This might seem a bit CRASS . . . And Perhaps Somewhat Insensitive – But what a Media Boon it is when there’s a Mass Shooting. EVERYONE GETS IN ON THE ACT. And it’s FREE Programming.

It’s as if NOTHING in the World Matters Anymore . . . Spain is about to Collapse, perhaps in a Civil War over Catalan. And if Spain Goes – SO GOES THE EU. So who’s talking about it, and the Government Violence Perpetrated by Spanish Police & Para Military Upon A People Wanting to be Independent?

The Iraqi KURDS made their Referendum Decision to form their own Independent State, which will most likely encourage the Turkish, Iranian & Syrian KURDS to follow Suit, which in itself, would probably throw the Entire Middle East into a Massive Regional War, which could very well include the Israelis, Saudis and Egyptians siding with the KURDS.

It’s As If It Isn’t Even Happening.

Hamas Just Politically Conquered the Palestinian Authority, and have become the Voice and De Facto Government of Palestinians. And for some UNFATHOMABLE Reason, other than International (European) Hatred for Israel (Jews), INTERPOL is accepting the Palestinians, who are known TERRORISTS, into the International Police Organization. Isn’t That A News Story?

LITTLE ROCKET MAN . . . Or as I prefer to refer to him – as the Fat Boy with the Special Hair Cut, is not going away anytime soon, and still MUST TO BE ENTIRELY STOPPED. A Nuclearized North Korea Is A Non-Starter.

OK . . . For Weeks, it has been all about North Korea and Nuclear Armageddon. So what happened? Did Kim Jong-un all of sudden go on Vacation?

AND IT GETS EVEN WORSE . . . As the Stock Market is Booming like Never Before, and the FED has recently and “Quietly” admitted that they “Miscalculated” . . . or in my words – SCREWED-UP . . . and the World’s Currencies are Based on Nothing More than Airy-Fairy Values and International Lies, where each country borrows from Each Other to Lend to Each Other . . . How Long Before This Massive Global PONZI SCHEME Comes Crashing Down?

I kind of think this is a Really Big Story, since it’s not as if the 1929 Stock Market Crash couldn’t happen again, or that the Crash Of 2007 Never Happened. And Factor-In that the World’s Economies, International Welfare, Artificial Currencies, & Currency Manipulations aren’t otherwise in Free Fall, in spite of what the Governments want us to Believe.

And Forget about ISIS, AL-QAIDA and all the Other Islamists, who want to Destroy our Western-Style Way of Life, which doesn’t agree with Islam and Sharia, because somehow, they too have disappeared off the Front Pages of the Media.


So What Are We Writing & Talking About?

Black Football Millionaires, who see Injustice everywhere they look in America, as they Drive their Fancy Cars, Eat at Fancy Restaurants, Live in Palatial Homes, Snort no shortage of Coke, Disrespect their Wives and Girlfriends . . . who REFUSE to Stand for the Anthem and the Flag . . . WHO DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY’RE PROTESTING.

NFL OWNERS & BROADCASTERS . . . who don’t have the Courage to “FIRE THE SONS OF BITCHES”, which was so elegantly Stated by The President of the United States . . . for their Unconscionable Display of National Disrespect for the Anthem, the Flag and the Fans.


Keep Your Eye On Nikki Haley . . . Because, as I stated in a Recent Editorial, I sincerely believe that Rex Tillerson isn’t Long For The State Department.


But What Are We Focusing On?

And It Goes On & On . . . As If Disarming America Is The Only Pressing Issue.

The World . . . As I Keep On Writing – is Becoming more like George Orwell’s 1984, WHERE UP IS DOWN, GOOD IS BAD & RIGHT IS WRONG – While Big Brother will decide for all of us . . . Which Is Which.

EVERY POLITICIAN . . . And Every Media Outlet . . . Is Telling All Of Us – How we should make Guns SAFER. How we could STOP Mass Murders. How many Guns should we be allowed to Own. And how many Bullets are an Acceptable Number.


1 – Let me Repeat this for the Umpteenth Time.


Angry NUT-JOBS behind the Wheel of a Car or Truck Kill. People with Knives Kill. People with Baseball Bats Kill. People with FISTS & FEET Kill.


2 – There is no Formula to Stop a Mad-Person from MURDERING One . . . or One Hundred People, unless we have Somehow Learned how to Read Peoples’ Minds.

The 2ND Amendment Has NOTHING To Do With Hunting & Personal Self Defense.

3 – A People Which Fears Its Government Are Slaves . . . A Government Which Fears Its People Are Servants.

AND IF THE ANTI GUN LEFT . . . Who Love to Play with Numbers and Statistics were in the Least Bit Honest – and Removed all the Gun-Crime-Factors, which have nothing to do with Honest and Decent Gun Owning & Gun Carrying Folk – Their Sham Would Be Exposed For What It Really Is – A SHAM.


And from time to time, when I have a “Discussion” with a JERK who is Offended because Anne and I Own Guns . . . I ask this simple question . . . WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS THAT ANNE & I OWN GUNS? . . . And then I stop talking.

WHAT THE LEFT CRAVES MOST . . . Is Debate About All Their Insanities – SO DON’T DEBATE. Don’t give the LEFT the opportunity to get into a “discussion” YOU CAN’T WIN.

When it comes to LEFTIST Issues such as Gun Control, Liberated Drug Use, Unlimited Abortions, Free Cell Phones, Open Borders, Gay/Lesbian & Whatever other Sexual Aberrations, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, Disrespecting the Flag . . . ETC – DON’T DEBATE, since Debating with these People is Akin to Debating with a RETARD.

THE RETARD LOVES IT, because he or she thinks that he or she really accomplished something, while you walk away with Nothing But An Angry Headache.


You Can’t Lose An Honest Debate If You Don’t Debate With Dishonest People.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I agree. But….aside from numerous blacks (most who never voted before) the great majority of Obama voters were deceived into voting for him. Besides these two groups, the rest of his voters were of the “blame Bush” category. Add this to whatever additional voter fraud took place and you have both the 2008 and 2012 elections.

  2. “Go from whence thou perceive it not the lips of knowledge”
    Translation: Don’t argue with an idiot.

  3. Seeing the obvious “jumping up and down” as a reaction to the shooting, I was just wondering.

    Which law or laws prevented the people in jail/prison from committing the crimes which landed them there?

  4. Howard, there is one item I disagree with you and it is about the people in Catalonia who want independence. So what happens if 40% of Quebec voters want independence, the Canadian Government should not intervene? I may have misread you but this is what I understood from your sentence. Anyway, we all know about the Media. Everything in the world disappears over night as long as they can focus on one Mass killing in the United States or Europe. Very sad. Steve Acre, Canada

  5. good column. Hear is something lefties hate to hear when they argue with you. “” They believe in democracy as long you agree with them. “” Ray Moscato, Calgary, Ab, Canada

  6. Yes, dear Howard, “Disarming America is the Only Pressing Issue”, to ensure that the “Deep State” doesn’t encounter well armed and disciplined citizens’ militias all over the country, when they eventually decide to make the United States another Venezuela or Banana country of South America, Africa or South Asia (think “North Korea”)… or event European States, other than the former USSR-Controlled East European States…

  7. I have no argument with anyone who wants to (legally) own a firearm for hunting, recreational target shooting, or self-protection. In fact, I even own a few myself. But after all of the tragic mass shootings that we have seen and read about, I wish someone would explain to me why anyone who is not in the military needs a fully-automatic assault weapon that is capable of firing hundreds of rounds per minute.

    Perry Benedik, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  8. You can’t fix stupid. I go nowhere without a gun–even to visit my mother. Some libtard heard me say that and got in my face with “you take a gun when you visit you MOTHER??!!?” to which I deadpanned: “Clearly you’ve never met my mother”. There’s no answer to that. LOL

  9. #3 “Tells it like it is”! (Liberal) Government expects us to become “slaves”! (Many things going on are driving “sane” folks “nuts”!) They know Obama Administration wasn’t best for this nation (so voted for Trump), but “millions” are acting like Obama never left (or HRC won election), neither of which is true! Was Paddock “paid” to kill people? Was there “assistance” (that killed him off, then left)? Did he lead a “secret life” (nobody knew about)? “Lone killer” for this one “just doesn’t fit”!



  11. As usual, you are SO RIGHT Howard!! I saw footage of Catalonia riots on an alternative media site. I thought it was the Spanish military fighting with the citizens, until I read the story of it being the police and their paramilitary division. Catalonia and the other issues Howard brought up are what we should be focused on. What we see in Catalonia is happening here, if only Americans would open our eyes!

  12. You never cease to amaze me the way you have a total grasp on EVERYTHING that is going on. Just Amazing!!!

  13. We live in a world of EUPHEMISMS, i. e., POLITICAL JARGON and this WON’T change any time soon.The FNL PROTESTERS DO know exactly WHOM/WHAT they’re FIGHTING AGAINST.As you mentioned in one of your editorials, it’s BLACK vs. WHITE…it’s RACISM–although they USE various TACTICS to HIDE their TRUE INTENT!It is said that 70% of NFL players are BLACK, but 83% of NFL fans are WHITE!Do the PROTESTERS realize this?TRUMP can’t address ALL CRISES at once, but does have some ASSISTANCE in doing so! AMEN!

  14. News reporting is a thing of the past. Nowadays it is all about political opinion and bolstering the bottom line! The news media has become the big business they rail against so vehemently in their socialist diatribes! Total hypocrisy!

  15. Withe the Las Vegas massace, we are waling around the “elephant in the lliving room”. It’s about what has happened in the USA since the 1950s when Kruchev said “we will destroy you by your children”. Prayer went out of school in 1960 by one woman. Leftists/socialists/american haters/immoral teachers haave taken over the classroom from Pre-K to PhD. This is the generation that Paddock was from.

  16. Let Quebec separate, I think we would all be the better off for it, just the savings on the “equalization payments” alone for the rest of the provinces and never mind keeping up the cost (scam) for having 2 official languages. Maybe it would be good for them to have the space to either swim or die.

  17. The media makes such a big deal about how many weapons the Las Vegas shooter had. It does not matter whether he had one, seventy, seven hundred or a thousand. It appears that he only shot one at a time. However, they can generate news by publicizing he number of weapons repeatedly even though it has no bearing on anything. The media is intent on generating OUTRAGE.

  18. Media, gov’t and big business are all about one thing – Keeping the public ignorant and occupied, the way they want them to be. It is not about truth or health, right vs wrong or good vs evil. It is only about keeping people as sheepish and controlled as possible. Every wave and trend of media stories is a carefully calculated thing.

  19. Re “The World…is Becoming…WHERE UP IS DOWN, GOOD IS BAD & RIGHT IS WRONG – While Big Brother will decide s…Which Is Which,” 2 thoughts come to mind

    Isaiah 5:20: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”

    Gun control has nothing to do with increasing safety and has EVERYthing to do with disarming American citizens so the govt can do whatever they want to us – liberties be damned.

  20. Howard, YOU HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK, AGAIN! I thank you for your “AWESOME” COMMON SENSE!! I really enjoy your bloggers’ comments, as well…what a wonderful group of people, here in the USA, &our CANADIAN brothers &sisters, as well. My suggestion is to PRAY UNCEASINGLY, FOR THOSE IN CHARGE OF BOTH OF OUR COUNTRIES/PROVINCES & THINGS WILL CHANGE/IMPROVE! CAN’T GET MUCH WORSE…BOTH COUNTRIES HAVE THEIR PROBLEMS, BETWEEN THE LEFT-WING “NUT-JOBS”, MEDIA, &ON&ON! GOD BLESS US ALL, & YOU TOO,HG!!

  21. Great piece Howard – one of your best! Your comment “I have no idea why the idiot leftists want to disarm us.” Howard, I can remember well when sen. Ted Kennedy Mass. & sen. Birch Bayh Ind. (1960’s) were frothing at the mouth to disarm the American public – it’s a part of the Communist manifesto to do so! Plain and simple. Now they just have a new set of leaders who’s quest it is and are carrying the torch. Since the other night in Las Vegas – they’re smelling blood in the water and victory!

  22. Once again, on target! Just posted to a friend of mine who was “special Ops”, and is now a “private Contractor, It AIN’T the guns, it’s the people who are illiterate, not knowledgable, and have never understood the History of the World. It’s not about anything more than lack of knowledge, ignorance of the principles of “humanity”, and total misunderstanding of what “LIFE” is all about!
    You’re either part of the solution,….or part of the problem! Think before you act,…EVERYTIME!!!

  23. Latest news on Paddock’s arsenal is that he made use of a bump stock (on each of his semi-automatics) which virtually turns a semi-automatic into an automatic. Thus the rapid firing heard. I’m still interested in where all the casings were found since there are also reports of multiple shooters and even shooter(s) among the crowd. Since FBI, after a so-called ‘thorough investigation’ has concluded there was a single shooter, makes one wonder if cover-up is in the making.

  24. Howard, you might do some “Fact-Checking” on the “Fully Automatic Weapons” being illegal in the U.S…! Several states (one of which I preside in), people CAN have Fully Automatic Weapons, with Noise Suppressors (Silencers) on them! You just have to pay a “fine” of $200 dollars for each item, wait up to 10 months, and you’re LEGAL…! Hopefully, the “Noise Suppressor” laws will be changed, so we don’t have to pay the “TAX” of $200 for one. It’s in the “WORKS” now, as I write this.

  25. HG : Anybody can rent a Full Auto Rifle at many ranges in Las Vegas . Only restriction is no Booze while shooting. Now about Quebec separation: go for it . The trip to the East Coast from Ontario would be cut in half . Forget about Semi /Full Auto/Suppressors/Cop Killer Ammo etc. DEFLECTION- SMOKE AND MIRRORS . The issue is disarming the population NOTHING MORE. Black vs White vs Yellow vs Muslim vs Jew vs Christian IS THE WAY IT IS AND WILL BE. Unicorns NEVER existed.

  26. The argument is the same around the world in relation to ‘gun control’.

  27. Howard I agree with nearly EVERYTHING you have ever written including todsy’ missive.
    I am as pro firearm as anyone and know a little about weapons ( especially those I own) but I have to say I’ve never heard of a ” butt block”.
    And I wish someone could explain to me how this bozo in Vegas could shoot off several hundred rounds in a 5 minute period without his rifles become horribly overheated.
    Bothers me that the NRA wants to ban butt blocks. Have lefties taken over the NRA ?

  28. The Mass murder with Guns?
    It’s really all about psychotropic prescription meds. All the mass murderers are on them. Repeated exit polling over the past 3 elections shows appx 60% of Dem voters are medicated on anti-depressants, compared to 30% of conservatives. Ad to that moon bat leftist thinking and the tipping point is reached – and it is liberals who mass murder. See Dr. Peter Breggin’s book – “Medication Madness” the Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Cases of Violence, Suicide and Crime.

  29. My first advice to gun experts on the news, go back to your local gun dealer and learn a few things. Second you are right, the second amendment has zero nada nothing to do with hunting or home or self defense. Three there are on average forty thousand traffic deaths every year in the U.S. No one is talking abount reducing speeds because speed kills. No one is talking about turning in your big trucks and fast cars. Of course the Left want us all in smart cars, but these deaths are less important.

  30. Saul Alinsky on guns: 4) Gun control – Remove people’s ability to defend themselves from the government. That way you are able to create a police state. The left knows they have to take away our guns to control us deplorables. The left uses every mass shooting to push common sense gun control. Lib speak for gun confiscation. We already had this fight in 1775 thru1783 against the Brits. Just say no to any gun control.

  31. Fist, knives etc kill but killer needs to get close to kill one or two. Cars kill more but guns can kill many more people impersonally. Why gun problem in USA? As an outsider, many Americans seem paranoid and live in fear. A reaction to fear is violence reinforced by TV/films glorifying multiple violent deaths! Responsible gun use is to be praised, but Goggling shooting ranges shows many human targets and few bull’s-eyes which seem to show the dehumanizing emphasis on killing others.

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