Trump . . . Don’t Tweet Yourself Past The Deal


If I was President Trump, I would be VERY CAREFUL about Playing Fast & Loose with CONSERVATIVE Campaign Promises . . . and NOT Forget who it was who got him Elected & Why, because of PROMISES Candidate Trump made on the Campaign Trail, such as ENDING DACA (the So-Called Dreamers Act), only as a Political Marketing Sham, because in a subsequent TWEET, Trump said that if Congress Doesn’t Deal with DACA – HE WILL REVISIT IT.

I DON’T KNOW HOW THAT WORKS . . . Since President Trump had his Attorney General (Jeff Sessions) STATE before the Cameras of the USA (World), that the President, in this case Barack Hussein Obama, HAD NO RIGHT TO CREATE DACA, which was in absolute OPPOSITION to the American Constitution in terms of OVERSTEPPING his Presidential Authority.

SO . . . If Obama OVERSTEPPED his Presidential Powers by Inserting himself into an Immigration Law, which is 100% in the Purview of the House and Senate, how is President Trump ANY LESS CULPABLE by Inserting Himself into a Law he has ABSOLUTELY NO JURISDICTION OVER . . . EITHER?

If it wasn’t Constitutionally LEGAL for Obama to do what he did with Immigration . . . How will it be LEGAL for President Trump to do the Same – One Way Or Another?


ALSO . . . The Press Conference Jeff Sessions Held Yesterday (September 5, 2017), which put Republican Senators and House Members On-Notice to Follow Through with their Campaign Promise to END DACA OR ELSE . . . gave President Trump the Incredible Leverage for the President to Force the Building of the “WALL” and to Pass a Comprehensive Immigration Law Based on American NEEDS & Immigrant Talent.

But, with Trump’s STUPID TWEET – that if Congress doesn’t do it . . . MORE-OR-LESS, TRUMP WILL DO IT HIMSELF . . . that took Congress Off the Hook by PLACING HIMSELF (Trump) ON IT, IN LESS THAN 140-Characters.

And I Like It That President Trump Tweets!


There is no question . . . NONE WHATSOEVER, that Congress is a Den of LIARS, THIEVES & CHEATS, who are there to Serve their Real Masters . . . Who Are The Powers Behind The LOBBYISTS – Big Energy, Banks, Insurance Conglomerates, Wall Street, Big Pharma, and every other kind of OLIGOPOLY, WHICH FEED LIKE PARASITES OFF THE PEOPLE.


CONGRESS IS FOR THEMSELVES & THEIR LOBBYIST MASTERS . . . Proven by the Republicans who showed who and what they REALLY were . . . when they COWERED out of REPEALING Obamacare – TOTALLY IN CONTRADICTION to the Promises the Republican House and the Senate made to get Elected.

AND NOW . . . President Trump has once again SET-UP the Republican Congress to EITHER DO IT OR GET OFF THE POT. So, and I mean this with all due RESPECT, MR PRESIDENT . . . PLEASE JUST SHUT-UP and let the RINOS Sink or Swim all on their own.

I DON’T FOR A SECOND THINK THE SO-CALLED DREAMERS . . . should be DEPORTED or Deprived of American Constitutional Rights, since there are SIMPLE Remedies to REPAIR Generations of Congressional Incompetence . . . And Here It Is:

1 – Any “Dreamer” who has Committed a Crime Beyond being in the USA Illegally, should be DEPORTED to the Country of his or her Birth.

2 – Provide “Dreamers” with Landed Immigrant Status (Green Cards), which would NOT allow them to apply for Citizenship for at a Minimum . . . the Term of a Senator (6-Years), and within that 6-Year Period, as long as they DO NOT COMMIT AN EGREGIOUS CRIME Of Any Kind, Including ILLEGAL Voting, they could Apply at the END OF THE LINE of Applicants for American Citizenship BEHIND THE PEOPLE who are doing it LEGALLY, and have to take a Citizenship Test like any other Immigrant Wannabe to become a Citizen.


Make this Policy a Congressional ONE-OF, and ONLY if Congress will make it ILLEGAL for any Future President to Authorize any Mass Immigration Amnesty, and ONLY if Congress Votes to FUND THE TRUMP BORDER WALL, and fully Implements the Trump Immigration Protocol . . . AKA – “THE RAISE ACT” which will Favor English Speakers with Practical Expertise NEEDED by the USA.


If the House and Senate . . . Republican & Democrat Want DACA – PASS THE LAWS the American People have been Promised for Generations, yet never delivered.


I am NOT a Fan of the News Media “Stars” (Divas) who are either Married to Other Media Stars, Media Executives, Political Insiders . . . OR RELATED THEREOF, because they and their Opinions cannot necessarily be Trusted. I’ve never been a fan of Nepotism.

I DON’T LIKE ABBY HUNTSMAN . . . She might be a very Nice & Decent Person in Real Life – But I don’t Believe that she’s the Sharpest Pencil In The Box, and I don’t believe she’s all that Conservative, since she’s said things in the past that had me shaking my head.

TODAY (September 6, 2017) . . . As A Guest Host On FOX & Friends, Huntsman Suggested, that it would be a Great Idea if President Trump would sit down with Barack Hussein Obama and discuss DACA – I would ask if she was Drunk, on Drugs or Just a LEFTIST NUT-JOB for even thinking of this, since FORMER President Obama’s ENTIRE LEGACY has proven to be nothing short of a Misery for the United States of America and the VERY REASON FOR THE DACCA DEBACLE.

BUT KNOWING AS MUCH AS I DO . . . about her Father, the Current Ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman, who never found an ASS HE WASN’T PREPARED TO KISS, Democrat or Republican, just to Stay at the TROUGH, or more Aptly Stated . . . DEEP IN THE SWAMP, to keep his Privileged & Entitled Lifestyle, doesn’t Surprise me about his Daughter, since it seems the Apple Didn’t Fall Far From The Tree.

Mr President . . . Make Congress Do What They Promised & Don’t Give An Inch.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The Kate Smith video was truly awesome. It was so good to see, past California politicians, US Sen. George Murphy and of course, 2 termed Gov. Ronald Reagan, who went on to become a 2 term US President. Both of these men came from the Movie Industry and felt compelled to serve their country. They both came from an era, where is was honorable to be Patriotic and it was to be expected. We are quickly losing all of the people, from the Greatest Generation and it is a real shame.

  2. I think President Trump wants immigration reform and wants Congress to do their job. He brilliantly pulled the pin on the DACA grenade and tossed it in Ryan’s lap–and they are not going to get DACA passed because 90% of America wants these illegals GONE. Come legally or stay home is the prevailing view on this whole mess–and there’s no need to break up families because the parents are illegal as well, so they can all be deported en masse. We’re tired of paying for them. WAY Tired of it!

  3. Only TIME will tell re: what CONGRESS will do re: DACA. Meanwhile, it’s in THEIR HANDS for 6 mos.! Pres. Trump has enough to FOCUS on right now, e.g., NORTH KOREA, the HURRICANE(S) etc… Pres. Trump should NEVER meet with EL DIABLO OBAMA, as he CAN’T be TRUSTED. The WALL needs to be BUILT & Trump will SUCCEED! Meanwhile, it will be very interesting to see what happens when HILLARIOUS starts on her BOOK TOUR! “Hold on to your hats!” GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  4. Love your way of nailing things, (and I agree on Ms. Huntsman). Re: the Data issue are there not 11 States Attorney Generals filing a suit today or tomorrow to outlaw DACA as unconstitutional! I think his “directive” was a great stroke, they have been given an OBJECTIVE, a SPECIFIC TIME COMPLETION DATE, and if they fail to legally resolve it, they are de facto
    Making the decision to let the Courts rule! But Trump is off the hook, and he has TOTALLY demonstrated the depth of the SWAMP.

  5. Howard, As usual – you are right on and have the perfect solution!!!!! Term of Senators is 6 years.

  6. Trump trying to be “team player”, but not much support from Congress! Many things on Trump’s plate today- he needs to learn to let others take charge, then trust them (not happening)! BTW, just how many “Mexican nationals” are American taxpayers supposed to legally support (when they are “multiplying” as fast as they can)? Will these hurricanes drive them back to Mexico? Probably not! “Freebie List” way too long compared to what they used to get! “Bad deal” (nightmare) for America right now!

  7. You “hit it out of the park”, my friend, Howard! WAY TO GO, HOWARD!! Pres. Trump has his hands full, & I DO NOT think he should meet with that SNAKE IN THE SWAMP, BH Obummer. NO GOOD COULD POSSIBLY COME OF SUCH A MEETING! The EVIL LEFT will just twist things around,& use it for their propaganda! Wow,I didn’t realize WHO Ms. Huntsman is/was…..NO wonder I dislike her, so. Go for term limits on the Senators…I’m definitely for the 6 years, x maybe 2! This would DEFINITELY help DRAIN SWAMP

  8. Oooooooooooh….. That creates the very deepest pain. But…..but….but….you do know Mr. Huntsman is Mormon?

  9. Obama put DACA into existence through Executive Order in direct violation of immigration laws on the books. BUT since Congress fails to enforce the law, they would shoot themselves in the foot if they went after Obama for overstepping his authority. They’ve given away their authority more & more to the Exec Branch & Administration, & do little anymore but cater to lobbyists as you indicate. Time for all of them to be VOTED OUT; barking dogs would do no less than our so-called representatives.

  10. I don’t know why Trump would tweet such a thing….but just maybe he is thinking that if he takes the pressure off Congress to pass DACA or something like it…it will come back to him in six months thanks to our do-nothing Congress, and he will simply let it die.

  11. President Trump was lied to be the House & Senate…they had NO Repeal/Replace on hand, they have consistently went the opposite of his campaign promises and they are weigh laying him at every station. NOW-THEY have to take DACA and actually DO something. The Rep and Dems had better DO their jobs…finally. God only knows what the outcome will be.

  12. Oh Howard you are soooooo right. But while I love Trump and voted for him,however, I see handwriting on wall Trump will cave on DACA and on immigration. At this point I can’t see any victories. I the first place he,Trump does not have a Congress behind him. All of congress are just liars they say what we want to hear but only serve themselves. Our only hope is to demand term limits. By the way just watch what happens to Menendez,absolutely nothing!!! Hmmmm am I pessimistic perish the thout not

  13. I all but stood on my head to make Trump POTUS, and am thankful for LOTS he has done…but this…WHY REVISIT? It should have been taken care of it on this VISIT! I hope Jeff Sessions throws a damn fit on him, and reminds him of: Barack Hussein Obama, HAD NO RIGHT TO CREATE DACA, which was in absolute OPPOSITION to the American Constitution. I’ m sure he or one of his reads this, so…..POTUS Trump we want NO renigging!!!

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