Sticks & Stones Can Break My Bones . . . BUT WORDS CAN HURT MUCH MORE


I would Write More about the Hurricanes, High Winds, Tornados, Flood Waters, & Storm Surges, but to what Point? What was done has been done, and it won’t be undone.

I FULLY REALIZE HOW MUCH PAIN THIS HAS CAUSED . . . But nonetheless, let’s now look at the OPPORTUNITIES to get it all Rebuilt, Creating new Communities & Infrastructure, while offering Massive Employment Benefits for all Americans, INCLUDING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS needed to do the job.

The Construction & Replacement Opportunities are ENDLESS, beyond just Fixing and Rebuilding Roads, Bridges, Homes, Apartments, Condos & Commercial Buildings . . . to repairing and or replacing a Million or More Cars, Trucks, RV’s, Boats, & Planes . . .

SO – ENOUGH OF THE FOX NEWS, CNN, & MSNBC’S . . . Dire Hurricane Programming, which is all about Attracting Viewers, Increasing Audience Size & MAKING MONEY . . . The More Dramatic For The Media – The Better For Their Bottom Line.


I would Rather get back to writing about not just an Ending Disaster, but Rather . . . of an Ongoing Disaster, which will Bring us Over-The-Top if not Dealt With Now.

When we were “kids” . . . if many of us can even remember that far back, we often referred to an IDIOM when we were verbally assaulted – ”Sticks & Stones Can Break My Bones, But Names Will Never Hurt Me”.


STEVE BANNON, in his recent interview on 60-Minutes, said that Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Majority Leader, wants President Trump to Stop using the Slogan “DRAIN THE SWAMP”. Can you guess why? I’m sure you can.


WHAT’S ALSO REMARKABLE . . . is that over the last year and beyond, several High Profile Republicans like John McCain, being only one of them, showed their Public ANGER with People like me, who LIBERALLY use the term RINO, which stands for “REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY”.


IT’S FAR MORE THAN JUST INTERESTING . . . IT’S TELLING – how FAKE Conservative Republicans, or more Aptly Stated RINOS, are so Offended & Upset to be called Who & What they REALLY ARE, because – Like Sticks & Stones . . . Names Are Often Devastating.


STEVE BANNON made no INNUENDOS whatsoever about the TRUTH . . . that the Republican Party Leadership DOES NOT WANT DONALD TRUMP TO SUCCEED, because they don’t . . . which Steve Bannon didn’t have to State as a Trump Insider, for People like me, and Most-Probably for People like you as well, who didn’t need to be Told this to know the Truth.


WHEN IT COMES TO THE WASHINGTON SWAMP . . . There are as many Republican Swamp Creatures Swimming Under The Swamp Ooze, Pretending to be Above & Beyond The Democrat Swamp Creatures . . . that if it wasn’t as Sad as it really is, it would be LAUGHABLE to hear them Lament the Criticism Directed their way . . . but for Republican Politicians being TREASONOUS to the American Constitution, and Treacherous to Campaign PLEDGES Given to Constituents to get Elected . . . THIS IS INDEED IS NO LAUGHING MATTER.

SO . . . If the Sell-Out Republicans don’t like being Called RINOS & SWAMP CREATURES, how much should they then simply ABHOR the Label of TREACHERY?

AND IF THEY DON’T LIKE THIS MONIKER . . . How could any of them otherwise Define THEMSELVES – who PROMISE one thing to a Fawning, Believing & Trusting Electorate, KNOWING FULL WELL they will NEVER Deliver, as we clearly witnessed with the FAILED REPEAL OF OBAMACARE?


IN MY PERFECT ACADEMIC WORLD . . . If I made the Required Reading & Examining Rules for GRADUATION, I would INSIST that all High School Students from FRESHMAN to SENIOR, Read and Describe the Meaning of the Following FOUR BOOKS, and not Graduate to the Following Year without Passing at the very least, a Basic Understanding of what these Books Represent:

1 – Animal Farm – Published in 1945 . . . Written By George Orwell.

2 – 1984 – Published in 1949 . . . Written by George Orwell.

3 – Lord of the Flies – Published in 1954 . . . Written By William Golding.

4 – Atlas Shrugged – Published in 1957 . . . Written By Ayn Rand.


Gone are the days of Huckleberry Finn & Tom Sawyer. And the Great Literary Works such as Gone With The Wind. And ENDED are the Fabulous Demands on New Works of Art as those Created by Men like Norman Rockwell, which focused on the Best Values America Could Offer.


Without passing a RUDIMENTARY EXAM on the History of the US Constitution & The Bill Of Rights (1792 By James Madison – 5-Years following the signing of the US Constitution), how can any American understand where he or she came from, and what it truly means to be an American?

Being An Educator Isn’t Just A Job . . . It’s Nothing Short Of A Calling.

AND IT’S HORRIFYING TO KNOW . . . that those who are Teaching our Nations’ Children today, who are ENTRUSTED to Establish the Future for our Countries, are People with an Agenda to Destroy Who We Are . . . to Replace it with what we Fought some 250-Years Ago To Replace.

My Personal Obligations & Values began with the understanding of the 10-Commandments. As a person Steeped in the Rule Of Rights, my Respect for Constitutional Law began with the learning of the Magna Carta.

And as a Canadian who tries to be as fully Immersed in the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS . . . I see not only the Future of the United States of America, but also of Canada and the Rest of the World . . . to be INEXTRICABLY TIED to the Future of the CONSTITUTIONAL FEALTY of the United States of America, Including the Original 10-Amendments.


STEVE BANNON REPRESENTS THE BEST OF THE NEW MEDIA . . . Literally Independent of the Noise & Corruption of the Old (Current) Media, who has the WHEREWITHAL to Hold the Feet of So-Called Conservatives to the Fire.

I AM UNAWARE OF ANYONE BEYOND BANNON . . . Who can “OUT” RINOS & Force the LEFT to fully Reveal Themselves. And in-so-doing, can RALLY CONSERVATIVES who possess REAL Values, who want NOTHING MORE than to enjoy the Freedoms, which are GUARANTEED within US Constitution, which in words Coined by President Lincoln at his Gettysburg Address, while the Civil War Raged-On:

“Of The People, For The People & By The People Shall Not Perish From The Earth”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. America ought to rent the Canadian prime minister for a term, maybe two. He’s the only Western leader with the balls to say and do what needs to be said and done.

  2. Back in public school, circa 1950 and grade 5, I was taught that policies don’t change when governments change because the civil service were doing the political formulating of the policies throughout the tenure of differing political parties. The politicians don’t control policies – the civil does and always have. The message was: don’t worry, nothing will change! This is the deep state in Canada. How true, Donald Trump, how true? Any body need a leak?

    R. A. Crane Beaconsfield, trudeauvill

  3. Bravo- could not wait for power and internet to return to watch the 60 minute interview with Steve Bannon- your assessment is spot on- I graduated HS in 1964 and all 4 book were required reading- Remembering those yellow and black cliff notes to write the book report- We are living it now all most 55 years later- These truly are historic times and we can make a difference now for generations to come- We must not fail. We must not be complacent. We must stop- September 17th is constitution day-

  4. Outstanding Howard! Many of us have strayed far and wide from the greatness that followed simply adhering to the Constitution! Its tragic that school children today are not taught to debate the politics of the land, but to dislike our own countries and what they stand for. Few know the origin of these nations and what made them so special in a world of tyranny and despotism. We wonder how far into the depths of tyranny will our educators take our students before a forced reckoning occurs?

  5. The LEFT/PROGRESSIVES believe that by trying to ERASE HISTORY, a NEW WORLD will be created! The TRUTH of the PAST will never be erased, no matter how hard they try to do so! Pres. Trump will REAP many more BENEFITS by STEVE BANNON’S having left the White House. Trump will also gain better SUPPORT via all other TRUE CONSERVATIVES who also left as well! These people are getting ready for 2018-2020! The LEFT & RINOS are in for a RUDE, FUTURE AWAKENING! AMERICA WILL BECOME GREAT AGAIN! AMEN!

  6. with all the billions and billions the President promised the people in the affected areas I can not see how there is any money left to build the “Mexican Wall”! And history teaches us that walls are very ineffective starting with the Chinese wall and the Berlin Wall of more recent times.

  7. What is taught (or not taught) in schools today will make your skin crawl. I have young children in the private and public system and every so often I find myself in a face-to-face with teachers questioning what is being either presented or ignored. I respect our educators but there’s plenty of stuff that makes no sense. The kind of pacified junk or nonsensical directions that only a lefty bureaucrat can come up with.

  8. Trump has much work to do in the state department. The functionaries are running it as though Obama is still in power and are mistreating their ally Israel. Instead of returning to Israel articles plundered from generations of Iraqi Jews (as old as Babylonian era) whom they had expelled they are sending them to the puppets of Iraq.

  9. Howare I have read all four, but NOT while in high school. I don’t think that “most” in high school could understand Atlas.
    I could be wrong about that ??

  10. Un-educated and Un-armed that is the goal It begins with primary education and works it’s way into Post Secondary and University education “systems” Say what you will IT IS WORKING We “older” “saner individuals ” can SEE IT but we have LOST Control of it . Now there is some REALISM for you .

  11. AMEN! After having ridden out Irma and waiting for my power to be restored, I was already tired of all the hurricane coverage. Let’s move forward with rebuilding and real news. And I didn’t read any of those books until I was an adult. I don’t think my high school teachers even understood what those books are about, much less care. I even had to learn American History on my own as an adult. God help us with so few citizens informed.

  12. Sadly, along with good faith opportunities to rebuild Florida, the looters and scam artists will be attracted like moths to a flame. They are planning as we speak.

  13. I wonder if any teachers require the reading of any of these books. I know that I had to read them. You and I are the same age, by the way.

  14. Read “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky in 1971 to understand Democratic Party today! What about “We, the people” (or is it more like “All We like Sheep”)? So many today no longer “serve” the public- they only serve themselves (to more money)! “Civics” is no longer taught in U.S. Schools (neither is spelling or handwriting)! This was Senior course in H.S., but now too many “drop out” and never graduate! “Freedom of Speech” allows many hateful, hurtful things to be said or claimed on Inter-Net!

  15. SunTV reported facts till CRTC shut it down. CEO Ezra Levant started new news media, “The Rebel” online; it is Canada’s Steve Bannon. Rebel Journalist’s n Reporters go, with cameras, where no other media will dare to venture. Levant often finds himself on the wrong side of the law, every attempt is made by opponents to bring him down because he brings the truth to Canadians. Rebel reports what muslims are doing round the world, and in Canada, and other media, what CTV, CBC won’t show us.

  16. Lincoln was no Constitution follower, if he was he would not have invaded the South

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