Bait & Switch From The Republican (RINO) Swamp


SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM IS NOT THE SOLUTION . . . Graham is very much the PROBLEM. And if you want to see what a RINO looks like, just have a look at any Photo of Lindsey Graham or his Best Buddy John McCain.


In Graham’s New Bill to Replace Obamacare (Graham/Cassidy Bill) . . . he PUSHES the Propaganda Notion that his Bill Supports FEDERALISM, saying that the Federal Government should NOT be Taxing the American People in order to pay for Healthcare. BUT IN THE SAME BREATH, Graham says that State Governors CAN’T WAIT TO GET THEIR HANDS ON THE MONEY, SO THEY CAN MANAGE STATE HEALTHCARE.


1 – A TAX IS A TAX IS A TAX . . . And whether the Federal Government grabs more than a TRILLION Dollars from the American People, and Spends it themselves, or gives it to Governors to Spend – The Federal Government Will Have No Less GRABBED More Than A TRILLION Dollars From The People, REGARDLESS Of Who Spends It.

This CON Is In No Way An Endorsement Or Defense OF The 10th Amendment.

2 – Graham makes the Point that he does NOT FAVOR SOCIALISM, and somehow Implies his Graham/Lindsey Bill to “Repeal Obamacare” does just that, which is to end Socialized Medicine, WHICH IS NOTHING SHORT OF BAIT & SWITCH.


Whenever the Government FORCES People to Pay Money they don’t want to Pay, for a Service the People DO NOT WANT . . . How is that LESS than Spreading the Wealth like a Socialist – AKA ObamacareAKA SOCIALISM?


Rand Paul has Presented Several FABULOUS “CHOICES” . . . and I emphasize the Word “CHOICES”, because that’s exactly what they are, which has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO with Federal Incursions INTO the Private Funds of People who Earn Wealth & Pay Taxes.

FOR MORE THAN 7-YEARS . . .The Republicans CAMPAIGNED & PROMISED to REPEAL Obamacare, NOT to ENHANCE Obamacare, Nor to TWEAK Obamacare, Nor to somehow DRESS-UP THE PIG we know of as Obamacare with a Tutu, made to look like a Ballet Dancer.

THE REPUBLICANS ALSO PROMISED . . . To open Health Insurance Competition Between the States, no less than Americans can Purchase Auto Insurance from any State to any State – SO WHAT HAPPENED?


1 – Open Healthcare Insurance Competition Between States. That’s Really Not Complicated.

2 – Create Healthcare Buying Groups . . . Capable of Securing the Best & Least Costly Group Insurance.

3 – Regulate the Cost of Drugs through Massive Federal Purchasing Power. And Shorten the Patent Rules.

4 – Change the Rules for Wanton Healthcare Law Suits by Ambulance Chasing Lawyers.

5 – Control USURIOUS Medical Costs Charged by Nefarious Hospitals, out to make Massive Profits . . . Opposed to Providing the Best Healthcare at Reasonable Rates.

6 – FORCE ALL DOCTORS, HOSPITALS & TEST CENTERS . . . To Post All Their Costs, no less than Restaurants Post their Menus & Meal Costs Online and in their Windows, so the People can know the Cost of a Meal before they choose to Sit & Eat.

7 – Create State Funds to Cover Preexisting Conditions & Chronic Care.

8 – Use State Hospitals to Provide Clinic Care to People who Choose Not to Purchase Insurance . . . AND THEN CHARGE FOR THE SERVICES. No Free Rides.


ALL GRAHAM THE RINO WANTS TO DO . . . is pretend he’s a Conservative, as he Legislates like a Democrat Lite, which Is NOTHING Conservative Americans Voted For.


AS I SEE IT . . . This Republican PRIMARY between Two Conservatives in Alabama, to decide which of the Two will Run against the Democrat for the vacated Jeff Session’s Seat, which will Establish the Future Bona Fides of the Republican Party is Critical to Draining The Swamp.

SO LET ME PUT IT AS SIMPLY AS I CAN . . . Luther Strange is being FLOODED with all kinds of money from Mitch McConnell, Leader of the Senate, who I see (McConnell) as a Disaster & RINO, so Luther Strange can BEAT A TRUE Republican Renegade, ROY MOORE, who does not Bend an Inch on Conservative Principles, NO MATTER HOW TOUGH THE GOING GETS.

President Trump Supports Luther Strange . . . Because Strange Stood With Candidate Trump Throughout Trump’s Campaigns. I get that. But that’s not nearly enough.

If McConnell and Fellow RINOS are going ALL-OUT for Luther Strange . . . That Tells Me, that Conservative Republicans should be going ALL-OUT FOR ROY MOORE.

MORE THAN THAT . . . If Breitbart, Steve Bannon, & People like Sarah Palin are in it all the way for Roy Moore . . . THAT TO ME – SAYS ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard you make Clint Eastwood look like a wussy! I would love to see you dukeing it out with those liberals at the JMA Bar B Q, chairs flying, etc. When ever I get down and out seeing our country going to Hell then you send out another one of your fiery editorials and I think maybe, just maybe we can come up with enough good guys like you to fight back! I would love be next to you in a foxhole fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way! Keep it coming my man!!!!

  2. Roy Moore is unbeatable in Alabama and McConnell and his swamp buddies are loathed. RINO interference is all the stubborn southerners need to see to send ANY candidate packing after what happened in 2014 where the incumbent was beaten in the primary and they went to the democrats and got him re-elected against the will of the people–who are still furious about it. RINOs got an earful+ during Aug and are terrified that they will not be re-elected–which they won’t be without a full repeal.

  3. Wasn’t he the judge that had his authority removed, simply because he didn’t order the Ten Commandments out of his building?

  4. Roy Moore is a good man and a true conservative. He is to be feared by McConnell and crew because he is not one of them, but more of a man of principle like Cruz, Lee, Paul, etc. His election will give the conservatives in the Senate another vote. I am supporting him with money as well as words and hope that other Galganov readers will do the same. Galganov, Bannon and Breitbart, they are the leaders that we must look to for real news. Thanks to you brave men, leading the movement for us.

  5. It is a shame and a sham that President Trump has abandoned just about every campaign promise he vowed to accomplish. Perhaps the special prosecutor Mueller and his cronies ( ie. the SWAMP ) have compromised our president. As President Eisenhower warned when leaving office, the military/industrial complex will rule our nation. Do they rule President Trump ? Apparently they rule all. Trust not men, only God never fails.

  6. “Millions” today don’t want “choices”- they want to be told what to do by Government! They are used to being “taken care of” (by Government/taxpayers)! So, they take no personal responsibility for their actions! We must find ways to control medical costs! Stop supporting smokers, drug abusers, alcoholics, extremely overweight folks, and those having “unprotected sex”, expecting rest of us to pay! Reward “good behavior”, denying benefits to those who abuse their bodies and drive up medical costs!

  7. “Career” politicians in Congress won’t ever go with/agree to Paul’s choices because it takes away their power to control more & more; not to mention insurance co’s don’t want it either. ACA makes for ins monopolies. As for Roy Moore, this nation needs more like him. The answer to Tom Kopper’s question is “Yes”. Moore is obviously a firm believer in Biblical teachings. I hope he wins all the way – so would we.

  8. I’m gonna say I’m somewhat naive re:these healthcare issues. I’ve come close to loosing my by house BECAUSE some scum bag president dictated to us Americans “We Can Afford” healthcare.Who the hell can say what you or I can AFFORD!With all the monies(our Taxes)that come in,Washington can’t budget(can I say BUDGET?) for it’s own people?We may have to cut what is given away around the world, do away with entitlements,& put Americans First! (College students may just have to work like it once was).

  9. WOW! You’re on fire today, Howard. I will forward your ideas to Senator Cruz with appropriate notation, of course. But you bring to mind a stupid question: why hasn’t anyone already put these ideas into the bill? They all make sense. Oh, of course, I’m talking about the idiots whom you mentioned who have had almost eight years to do it. KUTGW!

  10. Howard, your 8 HEALTHCARE recommendations are EXCELLENT! Send them to Pres. Trump/White House! Re: Obamacare, it may be that the MAIN FOCUS, right now, is just to REPEAL it and THEN, make some CHANGES afterwards….WHO KNOWS??? As Lou Dobbs stated, “DITCH McCONNELL! Also, vote in TERM LIMITS ASAP! Let’s hope that ROY MOORE is elected! The SWAMP PEOPLE and RINOS are quite RESTLESS because they KNOW that, SLOWLY but SURELY, they are LOSING their POWER and effectiveness! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  11. Roy Moore is a man of proven integrity, courage and correctness. People should vote for that!

  12. Agree!!!! Judge Moore like our founding fathers laid it all on the line. A man of integrity,as well is Sheriff Arpaio who is 300,000 dollars in debt for taking his stand. We need men like these in govt. Thanks Howard you right on the mark,as usual.
    Donna Adli,Las Vegas

  13. I am solicioted for funds by RNC frequently. I told the last one that henseforth I would donate to specific candidates but not the party. I wish zero of my funds to benefit the rinos that we despise. He named them and said that their funds come from the superpac. Is extermination our only recourse? Another subject, Why do our reps in Washington not grasp the Constitution as well as you? Likely it is more important to you.

  14. First it was repeal in 2015, the show vote by GOP was just that. Vetoed! Then, repeal and replace with a different flavor of socialism. Then it was we can’t agree on what flavor of socialism because the Senate needs to return to “regular order”. Now it’s let’s fix ACA with different flavors of socialism. Prediction? This 11th hour drama will also fail. Scrape the so-called regular order and get the people’s business done with your Republican Senate 51 votes. Or status quo too comfortable?

  15. Catching up after a CA/NE road trip. So what do we do about Trump. Every word you speak is correct. I think it time for the anvil chorus to throw up DUMP TRUMP. and “one and done” to everyone and anyone. Primarying RINOs is mostly a waste of money. We might as well elect dEMOCRATS hastening the demise. Forty Reps and Six Senators isn’t going to cut it anytime soon!

  16. The President is doing his best to lead this country and he has done some great things. But, the corruption in our government goes deeper than anyone could have imagined. If not for Trump, we would have been mired deep in the swamp with Hillary. (Eeeeeeeew) Never give up! We the people must help President Trump win our country back!

  17. Alabama will be a telling prediction of where this country is headed. President Reagan was my first election and to my Democrat parents dismay, I cancelled their vote. I have never been any more disgusted with the Republicans than I am right now. I actually have come to despise them. I thought you could be fiscally conservative and not push social morals. This is obviously an error in logic. Without morals, you have nothing but terror and tyranny.

  18. HOWARD: Is not Canada a ‘single pay system’ for basic health care? Sure, it’s a socialist idea, but it seems to be working reasonably well here.

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