As Anne and I RELISH being in Texas . . . Nothing gives us more Pleasure than Hanging with REDNECKS at the BBQ Joints, the Honkytonks, the Shooting Ranges, the Grocery Stores and everywhere else.


AND IF YOU THINK YOU CAN FIND . . . More Caring, More Helpful, More Generous, Less Judgmental, and LESS FULL OF THEMSELVES People anywhere that I know of . . . YOU CAN’T!

When in the SOUTH, South of the Great Lakes, between the Two Coasts, and not just in Texas . . . People the LEFT call “Red Necks” hold the Doors for other People. Men say Hello to Ladies, and Ladies Smile when Greeted. People will help People Carry Groceries or Hold the Carts for others in the Parking Lots, young People address their Elders as Sir or Mam . . . AND REAL SOUTHERNERS LOVE THE RED, WHITE & BLUE.

I ALSO LOVE CONSERVATIVE CANADIANS . . . who also aren’t Judgmental – who are Polite, Engaged, and Care for our Country in a SEA OF SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHINGS . . . And Political HACKS Of Every Negative Kind.


Thus Far . . . As of the Writing of this Sunday Editorial – the Readers of Galganov.com have PONIED-UP ON PAYPAL ALONE . . . after Converting the Canadian Money we’ve Received to US Dollars, and the US Dollars we’ve received, Galganov.com has around $3500 USD for the FURRY TEXANS.

One Neighbor, who like Anne and I has Horses, Dogs & Cats . . . just dropped by to give the CAUSE A $100 CHECK, and she isn’t the only Person I know of who has sent and/or is sending Checks for the FURRY TEXANS, maybe not as much as $100, but certainly something to help make the difference – So I am quite CONFIDENT, that by the end of the Labor Day Week, we will have as much as $4000 USD to send to AUSTIN’S PETS ALIVE, especially with the Checks that should arrive within the next week or so, which is a Far Cry from the Original $2000 I was hoping for.

IF YOU’RE NOT AWARE OF THIS . . . When using PayPal, the End Receiver, in this case Galganov.com, has to pay a 3 to 3.5 Percentage Cost To PayPal as a Handling Fee, no different than the Credit Card Companies Charge.

BUT ANNE HAD SUGGESTED . . . Because we didn’t have to pay Mario for the IT Setup, THAT WHAT WE SHOULD DO, is that Anne and I should cover the 3 – 3.5 Percent Fee, & Send All the Money RECEIVED TO AUSTIN PETS ALIVE, Without The PayPal Handling Cost, which Galganov.com will absorb, which means EVERY PENNY received by Galganov.com for FURRY TEXANS, whether through PayPal or by Check WILL BE SENT IN IT’S ENTIRETY AS RECEIVED.

On Tuesday . . . September 5, 2017 – The Day After Labor Day, at around 5-O’Clock Eastern Time, I will REMOVE the Donation Button from the BLOG, and we will get back to Normal Writing & Advocacy.

SO . . . IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A PAYPAL CONTRIBUTION TO AUSTIN PETS ALIVE THROUGH GALGANOV.COM, the time to do it will be before this coming Tuesday.


Not Only Does President Trump have to deal with the Nightmare of Hurricane Harvey . . . A-PIECE-OF-CRAP-REPUBLICAN-CONGRESS, an Anti-American INSURGENCY brought on by American Traitors to the US Constitution, Anti-Constitutional Executive Actions Created by the MOST UN-AMERICAN President Ever (Barack Hussein Obama), in the name of the Unconstitutional Dreamer’s Act . . .

President Trump ALSO has to Deal with the MESS IN THE MIDDLE EAST, Iran, Afghanistan, the still Porous US/Mexico Border, a Failed Tax System, a Really Bad Bevy of Unfair and Unbalanced Trade Agreements, a Deteriorating American Infrastructure . . . AND A DEMOCRAT CONGRESS WHOSE ONLY GOAL IS TO DESTROY HIS PRESIDENCY . . . No matter what Damage their Policies will cause to the United States of America . . .

AND IF ALL THAT ISN’T ENOUGH – President Trump has to Deal with the ENEMIES FROM WITHIN HIS OWN WHITEHOUSE . . . The State Department, IRS, & Wherever Else Clinton, Bush & Obama Holdovers Still Exist.

None Of The Above Even Begins To Scratch The Surface Of A Malevolent Media.

AND NOW WE’RE LEARNING . . . Of An Over-The-Top CORRUPT Federal Bureau Of Investigations and Justice Department, which Together COLLUDED on behalf of Multiple Democrat White Houses, & Democrats at the HIGHEST Levels of the LEFTIST Food Chain to LIE, DECEIVE & CHEAT The American People & The US Constitution Of True Justice.


So I’m Certain That You Can Understand . . . that as how much as I am engaged for the People and the Animals of those Parts of Texas and Louisiana, which have been Ravaged by Hurricane Harvey – With all the PRECEDING & MORE Coming Non Stop at the President of the United States of America, the 320-Million Americans President Trump Represents, and the Rest Of What USED TO BE CALLED THE FREE WORLD, there is so much to be Concerned About, that writing about Hurricane Harvey, is Regrettably, just one more Item on a Horrible List of Horrible Items.

AT LEAST WITH HURRICANE HARVEY . . . There was some Good News, in how the American People and the Canadian People (Canadians at least through Galganov.com) have Come Together to Help Make a Difference.

At the end of this Coming Week, or perhaps by the end of Next Week, when all the Checks for the FURRY TEXANS will have come in and be counted, Galganov.com will give you a FINAL TALLY on your Generosity.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Few people remember Kate Smith, a great patriot.
    British pilots trained in Florida near Lake Okeechobee and Arcadia, Florida.
    Twenty six British Cadets died in training. Kate Smith and the town of
    Arcadia designated a “British Plot” in the cemetery and the local Rotary Club in Arcadia organized a Memorial Day ceremony for these men. Survivors from the classes trained there came annually from Britain to participate.

    Poor health saw the last of the survivors visit several years ago.


  2. It’s called “manners” which are the hallmark of proper upbringing and good parenting.

  3. How should the US deal with N.Korea? So many red lines have been crossed with no meaningful response except the next red line… which will be crossed, and the Chinese have been most unhelpful.
    Very best,

  4. CONGRATULATIONS–you’ve already more than exceeded your goal of $2000 for the FURRY TEXANS. Your “HORRIBLE LIST OF HORRIBLE ITEMS” is a GREAT description of Pres. Trump’s TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS! This list should be PUBLISHED in ALL newspapers! The most recent news [? earthquake] in NO. KOREA should be the TOP ITEM listed. Will TRUMP’S OPPONENTS have the GUTS to SUPPORT him in an UPCOMING MILITARY CRISIS to PROTECT AMERICA? Which LEFTIST would have had the SAME COURAGE as PRES. TRUMP does? AMEN!

  5. Yes, I’m proud of the Citizens of the world who have stepped up to help save Houston and the surroundings. It’s also time for us all to step up and help the people of Montana, Idaho and parts of Canada that are experiencing devastating fires at this time. People are losing their livelihoods…homes, winter feed, livestock, jobs…just like in Texas, and NOTHING is being reported in the media. Please google “How to help Montana fire victims”, and do what you can. Thanks Howard!

  6. J. J. Watts has raised 14 million $. The number is still rising. Haven’t heard anything about the donations from the Hollywood crowd, or academia…

  7. God bless, you Howard, & your dear Anne…..you BOTH have gone over & beyond in you help to the wonderful &displaced “Furry Texans”! WE ALL NEED TO BE PRAYING for PEACE, our beloved President Trump, his family, his cabinet members, & those families in Texas & Louisiana, affected by Hurricane Harvey!! PEACE, PEACE, & MORE PEACE!!! The MSM is a real joke…..so biased & “off the rail”. I loved the comments, from our HG family, today. May God Bless each of you, in all you accomplish, today!

  8. Thank you and God bless you from Texas!!
    It is your open and giving redneck hearts that make us proud to claim you two as Texans!

  9. I’m done fighting with Pay Pal to accept a payment to Furry Texans…for reasons totally unknown to me…I have no trouble with other payments going through. Anyway, I am sending a personal check to the galganov.com e-mail address earmarked for Furry Texans. I KNOW it will get to the right place! Thanks again for the love and care you and Anne are showing for the animal victims of Harvey~~and for their owners.

  10. In our lives we have NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS! We must pray for DJT. God heard us last November; HE will hear us again.

  11. It is with out a doubt that POTUS Trump was given a pile of crap 💩 when he was elected president. However, I believe that in the big skeem of things it is all part of the big picture. God will take good care of him.

  12. Happy to help a little the Texas Furry’s. Texas Strong and we can all see people helping people and their animals and stray
    animals. These folks are hurting and I am sure they don’t give a damn about, Russia. People helping people while Congress sits on their worthless asses, on vacation, padding their greedy pockets, accomplishing nothing. Sad, but the Hurricane should have targeted Washington!

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