agree with Howard on the state of health care in Canada – we have only been back 4 years after an absence of 20 years – it took us 3 years to get a family doctor; my brother-in-law had to wait months for surgery for a major ear infection & now he may not recover his hearing. The doctors are from everywhere but Canada and as a health care professional I am appalled at the state of health care now.

    Brenda Yu, Kelowna, British Columbia
  • Bernie Sanders is proposing Medicare for all. Anxious to hear the details. Will there be a cost to the insured? How will the 20% patient responsibility be handled for medical services? What will happen to Medicaid? Will there be any changes for seniors currently under Medicare? Early analysis indicates a 3.4 trillion dollar cost each year (close to current tax revenues). Will employers’ group coverage go away?

    Jim Fitzgerald, Palm City, Florida, United States
  • Good editorial, as usual I am glad to see you agree with me.

    Les Green, Sautee Nacoochee, GA
  • During the many yrs living in Phx. Az my wife met many Canadian women at the N.W. Phx morning exercise class many were attending daily in winter. The Canadians were there were there to soak-up sun, but also for the great health care facilities in Phx. area that some of your mid & western provinces were very sourly lacing of. Also, and because of my advancing age, I can remember back to the term ‘Casting Couch’ as it related to young women even getting screen tests for a maybe Hollywood carrier.

    Willard P Elliott, Polson, Montana, United States
  • Don’t forget George Soros who betrayed his own German Jewish people to save his hide and make money. No race, creed, or color is without traitors and corrupt “elites”. We just need to be dilligent in prosecuting and not idolizing those of position and money, but who need to be locked up and not prey on innocent people.

    Peggy Johns Bland, San Antonio, Texas USA
  • I seem to remember some one saying, “If you think health care is expensive now, just wait till it’s free!”

    Jeff Chasalow, Galveston, Texas
  • Much and all as I’m a BIG Trump supporter, he is piling up the wood for a hell of a bonfire, and inviting the gutless liberals to strike the first match. Personally I think Trump is waiting for that first match and just like the movie “The Godfather”, he will begin cleaning the House, the Senate, the MEDIA, and North Korea, Iran, and any more ISIS idiots world wide, all in one fell swoop. That is “the calm before the storm”! America was never intended to be this way. WE can’t let it just be!

    Tom Corcoran, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, United States
  • John Chretien cancelled helicopters & we paid a stiff penalty and we still have crappy ones which spend more down time, than being in service. The f-35 jets are expensive, but are world class, and would have brought Canada up to date, in addition to providing much needed jobs in manufacturing and maintenance. To buy used crap is penny wise and pound foolish. The new taxation schemes will severely shaft physicians and all small business. We might see an MD exodus soon!

    Carlos Finkle, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
  • What our gov’t won’t admit is that up to 40% of Quebecers don’t have doctors. What people also don’t know is that preventative healthcare here is going by the wayside if it is not already gone. It will pay your bills once you’re already sick but for any prevention measures you are on your own. But of course the same rich and out of touch leaders who don’t admit or care that it costs more to live are the same ones who aren’t concerned about our healthcare.

    Joe Eliott, Montreal, QC
  • OK. You’ve got Weinstein, Madoff and don’t forget Soros. I’m of Polish extraction (1/4 French but that does not count). Anyhow all I got was Roman Polansky, Hot Lips and Martha Stewart. So what are you complaining about?

    R.A. Crane Beaconsfield, quebec

    R. Anthony Crane, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada
  • Ask any reputable (Not a politician) airman and he will tell you that he would rather have one (1) squadron of state of the art F-35’s than more squadrons of used F-18’s!! AND, Bombardier Be Damned!! Justin and the Liberals just don’t have a clue, or are not listening!!

    Ray Laws, Ottawa, Ontario
  • I agree with you on the Canadian Health Care…yes, it covers many things and the quality is good when you can get it.
    I had to wait 8 months to get a simple colonoscopy in BC and a friend of mine had to wait almost 18 months for the same procedure…..quality is good….wait times are terrible.

    Oswald Ziesmann, Westbank, BC
  • Inflation numbers are based upon and include things most people only buy once every 5-10 years. It is fake accounting to include these durable goods. But hey, they want us to feel good and forget the current family size sack of potato chips was the snack size 10 years ago and the smaller size costs 100% more than two years ago.

    Mary Johnson, West Plains MO
  • ANOTHER GREAT EDITORIAL, Howard! God Bless President Trump, again…..definitely keeping America safe, again!! Soros is SUCH A REAL PIG!!! The Hungarian “Houdini”…..!!!! I really loved what my fellow Floridian, Tom said, & I agree 100% with you, Pres. Trump is cagey, & smart like a fox! Just wait & see!!

    Geri Lyons, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
  • As the saying goes, “We ain’t seen nothing yet” with PRES. TRUMP! The LEFT and the RINOS truly FEAR him, and for a very good reason! The WEINSTEIN DEBACLE is completely DISGUSTING and so are its HOLLYWOOD PARTICIPANTS! It’s so SCARY to try to imagine what the STATUS of our Country would be like if HILLARIOUS had been ELECTED. Yes, there IS a GOD and he DID intervene to elect TRUMP–my opinion! Although slowly, the SWAMP is being DRAINED and Americans are starting to have HOPE! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA
  • Free health care is subject to untold abuses. I was a Revenue Officer for over 30 years and interviewed hundreds of welfare recipients. One lady who had a heart condition used the ambulance service provided by the government to visit her friends who were at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. She would call 911 and fake a heart episode. When the medics responded they could detect a heart condition, so they took her in. when she got out of the ER, she visited. Each visit cost us $hundreds$$$.

    Van Kleiner, Corinth, Texas, United States

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