Do You Think You Had A Bad Week?



Before You Read On . . . There is a German Word Called SCHADENFREUDE, which translates into receiving a Great Deal Of Pleasure In Someone Else’s Misery. And to a great extent, this Editorial is about Schadenfreude.

ARE YOU AS SICK & TIRED AS I AM . . . of Hearing and Watching a Whole Bunch of TV Journalists, who REHASH non-stop all that they DON’T know about the Las Vegas Shooter, who also feature EXPERTS who ALSO DON’T KNOW SQUAT about the Las Vegas Shooter?

And have you Seen, Heard & Read enough from all the Politicians and LEFTISTS, who all of sudden have became EXPERTS on Guns and Bump Stocks, which virtually no one had ever heard of until now, INCLUDING ME, who knows quite a bit about Guns and Firearms Accouterment?

And Until They Really Learn Something – They Should Just Give It A Rest.


LAST NIGHT . . . Thursday, October 15th – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Played the New England Patriots, where the Teams, the Media, and the League PROUDLY Proclaimed that all the Players Stood for the National Anthem WITHOUT Protest, which to me, is akin to a Habitual Wife Abuser saying with Great Pride . . . That Last Night I Didn’t Beat My Wife. WHOOP-DIDO!

I wrote in several recent Editorials . . . TOO LITTLE TOO LATE – and that “You Can’t Un-Ring the Bell”. So I couldn’t give a Flying FRIG that these NFL NUMBSKULLS Stood for the Anthem, Because, When it Counted . . . THEY DIDN’T.


AS PER ALL THE METRICS AVAILABLE . . . The Republican Party, which was Scoring ENORMOUS Donations since the Election of Donald Trump, are now Watching it all Fritter Away, because, the DONOR-CLASS, which really Expected the Republicans to Deliver on their 8-Years Of Promises, who have in 100% TRUTH, Delivered Virtually Diddly-Squat to the People who Paid Good Money for Results, which have been nothing to Write Home About.

If the Republicans LOSE the House & Or the Senate in 2018 . . . It WON’T be, because the LEFT Beat them – IT WILL BE-BECAUSE THEY BEAT THEMSELVES – DESERVEDLY.


The Provincial Liberal Government of the Province of Quebec, took in Obama’s Terms, a REAL SHELLACKING Monday Night (October 2, 2017), at the hands of a Super Ethnocentric Quebec Nationalist Party (CAQ – “Coalation Avenir Quebec”) in a Riding that has been in Liberal Hands since 2003.

Not Only was this a TREMENDOUS Slap In The Face for the Quebec Liberals, who seem to Stand for Nothing, but it also has to make the Federal Liberals (Trudeau) More Worried Than Just Somewhat.


HERE ARE A FEW ISSUES . . . Which Canada’s Party-Boy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has to deal with, Because He’s A FOOL.

1 – Because of Trudeau’s Stupid Up-Yours . . . to President Trump, concerning the TENS OF THOUSANDS OF ILLEGAL REFUGEES Fleeing the US Border to come to Canada, so Trudeau could seem like a much Finer Person than President Trump – Canada is now so Swamped with UN-VETTED Refugees, with their Outstretched-Hands, that we (Canada) CANNOT even begin to accommodate them.

2 – Trudeau . . . The Dilettante Prime Minister – is off to Washington DC this coming week to meet with President Trump, to discuss issues such as Trade . . . and will Reportedly BEG President Trump to Take Back The Illegal Refugees.

Like That’s Ever Going To Happen.

And then there’s this other NOT-SO-LITTLE-THING called NAFTA, which Trudeau thought was going to be just Peachy, and that Mexico was going to take a Beating, but not Canada; WELL – SURPRISE-SURPRISE.

3 – Trudeau’s Minister of Defense, for some Absolutely Lame-Brained Reason, decided to THREATEN the USA with the Cancellation of an order for F-16 Super Hornet Fighter Jets, after Canceling Canada’s Commitment to Order the F-35 Fighter Jets, because Boeing is DEMANDING an Import DUTY of more than 200% on Quebec’s Failed Bombardier Aircraft, because of Unfair Competition under NAFTA Rules, because these Canadian-Made Regional Passenger Planes are so Heavily Subsidized by the Federal and Provincial (Quebec) Governments of Canada, that without this Obscene Provincial/Federal Largesse “courtesy” of Canadian Taxpayers . . . This Company Wouldn’t Even Exist.

4 – Trudeau had a big Event Planned on Parliament Hill this week, to Celebrate his Government’s $800-Million Gift To The Canadian Native Community, only to have a VERY PUBLIC ON-CAMERA DRESSING DOWN from Native Women, because after all the Trudeau Promises to Deal with Violence Against Native Women – Trudeau & His Promises Are MIA.

5 – In Canada $1-Billion Is BIG Money . . . So Imagine what Losing more than $15-Billion should Feel Like, which is what just Happened, since the TransCanada Pipeline has just Cancelled an Enormous and Beneficial Project, which would have Brought Crude Oil of Alberta & Saskatchewan to Refineries in New Brunswick on the East Coast.

And Why Did They Cancel?

As President Donald Trump has REMOVED Debilitating and Injurious Regulations to America’s Energy Industry, which Ignited Unbelievable Growth & Wealth in America, Trudeau’s Government is Slapping them on just as Fast as it Can. And after one Roadblock after Another – TransCanada Pipeline simply told Canada where they could SHOVE THEIR STUPID & INJURIOUS REGULATIONS.

6 – Trudeau decided to give NETFLIX, a Multi-Billion Dollar Media Entertainment Empire, a $500-Million Tax-Free Gift, to Produce Canadian-Made Movies (most of which, based on past performances won’t be worth watching), without taking French Quebec into Consideration, which has set Quebec-Off like a Woman Scorned.

And now . . . what was supposed to be a Huge Win for Trudeau and His Liberals, has become a Nightmare out of all Proportions.

7 – 72-YEARS AFTER THE END OF WWII and the Liberation of all Nazi Death Camps, which were RESPONSIBLE for the Absolute Slaughter of Jews (6-Million), including People with only “some” Jewish Blood in them, where the OFFICIAL Nazi Policy was the Absolute ERADICATION OF THE JEWISH GENE, to be carried out however possible, but mostly in Slaughter Camps, such as . . . Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Treblinka . . . and MORE THAN 60-OTHER CAMPS, some where Jews were Forced to Work Until they Died . . . or were Transported to their Certain Death.

AND WHILE ALL OF THIS WAS HAPPENING . . . Even Before and After the end of the War, Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister, Mackenzie King, REFUSED to allow Jewish Immigration into Canada from Nazi Europe, even though there was no Secret as to what was going to Happen to the Jews.

MORE PRECISELY . . . Even after the War, and even after the Truth of the Holocaust was made known, German Citizens, many of whom were Nazis or supporters of Hitler, WERE MORE EASILY ADMITTED INTO CANADA, than were Jewish Holocaust Survivors.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree.

ANOTHER FACT . . . Justin Trudeau’s Father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who was a past Prime Minister of Canada (Late 1960’s to early 1980’s), while Canadians of his Age SIGNED-UP to Fight the Nazis, like my Father and his Brothers did, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Chose Rather to Stay in Canada, and ride his motorcycle around the Quebec Country-Side, wearing Nazi Regalia, while Canadian Boys were Fighting, Bleeding & Dying thousands of miles away from home.

So What Does This Have To Do With The Son Of Pierre?

This Past Week, the Canadian Government . . . FINALLY UNVEILED A HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL In Ottawa, next to the Canadian War Museum, which is an awful lot less about Canada’s Outstanding War History, than it is about Making Peace, where Justin Trudeau Read the Memorial Plaque, which missed TWO VERY IMPORTANT DESCRIPTIONS:

The Plaque NEVER MENTIONED the Death of Jews . . . And Never Mentioned the Words Anti-Semitism.

Conservative Member of Parliament, David Sweet, who I personally know, Read The Riot Act in Parliament over this OUTRAGE, only to hear the excuse . . . that the Plaque was since Removed, because it was “accidently” created from a First Draft to be Replaced Shortly.


It Was A Very Good Week. For Them – Who Cares? . . . It’s Schadenfreude.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Get rid of the “Party System” elect the person you feel has the answers to your LOCAL problems. It is time to re-evaluate a system that no longer works. Each elected representative should be responsible to his or her electorate. Make these people “Recallable” to explain themselves, and ask their riding what THEY expect and want. Thus, majority rules (what a novel idea) not “the party”. As far as Leader of a government is concerned, the elected members choose who will represent the Country.

  2. Right on about the “news”, even Hannity is in on it! Certainly a travesty needing some explanations…until then…Other issues are festering and gun control is being savaged, even by some Conservatives. NFL..too little, too late! Prince Trudeau is taking us all for a “selfie” ride to perdition. Glad to hear that some Quebecers are waking up and realizing that some of the “tete carree” might just have reason to be angry about the Liberals, Bombardier, the pipeline, dairy subsidies, immigrati

  3. Yes the Chief Idiot is doing a fine job . Destroying the economy , pissing off a good part of the electorate, etc etc . You forgot Las Vegas’ effect on Canadian Gun Laws ( we need more apparently!) and really quick ! Unfortunately this Idiot will get re-elected based solely on the Doper Vote and the Taker vote . Neither will vote any other way than guaranteeing what they have continues. Ontario will support Liberals once again REGARDLESS of the thieves and idiots they are.

  4. I feel sorry for Canada and the Canadian people. The Trudeau government is so pathetic. You called everything correctly. Bravo! I hope that the people wake up at the next election and elect a responsible government. These guys are screwing small business owners and self-employed professionals by imposing draconian tax laws. As for the disgrace of omission of the victims, he who doesn’t say anything gives his consent.

  5. I so would have appreciated Fox News just saying that a daily upday of the LV shooting would be given on Brett Baer’s news show every day and we will report only what we know, not what we suspect…surely there are other things still going on in the world!

  6. I hate dumb voters, elected jerks, liars & thieves. I am terrified to ask, given the various political currents & eddies, how bad will it, can it get, before it begins to improve? What is it so hard or wrong, just to be truthful, even to history?

  7. Schadenfreude is an occasional guilty pleasure of mine, I admit it. I guess it makes me a bad person, but if I saw hillary and obama drowning and I only had 1 life preserver to throw out, I would not be able to decide whether to read the paper or go to lunch.

  8. You are so right, Howard–“You Can’t Un-Ring the Bell”.The NFL shot themselves in the foot and they will suffer the consequences.Yes, THE REPUBLICAN CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST, and they, too, will pay a PRICE!In Canada, you have your own “little devil–EL DIABLO”.We got rid of ours/BHO!Wouldn’t it be something if Trudeau would want to build a WALL between the US & Canada to keep the ILLEGALS out?He did say he was sorry for allowing them in.It may be time for you to move to the U.S.! AMEN!

  9. I agree whole-heartedly with your second paragraph.

    Just helps another mixed-up person to try to figure out how to do one better!

    Jan Clement
    Ocala, FL

  10. After the election in 2015, Jr. said he wasn’t like his dad. My comment to that fact is that he is far worse!!!!!

  11. Yes, we “delight” in misery” of others (Democrats/ RINOS)! Why? They are making Trump “miserable” by finding ways to end his term! Canadian “liberals” can have any/all refugees since U.S already has way too many living here! Few would “sign up” to fight Nazis today, but another “Holocaust” may be planned! (Sounds like for mostly “White people” due to “attitudes” formed with Obama.) Don’t hurricanes do enough damage? Kill enough people? No, seems “mass murders” are more exciting way to make news!

  12. Quote: ARE YOU AS SICK & TIRED AS I AM . . Hearing and Watching a Whole Bunch of TV Journalists, who REHASH non-stop all that they DON’T know, end quote. Now they will b experts on another London UK car terrorist killer, happened in past 24hrs, already happening MSM. Of course I’m also tired of scam artist Mike n his “My Pillow”, read reviews on that. Hurricane Nate is just a little news item today, very sad. Check Rebel Oct 4th Mohammed Assaf five-city concert tour in Canada. “Ya Yumma”, is one

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