We Lit A Yahrzeit Candle & Stood In Silence



Within the Last Two Weeks, America has been taking a Physical Beating at the Hands of Hurricanes Harvey & Irma . . . BUT NOTHING SO COMPELLING AS TO COMPETE WITH WHAT HAPPENED ON 9/11 – 16 YEARS AGO TODAY.

At Precisely 8:46 EDT this Morning, Anne and I Lit A Yahrzeit Candle, as we always have done on this Date, Since 9/11 2001, in Memory of all the People who were Savagely Murdered in New York City, Washington DC, & Shanksville Pennsylvania . . . by Moslem Terrorists, for their only “Crime”, which was being American.


As we saw President Trump & America’s First Lady Leave the White House . . . to stand in Honor & Memory of the Fallen Victims and Heroes Alike, Anne & I also Stood In Silence, “alongside” the President, and hopefully with MILLIONS of others throughout the World . . . NONE OF WHOM SHOULD FORGET.

Our Yahrzeit Candle should Burn for more than 24-Hours, as a FULL-DAY REMINDER of what happens when a Nation Takes its Freedoms & Security for Granted.

UNFORTUNATELY THOUGH . . . For the Past 8-Years, prior to President Trump, America had a President – Barack HUSSEIN Obama, who thought of 9/11 as a Distraction, something to be DIMINISHED, since it was in the Past, and nothing good could come from Remembering a Painful Past.

IN PAINFUL FACT . . . In 2016 – Obama Declared 9/11 “A National Day Of Service”.

The way I see it, I think Barack Hussein Obama wanted the American People, and the People of the World to Focus AWAY from whom it is was who Attacked the United States of America . . . & THEIR INSANE REASON TO DO SO.

I AM UTTERLY CONVINCED . . . That Barack Hussein Obama – was (is) far more Interested in Shielding The Moslem Community from the Responsibility and Horror of this UNWARRANTED ATTACK, than Obama was in Paying Homage to the Victims of the MOSLEM MURDERERS.


Every Year, Once A Year – According To The Jewish Calendar . . . ALL OF ISRAEL COMES TO A DEAD STOP, to pay Reverence to the Victims of the Holocaust, known as Yom Hashoah, which is always observed One Week after the 7th Day of Passover, and One Week Before Yom Hazikaron, which is Memorial Day For Israel’s Fallen Soldiers.


Even though the Holocaust Officially Ended with the Defeat of the Nazis in 1945, which is 72-Years Ago, EVERY JEWISH PERSON IN ISRAEL, is Expected to Stand in Absolute Silence, Remembering, Honoring, & Paying Tribute to the People of the Holocaust, as Sirens Throughout Israel WAIL for Israelis to know when to come to Attention & REMEMBER.

Everything in Israel comes to a Halt for a Moment of Silence when the Sirens Wail. Traffic Stops Everywhere. People get out of their Cars, off their Motorcycles, and Simply Stand In Silence on Streets, Highways, Sidewalks, Restaurants & Shopping Malls . . . TO ENSURE THEY WILL NEVER FORGET.

YET . . . In the United States of America, the FREEST Country on the Planet, which has Liberated More People than any and all Countries Combined, probably from the time of Recorded History . . . FAR – FAR TOO MANY – seem to have already Forgotten the Day their Homeland was ATTACKED.


I AM DEEPLY SADDENED . . . when I hear Young Americans speak of 9/11 as if it was some kind of an Aberration in History, or was somehow Deserved, because of the so-called “Arrogance” of the United States, and how America Treated Moslems, which is Taught to far too many Young Americans in their Schools, if they are Taught anything at all about 9/11 2001.


BUT WILL THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SURVIVE . . . the Apathy, Lies & Distortions of its own History?

I’m NOT worried about the Physical Well-Being of the USA, since Half the Americans who Count . . . are an Extremely Strong & Resilient People. I’m worried about the Half who are Stupid, Ignorant, Lazy, want Something For Nothing, feel Entitled, and are Convinced that the Rest of the World’s “Culture” is somehow Superior to the American Dream.

I SELFISHLY WORRY . . . About the People who don’t take that Moment of Silence, to Remember the WORST Attack on EVERYTHING America is Built Upon and has Stood for, for some 250-Years, because if America STOPS BEING AMERICA, The Entire World will not be in a very Good Place At All.

I FEEL FOR THE VICTIMS OF THESE HURRICANES . . . But I Feel MORE For The People Who Have Either Forgotten, Never Learned, or Don’t Care Who They Are As Americans, & What It Means To Be An American.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Leftist? Hookers? Super-Feminists? Freak Show? Welcome to Austin!

  2. I’m blessed that every single member of my family survived Irma’s Florida vacation. Most have no power but they’re alive and are busy picking up debris from their yards.

  3. Thank you Howard for the wonderful editorial today. God Bless you and your family. My flag is flowing in the breeze on this remembrance day, 9/11.

  4. Thank you Howard and Anne. As much as I hate to say it, this nation’s people (a lot anyway) have become an ungrateful bunch who are self-absorbed, with no respect or thoughts of caring for anyone but themselves.

  5. You speak the truth Howard. I’m not Jewish but have friends who are and they sent me some Yahrzeit candels and I lit one.
    Hope it helps.

  6. Thank You, dear Howard,
    I just read your appropriate comment about Americans not observing a moment of silence to commemorate 9/11.
    As I am writing, I am leaving my computer to do so.

  7. In my 84 years of life I need no reminders other than the compatriots I had in and OVER Korea in 1952, including the 4 cousins I had who served honorably in the “defense of a people they never knew nor met”. Eventually I may need the flags I now fly every day as reminders!
    Bud Farrell B-29 Gunner Korea 1952, Georgetown, Texas

  8. Great article! By the way, as a Canadian, I’ll never forgive Obama for going around the world apologizing, as president, for the USA! And his wife saying, when he became president, that it was the first time she was proud to be an American (I’m not sure of her exact words but I’m sure you all know what I mean). I know that slavery was a horrible time for those that lived through it but their descendants are now free to follow their dreams if they so wish. Would they be able to do so in Africa?

  9. Thank you Howard, and your wonderful Anne, for lighting your Yahrzeit Candle, in memory of that horrific day, back on 9/11/2001. I still remember the shock, & terror of THAT DAY! We have our flag flying, in memory of that terrible day, when thru no fault of our own, other than being Americans, we were attacked! Our Gov. Rick Scott(R) did a wonderful job of getting the message out to we Floridians, to evacuate if at all possible. I’m grateful +blessed to have survived Irma. Prayers for others

  10. Could one even IMAGINE what a MESS Texas and Florida would be like today if EL DIABLO OBAMA were still president? GOD help us ALL! Many remember WHERE they were on this DAY, September 11th! It will NOT be forgotten! Those who are SHARING THEIR WEALTH [as Hussein Obama wished] are SICK and TIRED of “The Half who are Stupid, Ignorant, Lazy, want Something For Nothing, feel Entitled”. With TRUMP, as president, we can be HOPEFUL in “MAKING AMERICA AGAIN”! He’s already proven himself! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  11. Thanks Howard,,,,,,,,,, l remember the day………… I played a graduation ceremony shortly after that day and played beautiful American patriotic songs………….. America the beautiful, God bless America…………. I will never forget that day and that season

  12. Thanks for your 9/11 remembrance, Howard. Our family voted to go full-out in memory of this day and the lives lost and lined the front of our property in American flags. People stopped by to ask what we were doing. Some thought they were left-overs from Labor Day. When we shared that it was for Patriots’ Day in memory of our loss on 9/11, the typical answer: “Gee, I didn’t know they made it a holiday”. May we never forget the sacrifices of the past. Thanks. Jerry Laird, Montgomery, Texas

  13. Thank You Howard, well written, it is a sad fact that our last President thought little of those who we lost in those 9/11 attacks on our country and praises to the bravest on board United Flight 93 that brought that aircraft down in Shanksville PA rather than on the front door steps of our nations capital

  14. As Canadians, living under the extremely ideological/socialistic agenda of a government, whose on-going plans include the destruction of Canada’s social structure, the weakening of the middle class by eliminating good energy sector jobs and the industry itself, high taxes, and now high mortgage rates, it is obvious the country’s future is bleak, and we therefore rely heavily on the wellbeing of America, and the pinnacle of hope it offers Canada and the rest of the world, under President Trump.

  15. Thank you for everything you say, Howard. You are a lover of truth and that is a rare quality today.
    G-d bless you and all of yours.

  16. An important editorial Howard. Every male in my family has served in the military, some back to the Revolutionary war (My grandmother is a DAR) and many during the civil war and most wars since. My dad was in the army in Korea and in the Merchant Marines. I never forget them! I never forget all the young men who have gone off to war and died and sacrificed! NYC 9/11/2001 a horror never to be forgotten or forgiven, same as the holocaust!!!!

  17. I lost my brother to Agent Orange following VietNam. An uncle to Korea. That was hard enough, yet pales in comparison to all those innocent lives lost on 9/11. And, to have lost them to a completely mad ‘religion’ is worse. Let Obama & his ilk think as they wish..the TRUE AMERICANS ARE ALL FLYING FLAGS TODAY. Thank you Howard.

  18. Howard, I am with you all the way for remembering the victims of
    9/11 and the Holocaust. It pains me that in most schools in the West
    Do not teach this painful history, but rather tend to forget it.
    If we forget our past, we are doomed in the future. Steve Acre,

  19. One of my proudest moment was a number of years ago when we rode to Washington on our bikes. We were there together with Howard and the M25 Riders to remember 9/11. it just happened that Obama drove by when Howard put on the last post on a loud speaker. He did not even look at us!!! He had to be blind and deaf to take no notice, not even for a split second.

  20. You are right to worry Howard. The USA has indeed fought for the free world and forgetting the price paid is suicidal. What better evidence is than Britain. Britain created the free world. Everywhere it went, it implemented the concept of freedom of the individual–including the USA who actually codified the British heritage of freedom and rule of law in their Constitution. Now, look at th UK today. They are suicidal because they too have forgotten.

  21. Couldn’t agree more about the U.K. I can’t visit the area where I was born and grew up, it’s a dangerous NO GO ZONE, and there are those who deny such places exist.There are those who believe President Trump was sent by divine intervention, believe what you will and God Bless him, America and Canada. Irma and 911 has been on my mind for days, we should always remember both. Thanks Howard for reminding those who have forgotten.

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