In The Eye Of The Hurricane & After


Hurricane Irma is now much less than 12-Hours away from Slamming Florida, a good chunk of Georgia, and some of the Gulf States too, which, if the WORST HAPPENS, could cause so much damage, especially to Florida, that it could Cost in the MANY HUNDREDS OF BILLONS OF DOLLARS – which in itself would be the Second Disaster after the Loss of Human Life, Animal Life, Agriculture, Business, Infrastructure . . . ETC IN FLORIDA.

Now Couple That To The Two Hundred Billion Texas Debacle.


THAT’S THE RUB . . . When you OWE Far More Money than you can pay back – WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THE WORST HAPPENS . . . And You Need Some Cash Reserves?


1-Million Dollars is One Thousand-Thousand Dollars.

1-Billion Dollars is One Thousand-Million Dollars.

1–Trillion Dollars is One THOUSAND-BILLION Dollars.

AND AS IT STANDS TODAY . . . Here & Now, the American Federal Government OWES AT THE VERY LEAST – TWENTY-THOUSAND BILLION DOLLARS – which to me is Inconceivable & Incomprehensible.

And that DOESN’T INCLUDE the Combined TRILLIONS of Dollars Owed by Villages, Towns, Cities & States . . . Let Alone Personal Debts.

AND THEN THERE’S THE 800-POUND GORILLA IN THE ROOM – Public Sector Pensions . . . which in itself, and all by itself, is in the Many TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, which NO ONE IN THE KNOW WANTS TO TALK ABOUT . . . Least Of All Admit.

AND IN ALL TRUTH – How can anyone really believe that the Federal DEBT is “ONLY” 20-TRILLION DOLLARS, since Lying to the People is the Government’s Stock-In-Trade?

PS – Canada, EU, China, Russia, South America Are Not Much Better Off.


1 – It seems to me that President Trump’s PROMISE to Lower Taxes is going to be a far different Deal than what he had planned, since the DEBT caused by these Unforeseen Weather Calamities is without question going to go Over-The-Top.

Also . . . What about the Enormous and Unaccounted Amount of HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, which have also been thrown into the National DEBT, by the ABSOLUTE Need to Fully Refurbish every Segment of the American Military?

2 – The US Government could Cut Back on many of the Entitlements and Federal Services, which they used, with which to buy Votes over the Generations, which will not go over well Politically with the Something-For-Nothing Bunch, which might have to happen anyway out of Necessity.

3 – Texas & Florida have ZERO State Taxes . . . that might have to change.

4 – Perhaps Washington might have to consider a Federal GST, Goods & Services Sales Tax, as is charged for example throughout Canada. Or a VAT Tax (Value Added Tax), which is a Federal Tax Charged throughout much of the World.

5 – America can Sell MORE Bonds, but to whom, since, outside of the Oil Arabs, and some Moslem Oil Rich Asian Countries, which other country has any Money?

And besides, how much of America and American Sovereignty is Washington and the American People willing to sell.

6 – America can Borrow More Money, but again, from whom outside of some of the Oil Producing Countries?

7 – OR AMERICA CAN PRINT MORE MONEY, since Ink & Paper are Cheap. Unfortunately though, Printing VAST REAMS of Money would DEVALUE the US Dollar Considerably.

The Germans tried Printing as many Deutschmarks as their presses could accommodate after WWI, which ended up with people needing wheelbarrows to haul their cash around to buy a loaf of bread.


AS I SEE IT . . . These Two Biblical Style Storms – After the Wind and the Water Subside, will Force America to Change in ways America never Imagined just a Week or Two Ago.

BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS . . . when you’re Deep in Debt with few Options, and you all of a sudden realize, that you no longer own the World, and the World is Beginning to Own You.


At one Point during Watters’ Show Last Night . . . Watters Said that only “IDIOTS” and others wouldn’t Evacuate, when the order for Mandatory Evacuation was given, and everyone in Government and the Media were LITERALLY Begging People to Leave.


1 – Watters was speaking directly to his audience, who in MOST Cases, Unlike Jesse Watters and other Media Prima Donnas . . . who Don’t have his Money, his Great Job, his Connections, and his Back-Up and Options.

2 – So how does Jesse Watters KNOW if the people he was addressing really wanted to get out of the Target Zone, but didn’t have the Money or the Wherewithal to Leave?

3 – How does Jesse Watters KNOW, that there are People with perhaps Multiple Pets and no source of Transportation, who WOULDN’T Abandon their Pets . . . I WOULDN’T.

4 – How does Jesse Watters KNOW that some People just didn’t want to Leave their Lives Behind Them, Hoping against all Hope, that they and their Possessions would Ride Out The Storm? Does that make them “IDIOTS”?

IT’S REALLY EASY TO CALL PEOPLE IDIOTS . . . I do it all the time, but, when the INSULTER is High, Dry and Living the Good Life, going after People who are Scared VICTIMS . . . That’s a Whole Different Matter.

I Am Certain, That Most Of The People Watters Called IDIOTS Would Rather Be Anywhere Else . . . Than In The Eye Of The Storm.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Tears still come with “God Bless America”. For the other stuff, get with it Howard! . Every generation has a ” in your face” to the fogies like us. I remember dragging a long haired son to the barbershop and then pursuing him as he ran into the street. How about the punks of all ages who sport turned around baseball caps? If you are not a catcher in a baseball game then you are a jerk.These”sexed up” ladies embarrass us, but will never be the girl we bring home to mom. How’s that for justice?

  2. Every single person in the world that I love or care about is in that cone. I’m a 5th gen native Floridian. Pray for them please!

  3. In my opinion the national debt is the worst problem, we (US) has. I wish I had the answer, but I don’t. I do know that keeping my household budget balanced and under control is really difficult, especially when going into debe is so easy. I hope and PRAY that Trump and Congress can get it together and get US out of this hole we (Congress and the former Presidents have dug for US.

  4. re the ‘idiot’ comment by Waters, which i heard also……I agree with you, some could not leave, for instance my friend, in Florida just had a hip replacement last week and could not possibly get to a shelter and be cared for properly, so Waters, would that make him a ‘idiot?” That is just one example, as there are many other good reasons. My prayers are with each and everyone of them!

  5. You are quite right about the pets Howard. In 2005 I was living in Texas in the hit zone of hurricane Rita. I had a kennel with 14 dogs…there is no way I would ever leave them behind. Friends in the expected flood zone south of interstate 10 with 7 dogs moved into our house too. It was difficult but we all survived. The problem of looters was also a concern. When you only have so much, you protect that as best as you can. I have some dear friends I am scared to death for in south Florida

  6. Florida does not have a sales tax. But it hides taxes well. I have been paying a 2% tax on my home owners insurance since Andrew. An we live in the interior and in addition were not effected by Andrew. They lifted that tax last year when the cat fund got to $17 b. So together with the narrowing ability due to that fund and the CAT fund money, Florida will be in really good sharp to fund beyond what the FEDS will hand out.

  7. Molly,
    The problem with looters is easily solved as it is in many countries…caught “red-handed” you simply shoot the SOB’s. This is no longer ordinary times and Miranda and all that crap simply doesn’t work any more. It’s going to require extraordinary measures to get our country out of this mess…or it can kiss its’ rear goodbye…”Tree of Liberty”…Remember?

  8. You are assuming the at some point in time all of this “owed” money is going to be repaid. My long time guess is that there never has been the slightest of intentions of ever paying back the money originally borrowed. It is the ultimate ponzi scheme with governments able to print more money until all currencies become useless and we return either to barter/trade and/or some specific metal like gold upon which the criteria for currency value will be judged.

  9. Here in Palm Beach, sunshine, light rain and breezy, just like Mathew last year. This took the same track as Charlie and will probably come in on the West Coast. As Trump says, Fake News, it is all about the selling $$$$$. Our idiot Governor was running all over the state creating panic…..forgot, fuel was in a very short supply. Evacuate on bikes?

  10. Calling people idiots maybe he should look in the mirror. That should be so easy since they have to adore them selves.

  11. With big money needed in Texas—and the same for Florida coming up—and who knows what’s to follow in the way of natural disasters the dollar will be under ever increasing pressure. Next—if a war breaks out—not an all out nuclear event because then it won’t matter for anyone—but a limited one that costs say a billion a day—and goes on for some time—what to do monetarily? Lincoln started printing “green” money—in more recent times Mexico has done the same. A vast devaluation.

  12. I know of a lot of people who aren’t leaving. Some feel it won’t come that close to them. Others simply can’t due to pets or elderly (stubborn) relatives who refuse to leave and they won’t leave them behind. One person said they were all set to leave but their vehicle quit on them and there was no way to get it fixed soon enough to leave. And what about hospitals, prisons, etc. My prayers go out to all who will be affected.

  13. If the bozos can’t stop a simple hurricane how can they presume to stop climate warming? I know how. Ask them to stop breathing. With 6 billion people on earth that’s a lot of carbon dioxide eh what? Sorry I’m a mathematician.

    R. A. Crane from cough Beaconsfield, quebec

  14. I don’t know how much it would help, but for one thing the feds need to get out of the welfare business. It just one of the things they do without the Constitution OK. Besides they are not to good at spending other peoples money with good results!

  15. I saw the segment with Watters calling people who COULD leave but REFUSED idiots, or at least that is how it appeared to me. There are many who, though capable, simply insist upon staying, so putting more demand on already limited resources. I fully believe he was referring to those who could go but want to “experience” the storm, such as the idiots I saw on TV in expensive high-rises watching the storm from their balconies or hunkering down in bars.

  16. Howard you don’t allow enough room to explain government economics, but i’ll try. We don’t sell all of our debt, the Federal Reserve holds about 25% of our national debt (called printing money). The federal government collects 3.5 trillion dollars in taxes but spends 4.2 trillion dollars per year. 60% of government spending is for benefits, welfare, medicare, obamaphones, etc. At 20 trillion dollars debt a 5%interest rate would cost us 1 trillion dollars out of the annual budget to service debt

  17. Sorry, I don’t think anyone CANNOT get out of the storm. The National Guard is everywhere. They are even sending school buses around. And there are pet options. Idiot is a strong word, but Jesse is a funny guy who uses strong words sometimes.

  18. I’m 4: Choice #4 (way to collect from those working strictly for cash, but not reporting income or paying income taxes). We must get out of the “welfare business”! Choice #3 would make Texas and Florida more like California! Choice #2 shouldn’t include any “illegals” (but we know it does)! Seems Government supposedly can claim any/all accounts you have in banks if they choose to do so! That’s the “choice” (nobody talks about) to pay off national debt being “accelerated” by all the “poor people”!

  19. Is the Trump plan to boost the economy and trade so much that the debt is repaid ? I have not done the math but those figures are probably “normal” when it comes to global trade and economy. I would imagine if I had a 20,000 overdraft it would seem insurmountable until a proper plan was put in place by some debt rescue charity organisation (like Christians Against Poverty here in Britain). So maybe Deplorables voted for the debt rescue package ?

  20. Re:”just Leave” I thought the same thing Howard,many would prefer to leave BUT.Fill in the blank!I went thru Andrew, many in my area including me DID NOT HAVE THE FINANCIAL ability just to pick up and leave!Boarded up windows and doors except one door.AND PRAYED for God’s mercy.We (my family)were extremely fortunate.I’m now in NC but some of my loved ones are in Ft. Laud&Tampa.I hear about our debts increasing,BUT NOT cutting Washington’s excessive spending!Let’s not forget Texas!God have Mercy.

  21. In one clip I saw what was probably a distraught homeless black man sitting at the side of the road. A police car stopped and picked him up. That simple example of hopelessness typifies the plight of those who for hundreds of reasons find themselves in situations over which they have neither control nor hope. Pity those who are less fortunate than yourself, or Jesse Watters, and pray that someone will pass by to offer help and assistance. The worst is yet to come.

  22. I agree that Jesse’s comment was a poor showing. However, anyone on camera essentially adlibbing is bound to misspeak from time to time. I don’t think this comment really reflected Jesse’s outlook, and my bet is that brought to his attention, he would agree that it was a brain fart.

  23. First, it’s THANKS to EL DIABLO OBAMA that the U.S. has a more than $20 TRILLION DEBT! He spent more in his 8 YEARS than ALL other Presidents put together! Agree with with some others that our Government NEEDS to get out of the WELFARE BUSINESS. Re: WATERS–I, too, believe that he MEANT those who COULD leave should have! On a NEGATIVE note, as others, I, too, believe that “The worst is yet to come.” On a POSITIVE note, thank GOD that TRUMP, a GREAT BUSINESS MAN, was elected vs. HILLARIOUS! AMEN!

  24. Somebody posted, “make Texas and Florida like California.” GOD forbid that any state become like California. Their fiscal policies may be worse than the federal fiscal policies.

  25. 1- People rec’g free $$ from gov’t should lose voting rights. BTW, Soc Sec & Medicare were paid for by those receiving it; so not a hand-out. 2- Not the people selling America & her sovereignty; it’s gov’t politicians w/song & dance of keeping us safe when it has more to do w/globalism. Agree w/others, we should slash welfare & get back to limited & requirement to keep looking for work.

  26. I like to believe Jesse was referring to the looters who stuck around. The videos are viral now. Those idiots didn’t leave. Hopefully they were in the “eye”. I like Jesse too and I get your point Howard.

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