The Biggest Media LIE Of All



Make No Mistake About It . . . THE MEDIA LIES LIKE A CHEAP RUG, so much so, that now they’re Blaming President Trump for Dividing the Country, which is ONLY HALF THE LIE, since the country was DEEPLY DIVIDED Long before Donald Trump was Elected President Donald Trump.

AS A MATTER OF FACT & TRUTH . . . President Donald Trump was ELECTED to be America’s 45TH-President Because The Nation Was Already Deeply Divided.

THE OTHER HALF OF THE LIE . . . is that somehow “WHITE” Conservative Americans are Responsible for Dividing the United States of America, except, no one seems to be able to describe how, or are even TRYING to Describe how this LIE IS NOT A LIE.


“Make America Great Again” . . . I don’t recall President Trump, or Candidate Trump Saying . . . Make “WHITE” America Great Again.

I also don’t recall President Trump Promoting “WHITE” Jobs, “WHITE” Healthcare, “WHITE” Cops, “WHITE” Military, “WHITE” Immigration, “WHITE” Freedom of Expression . . . “WHITE” Privilege – OR “WHITE” ANYTHING ELSE.


BUT I DO RECALL PRESIDENT OBAMA . . . Heaping Plenty of Scorn on the USA while Touring the World, and on “WHITE” Police Officers throughout America for FAKE INJUSTICES, and for TARRING ALL “WHITE” American Police Officers Throughout the USA for the Actions of a Few Bad Apples.

I also clearly recall Obama pushing the Phony Narrative of “WHITE PRIVILEGE” everywhere in America, even as Obama and his Equally DEPLORABLE Black Wife lived MORE like Royalty than they lived like America’s First Family.

And even after Michelle Obama called America a “DOWNRIGHT MEAN COUNTRY”, and said . . . until AFTER her Husband won the Democrat Primary: “FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER ADULT LIFE, SHE WAS PROUD OF HER COUNTRY”, Obama won the White House with ENORMOUS WHITE SUPPORT in Donations and at the Polls, but nonetheless, according to the Obama’s and the LEFT, America was still a RACIST COUNTRY.


Even with a BLACK President, two BLACK Attorney Generals, a BLACK Secretary of Homeland Security, a BLACK National Security Advisor, BLACK Valerie Jarrett – Obama’s Special Advisor (Svengali), Other BLACK Cabinet Secretaries . . . And a PLETHORA of Black & White Liberals with Like-Minded Assorted NUMBSKULLS in Obama’s White House – that even with all of this, the Idiots & the Media still called the United States of America a RACIST COUNTRY.


WHEN I WATCH FUMBLING BLACK RACISTS . . . In the Guise of Defenders of Social Rights who are Spewing their Crap on Television – “EXPLAINING” that Taking a Knee during the Playing of the National Anthem before a Game, which has NOTHING to do with Politics, isn’t somehow a SMEAR to the Flag & Country, but rather an Expression of their First Amendment Right to Free Speech . . . I do all that I can, NOT to Scream or Throw Something Into The Television.

If These Miscreants Are Not Demeaning The Anthem – What Are They Doing?


America is Terribly Divided, but not because of the Conservative Right, which has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO . . . with Nazis, the KKK or any other Nefarious Hate Groups, as the LEFT wants everyone to Believe – BUT RATHER . . . Because of the HORRIFIC HATE, which is Spewed Everyday by LEFTIST Groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, House & Senate Democrats, Bureaucrats, the Media, Hollywood, Intellectual & Academic Elites, and a few more TAKERS I didn’t mention.


UN-AMERICAN AMERICANS . . . The Likes of the Clintons, the Obama’s, the Soros and all the Others, who would Prefer to see a One World LEFTIST (Socialist/Communist) Government, who are dong all they can to FEED THE ANGER, no less than the Nazis and the Communists used their MEDIA & BIG LIES to Divide, Discredit & Murder all of those who Stood in Opposition . . . WENT DOWN IN SHAMEFUL DEFEAT for their War AGAINST Human Freedoms and Decency – These American Treasonous Bastards are in One Way or Another . . . GOING TO GO DOWN TOO.


I know that there are some Dogs you can Beat into Submission, which will Never Fight Back, and would Die Cowering into Submission before Baring A Tooth. But I also know . . . that there are Dogs who will take Just So Much, until they will Take No More, until they will Bare their Teeth . . . and when the Time is Right, they will TEAR INTO THEIR TORMENTORS WITH A VENGEANCE.


I WELCOME THE DAY . . . Sooner Rather Than Later, when the Patriotic Dogs of FREEDOM will Bear their Teeth & Take No More, which will be the Day . . . THE LEFT WILL LAMENT LIKE NONE OTHER.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, From the time that ‘bama was elected to the senate, I spent day after day seeking information about him, his friends, his backers, his community organizations, the IEIU, everything that could be learned about him and his followers/leaders.
    This I published on the net. Weekly to every TEAParty organization I could locate and to a full mailing list. What good did it do?
    Absolutely NONE! Surely you can educate more people as to what is going on than I did. Best to YOU, Larry/Graham,TX

  2. Howard, once again, you are so right!!! Thank you for being such a great patriot for The USA and for Canada. Your love of freedom shines like a beacon for all to see. God Bless You & Your Family Always. God Bless America & Canada, our troops, and may our freedom always ring.

  3. The Left has always done everything possible to DESTROY America. And whatever that might be, they then accuse the GOP and blame them as though it was of their making. It seems like Americans who believe in our traditional values are finally awakening. How does… “Senator Roy Moore” sound? 🙂 Sweet. baby…just very sweet. And WE , also welcome that day, Howard!

  4. I have to ask …. have you moved to the US permanently? If not, do you care at all about what is taking place in Canada under Trudeau? Just wondering …..

  5. Civil War 2 is coming. I didn’t think I’d see it in my lifetime and laughed at my cop ex-husband when he said it was coming 21 years ago. I’m not laughing any more–and Jeff–I apologize. I was wrong and you were right about this and a lot more. God help us all when they impeach Trump. United we STAND!

  6. There are few questions about the fact that Obama was planted to set in motion the plan to destroy the USA.
    And now the citizens must turn about and destroy the Obamatoids. Antifa and BLM and the “kneelers” must head the lines to face high treason charges. Soros is a mortal enemy and must be packed out back to Hungary.
    Martel time is looming in relation to Islam. Illegal residents must be deported… No time left to ponder.

  7. Just tell us how you really feel, Howard! FWIW, I feel exactly the same way. Couldn’t have said it better.

  8. Pres. Trump also DIDN’T STATE that only WHITE LIVES MATTER!Also, having FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS doesn’t mean that one can ABUSE or MISINTERPRET those RIGHTS!They have to be PEACEABLY USED! WAKE UP PEOPLE…the LEFT & MS Media are USING the NFL situation to INCITE the BLACKS.Their NEGATIVE EFFORTS don’t help the BLACKS to find any MEANINGFUL solutions to their inner-city, poverty and/or educational problems.The LEFT will “GO DOWN” just like HILLARIOUS did!”Hold on to your hats! “GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. And when the —- hits the fan of the leftist-communist-socialists, guess who will be the FIRST they call for protection… the cops they spewed on. I’ve said for years the only thing that can straighten this country up is war on our soil – a cartharsis of sorts. No one in their right mind wants such a thing. But those creating that necessity are NOT in their right minds. God help us for we seem not able to help ourselves.

  10. I agree with every word except that dogs bare their teeth, not bear them….LOL

  11. WOW, Howard…YOU JUST HIT A “HOME RUN”! Truer words have never been spoken!! The LEFT is OUT-OF-THEIR-MINDS, starting with Obummer, his horrible “spouse” (Michelle), Killery, Soros, & ALL THE LEFT-WING-COOKKS, LEFT WING MEDIA, & ALL who have bought into that way of life! Our USA needs lots of prayers, & Canada, as well!! God bless us ALL, & the whole world!!! Thank goodness for you, Howard… DEFINITELY BRING SANITY into this CRAZY MIXED UP WORLD.

  12. Blacks got jobs as a “quota”. Blacks got into Universities with sub-standard grades as a “quota”. Blacks get more welfare checks by 85% than whites. Blacks scream “racist, bigot” and whites cower. So, where iw the “white priviledge? Blacks are killing blacks in huge numbers. Blacks are comitting the majority of crimes, therefore, the largest number of criminals incarcerated are blacks. Tell them to stop comitting crime and we will stop locking them up.

  13. Another lie is that Trump started the Obama not born in the USA commotion. It was Hillary when she ran against Obama. But of course, when you point this out, you are a racist, liar, “Republican” (new swear word), or some sort of unholy. If you say you didn’t like Obama, its must be because he is black and not because of his politics, and ergo you are a bigot. How quickly the conversation is shut down. Obama, the half white half black president chose to be black only and he milked it.

  14. Howard I would really like to understand our Health Care Bill they are trying to pass. You write so it is easy to understand any issue. Please, if possible explain it if you wouldn’t mind.

  15. What the Left doesn’t get is that there were MANY Americans who did not like Pres. Obama or his policies. But we did not show disrespect to our flag, our military, etc. We just took part in expressing our opposition in a dignified way… and then voted for Trump in a huge way that the Left never saw coming!

  16. Most whites were raised to be for “all kinds” of people, but seems Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Arabs are “for their own kind” (who look/talk like them)! This is drastically dividing our nation! Those with “class” are taught to “tolerate” things, while others just “do their own thing” (not caring who they “offend”), but scream or protest when others “offend” them! “Mentality issue” or “Social Values” taught by (mostly minority or foreign) parents? Diversity has been detrimental to our society!

  17. You’ve got it right Howard, not only in the U.S. but I hope in Canada the U.K., here in Australia and lots or other countries and places around the world. You can only poke that dog so many times before it responds and I for one hope that the leftards reap a savaging like they’ve never seen before. I have just had a gut full of these demented people!

  18. I despise war. I particularly despise civil wars, the worst of the conventional worst. But… If the Left and their shills, tehir bought-and-paid-for mercenaries insist upon generating violence, then the American Patriot dogs will attack their throats with terrible effect.

  19. I agree totally, Howard. Since the percentage of those screaming “racism” is only around 20% of the population, that makes the other 80% equivalent to horses in the animal world. And while screaming and beating on some horses, and yanking them with a bit in their mouth will also break the spirit of some, the rest will contemplate the day you walk into their stall with your lousy attitude, and kick you into next week, if not into eternity.
    Thank you for saying what so many of us feel.

  20. Don’t know if it has ever been stated as well!! Keep on telling it like it is.

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