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As I wrote in a Previous Editorial, we will Remove the FURRY TEXAN DONATION ICON on the Tuesday (After Labor Day), and get back to “Normal” Business.

BEFORE GETTING INTO THE CURRENT EDITORIAL . . . Save The Furry Texans – has received Slightly more than 100-Donations Directly through PayPal, which is a RECORD Number of Donations through on PayPal, with a MIX Between Canada and the United Sates, far more Heavily on American Donors than Canadian Donors, but with Plenty of Good Canadians who’ve Reached into their Hearts and Wallets.

AND FOR ANYONE WONDERING . . . How I was able to Differentiate between Money that came into SUPPORT for, and money that came into “DONATE” For The Furry Texans . . . All Money coming in to for the BLOG says . . . “SUPPORT” For

ALL MONEY COMING IN FOR THE FURRY TEXANS SAYS . . . “DONATIONS” For The Furry Texans. And in the past few days, since we put up the Link for Furry Texan Donations, we’ve received almost NOTHING for, with the exception of a Few People who sent More Than One Pay Pal Transfer . . . one for the Furry Texans, and one for

ALSO . . . Many People who sent PayPal Donations for the Furry Texans, INCLUDED Notes and Remarks provided by PayPal for Comments, in Support of what we are doing with the Save The Furry Texans Initiative, which I read in their Totality with Gratitude.

Please Understand . . . that usually I send Personal Notes of Gratitude to EVERYONE who Contributes to But, because of the Volume of PayPal’s Received, and the amount of Writing and Work that I’m Doing, PLEASE ACCEPT THIS AS A BLANKET THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE.


THUS FAR . . . I can write that we have REACHED $4600 on PayPal in American Funds. And as for the Checks, I don’t yet know which will come into the Post Office, which we won’t really know for as long as 1 to 2 Weeks, since it takes that long for Mail to Arrive in Canada from the United States.

And since this week was disrupted by the Labor Day Long Weekend, it is more likely than not, that we won’t have an accounting on the checks until mid week of next week. But I assume it will be more than just a Few Hundred Dollars.

SO THIS IS WHAT WE’RE DOING . . . ANNE JUST SENT $4,435.51 IN US DOLLARS to Austin Pets Alive Via PayPal. The reason for the $0.51 is because of the Conversion Rate from Canadian to American.

When we receive all the Checks for Furry Texans, we will convert the Canadian Dollars into USD, and together with the American Checks, we will receive, we will send what I’m CONFIDENT will be enough Money to bring the Total to $5,000.00 American.

Whether you Donated $5 as many People did, or $250 (Three Times) as one Houston Couple did, or the many $25 Donations, and the $50’s and the Few $100’s, we should all be very PROUD OF OURSELVES . . . Canadians & Americans Alike – & One Israeli From Zikhron Ya’akov.


I’VE WRITTEN ABOUT THIS MANY TIMES. When Anne and I Cross the American Border from Canada, whether it’s for a Day Trip, a Weekend, or for the Entire Winter (Just under 6-Months as American Law Allows) . . . WE DO IT BY THE BOOK.

As a Matter of Fact, Anne & I just returned from the Passport Office, to Renew our Canadian Passports for 10-Years Each, which subsequently requires us to also UPDATE our NEXUS Cards (Most Trusted Travelers) as well.

And as of Next Week, we will start Working on our ATF Forms listing all of our Firearms and Ammunition, which we will be bringing into the USA during our Stay in Texas, where we belong to one Shooting Range, and will be joining Another in November.

EVEN STRYKER & APRIL THE CAT . . . have all of their Papers and Documents up to Date.


1 – We have a great deal of RESPECT for American Sovereignty.

2 – We are very GRATEFUL America Allows us to enjoy American HOSPITALITY.

3 – We also BELIEVE in the Rule of Law.

4 – And as much as we would LOVE to live in the USA FULL TIME, that is not in the Cards for us, since the Department of American Naturalization & Citizenship isn’t EXTENDING their hands out to People like Anne and Myself, who are in our LATE MID-SIXTIES, who aren’t able to make SUBSTANTIAL Financial or Work Related Contributions to the American Economy or Social Fabric.

BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU . . . As you read with virtually every Editorial I Write, that I know MORE about American History, Geography, Sociology, Politics & the American Constitution than most Americans.

And Anne & I Would Never “LEECH” Off The American People.

What is also EXTREMELY FLATTERING . . . is the number of Americans who have offered to Sponsor us. Now HOW’S that for Acceptance?

SO IT’S KIND OF HARD FOR ME . . . to have much sympathy for the MILLIONS, perhaps as many as 20-Million ILLEGALS in the USA, including the so-called “DREAMERS” who’ve developed this PHONY Narrative, that they somehow BELONG in the United States of America, because they just happen to be there, even if they happen to be there ILLEGALLY.

SO – IF ANNE AND I CAN’T STAY IN THE USA FULL TIME . . . Even though we Jump Through HOOPS to be there LEGALLY . . . and we actually CONTRIBUTE to the American Experience – How do the LEFT & RINOS figure ILLEGALS should have the Right we Don’t Have – Even To The Point Of Receiving Amnesty?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good Morning Howard:
    As you know I worked in the motion picture industry for 41 years. It was during the opening of,” The Last Temptation of Christ”, that there were Nuns protesting the movie. The movie VP’s were thrilled, “You cannot buy this kind of publicity”.
    When I was on the Censor Board, I passed EVERYTHING! Uncut!,(Except, child pornography, and sexual violence against women, that was my line in the sand). 50 Shades will pass, the teen-agers dressing as such, that’s a concern.

  2. Howard, your appreciation of the American way of life and their hospitality is remarkable. I cannot understand how people just cross the border illegally and then they are surprised when they are told they have to leave? We in Canada are also setting a bad example of that. People who have been waiting patiently to come to the States or Canada, while others just sneak in and say I am here, look after me. Something is wrong. Steve Acre, Canada

  3. It is beyond the belief of rational folk… ILLEGALLY imported/wived in trespassers demand “rights”?
    I am an American citizen a Senior-Fellow Engineer retired from Department of Defense Programs, my daughter and Children are American Citizens, her husband a principal Computer communications Engineer was not and had to wait over a year for a Green Card… Outside the US. Millions of ILLEGAL residents meanwhile voted as planned by the most corrupt item ever to live in the WH… (c0nt)

  4. I’ve put in my 2 cents to Schumer for you and Anne about your outrageous situation.
    These DACA people need to go back to wherever. And why do they say families are being torn apart? Why don’t they all go back as a family unit. Who’s breaking them up? If they are so valuable to USA, just think how much good they can do for their own countries. You can be sure that if the Leftists thought they would all vote Conservative, they would fight tooth and nail to get rid of them.

  5. I am so bothered by the misplaced anger I hear from the people brought here illegally as children by their parents. Where is the anger aimed at mom and dad bringing them here illegally knowing that they all could be deported? I am sick of the false narratives.


  7. You & Anne play by all the rules. I say we make you honorary American citizens & give you the same respect you give us. As for the DACAS…send them back where they came from cuz they have NO respect for our rules of law. I, too, am sick to death of all the crybabies..just shut up and get out of OUR country!

  8. Illegal is illegal..when did the US change its immigration laws?In 1962 I as a 18 year old Canadian wen to the US.Got caught doing illegal stuff, was sent to a deportation camp in El Centro, deported.In 1963 I went back and worked in Nevada, got caught and was given a voluntary departure to cross the border within 10 days or get arrested and charged. What has changed and when?By the way, I love the US and have my NEXUS card after they discounted my youth problem. Just enforce existing laws.

  9. Thank you Howard & Anne for your efforts w/the FURRY TEXANS donations.The 3 reasons you’ve listed-RESPECT, GRATEFUL & BELIEVING in the Rule of Law–denote your RESPECT for American Sovereignty.HOWEVER, these days, these TRAITS have become very RARE in our SOCIETY.People now feel ENTITLED to EVERYTHING they receive, plus MORE! RE: DACA–Pres. Trump has given CONGRESS 6 mos. to make DECISIONS re: how to proceed! Let’s see what the LEFT & the RINOS will accomplish re: this ISSUE? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  10. This is all part of same thing that’s happening in Europe. Notice same isn’t occurring in Far- & Mid-eastern countries or Soviet countries. Why is that? We have immigration laws – they’re not being enforced as far as illegal immigrants are concerned, nor have they been for some time. 2nd issue is increased #s of immigrants allowed from countries with totally different cultures who are not assimilating. Rather than a melting pot, we have become a conglomeration of cultures – not good for whole.

  11. Quite noteworthy, Department of American Naturalization & Citizenship doesn’t want seniors who can’t contribute in any way. To the contrary, Canadian system allows anyone regardless of age, and a lot of very senior senior so called refugees are coming and feeding off us, free health care and welfare, all benefits we pay for from our taxes. So called recent refugees fleeing from USA ??????? are staying in our 5 star Navcan centre in Cornwall, Ontario.
    Welcome to Canada, our PM loves you.

  12. Doesn’t anyone blame the parents for illegally entering the US and then get pregnant. They’re the ones that should at least apologize to their children and not expect a gimme from some one else. I feel sorry for these kids but don’t expect me to break the law for you.

    R. A. Crane Beaconsfield, quebec

  13. The open policy to accept all the illegals (amnesty) is just a ploy to insure ongoing support for the left, effectively creating a one party system. All the “new” Americans will vote for the party that enabled them and this support will last for generations. Trudeau and the Liberals are using much the same tactic in Canada.

  14. Illegal immigrants coming out of Mexico were called “Wetbacks” when I was a child. The term changed to illegals immigrants over time and now the Left softens their description to be simply “immigrants,” or “undocumented.” I’ve listened carefully to politicians over the years, waiting for relief from the invasion and finally we have a staunch PATRIOTIC president working hard to solve this problem. The arguments from the Left are anti-American and anti-Constitution. Our laws must be enforced.

  15. We came to the US legally and it took 5 yrs for hubby and I, and 12 yrs for our sons’ green cards. I was not allowed to work on any temporary permit. Paid OUT-OF-STATE tuition for sons attending IN-STATE college & they were not allowed to accept any scholarship funds. Add legal fees of around $50,000 which took me 20 years to pay, and I’m out of sympathy for the Dreamers & parents. Respected the law, did it LEGALLY, worked hard, PAID OUR OWN WAY and never asked for or expected a hand-out.

  16. Howard, & Anne, & dear “blog family”, thank you so very much for ALL of your comments! And congrats for ALL you did, for our “Texas Furry Friends”, in helping out there!! I love each of you, and thank God for our Patriotic President Donald J. Trump, who has the courage to stand up for what is right…..and for those serving on his cabinet, as well. I am SO SICK of the LEFTIES, & RINOS!!!!

  17. Some of the illegals who have never known another country are victims of both the Left and the Right. Cowardly career politicians have created this mess. I feel there is a middle ground solution, but I am not optimistic that these over-the-hill career politicians have either the vision or the moral courage to solve this problem. It’s the,same here in Canada too with our aboriginal descendants.

  18. This whole DACA thing is another BRILLIANT example of the wisdom and thought our Founding Fathers put into that old 234 year old document we call the Constitution and Amendments to the Constitution. They gave us “scopes” and “out of Bounds” for everyone, including our PRESIDENTS and their behaviors. ALL WE NEED DO IS FOLLOW IT, OR HAVE OUR LEGISLATURE MAKE THE NECESSARY CHANGES!! It’s NOT about POLITICS, it is about the RULE OF LAW,….that’s WHY we are a REPUBLIC, and not a true democracy!

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