I don’t know if the Number in my Headline is Really True & Accurate, but I Assume it is . . . AND THIS IS WHY.

For Years . . . Fox News has led off every RATINGS SEGMENTBRAGGING about how Fox News is Leading all Competitors COMBINED in every Demographic Category.

BUT WE HAVEN’T HEARD . . . anything akin to that in probably more than a year. Don’t you wonder why?

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . quite a few Months Ago, I wrote that MSNBC (of all Cable Networks) was CREAMING Fox News in the most Important Television Demographic Time Slots.

AND EVEN THOUGH CNN . . . is a Dreadful News Provider, they too have made a Comeback at the Expense of Fox News.

YESTERDAY . . . Monday, September 25, 2017 – I was listening to the Resurgence of the FIVE On FIVE in the Background, as I was waiting for the 6:00 O’Clock News with Bret Baier. PLUS I WANTED TO HEAR what Sean Hannity, who was to be their Special Guest, was going to say about his Guest Steve Bannon, who was slated to Kick-Off Hannity’s Return to his Original 9:00 O’Clock Time Slot.


IT WAS SEAN HANNITY . . . Who said in a Braggadocios Way, how Strong the Fundamentals of Fox News were, considering that FOX NEWS “LOST” THREE QUARTERS OF ITS AUDIENCE – but in spite of it was still Hanging-In.


AS UNBELIEVABLE AS THIS IS . . . The Sons of Robert Murdoch, the Owner & Co-Founder of Fox News, are acting like Deck-Hands on the TITANIC – REARRANGING THE DECK CHAIRS AS THE SHIP’S GOING DOWN.


Here was Bret Baier with his Panel of Three Opinionists, speaking about the NFL DISGRACE (my word) of NOT STANDING FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM, when one of the LEFTIST JACK-ASSES SAID . . . I never thought I would live to see the day when a President of the United States WOULD FORCE SOMEONE TO DO ANYTHING.

NOT ONLY WAS THAT A REPREHENSIBLE THING FOR THIS JERK TO SAY . . . It Wasn’t Even True or Accurate by the Most Remote Measure – Yet . . . Neither Bret Baier, Nor his other Two Guests CALLED OUT THIS JERK FOR FAKE NEWS.

AND BY THE WAY . . . If you want to talk about a President who FORCED the People to something they DIDN’T WANT TO DO . . . THINK OBAMACARE.

President Donald Trump NEVER FORCED ANYONE TO DO ANYTHING about this Insult to America . . . Least of all to Stand for the American Flag and/or the American Anthem. But, because Bret Baier and no one else challenged this CREEP, it makes Fox News a Purveyor of FAKE NEWS.

In another Fox News Program, some other Jerk Opinionist in a Town Hall Setting Said . . . It’s Totally Acceptable NOT to Stand for the American Flag, but NOT to Desecrate it. MORE FAKE NEWS ON FOX.

IN 1989 . . . the US Supreme Court of America Ruled that Desecrating (Burning) the American Flag was a LEGAL FORM OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT.

When I used to turn-on Fox News . . . in the early days, I LOVED the Conservative Content. And then it became FAIR & BALANCED, which really meant . . . let me have some LEFTIST PIECE OF CRAP RUB YOUR FACE IN IT.

I didn’t Turn-On Fox News to Watch the Likes of Sniveling Juan Williams, the sickness of Geraldo Rivera who says he’s a Republican, but is proud to say that he voted for Obama TWICE. Or how Rivera is Best Friends with EVERYONE who is Someone, including his “DEAR FRIEND”, as he puts it, Donald Trump, just before he TWISTS the Knife in President Trump’s Back.

And who in the Hell needs to hear the Pearls of LEFTIST WISDOM coming from the Mouth of Marie Harf, who’s PROUD AS PUNCH to say repeatedly . . . that she had a hand in the Iranian Deal on behalf of Obama?

AND DO I REALLY NEED TO KNOW . . . nor should I care what Richard Fowler, the Black Socialist (Communist) thinks About All The Bad Things He Sees As Part Of The USA?

AND THEN THERE’S CARL ROVE & DANA PERINO . . . Two Swamp Creature Holdovers from the Bush 43-Years to tell me all about the Right & Wrongs of US Politics.


But Fox News has Fallen . . . Because Sitting On The Fence Has Become Its Most Comfortable Position.


THERE IS NOTHING . . . Let me Repeat This – “NOTHING” Redeeming whatsoever about Taking a Knee to the Anthem or the Flag, that can be explained other than being a Horrible INSULT To The Country, the Men & Women who serve this Country in the most dangerous ways possible, and the FANS who spend BILLIONS of Dollars to Root for their Favorite TEAM, only to have that Team Disgrace the RED, WHITE & BLUE.

AND LET ME GO ONE STEP FURTHER . . . The Owners who allow this to happen, whether on the Field or off the Field, or who do not allow their Players to be on the Field during the Playing of the National Anthem . . . ARE DESPICABLE BASTARDS.


AND FOR JERRY JONES . . . Owner of the Dallas Cowboys to get on his Knee, Locked Arm-In-Arm with his Players and Coaches BEFORE the Anthem, and then to Stand Arm-In-Arm DURING the Anthem to show Solidarity with his Players, makes him, in my Opinion . . . THE BIGGEST BASTARD OF THEM ALL.


Everyone in the Media . . . is WAILING about the First Amendment Rights of the Players, Owners & Coaches to Express Themselves as the Constitution allows. But that is NEITHER TRUE – NOR IS IT RELEVANT, since the Constitution does not Cover PRIVATE Enterprise and the Behavior of Employees.

ALSO . . . according to NFL BYLAWS, there is a SPECIFIC Manner in which all NFL Players MUST Conduct themselves during the playing of the National Anthem . . . BUT FOR THE SAKE OF THIS EDITORIAL SCREW THAT.


Why is it that these OVER-PAID Football Thugs are PRAISED by the Media for Exercising a First Amendment Right THEY DON’T HAVE, but President Trump is VILIFIED for exercising His First Amendment Right To Defend the HONOR & INTEGRITY of the American Flag & Anthem?


ANNE JUST SENT THE FINAL DONATION, which was Raised by Readers of this BLOG, to Austin Pets Alive, which brought the Total amount of Money for the FURRY TEXANS TO SLIGHTLY MORE THAN $5,000.

AND PLEASE KNOW THIS . . . does not take Percentages, Pay Commissions, or cover Salaries. IN FACT, Anne & I Personally Covered all the PayPal Fees, the Bank Transaction Costs, & the Transfer Fees from Canadian to US Dollars.

SO UNLIKE THE RED CROSS . . . And so may other “Charities” with their Professional Fund Raisers, Enormous Salaries, Perks, Benefits, Per Diems, Travel, Symposiums . . ., which is a Federally Chartered Non Profit Corporation, which is NOT a Charity, SENT 100% OF EVERYTHING WE RAISED TO WHERE IT HAD TO GO.

AND NOW . . . I’m looking forward to visiting Austin Pets Alive when Anne, Stryker, April The Cat and I return to Austin Texas this November.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I always wondered why is it that nobody has taken an action in Court, forcing Obama to answer about his application as a Foreign student; about his passport; his trips to Africa and Indonesia and all his alleged writings in Harvard? Further, why is it that nobody at the House of Representatives call for impeachment, when you see clearly that the President is taking the country down the slippery slope? Steve Acre

  2. Amen to all you said, Howard. I couldn’t agree more that they are despicable bastards. And those who support their vile conduct aren’t much better.

  3. Many pro sports players are indeed obscenely overpaid. If they want to protest something or champion a cause – they should do it on their own time & their own dime, not during an event for which they get paid unbelievable sums of money.

  4. I think you are over the top with this post. You’re becoming too conservative if you can’t stand a news station to have some of its guests spout leftist talk. Those of us who watch mostly Fox, know which guests are lefties , which ones present true news, and thus can discern for ourselves what is the true reality of this life. We can always spot the lefties since they can only ‘yap, yap, yap’, talk over everyone else, and usually have nothing intelligent to say.

  5. I agree with you about the DOLTS who keep saying what “RIGHTS” these spoiled brats have to protest the Stars Spangled Banner, but when the President expresses his “RIGHTS” of Free Speech, his speech doesn’t matter and just shows the sorry state of the so called Free Press. You are also on target about FOX News and it is also sad that they keep the “LEFTYS” and their opinions on the air. Keep up the good work Mr. G, I really look forward to your columns.

  6. I totally agree with David Hall. We’ve gotten to the point we get tired of all the trivia Fox puts out there. The only really true news is the weather (half the time)!

  7. Howard : As I watch about 5 to 10 min. of news and weather on CTV News only, Some BBC News, & mostly Fox News God help me where will I get my news fix?

  8. One can always ID a leftist. When the host calls on them, on Fox, they talk and will not shut up. All Dems talking points. Richard Fowler is ignorant. Last night he used the Cleveland killing of a 12 year old as an example of police brutality. Except he demonstrated his ignorance of what went on. But only by viewing multiple news repeorts could one put the real story together.

  9. The only way for us, as consumers and (now ex-) fans to show our displeasure is (1) to STOP watching any NFL games, (2) STOP buying ANY products advertised or supported by the NFL, and (3) TURN OFF the TV when the NFL is on! Speak with our pocketbooks! Believe me, sports channels will pay attention. Club owners will pay attention. Players will pay attention. Why? Because their bank accounts will be impacted! Plain and simple.

  10. Howard
    Just started reading ur emails. I found found them refreshing and encouraging.
    I agree with the State of Fox news network. Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanine, and Hannity are the only ones I care to watch anymore. Fox and friends in the am. Globalism is the acceptable religion of this country and nationism is fight I g for its life. Keep up the good work and God bless.

  11. Someone should point out to the powers that be at Fox News that people that sit on the fence get splinters on both sides of their rear ends

  12. People are entitled to personal opinions. But when you go to work or put on a uniform of some kind you represent that organization or entity that employs you. If that entity does not spout political views, then it is not your place to do so while in their uniform or on their payroll. Sports should be apolitical and not a soapbox. If players can’t abide by this then they should not show. When players act as such people should immediately leave and request refunds at the gate. I would.

  13. I agree with Teri, OAN (One America News) rocks. If you can’t get it in your area, contact your provider and have them carry it. If you look them up on the web, they have a list of providers by state.

  14. Howard, you are spot on. I don’t turn to Fox to watch leftist propaganda or see Juan Williams try to spout something that makes any sense at all. Why do they turn over their station to these idiots? I can watch that on any of the other stations. Fox has gone downhill like a sinking rock and I rarely bother to turn it on. I’m ready to try One America News Network – keep hearing good things. I wish I were a football fan, just so I could refuse to watch the NFL.

  15. When I continued to see has-been and “never-Trumper” Karl Rove show up on Fox News time and time again, to spout off on whatever the ‘relevant subject’ was at the moment, I turned off Fox News. I get 99.9% of my news from independent news sources on the internet.

  16. I’m glad for your many posts – read them regularly. Perhaps I’m mistaken but I understood Hannity to remark that even if 3/4 of the former HOSTS are gone….. I didn’t hear it was viewers….. But, as you say, FOX NEWS isn’t as conservative as it was, more’s the pity.

    Myrna from Alberta

  17. THE FIVE, moved to a later time they were so lousy. Now moved back? First words out of Clown Prince Williams was to blast Trump, CLICK. Remember, the first “Knee” was during Obma’s Term, right out of Rules for Radicals. All problems we are facing can be traced back to the destroyers Jarrett & Obama.

  18. Hello Howard,
    I thoroughly enjoy reading your intelligent and insightful blog. This is my first comment to you. I don’t think that the general public realizes that the NFL is a NON-PROFIT entity, so the teams do not pay any federal income tax at the team level. It is beyond inexplicable to me how that situation is allowed to exist, with the billions generated by the teams, and the HUGE salaries paid to the owners. I suggest that the Donald take a serious look at that non-profit status.

  19. I thoroughly agree with all you said. I used to watch Football but just don’t care anymore because I love America and the Flag more!!!
    As far as Fox News, it is sad that the son’s of Murdoch have ruined it. I understand or heard their wives were Hillary fans!!! I do not watch it only for a few and love Judge Jeanine and a few others. It didn’t take long for the 2 sons to destroy a great news station.

  20. What am I missing statistically? Fox News Channel finished the third quarter of 2017 as the most-watched cable news network across the board for the 63rd consecutive quarter, dating back to the first quarter of 2002.???
    Let me know when the other media channels start to give ANY credence to their president or American values.
    The “entitled” NFL players are as obnoxious as their star struck likenesses in Hollywood.

  21. Looks like good news for the Wall Street Journal. they are, so far, the straightest news I know of. However, no funnies. We have enought of those in Wash DC

  22. Howard, thanks to you & your dear Anne,for ALL that you have done for our Furry Friends of Texas! I ALSO love the comments made by fellow “bloggers”…I learn SO MUCH from EACH of YOU!! I barely watch Fox any more…especially when the “lefties”, or “establishment” RINOs are on;this is when the mute button comes in handy, for me!!! I’m going to try & find OAN (One America News) network, for starters. Had NO IDEA that the NFL is a NON-PROFIT entity, unbelevable area Pres.Trump needs to chk.on

  23. But Fox is now in a race to see who’ll hit bottom first, Fox or the tv coverage of the NFL! It seems incredible that people STILL don’t get it- there are a lot of disgusted American patriots out here! Love all your blogs, Howard, keep ’em coming!

  24. Howard, I am 100% in total agreement with you ….. I no longer watch FOX, except occasionally Jesse Watters. When all the regular hosts were either canned, quit, or whatever, it became a program of newbies who wouldn’t know real news if it smacked them in the face. I’m sick of them all …. Rivera, Hannity, Baer (yawn…),Rowe ….. I listen to it for about 15 min. in the morning to see if “the world blew up” and that’s it. I’m done with them. They’re headed for the trash heap.

  25. I recall when Obama make the remark how he disliked the words in our National Anthem, “bombs bursting in air” and we should change our NA to ‘America the Beautiful”……..Obama team working now with the NFL?? Hmmm. Thank you for all the good work you and Anne do for our country. God Bless you both and your family of pets!

  26. Yes, Fox, except for Hannity and Carlson, has committed suicide. OAN is taking their place.

  27. So anyone can do to the flag, whatever they want to. Burn it, tear it, stamp-on-it! The Supreme Court can’t even read! The First Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law. . . prohibiting. . . the right of the people [peaceably to assemble], and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” The flag represents this nation, of people, not the government which can go one way or the other.

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