BEFORE THE EDITORIAL . . . More FOX Fake News – Abbey Huntsman, who I Really Don’t like, because, like her Father, she is a Liberal in Conservative Clothing – said on the Friday Fox & Friends Morning Show, that yesterday at LAMBEAU FIELD, Fans & Players LOCKED ARMS in Solidarity During the Anthem.

FALSE . . . The players Locked Arms – Maybe a few Fans did too, BUT VIRTUALLY ALL FANS DID NOT.

If We Can’t Believe The Little Things In The News – How Can We Believe Anything?


Maureen Moss of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada . . . in the last Comment Section asked me the Following . . .

“Have you moved to the US permanently? If not, do you care at all about what is taking place in Canada under Trudeau? Just wondering”?

Maureen Moss has been an excellent Commentator on Galganov.com, and has just asked an Incredibly Relevant Question, which should be of interest to all Canadians and Americans, which Deserves a Comprehensive Answer.

I AM A CANADIAN – BORN, BRED & RAISED . . . Both of my Parents were also Born, Bred & Raised in Montreal (Canada) as children of Jewish Immigrant Parents, who raised their Children . . . all of their Canadian Born Children (Aunts & Uncles) to be PROUD UN-HYPHENATED CANADIANS – In essence – my Parents were NOT JEWISH-CANADIANS of Russian or Eastern European Decent, but RATHER, they were CANADIANS WHO WERE JEWISH.

My Parents were Raised NOT TO EXPECT ANYTHING FROM CANADA, other than Freedom and an Absolute RIGHT to Compete on a Level Playing Field with ALL OTHER CANADIANS, which wasn’t the Reality at that time.

BUT I WON’T GO INTO THE ANTI-SEMITISM . . . and the many Strident and seemingly Immovable Roadblocks, which were placed in the Way of Jews in Canada at that time – Other than to say, MY PARENTS ROSE ABOVE IT ALL & EARNED THEIR PLACE IN CANADA.


WHEN WORLD WAR II BROKE OUT . . . My Dad and Several of his Brothers SIGNED-UP and went to FIGHT under the Canadian Flag in Canada’s Uniform, AND EVEN MY MOM SIGNED UP & SERVED ON THE HOME FRONT . . . Because that’s what Canadians did who WEREN’T HYPHENATED BY RACE, COLOR, GENDER . . . ETC.

BUT . . . because of CURRENT RACIST Canadian Laws and Programs, which Favor Minorities – THE TAKERS OVER THE MAKERS, Immigrants over Citizens, CANADA STILL DOESN’T HAVE A LEVEL FIELD.

In Fact . . . Official Canadian Multi-Culturalism PROMOTES Hyphenated-Canadians.


Canada has always Followed the USA in Terms of . . . Music, Movies, Television, Radio, Fashion, Fast Food, Cars . . . ETCHOWEVER, In Terms of Socialism (Communism) and a SERIOUS Lack of REAL Individual Constitutional Guarantees, where our Constitution is all about Majority Rights, opposed to Minority Rights, CANADA HAS BEEN THE VANGUARD of where the United States of America has been Heading for generations, with a respite during the Reagan years.

UNLIKE THE USA . . . WHICH STILL HAS A CONSTITUTION . . . which the American Politicians, Bureaucrats & Courts – from the Lowliest LEFTIST Court in the Land, to the Supreme Court of America, which BENDS LEFT by Four Out Of Nine Justices . . . CANADA’S POLITICIANS & COURTS – Right Up To The Canadian Supreme Court . . . ALL LEAN FAR TO THE LEFT.

Even our SO-CALLED Conservative Parties LEAN SO FAR TO THE LEFT, that in all reality, Canada doesn’t really have a Conservative Party, even though we have several Provincial & Federal Conservative Parties in NAME ONLY.


Canadians Might “THINK” We Live In A Democracy . . . But We DON’T.

The Parties Control the Whole Game, And even though there is a Pretense, that Party Members Choose which Candidates will represent them, that isn’t even close to being True, because, if the party Brass wants a Certain Candidate . . . that’s the Candidate the Party will run.


Our Canadian System is NOTHING like the American System with Checks & Balances. And if the Prime Minister Should Win a MAJORITY GOVERNMENT, he or she will LITERALLY REIGN AS KING OR QUEEN FOR 4-YEARS.


Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister with less than 40% Of The Popular Vote, which is far less than 40% of the Canadian Population, since MORE THAN 30% of the Canadian People were TOO STUPID, UNIFORMED AND/OR UNCARING TO VOTE.

IN ESSENCE . . . when taking the Number of Canadians who actually Voted for Trudeau (Approximately 7-Million) – and Divide that Number of Eligible Voters (Approximately 26-Million) . . . LESS THAN 27% of the Eligible Voters in Canada, VOTED for the Man who Rules Canada as KING.

TRUDEAU’S HEROES . . . Like his Father’s – were the Castro Brothers, Che Guevara, Moslem Kings & Princes – and all others who wanted a Socialist (Communist) One World Government.


1 – Trudeau LIED about how much he was going to Raise Canada’s Debt, and more than Doubled what he Promised. And even at that, because of Canada’s Horrid Politics and Political Accounting, we have no Idea how much Canada REALLY OWES.

2 – Trudeau OPENED THE FLOODGATES to Mostly Moslem Refugees and Immigration Rejects from the USA . . . Most of whom . . . if not all of which are UNVETTED.

Because of Trudeau’s DEPRAVED IMMIGRATION POLICIES . . . The Canadian Social System is being OVERWHELMED.

3 – Trudeau and his Diva Wife Sophie Live High On The Hog, Vacationing all over the World at the most Expensive and Exclusive Resorts on Canada’s Tax Dollars, and when Caught PISSING-AWAY our hard earned Money like Drunken Sailors on Shore Leave . . . THEY LIE ABOUT IT.

4 – Trudeau Legalized Marijuana Throughout Canada, which according to him and the POT-HEADS is his number one BIG Accomplishment.

5 – Trudeau is making it ILLEGAL to Criticize Islam, punishable by Jail . . . So much for Freedom of Expression.

6 – Because of Trudeau and his Liberal Gang of Fools, Canada is doing everything it possibly can to TAX as much as possible . . . TARGETING Small Businesses, Farmers, Professionals and Whomever else are MAKERS within our Society to pay for his ANTI-CANADIAN POLICIES & UNFETTERED SPENDING.

Where President Trump Is Moving Heaven & Earth To Lighten The American Tax Load, Trudeau is Moving HELL & DAMNATION To Tax Canada’s MAKERS Into Oblivion.


Anne & I Spend 6-Months In Canada & 6-Months In The USA.

When you consider that Canada’s Political System REALLY IS RIGGED, to the Point that ONLY INSIDERS GET TO PARTICIPATE, with Election Spending Laws, which make it ILLEGAL to Really Finance a Campaign, and that the Courts are Liberal To A Fault, and that there are NO REAL CHECKS & BALANCES, and that a Majority Government is FORMED with FEWER than 30% of Eligible Voters, AND THERE ARE SUBSTANTIALLY MORE TAKERS THAN MAKERS – What’s the Future for Canada?

If Anne and I could LEGALLY Move to the USA, we’d be there Faster than it would take for a Hot Mom’s Apple Pie To Cool Down on a Window Sill on a Cool Autumn Day.

AMERICA IS A COUNTRY IN REAL TROUBLE . . . but – with enough People willing to FIGHT for all of America’s FREEDOMS, which are Enunciated In The Bill Of Rights & Guaranteed By The US Constitution, America will Fight it’s way out of this Morass, just like President Trump has been Promising . . . “TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.

CANADA ON THE OTHER HAND . . . Has already Crossed the RUBICON with No Chance of a Real Comeback, other than what might come after Dystopia.

SUCCESSIVE Liberal Governments and Mealy Mouthed Conservative Governments have Stripped Canada from the Values, Patriotism & Nationalism handed down to all Canadians from the Greatest Generation Ever, to the point . . . that Canada is Far Closer to a Country of BIG BROTHER . . . than it is a Country of Proud Independence.

And As Much As This Troubles Me . . . I See No Way Of Fixing It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. There is an old saying and it goes something like this (If America is ever taken over it will be by a shot never fired), in other words America is being taken over by within. Obama is only a mouthpiece for someone else, so get rid of the mouthpiece. Even the most liberal Democrat knows something has got to be done with Obama but because he or she is a Democrat nothing will be done. The reasoning of Democrats never makes sense and never has. Mostly Democrats are just running for re-election.

  2. How can Canadians call this a free country when $00.45 cents of every dollar earned by the
    people who actually work goes to the government to spend anyway they wish? the money
    is spent ,mostly on people who never pay into the system. when will we say enough is enough?

  3. ‘And As Much As This Troubles Me . . . I See No Way Of Fixing It.’ Sadly, i a agree. No leader, no party has repealed all the dreadful, expensive polices that Trudeau Sr forced upon the nation. The charter – bilingualism (forced french), multiculturalism, equalization…massive debt, big government…No party will touch these issues, so we are toast as a nation.

  4. You missed one point. Our constitution – trudeau style – is supposedly based on the 10 commandments with a few perks. The 11th commandment – the not withstanding clause – states all the above is null and voided. So in line with Justin Bieber we are nothing!!! QED.

    R. A. Crane Beaconsfield, canada

  5. Howard I agree with you totally on what Canada has become, and worry for my grandchildren for where we are heading. I live in a small BC City, 22,000 population, and the highest % of employment is Govt jobs. They take half of what we earn, are overpaid, and tell us what they think is good for us. So many rules and regs for everything I think we will soon have to get ok from a Civil Servant to go to the can!
    I am with you on moving to the US. Very hard to do. We should try as Muslim refugees!

  6. Agreed Howard. Canada is in such a mess. Most everyone I talk to are afraid for their grandchildren’s future. Unfortunately, it will have to hit rock bottom before people wake up. Sadly there is very little hope in saving Canada.
    It’s the nature of the beast. 🙁

    I’m still trying to understand how Angela Merkel got re-elected. I guess that explains my point.

  7. Howard I was glad to see that you are finally mentioning how bad Canada is going down because of the government we have. All the policies are taxing the makers to death. The government throws away our tax dollars in subsidies to rich companies so they can compete unfairly. I am glad that the US has decided to put import duties on the Bombardier
    planes to level the playing field. Keep on telling it as it is then maybe the stupid masses will wake up.
    David Stanhope, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  8. Your description of Canada’s system of government grieves my heart! Like so many Americans I had assumed your system was much closer to what ours is on paper. Unfortunately, I fear you are correct when you state that we are following your lead! Prayers for both our countries.

  9. Hate to sound as depressed as all the Canadians who have already commented. Yes, Canada is in bad shape but so is the USA & most of Europe. There is a sickness in the Western civilization – sorry to say the main victims are the younger generation who don’t even understand what’s happening. Socialism is the cause of our problem & it is so easy to sell this to the young who lay the blame for all the bad things at the feet of the older generations. I guess the only thing is to keep on fighting!

  10. WOW….I had NO IDEA Canada was/IS IN SUCH BAD SHAPE! The Leftist LIBs are the sure cause!! Prayers for BOTH of our countries. I’m posting this on my FB page…..and, God bless us all, in BOTH COUNTRIES!


  12. Howard, thank you for this latest blog. If possible, it should be read by every Canadian, but of course that won’t happen. I really worry about my grandchildren, not me, as I’m 79 years old!

  13. Trudea’s first minister of External Affairs Dion was hard core anti Israel. His current minister of External Affairs’s family edited the the official nazi news paper in Ukraine. Welcome to Trudeau’ s Canada

  14. Unfortunately ALL TRUE from our perspective . NOT ALL Canadians agree with the above . Most do not or have no idea of what you speak . They are younger , educated differently and view today’s only issue as the requirement to get the you’s and me’s to understand how wrong we are . Major pile of crap but well engineered and well financed crap . ( provided the you’s and me’s keep paying the bill of course ) .

  15. Marijuana is suppose to be legal July 1st 2018 next year. Many Premiers and the police are asking to extend the time out to make pot legal. So many issues still need to be ironed out. TruDOPE is ignoring sound advice. One thing no one is talking about and should be concerned for is 2ND HAND MARIJUANA SMOKE AND PREGNANT MOTHERS. Studies show young brains to age 25 are effected by pot. So what about Unborn vulnerable babies and 2nd hand pot smoke? Sick! Motion 103 is likely to become law. Horrific

  16. I don’t know whether to sob in anguish at the loss of my country, or scream in rage at the criminality of the evil thieves and traitors who stole it!

  17. I enjoyed your blog today. I had a pretty good idea about the condition Canada was in from your past postings, but your editorial today really opened my eyes. I am curious as to what would it take for you to move to Austin permanently? I know you have said it would be like moving heaven and earth, but I don’t understand why it would be so hard. Edgar

  18. I’m so upset over the election of the second Trudeau as PM of Canada. He is spending us into oblivion to support people kin countries that want to destroy us as well as brining in more and more inverted to our country. His reasoning is that they will be voting Liberal and he disburses these new Liberal voters to areas that will then elect another Liberal. I won’t be around to see the final days of Canada as I’m 73, but I also worry about my children’s and grandchildrens lives in Canada.

  19. “MORE THAN 30% of the Canadian People were TOO STUPID, UNIFORMED AND/OR UNCARING TO VOTE.”

    I do agree. However, in the US, only 55% dared to cast their vote in Trump VS Clinton election where issues were much higher. Those the same judgement applies to the 45% of americans that didn’t bother to vote at last election as well?

  20. well said. It needed to be said by a Canadian. Every word is true and if an American is reading this, you will have a better understanding of how our parliamentary system works. Ray Moscato, Calgary, Ab, Canada

  21. I’ve been to Canada (Cold Lake) a few times while serving in the military. Canadians I have met were outstanding, good hearted individuals with the same values hopes and dreams of millions the world over. The problems you describe are global in scope. Hard working, self made peoples everywhere are in danger of being overwhelmed by those unwilling and unable to find their own way in this world. I pray it’s not too late.

  22. You cited the fact that the Canadian (not constitution but) Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees (government-granted) rights. Let readers understand that the wonder of the US Constitution is that it enumerates and PROTECTS the inalienable GOD-GIVEN rights of the individual FROM the US government. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights guarantee that which is most sacred to Americans – the FREEDOM of the individual, and that is why the US rise up out of its current temporary mess.

  23. Multiculturalism: the UK. is toast already, Holland and Belgium close behind. Merkel and Macron are fast taking Germany and France down the same road and the rest of Europe is pissing into the wind fighting of the Muslim invasion. Canada under Trudeau is being invaded and few are taking any notice, in fact if one dares to raise a voice in opposition they might be jailed soon. M103 is coming.

  24. Thanks to Canada’s government, Trudeau and the election set-up, I wonder how soon will we have a MEXICO on our northern border.

  25. Victor Davis Hanson is an expert in these matters. First & foremost is the reality that the elites who advance these ideas are able to isolate themselves from their consequences! Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg can advocate for ‘Open Borders’ because he owns a fortified mansion! There are many great Victor Davis Hanson videos on You Tube people need to watch to be informed! America is probably only a temporary refuge!

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