I use to be a Sports Fanatic . . . USED-TO-BE ARE THE OPERATIVE WORDS.

Why in the Hell should I be spending an UNSEEMLY amount of Money to Cheer for a Bunch of Spoiled Adults Playing a Child’s Game, whichever GAME they are Playing?


In a world – where REAL CHAMPIONS & HEROES . . . Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, SEALS, Coastguard, Cops, Firefighters & EMS . . . are Toiling every day to SELFLESSLY Serve their Country and Communities in REAL UNIFORMS, and in REAL HARM’S WAY, says all that needs to be said about HEROES.

Unlike the description I Heard on Sunday on Fox News, as “SPORTS COSTUMES” worn by these PROFESSIONAL Sport Schmucks, for LESS than a Fraction of Earnings in one year, than what these SPORT JERKS Earn “PLAYING” just a few Minutes in any given GAMEHas Our Priorities All Upside Down.

SO – WHERE DO THESE PROFESSIONAL SPORTS CREEPS . . . get off being so DISRESPECTFUL to the Flag, which Gave them FREEDOM & BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to Crap on the American Flag, as if it were nothing MORE than a Piece of Dog Excrement.

AND AT THIS JUNCTURE IN SPACE & TIME . . . As far as I’m concerned, all these Sports Legends-In-Their-Own-Minds, who TOOK A KNEE instead of standing Proudly for the National Anthem and the Stars & Stripes, ARE BEYOND REDEMPTION & APOLOGY.


ALL THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS DONE . . . was to Force the Traitors “TO OUT THEMSELVES” as Traitors to the American Constitution and the American Dream, in the PRETENSE of Standing for the First Amendment, which was Inevitable, once the President Laid Down His Marker . . . “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.

THESE SPORTS JERKS . . . Don’t Even Know WHY They’re Taking A Knee . . .


What Do The Black Lives Matter Ne’er-Do-Wells Want?

Should America Change The LAWS, Which Discriminate Against Black Americans?

OK . . . so please show me WHICH LAWS ARE ANTI-BLACK AMERICAN? To the very Best Of My Knowledge, ALL THE RACE LAWS ENDED IN THE 1960’S . . . so which Laws are the Black Lives Matter Schmucks Upset With?

ARE THE BLACK LIVES MATTER JERK-OFFS . . . upset with the FACT that Black Americans are By & Large a Failed Community in the Most Prosperous and Freest Country on the Planet, or that so many of them CAN’T Read or Write, or speak INTELLIGIBLE English, or leave a BEVY of Deserted Mothers & Babies in their Over-Sexed & Irresponsible Path, or that so many Black Americans are LEGITIMATELY Incarcerated for all manner of Crimes, or that Black Americans are Disproportionately UNEMPLOYED, Living on Food Stamps, Welfare & Whatever other Freebies they can Squeeze from the Working Class?

OR ARE THEY UPSET . . . That Black Americans Are Slaughtering Each Other In Greater Numbers, In Places Like Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, Baltimore . . . ETC – Than Are Being Killed In Actual War Zones?

Are the STUPID Mostly Black Athletes who DISRESPECT The American Flag and the National Anthem Upset through EMBARRASSMENT, at how DISHEVELED AND DYSTOPIC their Black Co-Americans are, knowing that only for the Grace Of God and their Athletic Prowess . . . THEY’RE NOT LIVING THAT DREADFUL LIFE?

These Athletes who Take To Their Knee To DISRESPECT The American Anthem, and the American Flag . . . are TOO STUPID TO REALIZE that they would be Earning Minimum Wage on a Loading Dock, or at a Fast Food Joint if they would even have a Job At All . . . if it wasn’t for WHITE TEAM OWNERS, Mostly White Fans, Mostly White Owned Firms Who Advertise, White Owned Companies Which Produce The Caps, Shirts, Pennants & All The Other Franchise Bling that brings in the BILLIONS of Dollars, which makes their Mega Gazillion Dollar Salaries Possible.

Without The Preceding . . . No One Would Give A Rat’s Ass What They Thought.

AND WHAT ABOUT THE WHITE TEAM OWNERS . . . and White Team Players & White Team Staff . . . Who Lock Arms in SOLIDARITY with these Disrespectful Shmucks? And how Much in Dollars & Cents is their Loyalty Worth to the Respect of the American Flag & American Anthem?


I’m CERTAIN the Europeans LOVED Watching the American Athletes DISRESPECT the American Flag . . . NO LESS than they REVELED in Obama’s Apology Tours.


AND I’M JUST AS CERTAIN . . . the Brits LOVED the Fact that these American BRUTES not only Stood for God Save The Queen, but some had their Hand Over Their Heart during the Playing of the British Anthem (God Save The Queen).

A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO . . . While in Texas at our Favorite RV Resort, during the NFL Playoff Season, I was all alone in a Large Pavilion, which had the forthcoming Game Televised on a Giant Screen TV.


As the American Anthem Started to Play, I stood at Attention, Removed my Hat, and Respectfully Watched & Listened. A moment after the start of the National Anthem, the door to the Pavilion was opened, and two men poked their respective head inside to see what was Happening. And when they heard the Anthem, they stepped inside, each removed his respective Hat, stood at Attention with their respective Right Hand over his Heart, until the Anthem was ended, and when it was done, they left the Pavilion.


Canada has MOVED so far to the LEFT, and has produced such an entire society of IGNORANT Something-For-Nothing Socialists, that it is Impossible for me to show PRIDE in the Development of the Country of My Birth, and the Birth of my Parents.

AND AS MUCH AS I DISLIKE TRUDEAU . . . And as much as I DETEST Canada’s Swing to the Selfish LEFT, I would NEVER Disgrace my National Flag or Anthem, which in all Honesty, doesn’t even come close to Representing What Canada Has Become, compared to what Canada was before the LEFT STOLE CANADA’S FUTURE.


America, Canada, and the Free World has been Dealing far Too Long with the Unfounded HATRED of Socialism (Communism) showered by the LEFT . . . UPON FREEDOM LOVING “MAKERS” . . . SO AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED, this Issue of DISRESPECTING the Flag is FINALLY BRINGING IT TO THE OPEN, where the GOOD GUYS will Finally Draw OUR LINE IN THE SAND, and do what has to be done to get back our Freedoms from those who believe OUR FREEDOMS ARE TO BE DECIDED BY THE LEFT.

IN THIS SIMPLE STATEMENT . . . Issued by Donald Trump while at a Rally in Alabama about the Disrespect Paid to America through Taking A Knee to The Anthem and the Flag – President Donald Trump Is FORCING Americans to Reveal whether they are PATRIOTS TO THEIR COUNTRY . . . OR CARPETBAGGERS ON BEHALF OF A ONE WORLD COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY.


Speaking Of A Fight We Can All Understand . . . A Victory for Conservative Supported ROY MOORE in Alabama – OVER Mitch McConnell’s Favorite Lackey-To-Be . . . Luther Strange, will set the Agenda and the Future of America and the World for a Generation to Come. THAT’S HOW IMPORTANT THIS SENATE ELECTION IS GOING TO BE.

PS – If the Gazillionaire NFL Players don’t like their Country, Flag and Anthem, perhaps they would like to Trade Passports with Anne & Myself.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s distressing to think that Canadians may be subjected to Obama north after our next election

  2. Three big loud WOWs for everything you’ve written here and ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR LAST COMMENT.

  3. AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN…..

    You and Anne are a whole lot more welcome into the USA than those DAMN KNEE TAKERS are. This is the best thing that I have read, heard or seen in print and television concerning this obamanation (speling intended)

    Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK Howard! Thanks

  4. Is the beef against their country, meaning that the US Government is racist?Or is it against fellow citizens who are bigots and racists? After 8 years of seeing an American black man hold the highest seat in the land, where the majority of white voters supported him, the way I see it is that the beef cannot reasonably or logically be against the government or the majority of the American citizenry.Only against a relatively small number of individual bigots. So why disrespect the flag and anthem?

  5. The honest, respectful VALUES of many Americans have cratered for decades. It is despicable, and we are long overdue for a showdown. We pray for a result we deserve. Let the traitors move to a country where they can celebrate the wonderful qualities of socialism……..like….Venezuela.

  6. Well said Howard!! I agree with our President on his comment in Alabama!! I will never watch any of these teams again.. unless the NFL stands by our USA Flag and the Freedoms that our Ancestor’s have afforded us..
    I myself am a Veteran and all of this going on with our sports Teams etc. is absolutely disgusting!
    Those team members that don’t RESPECT OUR FLAG, have that right. However, as much as they have that right, so do the team owners have a right! Fire their ASS!!

  7. Thanks for accurately reading my mind once again! Every time I see a celeb supporting the knee benders i.e. Costas, James, Goodell, Brady, etc, I ask myself, WTF…where the hell are their priorities???

  8. In 1954 I made my first visit to the USA. I found flags flying everywhere and people standing at attention to the anthem.
    I wished more Canadians would stand at attention to our anthem and flag.
    Now when I visit I see a lot less flags and a lot less people standing at attention.
    I can’t stand these players that disrespect the flag and country, but still take the money for playing games that they could not play in their dream Left World.
    I love your comments. Keep up the good work.
    Brian Gil

  9. Ignorance , lethargy , a history of similar disrespect for family and morality now translates itself into anti everything and wanting more free stuff from “others” . Others being those that work for or inherit from parents who worked for it . But mostly it’s ENVY with little or no capability of understanding why the other guy is doing better . Unfortunately there is no cure for stupid . As to Canada , yes my passport is up for a swap as well . If only it was that easy .

  10. What folks should know is that the Department of Defense pays a fee (in the millions each year) to the NFL teams to have the flag and service personnel on the field as part of the pre-game activities. In other words, we pay to have our solders and flag insulted by these people.

  11. Howard i have been reading you for years and contributing. I don’t always agree 100% with your views but on this i think i am an impossible 200% in agreement. These spoiled little darlings in the NBA and NFL and their sympathetic owners need a trip behind the woodshed!

  12. While growing up in communist Hungary I was indoctrinated with all of Russia’s communist bs. This included saluting their despicable hammer and sickle red flag and wearing a “piece of it” around our necks as young comsomols. Would these spoiled idiots rather salute the red flag? Under the communists they would have been on their knees all the time. There is another flag that could have been waived over their brainless head, it had a swastika in it. BUT wait, all blacks would have been eliminated

  13. The skill set needed to make it into the professional big leagues of any sport is something to be celebrated. Don’t blame sport for its occasional bad actors.

    When these minority of athletes however choose to disrespect their country, while on the clock is their right, but this bad behavior will carry a heavy price because the majority of American’s love our freedom and liberty with a passion more than football.

    Owners have morality clauses on their players – time to enforce them!

  14. Well said Howard, but I would like to put a different spin on the topic of loyalty and respect. President Trump really needs to develop more diplomacy, whether it is towards N. Korea or players that feel an over the top sense of entitlement.
    There needs to be a firmness but without the antagonistic touch. One can accomplish much with a bit of “sweetness” in the meal. He needs to learn a bit of “statesmanship”.
    As for Canada, well, I would need more space.
    Keep up with your good topic.

  15. Well said as usual Howard. You have read my mind again! If those spoiled, over-paid babies don’t want to stand and honor their flag and respect the men who fought and died protecting their freedom, send them home where they belong! And good riddance I say!

  16. The word RESPECT has been REMOVED from the DICTIONARY! Also,SPORTS & POLITICS should NOT MIX! Why did certain TEAM OWNERS object when TEBO KNELT to PRAY, and do NOT object to the LACK of RESPECT the KNEELERS are giving to our FLAG etc..? Like HUCKABEE said, the KNEELERS should be doing so to PRAY and not for causing DISSENTION! Thank GOD for TRUMP and his wanting to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Can anyone imagine the OUTCOME if El Diablo Obama or Hillarious would be president? GOD HELP US ALL! AMEN

  17. I agree with you entirely. They should all be required to read about the National Anthem and how it came about and how people held up our American Flag. Great History and I bet none of them know it. I am as disgusted with the owners and coaches as well.
    We would enjoy having you here in the good old U S of A. I have several people I would trade for you and your wife!

  18. Here is Florida we have many, large, excellent and community representative High School Marching Bands. Dolphin Stadium should bring in 2 of them for the Post Game and have them marching up and down the field. When they stop the Telethons could show the Air Force Choir singing the the National Anthem and no one would ever notice the side line knee jerks. One way to end this farce. Begain in Ferguson, thanks Obama/Jarrett.

  19. It is time for Americans to speak out, boo the jerks on the field, quit attending games, watching the games, buying the sports paraphernalia. Money still speaks.

  20. Canada has a football league, maybe they should move there since they dislike America? As a Marine Corps Vet, I’m totally disgusted with this disrespect of our flag & Anthem. The irony of them standing for the UK Anthem was idiotic. They don’t know crap about history. Americans were under the thumb of the Brits until the Rev War, when over 40k+ Americans died during the 8 year war. The left has destroyed our education system & spouts propaganda about how bad America is. I’m boycotting the NFL!

  21. Thanks Howard, for printing what I believe most of us True Americans think about this subject. It’s very sickening that ANY American would be so disrespectful, and very disturbing also on what kind of message these dimwits are giving our Children: That it’s ok to disrespect our Country, and the men and women who have served to give us the freedom that we have. They can take this sport, along with any other where the players are doing this and shove it right out of our lives! We don’t want it.

  22. Bravo Howard, you are right on here, I can’t wait to see my Dallas Cowboys tonight, because their owner, Jerry Jones, put the word out some time back that all players will stand and place their right hand over their heart, this is the first game since all this really took over yesterday (Sunday) because of President Trumps earlier remarks, using his 1st. amendment rights

  23. Check out Secretary Dr. Ben Carson’s statement. Much better than the President’s. He said that sports should be a uniting and fun activity and should not be spoiled by these protests. He went on to say that there is a place and time for everyting and sports is not one of them for protests – unite not divide.

  24. You said it, Howard (and brilliantly, as usual). I, too, refuse to pay for a ticket or even give my time to watch these jerks on TV. Maybe if the NFL and their advertisers start seeing drops in attendqnce, viewership and sales someone will grow a pair and put a stop to this stupidness.

  25. Exactly! and well put Howard. I want to hope the next flight to your house, knock on your door and bear hug ya man! And I do strongly hope that a movement by ‘we the people’ to turn our backs on these over paid sports jerks will jell and become a real force, showing these creeps & the owners our deep disgust. Thx again Howard!

  26. Great article Howard. If the players have a cause to fight for let them do it on their own time. That time is not when our national anthem is being played. May we never forget the cost of our freedom and the price paid by those who can no longer stand. Bless you and your family and GOD BLESS THE USA!

  27. I too am a sports fan but quit watching the (NFL) National Felons League years ago. Those idiots who took a knee in protest have the opportunity to do what they do “play a game for ludicrous money” because of that flag, they should all be ashamed. I’m ashamed but for a different reason. I’m ashamed and embarrassed to be a Canadian because of what Prime Minister Skippy and the rest of Liberals have done to my country in such a short time. It’s sad times here in the real world.

  28. Take a Knee in NASCAR probably have your ass whipped on the spot and fired at the same time. Want a real sport supported by Patriots, attend or watch NASCAR and turn off the clowns. Collage football much more fun to watch than a group of throw backs, over paid worthless babies. Sad they could not have been born in North Korea.


  30. I’m 84 years old, healthy and glad to be alive. Unfortunately I saw this nonsense start a long, long, time ago. For the first 20 years of my life when you went to any theatre, (and there used to be all kinds of them back then) the National Anthem was played before the movie, and after! EVERYONE stood and even sang. If you didn’t you risked being tossed out of the place! Now, most people don’t even know the words. Especially the FRENCH part!

    Ted Walker, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

  31. Most of Trumps problems are created by himself. He never shuts his mouth, he insults everyone, a single person or an entire country. No wonder only a very few like him. The only thing I like about him is he is better than Hillary.

  32. IT’s funny how you can kneel for a cause and it’s your right. When you speak the NFL, NBA and 1 MLB gang up on the 1 person’s right because it’s offensive to them. (About SELF). The NFL, NBA and 1 MLB haven’t taken into consideration the MILITARY VETERAN, FAMILY or MILITARY VETERAN that died for these rights. It may be offensive to some of them that really care about this country as a whole.

  33. As respects the protesting players, most of these runny-nose crybabies have never been called upon, nor have they volunteered to serve our country. Not having served, nor otherwise been properly educated, they have no idea of the meaning of patriotism. Plus, like altogether too many other so-called “celebrities”, they seem to think that we give a hoot about their political beliefs or their causes. Go ahead fools, kill the golden goose.

  34. Being a LEO widow, two kids are LEO, I find it disturbing these young players really believe cops are hunting down and killing black men! It is disturbing that the media has created this narrative to the point that these young men are so duped by lies that they will kneel to the media gods of lies and disinformation.

  35. Howard, I am in complete agreement with you on this. You show more patriotism to the USA thhan the entire NFL.

  36. The players from the NFL would be NOTHING without the United States. They play and people pay, not me. I find them very disrespectful. Fire the all. Maybe just not watch their games and hurt the advertisers. They should Go where they think life would be better than the millions they make here. Try kneeling there. I have a feeling what would happen to them. God Bless America who gave them the chance to prove their worth and then disrespecting the country that gave them EVERYTHING.

  37. Perhaps it takes a war or military service to establish patriotism. There wimps have never been in a position where they could lose their rights if the U. S. lost. We need a draft wherein these could make a choice of service or export to some place like Nigeria. Also, I feel certain that BLM in Nigeria. (For a long time I thought BLM referred to the enemy of the Bundy’s)

  38. The white self loathing Team owners who exported American jobs overseas, they in truth own the black players. Those Black Players are doing what their masters tell them.
    It’s like they have prostituted themselves for money, and a return to slavery.
    Who would have thought these “owned Jocks” could be so stupid?…The Fascist Socialists that’s who knew they were that stupid.

  39. As usual Howard, you are spot on. Our priorities are backwards/upside down. It’s disgusting, sickening and scary to imagine how worse it can, and in fact, may get.

  40. As a Brit may I play the devil’s advocate, and maybe get banned! America was created by an illegal rebellion of well educated Europeans who occupied a country of unparalleled natural resources. America is the world’s most powerful country, has some of the most intelligent brains, some of the best artists, etc, but, with such a start so it should be. But America is following the cycle of Empire: pioneers, conquests, commerce, affluence, intellect, decadence and is now in decline after 250 years.

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