AS CLEARLY AS I CAN WRITE THIS . . . I don’t like President Trump. I didn’t Like Primary Candidate Donald Trump, but CHEERED & SUPPORTED him with all I had as Presidential CANDIDATE Donald Trump to Win against Crooked Hillary, BECAUSE . . . the Presidency of Donald Trump . . . to my way of thinking and the thinking or Millions of others just like me . . . MIGHT VERY WELL BE THE LAST BARRIER AMERICA HAS TO KEEPING THE BARBARIANS OUT.

I SWEAR TO YOU . . . I try with all my Might to Write as Positively as I can About President Trump, in spite of my Personal Feelings about him. And as you know, I won’t Sugar-Coat any of the Truth about President Donald Trump as I see it, but I also Won’t Flail at the President for Inconsequential things the Main Stream Media Thrives Upon.


THE WORLD NEEDS A LEADER . . . PERIOD – FULL STOP . . . Who doesn’t just Talk about what must be done. Who doesn’t just Politic with Great PR. But actually DOES what must be done . . . Living Up To The Promises Which Got Him Elected.

As much as I DESPISED Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid . . . I was in Awe at how they were able to Accomplish just about all the Things they set-out to do, even AFTER the Democrats Lost The House, and Subsequently the Senate.


During the 2016 Presidential Campaign . . . IT WAS NOT CANDIDATE TRUMP, who Coined the Mantra of “DRAIN THE SWAMP” . . . it was the voice of MILLIONS of Frustrated, Tired, Disillusioned and VERY ANGRY Americans, who BEGAN THE CHANT to “Drain The Swamp”, which Candidate Trump Took Upon Himself, as if it were his Primary Goal, with which to Achieve his Promise to Make America Great Again.

IT WASN’T CANDIDATE TRUMP . . . Who brought to the Presidential Campaign, the Chant of “LOCK HER UP”, but at every event and opportunity, Candidate Donald Trump Relished in the Tens of Thousands of Supporters who were ANGRY that there were Two Laws for the American People, one set of Laws for the Politically Connected . . . and one set for everyone else.

CANDIDATE TRUMP NAMED THE TERRORISTS . . . To the GREAT DELIGHT of the American People, Donald Trump Called The Islamists for what they were, ISLAMO FASCISTS.

REPEAL OBAMACARE . . . It wasn’t Repeal & Replace. It wasn’t Improve & Enhance. And it wasn’t LET’S MAKE A DEAL . . . It was Simply Repeal Obamacare.

FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS & DACA . . . There was no Hint of Negotiation during the Campaign. DACA was to be ended, and Illegal Immigrants were to be Returned to the Countries of their Citizenship.

FOR THE WALL . . . “MEXICO IS GOING TO PAY” – and the Wall will be Built. That was great Politicking, but what’s it worth if it doesn’t happen?

AND FOR IRAN – According to Candidate Trump, the Obama/Iranian Deal was the Second Worst Deal Ever, after NAFTA, which President Trump was going to Tear Up the Moment he Took Office, just AFTER, or perhaps just BEFORE, or at the SAME TIME President Trump was going to Sign the Document to MOVE THE AMERICAN EMBASSY FROM TEL AVIV TO JERUSALEM.


1 – All of a Sudden . . . The President and his Newly Minted White House Staff are No Longer Hinting at Draining the Swamp. President Trump and his Staff won’t even mention the phrase.

2 – LOCK HER UP – Forget About It. Forget about LOCKING any of these Miserable Grifters-Up, including those Members of the IRS, Justice Department, FBI & NSA, all of whom played Fast & Loose with the American Legal System.

And As For Crooked Hillary . . . It Will Never Happen!

3 – AS FOR THE ISLAMO/FASCISTS . . . That Term has gone the way of the Swamp, back to where it was during the Obama Years.

4 – OBAMACARE . . . Get Used To It. And while you’re at it, get used to a Whole New Debate on a One Size Fits-All Single Payer System.

5 – For DACA & Illegal Immigrants – Keep Wishing, because if Pelosi and Schumer are Stating the Truth, even by a Modicum, The Contrary Deal Is Already Done.

6 – Mexico Is Going To Pay For It . . . Mexico is NOT going to Pay For It, and the WALL is NOT going to be anything at all as Candidate Trump Portrayed it would be.

7 – Candidate Trump was going to “Tear-Up The Iran/Obama Nuclear Deal The MOMENT He Took Office” . . . What happened? And even now, if for some reason it’s going to happen 8-MONTHS LATE – At this Point . . . What would it really mean?

8 – AND ABOUT MOVING THE EMBASSY TO JERUSALEM . . . When’s that going to happen, especially since President Donald Trump KEPT the Obama Team at the State Department, including General McMaster as his Security Director, who is as ANTI-ISRAEL as they come?

And what about Rex Tillerson . . . who has DEEP, PERSONAL & CLOSE Ties with the Arab Moslem Oil Producing World . . . & Mad Dog Mattis, who has already Stated where he stands on Israel’s Side, which is Hardly on Israel’s Side?


I am Worried that President Trump has bitten off More than he could CHEW, making Promises he couldn’t keep. And through his NARCISSISM, to be seen as the Greatest Negotiator of All Time, he will SELL-OUT the Plain Jane People “WHO ‘BRUNG’ HIM TO THE PARTY”, for the Pretty Girl who could give him the Glitz he so Passionately Desires.

I REALLY HOPE I’M WRONG . . . and that I’m Reading far more into this than what it really is. And I Hope against all Hope, that President Trump is “PLAYING” everyone, by kicking his Closest Friends and Advisors out of the White House, in Favor of Obama Holdovers & People who Favor Liberal Policies.

I HOPE I’M WRONG . . . That President Trump has ABANDONED the Phrases like Islamo/Fascists, the Swamp, and Lock Her Up, just to suck-in the LEFT, and let them REALLY HAVE IT WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.

BUT I FEAR WHAT I ALREADY KNOW . . . More Than I Can Believe, In What I Can Surmise & Only Hope For.

If President Trump Does NOT DELIVER on his many Promises, which he made to his BASE to get Elected – THE BASE WILL NOT REDELIVER FOR HIM . . . and the End will be SOONER than We Think.


DON’T LET THE SWAMP SUCK YOU-IN . . . Don’t rely on the LEFT, the RINOS and/or the DEMOCRATS . . . Rely Better – Only On The People Who “BRUNG-YA TO THE PARTY”. Because, if they WALK AWAY . . . you will Stand Alone as a Failed President BEFORE you finish your First Year, proving Pelosi, Schumer and the Rest that they were RIGHT . . . AND YOU’RE NOTHING MORE THAN AN EMPTY SUIT.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s very hard to look in the mirror and see a villain. Even harder when your friends, your neighbors, your fellow workers look in that mirror and don’t see a villain. So you go with the flow. You tell yourself, “maybe this time will be different”. That “hope and change” would be a promise kept. Not to be. At least not for you. Second time around those representing everything wrong with America had their second wind. Welcome to Hell. Remember, you’re not alone. Stand tall. Fight.

  2. Thank you, Howard. Many thanks for speaking the truth. Without truth, we cannot think straight, and we cannot act correctly. I felt this way long before the election, and I cannot say that I’m happy to have been correct about Mr. Trump. I, too, find him narcissistic and in way over his depth. He may have written the “Art of the Deal”, but the operators who run Washington have been playing backdoor politics longer and harder, and with more at stake than he ever imagined.


  4. Oh, Howard, we are desperately hoping you are wrong, also. We have seen America at it’s best, and now…….

  5. Howard, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Between swamp and the media, they are doing everything to undermine the President. The media is creating a disinformation campaign that is designed to divide his supporters. As far as for myself, I get concerned as well; however, as I delve more into the actual events it is not what the media has reported. It is important that we all not react, but, keep vigilante and a steady focus on what needs to be done.

  6. Regrettably I agree with you 100%. It was one thing to get support for the 2 devastating hurricanes, but it should end here. If the Republicans can’t give Trump what he needs then let them face primaries and let the cards fall where they may. Unfortunately, I think Trump is going to do what the press has been trying to do since the election and that’s going to bring down the Trump presidency. If he fails he only has himself to blame by swimming in the swamp.

  7. He has been surrounded/bombarded by those who wish to derail him &/or point him in diff direction (including daughter&hubby). As of late, Kelly is shutting out everyone who advocates changes Trump promised & allowing only smooth talkers aiming him left. Do you think he reads Breitbart? He’s shielded from hearing/knowing what his base feels today. Swamp is sucking him down; that’s all he hears. Even Samson caved after so much enticement from Delilah. Trump is only one man surrounded by enemies.

  8. Am praying….you are wrong. As what man can do all things? Even that which he promised when working against the devil himself. We have a two party system…only in name, and unfortunately when a President cannot even carry out the law…constitutional law…because he is blocked by a lowly judge…that tells me everything am afraid to think. We keep praying…and working against evil by doing just what you are doing…speaking out, and hope, and pray…our voices…are heard.

  9. Read the book “Understanding Trump”. He is a deal maker. He knows how to negotiate when necessary and it is more necessary now than ever with the Republican RINOs not backing him. So he goes to the other side. Good for him. He needs to make the deals he promised and if it takes coddling up to the other side, so be it. McCain strutted into Congress like a prize peacock and threw out his arm and turned his thumb down like he was in the Colleseum passing sentence on a Christian on ACA

  10. Trump went to the “dark side” to negotiate some kind of a deal to shame the Rino’s. Look how the Rino”s are suddenly taking action! Yes Trump has a hard job, but he is a leader and very methodical. I stand by him 100%

  11. Howard, interesting approach to his problem with the depth of the swamp. Trump is “working the deals” BECAUSE of the RINOS. He was left out to dry by “his” party. So, he regroups and comes at the swamp from the side. Hopefully with people like Bannon and Gorka, and the voters working from the outside, his candidate promises can be attained. He didn’t realize HOW MUCJH opposition he would be facing. He has already achieved may accomplishments that have not been honestly acknowledged.

  12. The US constitution created three different parts of government with their own powers. For better or worse the founders obviously wanted things done by copremise

  13. Patience Howard, Patience! Seems to me Trump’s biggest mistake was underestimating the depth and power of the entire DC establishment…so have many others have before him. Trump was ruthless in the business world when necessary and I am hopeful he will get his act together and act accordingly.

    If all else fails eventually enough good people are going to remember “the blood of patriots…”.

  14. Draining the swamp is not easy to do in a country that elects the swamp creatures. Sit back and watch the show. We are way better off already under Trump and the show is only now getting started.

  15. My, my, my…..It just totally amazes me at how people who read your articles SUDDENLY turn against Trump. It also amazes me at what you have written. Could it be that Trump is using many strategies to get to a winning place with all that he promised? I, personally, think he is a smart man who METICULOUSLY works out a plan as to how to accomplish his goals. I think most people find it hard to understand his rational due to the lack of equal intelligence. I, also, hope that you’re wrong.

  16. FYI: Tea Party Patriots D.C. Rally September 23, 2017. A march on Washington, D.C. with the theme
    “KEEP YOUR PROMISES”. More information available on Google. Plan to be in D.C. and join the march on the
    White House with that message to Pres. Trump. There are many Tea Party groups still operational and they need our
    support. If many people participate, this should encourage our President that we, the people still have his back! And that we expect him to KEEP YOUR PROMISES.

  17. We need to understand that Pres. Trump has been in office for less than 9 months!
    Please give him credit for ALL he has already done that no other president has came close to accomplishing.. we need to pray to GOD to give him wisdom to make the best decisions for our Blessed Country!

  18. I am afraid you are right on every verse and song,I feared this when he got elected and all of a sudden started talking about what good people the Clintons were and that she had suffered enough and just 24 hrs earlier he wanted her jailed.I sometimes think he gets his politics of converting one to your side by persuasion to converting them through your lying if it is the latter he is going to find out that there really are people who expect the truth and he and his family will have misused it.

  19. What APPEARS to be may NOT be as such! Trump wrote “The Art of the Deal”. Many times, when Trump has stated certain things, he was viewed as “not knowing what he was talking about”, BUT we later discovered that he was SPEAKING THE TRUTH! When starting a NEW JOB, everyone needs to LEARN ITS PROCESSES, plus one ALSO needs ASSISTANCE in doing so–which TRUMP HASN’T HAD.Today, No. Korea has AGAIN sent a missile over Japan. Let’s see what happens with this EVENT? No. Korea is PLAYING WITH FIRE! AMEN!

  20. I too am hoping things are in the works! Trump is playing the dims, hopefully. Sessions is getting his ducks lined up, so they won’t fall down. I pray!!!!

  21. Trump is playing a Devine Chess game and also playing both sideds against the middle, oh he who have little faith.

    Vickie McCoy

  22. I believe in the POTUS. Like the saying goes……..keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  23. Only the voters can get the swamp drained. That is through voting. Unfortunately, many voters vote for those who promise the most for them requiring zero physical nor mental effort. In short, the qualfications for being qualified to vote must be changed or there is no hope for any change. Senority in appointments almost eliminates change so the people keep electing the same corrupt politicisans because they, through senority, are in powerful positions and can bring funds and prpojects

  24. Admittedly—Trump does not play well with others which is his style—but with the mammoth job before him a “Mr. Nice Guy” was not what was needed. I have served under a few very congenial people that were also incompetent—and some that were tough as nails but also know what they were doing. Give me the latter version any time. Just remember—Trump has been in office just a short time—and for you hand wringers the last chapter is at the end of the book—not following the first few page

  25. I feel like President Trump is trying to fulfill his campaign promises but since he is not a politician, he was unaware that his party would sabotage him at every turn. He cannot trust anyone except possibly his own family, therefore the nepotism. Only the voters can drain the swamp and that will take at least six more years because most voters have been brainwashed to vote along party lines. If you are not a Dem. or Rep. there is little chance of being elected to a national office.

  26. Now I hope he is impeached. For what you ask? Being a turncoat, a dummy, a liar and a coward.
    I have never been so disappointed in a leader I supported. At least with Obama and Trudeau I expected nothing so I was never disappointed. If anything Howard you were too kind and much too hopeful.

  27. Howard, I too have seen and heard everything you have to make up your mind, but I haven’t given up on him yet. I truly believe he is playing both sides against the middle. At heart he is a street fighter, but this time he has run up a different kind of foe and he is trying to find a strategy that will work. I pray every night that he will overcome the swamp. Edgar

  28. Trump has no choice; The spineless republicans won’t back him on anything. They are afraid of their own shadow . Trump can’t drain the swamp by himself. The republican Congress has done nothing in 9 months . I think I would start dealing with other side just to get my side to do something

  29. Charles Zittin, I agree with your comments. I am reading “Rogue Spooks” by Dick Morris who knows Washington & politics like the back of his hand. The evil & clandestine conspiracies against Pres. Trump are world-wide. Almost every president in my lifetime were egomaniacs and somewhat narcissistic. Eight months is not near enough time to pass judgement. Time will tell… One more comment Re: N. Korea. In 1946, Gen. Douglas MacArthur wanted to invade the Korean peninsula. He was Right!!!

  30. Howard, you hit right on the nail. I am truly disappointed with the Trump administration. It seems that they are in total disarray. The American people voted him in because they believed that he will be a strong leader. I am afraid he has not shown any of that leadership as yet. Let us hope. Steve Acre, Canada

  31. I agree with Glinda Stephens! How quickly everybody turns against Trump when the going gets a little tough. The guy is not stupid. He figures if my side isn’t willing to work with me but is working against me, I’ll go check out the other side. He’s going to get a deal one way or the other. And like Bannon said, if you’re going to be on his side, you stay on his side–not bail as soon as the water gets a little choppy. Let’s give him a chance and see what he does. Don’t believe this lying media!

  32. Last week Ryan and McConnell said, ‘NO WALL FOR YOU!!’ What choice did Trump have? Should Trump bomb N Korea? Or Iran? Can Trump change an Arabist State Dept in 8 months? Didn’t Trump just put the screws to China on a big semi-conductor deal that the Chinese wanted? He’s not a magician. And he has a plan. I have no doubt that when the time is right at some point during his first term, we will all see the US Embassy flag flying in Jerusalem. You heard it here!

  33. The difference between President Trump and all others is that the media and elite are obsessively against him like an unrelenting, rabid dog. And people only want a scapegoat for what ails them and what their past leaders failed at. Yet the vast majority of accusations they throw at him are created and don’t stick. It is for these reasons I support him and question who is the real culprit.

  34. Up 2 your ass in alligators, hard to remember ur there to drain the swamp. You may be right Howard but I’m stunned by the number of readers who have done 180 to agree. Trump is fighting establishment that’s destined to destroy him.
    It’s analogous to fighting official bilingualism in Canada when establishment is powered by Francophones; you will understand that Howard. Trump has no real support from RINO’s who were elected on his promises they will not honour. it’s tough when your team reneges.

  35. Howard, you are right on target. I, like many conservatives, voted for Trump because he was the lesser of two evils. Trump is not/has never been a conservative. Look at his past history; and don’t focus on the fact that he’s a business man and has to play both sides of the court. He never embraced true conservative ideals, political beliefs, and never embraced SMALL LIMITED government as defined in the Constitution in his past. All he is doing is slowing the inevitable fall of the US.

  36. Howard, they are all nothing but CESSPOOL PARASITES, sucking the blood from us the real IDIOT’S, that keep returning the same PARASITES over and over again to office. If they were made to have the same health care as the folks things would change overnight, not going to happen. If the folks could understand the retirement package they receive,that would choke a horse, things would change, NO! So who are the real IDIOT’S, we the voters. There is no one to blame but the person in the MIRROR!

  37. If we put our trust in men/women, we will always be disappointed. I believe, with all my heart, that God placed Donald Trump as President for His purposes, which may include discipline for our nation’s blatant rebelliousness against Him who has blessed us more than our humble, courageous, truth-seeking founders could ever imagine, or He has presented us with a trumpet call to stand up & battle the evil lethargy that gripped us & MOVE forward in truth & courage as our founders expected us to do.

  38. Really tough to fight off opposition from all sides . Even tougher to move forward with NO support . Trump is NOT a negotiator he is used to running the show and this is NOT possible from his present vantage point . The only hope for the US is Canada sending them Trudeau , can we make that deal Mr Trump PLEAAAASE .

  39. Donald Trump is in the right place at the right time. He is strong and needs to stay strong because anything he does….right or wrong will be critised by someone. Winston Churchill had his rough times but stood his ground…thank God!!!
    Trump will probably make and correct a few bad moves, but who wouldn’t when stuck in a snake pit.

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