I am old enough to actually remember when President John F Kennedy said these words LIVE on Television . . . “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You. Ask What You Can Do For Your Country”.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Final Resting Place of JFK at Arlington National Cemetery . . . Just Opposite The Eternal Flame, you will read the Above Quotation.

BUT . . . With the Passing of JFK, with all of his Faults and Peccadillos, we also WITNESSED the Passing of the Democrat Party, and Inevitably, the VALUES of Congressional Decency, when People took Pride in SACRIFICING for their Country, in comparison to today, when Far Too Many People DEMAND their country SACRIFICE for them.


BUT AT THE SAME TIME . . . Seeing how my FAVORITE People in the whole world, TEXANS; are dealing with this NEAR BIBLICAL SIZED DISASTER, gives me incredible PRIDE & CONFIDENCE . . . that the Immortal Words of JFK are NOT LOST ON ALL OF AMERICA & THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Anne & I LOVE The South & FLYOVER Country.

And as soon as we Cross the State Line between New York State and Pennsylvania, we BREATHE Fresh FREE American Air, knowing that we are amongst Kindred Spirits, from Pennsylvania all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, and on Both Sides of the Middle – FAR REMOVED FROM THE SICKNESS OF MOST OF LEFTIST NEW ENGLAND & THE WEST COAST.


When we Drive Across the Pennsylvania State Line . . . WE TRULY FEEL AT HOME. And why shouldn’t we, since this is the America JFK was Extolling in his Famous Few Words, where Common Decency, Love of Country, Family, Sacrifice and the Belief in a Higher Power are what Motivates REAL Americans . . . OPPOSED TO THOSE WHO INGRATIATE THE LEFTIST SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING BUNCH MENTALITY.


Texans & Fly Over Americans DON’T Just Talk The Talk . . . Texans & The Good Old Boys of the South & West Walk The Walk. And where LEFTISTS during a time of Despair (National Disaster) hang around looking and waiting for the Handouts, and to be “Saved” – Fly Over Americans TURN OUT THE REDNECK NAVY, and like the Cavalry of Old – THEY SLAP LEATHER, RIDE OUT OF THE SUNSET & OVER THE HILL . . . WITH TRUMPETS BLARING, OLD GLORY WAVING . . . ALL HELL-BENT WHILE RIDING FOR GLORY.


AMERICA DID NOT NEED THIS DISASTER . . . Or perhaps, in a very Perverse Way, America NEEDED a Stark Reminder of what it REALLY WAS THAT ORIGINALLY MADE AMERICA GREAT, so the American people from Coast to Coast will FINALLY understand what President Trump is CAMPAIGNING about, TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT “AGAIN”. That America’s Greatness Is The American People.


We are bearing LIVE Witness to the Greatness of America, as American People from far and wide spend their own Time, Money & Effort to save PERFECT STRANGERS of all Colors, Genders, Social Strata . . . ETCETERABECAUSE THAT’S WHAT REAL AMERICANS DO.

AND WE’RE ALSO BEARING LIVE WITNESS . . . to the Pettiness of Americans on the LEFT, ESPECIALLY THE MEDIA . . . who are too Occupied Criticizing the Shoes, which America’s SPLENDID FIRST LADY wore, while boarding Air Force One on their way to Texas, or because President Trump was Too Early in going to Texas, or was Too Late in going to Texas, or that he DIDN’T go to Ground Zero, or that he was there just for a Photo-Op.


1 – This Weather Nightmare is Forcing Americans to Come Together.

2 – For The Political Fence Sitters . . . The Time For Sitting Is Done.

3 – The “Decent” World . . . Under Attack of Islamo/Fascism, North Korea, China, Iran and Possibly Russia, is facing an EXISTENTIAL THREAT (The Demise Of Civilization), the likes of which we have never seen before, all because of several generations of LEFTIST Political/Corporate Greed, Cowardice, the Attacks on Fossil Fuels caused by the Stupidity of the greatest Hoax ever . . . AKA Climate Change/Global Warming, Globalization and Ignorance . . . IS ALL ABOUT TO COME TO A HEAD.

After this FORAY with the Disaster caused by Hurricane Harvey, into what could easily have been a DYSTOPIC Event, had it not been for REAL Americans COMING TOGETHER . . . as REAL Americans Do – I Don’t Think REAL Americans have the Patience or the Stomach for anymore of this CRAPOLA coming from the LEFT, which includes the likes of . . . the Never-Ending Assault on the First Amendment, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Whatever, Socialist Colleges & Universities, the Destruction of Southern American History, Slanderous Media, Hollywood BS . . . ETC.

AND I DON’T THINK AMERICA . . . has much more left in its Locker of Tolerance for BAD GLOBAL ACTORS LIKE NORTH KOREA and the Nations who within the Shadows are FEEDING THE UGLY BEAST.


I think North Korea is about to take the Comeuppance it has SO-LONG DESERVED, and in a way to Wake-Up the Entire World, that America is Back . . . that Talking-Time is Over, and the Red, White & Blue HAS HAD MORE THAN ENOUGH!


This . . . is what I believe will be the Spin-Off of Hurricane Harvey once the Waters Subside, the Cities Dry-Out, & REAL Americans will finally Realize that America is Truly EXCEPTIONAL, that America has a Dynamic President, and ENOUGH HAS BEEN FAR MORE THAN ENOUGH.

God Bless Texas . . . God Bless America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Did anyone else see a very young Ronald Reagan at around 4:10? I love reading your stuff Howard. Thank you!

  2. Howard you ate 100% on the money about most Americans wanting to help in some way. When I saw thr people who had to leave their homes and the people who worked so hard to get them I saw the REAL AMERICANS and just knew that ISIS

  3. Texas is also a great friend to Israel. So I am pleased and proud to see Israel sending a disaster relief crew to help out like they do in so many places in the world when disaster strikes. One good turn deserves another. You’ll never see this in MSM but there you have it. One good friend coming to the aid of another.

  4. It cannot stretch much more. Antifa and BLM will not remain. The question is who will remain otherwise.
    Those gangs are paid and trained by Soros on behalf of the Obamatoids and are intrinsically self destructing in the midst of the huge storm the trigger. I believe that President Trump spun off three of his key operatives to organize to bypass the Atifa-BLM supporters at NYT, WP, Reuters, AP, NBC I and venture to say, Fox.

  5. Your description of “a NEAR BIBLICAL SIZED DISASTER” is exactly what TEXAS is undergoing. It’s true that “AMERICA DID NOT NEED THIS DISASTER”, but we know that it OFTEN takes TRAGEDIES to WAKE UP and CHANGE people’s ATTITUDES so they can GROW CLOSER TOGETHER. TEXANS are to be COMMENDED for their COURAGE, MINDSET, and COOPERATION during these TRYING TIMES! Pres. Trump, et al, also DESERVE PRAISE for their being more than PREPARED to COPE with this CRISIS. The LEFT AVOIDS giving him CREDIT! AMEN!

  6. Lots being sent to the Texas people from here including shipments of Blood. I remember Charlie a biggie that hit the West Coast of Florida on a par in strength with Kratina. Thanks to a Repub. Gov all was organized and swift action was taken.
    Different that Louisiana with a Den Gov and Mayor, remember “School” Bus Nagin, nothing went right. Now we have Texas where everything is going right as best it can. Any easy lesson to learn as to who should be in charge.

  7. SUPURB editorial! Unfortunately TEXANS, and other REAL Americans are NOT part of the swamp in WASHINGTON that’s why they are “real”Americans. The second largest legislation in the WORLD is the State of NH!! Why ? There are no CAREER LEGISLATORS, it just ain’t worth the pay and the New England ethic is simple,..”come together, and get it done!” When I lived there the average age of their legislator was huge, (high 70’s and lower 80’s”) AND all Lobbyists were REQUIRED to wear ORANGE ID badges!

  8. And Texas is proud to call you and Anne adopted Texans, too!!
    Right about now, there are three parties in Texas, none of them political. Either you are being rescued from water, you are a rescuer, or you are donating and collecting donations, and arranging for deliveries and volunteering to do whatever it takes. Right now, what the world sees is Texas on any given day. Helping each other as neighbors, and not the redneck racists the media and the “swamp” likes to portray us.

  9. Howard, your comment “I think North Korea is about to take the Comeuppance it has SO-LONG DESERVED” gave me a shudder. Normally I read such comments, and while agreeing, don’t usually feel anything, so this was a very unusual reaction. Even stranger, for an moment I even thought of staying up to see the news as it happens. Now there’s an old Yorkshire expression, “there’s nowt so queer as folk … ” (queer as in strange): Maybe have to start thinking that includes me!

  10. As you stated Howard, “Texans are my most favorite people in the whole world ” what about the rest of us ,not including me
    Our members of the military from all country’s that are fighting in afganistan,iraq and those brave men of special forces world wide ARE MY MOST FAVORITE PEPOLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD. As a vet in 2 wars I know what its about.

  11. Breathing a sigh of relief is the exact feeling when I land in the South . Returning however is just that much tougher the longer my stay . Driving at least gives you the opportunity to get used to the change , by plane the 5 hours is a real culture shock . Texas will survive , the rest …

  12. I HAD to print this one, dear Howard, since I agree with it a 100%. The homage you pay to President Trump and REAL Americans is entirely merited. I have been pro-American in France (yes!) since my low teens, in the early fifties, when the ubiquitous tag of “YANKEES GO HOME” seemed to have replaced the undeserved “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” forged by one of the bloodiest Revolutions to ever exist. Long Life President Trump and “MY” America…..

  13. I agree with you, Mr. G. I have missed America so much; JFK was indeed the last Democratic president. He was not against this nation as BHO was; he loved the U.S. and served in our Navy. He was a danger to the Democratic Party because of that love. Even then they were plotting to destroy us and he meant to warn us, we hear. We were blessed with Reagan, but since then it’s been all downhill. Trump may manage to get us up; I hope so. I voted for him. The Libs try to destroy him. Is it fear?

  14. The real HEELS of this ridiculous, mouth-foaming, focus-frenzy on the First Lady’s shoes amidst this devastation… are the mainstream media.

  15. AMEN!! I have friends who live near San Antonio; they are okay with rain & wind but nothing like Houston. But not only have groups from all over gone to aid, but Texas itself has and will show what she’s made of – strong, fighting, never-give-up people, most especially home-grown or natives. They take care of their own. God bless them and give them strength and peace in the midst of devastation and recovery.

  16. Americans are so fortunate to have such a President as Donald Trump. As for Melania, it wouldn’t matter what she wore, she is a beautiful lady who knows her place. If she boarded Air Force 1 in waders and sou’wester people would mock her~~she’s a Trump and they’re mindless!
    The POTUS was genuine when speaking with the people. Praying for each family.

  17. Howard, I hope something good will come out of this disaster of Hurricane Harvey. I couldn’t have said it better. You analysed the situation very clearly. On the other hand, we have to be prepared to face up to the real danger from North Korea and Iran. We have to react now to stop that maniac of North Korea, otherwise the whole world would suffer.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  18. Perhaps the U.S. should announce that on Saturday September 2nd (Korean date) at noon (Korean time) the U.S. will drop an unarmed rocket at the appropriate co-ordinates just off the coast of N.K. I’m sure that they have the technical ability to do so. Won’t that be a warning to the little dictator?

  19. My love & prayers go out to all the Texans, who are enduring the storm, Harvey! Just be safe, friends. Howard, you made a lot of sense, I think, in todays column. I remember when JFK was killed. Another great tragedy!!

  20. Hurricane Harvey rescuers didn’t ask how people voted or about “citizenship”! They saved lives in any way they could (knowing others today are wasting their lives in many ways)! “Doing things for our country” doesn’t include criticizing POTUS or “changing” the ways we do things! Seems few people “plan” or “prepare” anymore, but they certainly expect “assistance” when their “lack of planning” creates an “emergency”! More lives weren’t lost since people came together towards recovery efforts.

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