I received quite a few Private Emails and Public Comments over my Editorial Yesterday; concerning TRUMP SUCCUMBING TO THE SWAMP . . . Remember this:

Only Those Without Argument Shoot The Messenger . . . Or Deny The Truth.

WHAT I WROTE IS 100% TRUE & ACCURATE . . . The Things I Listed Which President Trump HAS NOT ACHIEVEDAREN’T MADE UP.


BUT WANTING & WISHING . . . Has No Correlation With Reality.

I find that too many People have become so Acclimated to Reality TV and Biased News, which has become more about Entertainment than the REAL NEWS, that far too many People lose Sight of what’s Real, and what’s Politically Contrived, which is perhaps the Primary Reason I Write These Editorials.

Real Life Isn’t A Reality TV Show.

If you want to Criticize the Veracity of what I Write . . . HAVE AT IT – But let’s not pretend to know what’s Inside the Heart and Mind of Donald Trump, because like I said in the Title of this Editorial . . . “I DON’T KNOW AND NEITHER DO YOU”.


Where’s the Israeli Embassy? And why was it not moved as Promised on Day One?

Where’s the REPEAL of Obamacare as was PROMISED every Day on the Presidential Campaign Trail? And don’t Blame the Senate . . . We know who and what they are, and we know that Getting Rid of Obamacare was one of Candidate Trump’s KEYNOTE Promises.

Where’s the TORN-UP Iran/Obama Deal . . . The worst Deal According to Candidate Trump, in the History of the World? Why wasn’t it Torn-Up on Day One as Promised?


LOOK – I UNDERSTAND . . . you want President Trump to Succeed – and do the things he PROMISED TO DO . . . NO MORE THAN ME, but as I’ve Written in the past:



I CAN ONLY BELIEVE WHAT IS . . . Opposed To How I Would Like It To Be.

So Please tell me . . . HOW YOU KNOW what’s in President Trumps Mind and/or Heart? HOW DO SO MANY OF YOU KNOW that President Donald Trump is doing a ROPE-A-DOPE, and is somehow OUT-MACHIAVELLI-ING MACHIAVELLI?


NO ONE . . . And I Mean No One – has given MORE Credit to the President for the things he accomplished in his First Days, Weeks & Months on the Job THAN ME.

But Executive Orders were easy things to do, virtually all of which were done with the SIGNING OF A PEN to undo the Executive Orders Barack Hussein Obama also did . . . just with THE SIGNING OF A PEN, all of which could just as easily be undone by Trump’s Successor, ALSO WITH THE SIGNING OF A PEN.

October 23, 1995 – Congress Passed A Law To Move The Embassy To Jerusalem.

President Donald Trump could have Easily Moved the Embassy to Jerusalem as he PROMISED in Virtually every Campaign Speech, it was 100% in his Purview to do it. He didn’t.

Donald Trump Could have Easily Ended DACA . . . He Didn’t, and Instead, he Promised the LEFT (Pelosi and Schumer) That He Wasn’t Going To Do It.

DURING THE “WILD” FIRST DAYS . . . President Trump was signing Executive Orders like a man Possessed. Everything President Trump wanted to Repeal He Did. So what happened?


What happened to the Hard Core Conservatives President Trump Surrounded himself with in his White House? Where did Ivanka-Trump-Kushner and Jared Kushner – TWO UBER LEFTISTS . . . all of a sudden appear from, to become the Personal Advisors to the President of the United States of America, with Complete Security Clearances and Opinions, which seem to be shaping this Presidency?

How come . . . All of a sudden – The Men Closest to the President of the United States of America are Obama Holdovers like General McMaster? Why are the Terms such as Drain The Swamp and Islamic Terrorist now gone from the White House Lexicon?

When President Abraham Lincoln at his Gettysburg Address said . . . “Of The People, By The People & For the People” – He wasn’t saying the People should have BLIND OBEISANCE to the President, the Senate, the House or the Judiciary:

President Lincoln was saying that the United States of America BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE, and I’m saying . . . that when the People DO NOT DEMAND THE BEST from their Leaders, or the People Place Unfounded Trust in the Loyalty and Competence of their Leaders to the Constitution and the People they are all SWORN to Serve, based almost Exclusively on WISHES & BLIND FAITH ALONE . . . the Government Stops Being – “Of The People, By The People & For The People”.


I DON’T KNOW DONALD TRUMP . . . I don’t know what’s in his Head or in his Heart. All I know is what he has Promised, what he has Delivered, and what he hasn’t Delivered. I know who he was with when things were Humming, and I know who he is with now.


I would LOVE to have the Adoration and Approbation of the THOUSANDS of People who Read Galganov.com by writing only what I think would make me Popular. But, if I did that, where and how would that make me any different or better than the Main Stream Media?

I know that President Trump is surrounded by Enemies within the LEFT, the Media, The Democrats and the RINOS . . . None of which is News to me, nor should be News to you.

I know that there is an Enormous Domestic and Global Force trying to PULL HIM DOWN, and I know that ALL OF HIS POLITICAL STRENGTH HAS COME FROM THE PEOPLE.


I also know that if President Trump LOSES the Political Support of the People who MADE HIM PRESIDENT – It will be all over for President Trump and any Hopes America and the Rest of the World will have to PEACEFULLY STAVE-OFF THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ASSAULT FROM THE LEFT.

If you Love your Country & want your President to Succeed . . . DON’T BELIEVE IN FAIRYTALES . . . Believe in FACTS, and do everything you can to keep your President’s Feet To The Fire, BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T . . . OTHERS WILL.

Remember The Words Of President Reagan . . . “Trust But Verify”.

AND REMEMBER THIS . . . Candidate Trump Wasn’t Elected By The RINOS or the Democrats. And if President Trump wants to get the Republicans on his Side, he should do it with an all-out-Assault on the RINOS, because that’s what PRIMARIES ARE FOR.

AND IF THE PEOPLE . . . See their President going at it TOE-TO-TOE, to Drain the Swamp, Starting with RINOS, not only will President Trump Defeat them at the Primaries, he will also win Seats for Conservative Republicans Currently held by Democrats, who in 2018 are coming-up for Reelection.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Perhaps these words will GALGANIZE enough of us to know that the forthcoming Netanyahu speech to Congress may be the most momentous since so many of those by Winston Churchill, Roosevelt, or Reagan…plagiarizing the last from “tear down this wall”, to ” now is the time for all good and true men and women to come to the aid of their country… and OUR world”!
    Bud Farrell Korea 1952

  2. You are completely right. All we have to do is look at his actions. He is succumbing to the swamp creatures. Nothing he promised in his campaign looks like it will come to fruition.

  3. Trump is a yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge disappointment. A “dealmaker” according to himself, who can’t seem to make a deal except maybe a BAD deal with two Leftist snakes like Pelosi and Schumer and expect not to get bitten. The scorpion and the frog come to mind. For 70 years Donald Trump has been a Clinton-friendly, Clinton-supporting Democrat. Well, guess what folks!?!?!? Leopards don’t change their spots. FYI all Trump has to do to move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem is… nothing.

  4. I can’t disagree, Howard. One of your most succinct missives. Fish or cut bait…I get it. That’s why Donald Trump was elected and what he is now fully expected to do. ASAP. No more excuses. No blaming the media. No blaming Obama hold-overs…No more of ‘the dog ate my homework’ crap. Mr. Trump…Just Do It!

  5. Keeping his feet to the fire is one thing. But giving up is premature from my prospective . Give Trump a break. Moving embassies to Jerusalem is not my top priority and Netanyahu hasn’t given up on Trump yet and either. There is so much to get this world right and I believe that Trump is taking down a monster corrupt system (i.e. the US today) a piece at a time. As to disdain for deals: I love them as long as it’s the ones the other side can’t refuse. Let’s see.
    R. A. Crane Beaconsfield Que.

  6. One other consideration is that for 40 plus years Trump lived/worked in a bubble. He had the money, it was his company and all were his employees. I doubt that he looked very hard at the operations within DC. He had a feeling, more than the Rinos as to the every day working man from his construction oversight visits. So when Ryan told him that he had the votes to repeal Obamacare, Trump[ believed him. In his previous life no one would lie to to him and keep his job. In DC that is SOP

  7. AMEN!
    It’s ALL the things he hasn’t “delivered” on that’s making me lose faith in him! DRAIN the SWAMP, END DACA, REPEAL OBamaCARE, etc., etc Keep your promises, Mr President, or you’re a “one term” failure! We’re WATCHING YOU!

  8. From the OUTSIDE looking IN, I DON’T believe that TRUMP is SUCCUMBING TO THE SWAMP! I DO believe, however, that Trump may have thought he could accomplish MORE without realizing how the SWAMP works! Again, he is STANDING ALONE. Many times when certain things ARE ALREADY IN PLACE, they CAN’T be OVERTURNED that EASILY. I DO think that the Israeli Embassy should have been MOVED, however. Obamacare SHOULD have been REPEALED within the LAST 7 YEARS by the RINOS. Trump needs a little more time! AMEN!

  9. Certainly no one can deny that the swamp is preventing DJT from implementing his campaign promises. This is and has been an uphill battle. As Rush said today, all of his caller yesterday were never, ever giving up on him. They believe he will eventually come through. It’s obviously taking much longer than anyone believed possible. Personally, I won’t give up on him either.

  10. President Trump is a businessman & owned the company. He signed the checks & was used to HIS EMPLOYEES telling him the TRUTH. He’s being lied to & hosed contstantly & when you don’t know who to trust, you go to your core group-which for him is his kids who were all his lieutenants in business. He’s got a steep learning curve & he’ll learn the Dems will screw him over just like the RINOs did because it’s one party screwing America, but he’s WITH us–not them. Give him a little time, he gets it.

  11. I know EXACTLY where you are coming from Howard. We DO NOT know what is really going on, he is in a jungle and hopefully is just taking care, he is in a jungle and if he tries to rule as Obama I think they will kick him out, ergo he is trying to be careful. Time will tell.

  12. Amen!! Pres. Trump still has 3 more years of his term.. come on! Give the him a little slack.. let’s face it.. he walked into several hornet nests when he took on this GREAT challenge as POTUS! He will handle this… i will continue to pray that GOD will be with him and give him all the Wisdom he needs!!

  13. I must confess I was ignorant of the 1995 APPROVAL by Congress to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem! IT’S A U.S.LAW now! Why ain’t it a done! it was enacted 21 years ago?? The current “strategy” of crossing the aisle by President Trump to move things forward is like a “Hail Mary Pass” to scare the Rhino’s back on board, (and see if Nancy Pelosi is an alien!!) . 101%of his effort at this point should be getting RID of as many Democrats in the mid-term as possible,and being part of WE THE PEOP of

  14. Right Again! I’ve always believed the old adage, “Actions speak louder than words.” Well, Pres. Trump’s actions are speaking loud and clear; especially by who is in his Administration and who is giving him counsel. As I said before, look to his past actions BEFORE he became President and it will clearly point to what his actions will be AS President. Granted, he’s better than Hillary, but he’s still not a Conservative and not delivering on his promises.

  15. Prior to becoming POTUS Trump’s word was law within his world. It was never intended that POTUS would or could be a dictator. He needs to work within the system as best he can. Unfortunately he is being sniped at from every direction including sadly by too many within his own party. He needs the cooperation of congress to get things done and they are proving to be nothing but a pack of self-serving fools. It is way too early to start giving up on Trump. We need to be a bit more patient.

  16. Howard, I’m so glad to be of the age (88) where I won’t have to live “in the future”. The duming down of most of our citizens has been going on for a long time. One of the comments made few days ago is so true, Trump has to get rid of most of the civil servants who really run the “system”. All one has to do is consider the State and Justice Departments and their attitude toward a number of countries, one of which is Israel, and you can tell where the “policies” come from.

  17. The pressure on the man in the WH must be enormous, greater pressure than for any President, or man before him, and all sides arrayed against this man – all the forces we know about, and all those we don’t…Maybe there’s no ‘fixing’ this terrible mess, and we’ll have to accept the fate we’ve earned, collectively…The War of Northern Aggression in the 1860’s will not be what the next ‘civil war’ will be like – it will likely be much, much worse…and nearer than we may think. More’s the pity.

  18. Spot on Howard. It would appear as if Trump may have over stepped his bounds. He really, in my opinion has no concept of how too deal with the denizens of the swamp”. I want the man to succeed. It is still early into his game. Maybe, just maybe as time goes on he will gain more knowledge and wisdom. All pray that he does.

  19. It’s the Republican Party (RINOs), not Trump. McCain went thumbs down on the ACA. They are all pulling their own agenda, money and power, and Trump doesn’t need either. They better get on his agend and wagon or they will be burnt toast in 2018 election.McConnell told him not to say “drain the swamp” any more. Why? Because he is one of the head alligators.

  20. To the subject at hand, for all those expecting immediate results—and to their highest expectations—let me give a brief reality lesson. In this world there are places where your plumber says he will be there Tuesday, he just didn’t specify “which” Tuesday depending. Eventually he will come, do a decent job, and charge a fair price. You can get mad, make calls, complain on a bog—and talk to your neighbors but it won’t fix the problem any faster or better. Relax, you will live

  21. My viewpoint is this. Trump is, by all accounts, a master negotiator. Right now, he is putting DACA on the table for both the Republicans and Democrats. He did this by giving them an end date – they need to move quick to save it. But wait, there’s more. If they want him to sign off on a modified (and legal) DACA – they have to approve funding for The Wall. Don’t count him out. He’s playing chess while his naysayers are still fiddling with checkers… I think he will get what he wants.

  22. I agree with Edgar Sellers, we really need to be in prayer for the man, for the country (I will include all of North America) !!

  23. Howard, some people only read the words and interpret what they either think they’ve ‘heard’ or they think they’ve ‘read’ a word. The U.S. and many other people around the world thought Trump was a saviour, that he would get things done…drain the swamp but form where I sit he might just be drowning in the swamp. Howard people need to read and hear what you write not what the imagine you write. Keep up Howard…and the saying don’t let the bastards get you down!

  24. The most powerful Pres in the world doesn’t have as much freedom n power as our dilettante P.M. who does whatever he likes with impunity. Trump is finding Governing isn’t being a CEO. He is on steep learning curve 2 find ways 2 beat the establishment. P.M. Elliot Trudeau did in 1969 when he convinced Canadians French was the greatest thing since sliced bread. He changed upper echelons from Anglos to Francos; Trump, fire (if you can) dems n replace with loyal republicans.
    Keep your promises.

  25. The truth is the truth even if you don’t like it and you speak the truth.

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